If you ever encounter transgender Kinuthia, here’s what to call him

Kinuthia’s journey into content creation was sparked by the influence of Diana B and Azziad, with Diana on YouTube and Azziad on TikTok.

These two women have consistently reminded him that hard work yields results. Kinuthia shared with Mungai Eve on her YouTube channel, saying, “It’s a blessing for me, something I’m thankful to God for. The journey isn’t easy. You just have to close your eyes and ears and keep going. That’s the key.” He also offered tips on dealing with criticism and bullying.

Having reached one million followers on TikTok, Kinuthia is pleased with this milestone. “For now, I can say I’m happy with the branding; I like people knowing me this way,” he expressed.

He has made the firm decision to continue cross-dressing. “At this point, everyone is accustomed to seeing me like this, and if I were to appear differently, some people wouldn’t recognize me. So, for now, I prefer it this way and want it to stay this way,” he explained.

Recently, he urged his male fans to stop addressing him as “bro.” “That day, in the morning, I met a soldier, and that’s what prompted me to say that,” he revealed.

He clarified that he identifies as a “baby girl.” “It’s not that I’m offended; it just feels awkward. Imagine you’re in a car in the middle of a mall, and someone shouts, ‘What’s up, bro?’ It’s awkward. People might wonder who they’re calling ‘bro’ and start looking around. So, I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily bad; it’s just awkward,” he elaborated.

Kinuthia expressed his preference, stating, “Even if you find it awkward to call me by a name, just call me Kinuthia. Kinuthia it is!”

Despite wearing makeup, Kelvin emphasized, “But Kinuthia, you can be a girl with your father’s name. So, it’s not a problem.”

He continued, “I don’t have any issue with it. People struggle with what to call me. Just call me Kinuthia. Instead of ‘bro,’ you can use ‘weeee,’ or simply make sounds like ‘ksksksssss.’ If you want to use ‘he,’ go ahead; if ‘she’ feels right to you, then use it. I won’t be offended.”

Kinuthia Gives His Source Of Inspiration On Content Creation, Cross-Dressing

Rising Kenyan content creator Kinuthia explains how he found inspiration in the success of YouTuber Diana B and TikTok star Azziad. Their journeys fueled his determination to pursue his own path in the content creation world.

Speaking on Mungai Eve’s YouTube channel, Kinuthia acknowledged the challenges alongside the rewards.

“It’s not easy,” he admitted, “but you have to keep going, close out the negativity and focus on your goals.” He offered these words as advice to aspiring creators navigating online criticism.

Kinuthia has reached a significant milestone with a million followers on TikTok. He expressed his satisfaction with the recognition he’s gained for his unique style. Kinuthia has chosen to continue expressing himself through cross-dressing, feeling comfortable and established in this presentation.

Addressing fan interactions, Kinuthia politely requested that male fans refrain from using the term “bro” when referring to him. He identifies as a “baby girl” and prefers being called Kinuthia or using playful greetings. Kinuthia emphasizes that comfort and respect are key, even for fans who might be unsure about pronouns. He encourages them to use their best judgment or simply use his name.

Kinuthia finally answers whether he is gay

The Kenyan content producer Kelvin Kinuthia has called the debate about his sexual orientation archaic.
Due to his penchant for dressing in feminine attire, a fan who was unsure of his sexual orientation sent him a message on Instagram over the weekend asking him to clarify.

“Are you gay?” asked a curious fan

In his defense, the performer pointed out that the question was already outdated rather than responding “yes” or “no.”

“This one is still asking. Heehh, this one is like in the era of early man. This question is out of date,”

Another admirer inquired as to whether she is bisexual or if she disguises herself as a woman solely for commercial reasons.

“Now what is intersex?”

It is not the first time that Kenyans have questioned Kinuthia’s gender and her choice of love, people have been asking a lot of questions since the TikToker became famous in 2021.

