KRG the Don Reveals Why He Closed His Multi-Million Club Casa Vera Lounge (Video)

KRG the Don, owner of Nairobi’s formerly popular Casa Vera Lounge, recently addressed the club’s temporary closure on Obinna’s YouTube channel.

He acknowledged the challenging nature of Nairobi’s nightlife scene, citing a limited pool of patrons who frequent various entertainment venues.

“The drinkers in Nairobi aren’t many,” KRG explained, “it’s the same people moving from club to club.”

This, coupled with the growing competition from new establishments like Quiver Lounge in Kilimani, prompted Casa Vera’s closure for renovations and improvements.

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KRG likened the situation to maintaining a relationship

: “The club business is like a beautiful girl. There are new ones every day, so if you love her, you have to take her to the salon every time.”

Casa Vera’s revamp aims to elevate the entertainment experience and compete effectively in the evolving Nairobi nightlife landscape.

While KRG downplayed the impact of Quiver Lounge’s arrival, he emphasized the need for strategic adjustments to retain customers upon Casa Vera’s reopening.

This closure serves as a strategic pause for Casa Vera, allowing them to adapt and potentially recapture their audience in Nairobi’s competitive nightlife scene.

Watch his full interview below;

After a contentious internet feud, KRG the Don confronts Andrew Kibe face-to-face [Video]

Dancehall sensation KRG the Don has finally ended his longstanding online feud with Andrew Kibe by meeting face-to-face at an undisclosed location in Nairobi, with MP Babu Owino present.

KRG later shared videos of the encounter, which surprised many fans expecting a physical altercation based on previous threats exchanged online. Contrary to their social media portrayals, the two appeared amicable during their in-person meeting.


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A post shared by Don Krg Bughaaa (@krgthedon)

MP Babu Owino also shared insights from the encounter with Andrew Kibe, expressing support for their interview. Babu praised Kibe as a gentleman, emphasizing that viewers should anticipate their intellectual and brainstorming discussion.

In addition, Babu commended Kibe for establishing his own platform, YAFREEKA, after facing a ban on YouTube. He applauded the new channel, which aims to address challenges and solutions in Africa, as a unifying platform for the continent.

KRG Responds To Sheila Kwamboka’s Remarks On Elsa Majimbo Citizenship Offer

Kenyan dancehall artist KRG The Don has addressed radio personality Sheila Kwamboka alias Kwambox’s comments on his offer to pay comedian Elsa Majimbo Ksh760 million to renounce her Kenyan citizenship.

In a two-minute video posted on Instagram, KRG expressed his surprise at Kwambox’s remarks, stating that he had no intention of disrespecting the presenter or engaging in a public feud.

“I was just minding my business when I heard someone dissing me on the radio,” KRG explained. “I respect Kwambox, and she’s my friend. I wouldn’t want to trade insults with her.”

KRG further clarified that his offer to Majimbo was intended to be a lighthearted joke, not a serious suggestion. He acknowledged that Majimbo is a successful and independent woman who is not likely to be swayed by financial incentives.

“I know Elsa is not going to be stressed by my remarks. She’s a strong and successful woman,” KRG stated.

To conclude his video message, KRG jokingly suggested that he might resort to traditional methods to resolve the issue.

“I might have to call someone from Kisii to deal with this matter traditionally,” he quipped.

The exchange between KRG and Kwambox highlights the delicate balance between humor and respect in public discourse. While both parties have expressed their admiration for each other, their differing opinions on the Majimbo issue have sparked a friendly debate.

KRG doubles down on hugging and fondling Diana Marua

KRG the Don and Diana Marua’s close interaction at a party a few months ago caused a stir online.

Bahati was present at the party, but he seemed like a third wheel as KRG and Diana enjoyed each other’s company.

Despite the backlash, Bahati kept quiet about the incident. However, it seems that he had been dwelling on it for some time, as he recently addressed it in a cheeky post.

He shared a photo of himself with a couple, with the caption, “Someone tell KRG that’s Where to Place your hands while taking photos with Someone’s Girlfriend / Wife 😂😉😃 Thanks to this amazing Couple @mcjimmiekajim and @wambui_kajim for Starring on my New Song #HUYU 🌷❤️😊.”

Bahati’s post was seen as a subtle shade at KRG, reminding him to keep his hands to himself when interacting with other people’s wives.

It remains to be seen how KRG will respond to Bahati’s post, but it is clear that the tension between the two men is still simmering.

KRG the Don Reacts To Allegations Of Being Tracked By KRA After Flaunting Cash

Musician Karuga Kimani, also known as KRG The Don, has sparked outrage after he was seen flaunting wads of cash in a vehicle.

The video of KRG showing off his wealth was shared on social media, and it quickly went viral. Many people were critical of KRG’s actions, calling them disrespectful and insensitive.

Kileleshwa Member of County Assembly (MCA) Robert Alai was one of those who spoke out against KRG. He said that KRG’s actions were “a slap in the face of the poor and struggling Kenyans.”

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) also weighed in on the matter. The taxman posted a Bible verse on Twitter, saying that KRG should “render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.”

The KRA’s tweet was a reference to Mark 12:17, which says, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”

The KRA’s tweet was interpreted by some as a threat to KRG, who may be facing tax evasion charges.

KRG has not yet responded to the backlash.


KRG humiliated after flossing millions as Robert Alai exposes source

Since yesterday evening, when he posted a video on social media showing off large sums of money, Kenyan rapper KRG the Don has been explaining all the difficulties he has faced.

The musician revealed in a video he posted to his Instagram stories that he struggled to get any sleep at night out of concern that those looking for money would be able to find him.

“Unadhani nimelala mahali moja usiku yote? Nimelala niki hama hama hadi asubuhi. Nimelala nyumba nne kutoka usiku hadi asubuhi.

Nalala 2 hours naona nikama wanakuja hapo natoka, nahama hiyo nyumba naenda ingine… Hiyo pesa imeniletea shida mingi sana.”

The artist acknowledged that, looking back, sending the cash bundles so late at night was a mistake. Yesterday, the artist demonstrated how he was counting stacks of cash in a 3-minute video.

After placing the cash in a gold bag, he answers a call from someone who is paying him Sh 90 million to take part in a betting promotion.

Krg declines the offer, claiming that he is a “90 million ni pesa kidogo,” a man of prestige. He insisted that betting enterprises had substantial budgets for promotions and demanded at least Sh100 million.

“For 90 million they should look for someone else. Bro, I am number one right now.”

Kenyans weighed in with their views in addition to KRA telling him that they demand a portion of Ceasar’s property.

Many were outraged by his ability to brag while oblivious to the fact that the majority of people in the community are fighting to put food on the table.

The revenue collecting agency received numerous tags from KOT that read “ifikie KRA.”

Robert Alai, an MCA from Kilimani, added his voice. On Twitter, he mocked the artist, calling him “another broke fool who is given money by former MP to flaunt.”

His remark even fueled the flames, as his admirers once more questioned whether he obtained his money honestly.


KRG To Sponsor Her Alleged Daughter Yvonne’s College Education

Kenyan rapper KRG the Don has decided to sponsor Yvonne’s college education. Speaking with Nicholas Kioko, KRG said that he decided to pay for the young girl’s education because he believes in her and her dreams.

KRG called Yvonne on live video and asked her to send him the fee structure. He promised to pay for her school fees as soon as she is ready. KRG made it clear that his decision is not because he is Yvonne’s biological father, but because he believes in her and wants to help her achieve her dreams.

Yvonne is a 20-year-old girl. Her mother claims to have had an affair with KRG back in 2002, and that Yvonne is the product of that affair. However, KRG has denied that he is Yvonne’s biological father.

KRG said that he feels that Yvonne’s mother is subjecting her daughter to unnecessary pressure by claiming that she is KRG’s daughter. He said that he does not want Yvonne to feel like she has to live up to any expectations that are not her own.

KRG’s decision to sponsor Yvonne’s college education is a generous one. It shows that he is a man who believes in giving back to the community. It also shows that he is a man who is willing to help others achieve their dreams, even if they are not his own.

Yvonne is a lucky young woman. She has someone in her life who believes in her and wants to help her succeed. KRG’s decision to sponsor her college education will undoubtedly help her achieve her dreams.

KRG savagely attacks Akothee

KRG has decided to wade into the beef currently raging between his friend CAS Jaguar and Akothee and he did not mince words as he went after the latter.

‘There’s No Tanzanian Artist Who Is Richer Than Me’- KRG the Don

The funny thing about this beef is that it is a group of adults arguing about who is wealthier and Akothee went for Jaguar’s masculinity when she asked him whether he had a uterus.

‘Kitakuramba’- Jaguar Finally Responds To Akothee

KRG 2 has made it about money claiming that the singer is only wealthy when she’s in the village: According to him a village tycoon cannot hold a candle to an urban tycoon.