About two years ago, rumors that he had cheated on a man by pretending to be a lady and then eating the Ksh344k in food that was purportedly brought to him caused him to become famous.

The 22-year-old content creator came out as a man last year. He claimed that portraying female personas in her videos is only for fun and job during an interview with Mungai Eve.

He has never denied being a man, Kinuthia said. He made it plain, nevertheless, that he is not yet prepared to cease portraying a woman because it is his source of income.

LGBTQ content creator Kinuthia’s mother proud of him as he gifts her million shilling gift

Cross-dresser Official Kinuthia has a new baby called Blessing. But this is not a human baby. It is a red car that he bought a few days ago.

Kinuthia surprised his family with the new purchase over the weekend. His mother, who is his biggest supporter, was so overcome with emotion that she almost collapsed on the car.

“I know it’s going to be emotional for my mum because last week my sister bought a car and then this week yani guys, I know mum will be relieved because we borrow her car so much,” Kinuthia said.

His mother shed tears as he comforted her that he loves her and is happy to see her joyous over his success in life. She almost thought it was a prank. She raised her hands as mothers do to bless him, saying “Ni baraka,” while hugging him. She also did a test drive of the car.

Kinuthia’s new car is a symbol of his success and his mother’s pride in him. It is also a reminder of the importance of family and support.

  • Kinuthia’s new car is a red Toyota Camry.
  • Kinuthia’s mother is a single mother.
  • Kinuthia is a well-known drag queen social media personality in Kenya.
  • Kinuthia’s new car has been met with mixed reactions, with some people praising him for his success and others criticizing him for his lifestyle.

Kinuthia’s ex-boyfriend sends shots his way

Kinuthia’s ex-boyfriend, Tokyo who also happens to be a popular TiKToker has decided to shed his ex by mocking his looks one has to wonder what he would do whenever they’d have to kiss…

The person to have fallen out and win suspicious timing a segstape of tokyo’s was leaked with many speculating on where the source was or should I say whom?

Kinuthia weightloss

And he took to his social media 2 give a new ones denial that they were ever in a relationship while also working his ex’s looks. It should be noted that a lot of Kenyan women find Tokyo rather attractive. But this is just petty!

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Kinuthia’s ex segstape leaked

But why are Kenyans this way? Popular crossdresser Kinuthia’s ex is the latest to suffer from public humiliation after his segstape was linked to the general public and it featured him pleasuring himself.


Comments from Kinuthia’s fans seemed to be in appreciation of just how handsome the young man is but at the same time were walking the size of his member as can be expected.


It is still unclear this point in time who leaked the video but one thing is for certain it’s out its public and it’s humiliating: Well I guess that makes three things that are for certain.


Kinuthia’s ex has still not spoken about the matter publicly nor has Kinuthia address state but we hope the young man can get through these trying times.

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Kinuthia shows off his new boyfriend

Cross-dressing social media influencer Kinuthia has decided to tease his fans about a new reveal and he did so by hinting at a new relationship by posing with a man in a hugging position.

This comes a few days after he was on an interview where he admitted to still having some feelings for radio personality Obinna. And I really do feel for the radio personality because for some reason Kenya’s LGBTQ members have decided they all want him even though he’s a straight man.

Anyway, check out Kinuthia and his bae below:

Cross dresser Kinuthia fails lie detector test asking whether he likes Oga Obinna

For a long time it has been rumoured that Kenyan crossdresser, Kinuthia, has had a crush on radio personality Oga Obinna and he was recently on a show that sought to find out whether or not this is still the case.

The queer case of Kinuthia: Forcing the trans-sexual conversation

He was hooked up to a doohickey that look like it was supposed to be some sort of a lie detector and one of the questions that they asked him was whether or not he fancies Obinna.

This question caught Kinuthia off guard as he rapidly began misfiring in his attempt to dodge it before eventually walking away from the table refusing to answer the question.