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A post shared by Hon. Jaguar (@jaguarkenya)

This elicited a reaction from Jaguar who reposted the interview that featured KRG disparaging his nemesis and laughing about it. I for one am eager for Akothee’s response.

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‘Akothee Is Only Rich In The Village’- KRG the Don

Despite Akothee ranting on social media on how she should be let be, it seems like she roped in more people to comment on her richness sentiments.

The ongoing beef between Kenyan artists Akothee and Jaguar and Tanzanian artist Harmonize has now drawn in other artists from both countries.

The feud started when Jaguar claimed that he was richer than Harmonize. Akothee and Harmonize quickly clapped back, with Akothee saying that Jaguar was only rich because he was funded by taxpayers.

Kenyan rapper KRG has now joined the fray, claiming that no Tanzanian artist is richer than him. He made this statement in a recent interview on SPM Buzz.

KRG also stated that the tax imposed in Kenya is much higher than Tanzania’s, and that’s why Tanzanian artists should not be compared to Kenyan artists.

It is unclear who is actually richer, as neither side has released any financial information to support their claims. However, the ongoing feud is sure to keep fans entertained.

Do you believe in KRG’s sentiments?

Whether or not you believe in KRG’s sentiments is a matter of opinion. There is no clear way to determine who is actually richer, as neither side has released any financial information to support their claims.

However, there are some factors that could suggest that KRG may be correct. For example, Kenya has a much larger population than Tanzania, which means that there is a larger potential market for Kenyan artists. Additionally, the Kenyan economy is growing faster than the Tanzanian economy, which means that Kenyan artists may have more opportunities to earn money.

KRG has now decided to go after Akothee. And he claims that the singer is only rich in the village, rather than in the city. He claims Akothee can’t keep up with the City’s expenses & that’s why she built a mansion away from the City.



‘There’s No Tanzanian Artist Who Is Richer Than Me’- KRG the Don

Following Akothee, Jaguar and Harmonize beef, artists are now coming out to have their say on who’s richer than who.

Jaguar’s sentiments have also been noticed by Tanzanians after he mentioned Harmonize not being richer than him.

”Ile kitu naeza sema ni kumshukuru Mungu mahali amenifikisha. Mimi naeza swear apa, kama mtu kama Akothee na Harmonize wamenishinda naeza wacha muziki.”

Akothee and Harmonize clapped back at the musician over his sentiments, with Akothee maintaining that Jaguar is only depending on tax payers money.

That being said, Kenyan rapper KRG has also joined the colloquy; and he claims no Tanzanian artists is richer than him.

He divulged the same in a recent interview on SPM Buzz.

”Hawawezi. Sio sahi. ata nikienda usingizi niamke baada ya miaka kumi, hawaezi kufika…”

KRG further stated that the tax imposed in Kenya is much higher than Tanzania’s; and that’s why they shouldn’t be compared to Kenyan artists. Do you believe in KRG’s sentiments?

KRG sues clout chaser claiming he owes him

KRG is often the victim of clout-chasing celebrities. And this time around it was some riff-raff upstart who claimed he owed him money for work done and when you’re at the level of exposure and business that Bwana Karuga claims to be on then this can truly be damaging to your brand.

KRG Sends Advice To Thee Pluto After He Claimed He’s Depressed

And so after the tick tock that was created by the attention seeker went viral, KRG decided to involve his lawyers who have threatened to Sue the young man if he does not adhere to a cease-and-desist order.

KRG Throws Shade At Anerlisa Muigai For Not Having Kids (Screenshot)

It’s clear KRG is suffering from the Pains of success.

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KRG Throws Shade At Anerlisa Muigai For Not Having Kids (Screenshot)

Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai has found herself locking horns with musician KRG over her sentiments that serious & focused men aren’t active on social media.

The divorcee shared through her social media claiming that serious men wouldn’t have TikTok, Snapchat & Instagram at the same time.

”A serious man will not have Instagram,, Snapchat, and Tiktok all the same time.

”The most serious and focused men are not on social media, and if they are, they are very inactive… (at least a bigger%)”

KRG Responds

Upon seeing the sentiments, musician and businessman KRG threw shade at Anerlisa for not siring kids yet she was previously married.

”The boys you are attracted to can’t even impregnate you ndio hawa yuko serious.”

He continued to admonish Anerlisa that she should have re-phrased her statement;

”Ungesema u prefer men who ain’t on social media. Sisi tuko serious hadi tuko na watoto na tuko social media 24/7.

KRG stated that in most of his businesses, he uses his phone & social media

”I haven’t talked to my kids 1 on 1 since Saturday last week buana n we live in the same house. Biz yote ni kwa simu tu.

Eh, hii pesa tunaitafuta sana buana!!”

Do you agree with KRG or Anerlisa Muigai?

KRG’s message to his two sons following ugly divorce from their mum, Linah

KRG’s ugly split from ex wife Linah unfortunately ended up involving their kids and from the look of it; Linah has not seen her boys for the past 2 months and counting.

From KRG’s side of the story, looks like the hot mum of two chose to live life to the fullest; leaving behind her boys with their dad – and looking at her social media posts – the lady appears to be just fine.

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Well, it’s not my place to take sides on who is right or wrong; but yea, it is what it is – family drama. Just to prove how much the kids are involved in their parents ugly split, KRG recently shared a detailed post directed to his boys where he wrote;

I’m so proud of you guys…. You have overcome a situation that was supposed to make your life difficult but we have worked closely together and we are doing great ???? #Bughaaa Boys #GodOverEverything

Ugly split

The post comes weeks after KRG exposed his ex wife for demanding 350K per month as child support; something we all thought sounded absurd judging from the bills listed on request.

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From her spousal support, Linah alleged had the following demands that totaled up to ksh 350,000.

House Rent Ksh 160,000
Groceries: food, fruits and dry grain Ksh 50,000
Milk Ksh 25,000
Clothing Ksh 50,000
Electricity Ksh 30,000
Water Ksh 15,000
Toiletries Ksh 20,000

“Uza K*ma kama sister yako” KRG tells ex wife, Linah

So Krg and his ex wife have now decided to remind us how teenage relationships end after a nasty breakup.

Well, we could assumed that they would handle their breakup in a more mature way, less drama; and maybe just maybe, a little respect for each other since they have two grown boys together.

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Krg and ex wife, Linah

However just like most dramatic people, they chose violence. Well, it’s correct to say that Krg is the one who started with the insults after he referred to his wife as a chokoraa hanging out with low lives.

Having been told this, Linah K who is the ex wife responded days after claiming that Krg’s bedroom skills are whack in a post that read;

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unatafuta dem atalea watoto vizuri…kiasi kiasi hauna nguvu za kiume.

Krg chooses violence

Of course Krg’s ego wouldn’t let his ex wife hit back in public especially by attacking his manhood; and in response, well…. let’s just say he had nothing polite to say to the mother of his sons.

Krg’s ex wife, Linah

In one post the singer wrote;

It’s in her DNA to sleep around with chokoras coz she has no brains to think for herself  plus right now she is going through depression and her silly sister is her worst enemy since she wanted her to be on the same level.. wauze k pamoja

And in other post shared on his page, Krg not only called his ex wife a cougar (meaning she’s older than him) but refereed to her as a sl*t in a post he wrote;

Cougar akililia wembe mpe ????????????????
Stress zirudi level 9000 Tena …. No more eating for a couple of days ???????? Know your place you cheap slat….

“Mnataka meli na mnaishi kwa vumbi?” Krg The Don fires shots at Sailors Gang after they mentioned him in their new jam (Video)

Kenyan dancehall sensation Kimani Karuga, better known as Krg The Don, has renewed his fight with Sailors Gang, which is made up of Miracle Baby, Qoqosjuma, Masilver, Shalkido and Lexxy Yung.

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Krg was not too pleased that the Wamlambez hitmakers had mentioned him in their latest track dubbed Chepukati which features Majirani and was released earlier today.

Sailors Gang
Sailors Gang

In one of the verses, Lexxy Yung says, “Krg uliskia wapi dinga, tunadai ship hamna mzinga.” This was in response to an earlier interview that the dancehall star did where he revealed that Sailors Gang really disturbed him when they were recording their collabo titled Nyandus.

A frustrated Krg further stated that he prefers working with Boondocks Gang to Sailors because the latter have a bad attitude and it would take them 5 years to own a car.

Krg The Don

“They disturbed me. We did not even manage to shoot the video. All of them are dunderheads except Miracle Baby and  Qoqosjuma. Take it from me, you will not go anywhere. Actually, for you guys to own a car, it take you like five years of your career. I have said it,” Krg explained.

As such, it’s understandable why their decision to mention him in their song did not sit well with him. In an exclusive video that was seen by Ghafla, Krg told off Sailors and told them to respect their elders if they want to make it big.