Watu Sio Wajinga- Fans React As Kinuthia Introduces His ‘Best’ Male Friend

It’s quite interesting to see that members of the lgbtq+ are still trying to mess about with Obinna after another member had lied to the public that they were in a relationship.

Oga Obinna

The silver lining in all this wood before the radio presenter to realise that Kinuthia and other men like him find him irresistible.

Dennis Karuri alsongside Johnny Hairdresser

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Kinuthia Addresses Beef With His ‘Bestie’ Boyfriend

Popular content creator and cross-dresser Kelvin Kinuthia has come clean over the alleged fight he has been having with his best friend Sam.

From Kinuthia’s end, there was definitely something out of place in their relationship.

Th two have now acknowledged the social media rumours that they have been fighting.

The two close buddies were responding to fans claims that they had a dispute over a mubaba. They have been together for two weeks now.

The reason for their fight was reportedly over a mubaba, which happens to be the reason they no longer hang out.

Kinuthia is rumoured to be having a ‘mubaba’ who sponsors his lavish lifestyle.

“We were also overthinking ourselves coz lakini kusema tuu ukweli guys me from my view usiwahi amini maneno ya watu.”

We saw the issue is something very small, it was someone who tried to come in between us, he was telling me stuff and then telling Sam the same thing.”

” Sam was busy at work, so nikaanza kujijazia aie hii ni kama ukweli so I think we were also overthinking ourselves,” Kinuthia defended their friendship.

“From my view msiwahi amini maneneo ya mtu ama kitu umeambiwa,” Kinuthia continued.

The two are rumoured to be ‘more than friends’ since Kinuthia is also silent on the issue of being gay; which makes us question their relationship.

Watu Sio Wajinga- Fans React As Kinuthia Introduces His ‘Best’ Male Friend

Content creator Kelvin Kinuthia has for a long time kept his sexual orientation surreptitious to inquisitive netizens; who believe that he’s gay in denial.

The Tik-Toker is however, disenchanted with the endless colloquy on his sexual orientation. He called out netizens who consistently discuss and make assumptions on his sexual orientation.

Known for his cross-dressing antics, the Tik-Toker says he doesn’t appreciate all the rumours surrounding him, suggesting further that they could affect his growing brand.

One thing that annoys me is when people fill in on stories that I haven’t even commented on,” he explained.

Kinuthia’s ‘Best’ Friend

Recently, Kinuthia introduced his best friend on his Instagram, claiming that the fella is his best friend. The two wore matching outfits as they did the ‘Wakanda Forever’ pose. He captioned;

”True friends are like diamonds bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style. @wawerukungu”

Fans React

Fans were not ready to buy Kinuthia’s caption that the guy is actually his friend. They believe that the guy is actually his boyfriend. Here’s what they had to say;


Kinuthia swallows ballon for quick weightloss (Video)

Content creator Kinuthia has always wanted to look smaller but thanks to his family’s genes…they have always had a big body all their life but now that they are a celebrity and a popular cross dresser, seems like Kinuthia wants to make a few changes that will help favor new celebrity status.

Well, just like Catherine Kamau, Jackie Matubia, Willis Raburu among others – Kinuthua too has embarked of easy weight loss procedure that is judging from the latest post shared on their Instagram page. According to Kinuthia, they had always wanted to have a smaller body but since working out has never favored them, they then opted for the ballon procedure.

Surpringly looks like he documented the procedure which he recently shared a video showing how the process from his house.

Kinuthia weightloss

Kinuthia weightloss

Although the procedure doesn’t seem as complicated as liposuction – one thing we have learnt about gastric Baloon is that it helps reduce the amount of food a person can consume a day. Therefore, for those who eat atleast 10 slices to feel full, you reduce them to 2….which is also economical, right?

Anyway having Risper Faith already testify to this same procedure after failed liposuction – chances are that Kinuthia too will have similar results. However, this also means Kinuthia will lose the feminine figure that brought them to the limelight…but again, who knows – Kinuthia might look even hotter.