“Ukitaka kuomoka, piga kazi na uheshimu maboss. Nilsikia kwa hiyo wimbo yenyu mpya mlisema mnataka meli, meli gani na mnaishi kwa vumbi? Mtaendesha meli kwa vumbi?” Krg posed.

Watch the video below.

Krg The Don is proof that money can’t buy talent

Dancehall singer Karuga Kimani, better known as Krg The Don, might have all the money in the world but one thing he can’t buy with it is talent.

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I know some of you who are reading this article are his fans and it will definitely anger you but you see, someone had to say it, too bad that it had to be me.

Krg The Don drops sizzling jam tagged 'Kairetu'
Krg The Don

If you Google Krg The Don, you’ll see many articles about his pricey cars, houses and whatnot. Interestingly, there is no article where he is referred to as a talented artist because he’s just not.

This lad is filthy rich and that means that he has no problem paying studio fees or shooting a video as is the case with most local artists. I’m sure he even pays double because he has deep pockets.

What this implies is that he can release a track whenever and as regularly as he wants which is a problem because he ends up giving his fans mediocre music.

Krg The Don

To me it seems like Krg The Don does music to pass time the same way you and I, who are not as loaded as he is, can watch a movie or go swimming when we are bored.

More often than not, his lyrics are flat and uninspired. At times, his whack songs leave me wondering why he can not hire a songwriter with all the money that he has. Isn’t money a solution to all problems?

To be fair though, Krg The Don has an amazing voice and he has the potential of becoming one of the best dancehall artists not only in this country but the whole of Africa but I think he just doesn’t care.

Watch his latest single titled Kairetu below and tell us what you think.

Police now hunting for “Taka Taka” singer Alvindo after he defied ban and released video 

“Taka Taka” singer Alvindo is now a wanted man following the song’s video release last week despite being banned by the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB).

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) in collaboration with Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) officers have launched a manhunt for the singer after he released the video last week.


The film regulator banned the song two weeks ago on grounds of obscenity and promoting violence against women.

“KFCB bans the song due to its obscene and degrading lyrics that advocate for violence against women by equating them to trash,” said KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua in a directive.

“No DJ should play the song either on the broadcast station or in entertainment joints. Broadcasting, exhibition, distribution (including online) or possession of the song ‘Takataka’ by Alvin aka Alvindo is a criminal offense,” he added.

According to Mutua, Alvindo will be arrested and the video used as exhibit in court.

“The culprits will serve as an example that the war against unrated films and dirty content is not empty talk. There will be nowhere to hide for people who break the law with impunity in the name of creativity.” said Mutua.

Alvindo to Mutua: The song talks about what I was going through. There is freedom of expression, Takataka hit was that expression

Singer of banned song TakaTaka has come out to defend his work saying that it was meant to express himself.

Ezekiel Mutua of Kenya Film Classification Board banned the song because it degrades women but according to the singer, he was just expressing himself.

“The song basically talks about what I was going through at that particular moment. There is freedom of expression and that is what I was doing as a Kenyan. I dedicated the song to my ex-girlfriend, who had left me,” he said.” Alvindo told


The singer defended the song saying that it was just an expression and even before the song, there were heartbreaks.

“Even before the song, there have been breakup stories and people have been left, including myself, and so I have not incited anyone.” he said.

His producer KRG the Don said that the song was not for everyone.

“Each song has a target audience, and that is why people even released a remix of the song because it was fun with no intentions of inciting anyone. Everyone has a right to choose the kind of music to listen to.” he posted. 

Millionaire dancehall artist KRG teams up with Redsan for a new song

KRG a popular and quite rich Kenyan dancehall artists has teamed up with Redsan for his new project set to be dropped soon.

The two artists are said to have flown all the way to Dubai where they shot the video. Judging from the photos shared on their social media pages seems like the video is going to be quite interesting.

Redsan and KRG did their best while picking out the video vixen who will give many a reason to watch the music video. In the past KRG we have heard fellow artists claiming that the dancehall singer is quite generous when it comes to making his videos.

Anyway, as for now all we know is that the much anticipated video will be out by December.

KRG’s lavish lifestyle

The artist does not only party at clubs where A list international party but is a man who values his wife.  Sometime back he gifted his wife with a brand new car that left many talking.

Even after shooting the video, KRG shared new videos shopping for designer shoes and clothes…a clear indication that money is not a problem!