KRG The Don Advices Men Earning Less Than Ksh 100,000 To Avoid Relationships

Kenyan dancehall artist KRG The Don has advised men earning KSh 100,000 (about \$1,000) to avoid relationships and instead focus on making more money.

In an interview with YouTuber Nicholas Kioko, KRG The Don said that men who earn such a “small” amount of money should not be in relationships because they will not be able to provide for their partners.

“Men who earn KSh 100,000 should not be in relationships. They should focus on making more money so that they can take care of their women,” he said.

KRG The Don’s advice has been met with mixed reactions online. Some people agree with him, saying that men who are not financially stable should not be in relationships. Others disagree, saying that love is more important than money.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to be in a relationship is a personal one. There is no right or wrong answer, and what works for one person may not work for another.

KRG the Don Criticized For Showing Off Loads Of Cash During Harsh Economic Times

Dancehall artiste Karagu Kimani, popularly known as KRG the Don, has come under fire for flaunting his wealth on social media. The criticism comes at a time when many Kenyans are struggling to make ends meet due to the rising cost of living.

In a video that has gone viral, KRG is seen sitting in the back seat of a car surrounded by stacks of money. He casually discusses a “deal” worth 90 million shillings that he turned down, claiming the amount was insignificant.

Aspiring politician Alinur Mohamed was one of the many people who took to social media to criticize KRG’s behavior. He said that it was “insensitive” to flaunt wealth at a time when many Kenyans are struggling to afford basic necessities.

“People are starving. One meal a day is a miracle to some. Some have not paid rent as low as 4,000 shillings for months and risk getting kicked out with their children,” Mohamed said.

KRG has not yet responded to the criticism.

It is important to note that there is nothing wrong with being wealthy. However, it is important to be mindful of the impact that your actions can have on others. Flaunting your wealth at a time when many people are struggling can be seen as insensitive and tone-deaf.

It is also important to remember that wealth is not always a measure of happiness or success. There are many wealthy people who are deeply unhappy and unfulfilled. True happiness and success come from more than just having money.

KRG the Don Defends Himself After Viral Video Of Him Getting ‘Naughty’ With Diana Marua

Rapper KRG the Wear has ended his quiet in regards to the as of late surfaced video highlighting him and Diana Marua, the spouse of individual craftsman Bahati.
The video has created huge consideration on Twitter, with clients communicating their interests and bringing up issues about the individual limits among KRG and Diana.

All through the contention, Diana’s better half Bahati seemed determined by the vicinity and actual contact caught in the video.

“I am very close to the family. I am the godfather of their daughter, Heaven. We are very tight, and we vibe like brothers and sisters,” KRG explained.

KRG The Don defends interactions with Marua

In a meeting with nearby media house on July 18, KRG tended to the commotion and shed light on his relationship with Diana, underscoring their nearby bond.

Answering the discussion encompassing the video, KRG guarded the idea of their associations.

He immovably expressed that as long as Diana and her better half are OK with their relationship and there is common regard, it isn’t really for others to pass judgment.
KRG went on to make sense of that he imparts areas of strength for an association with Diana and her loved ones.

Alluding to himself as the adoptive parent of their girl, Paradise, he underscored the very close nature of their relationship.

The vocalist portrayed their cooperations as those between kin, where embraces and shared minutes are a characteristic piece of their bond.
He excused any thoughts of a close connection and underlined the significance of regarding Diana’s decisions and independence.

KRG solidly declared that Diana is definitely not a little youngster to be controlled, and individuals ought to zero in on their own lives.


KRG The Don’s Baby Mama Drama Continues

The dramatic case surrounding Kenyan dancehall artiste Karagu Kimani alias KRG The Don and his alleged baby mama Susan is far from over.

In a recent interview with YouTuber Eve Mungai, Arrow Boy and Dufla affirmed that KRG was indeed involved with Susan and that the alleged daughter (Yvonne) could actually be his (KRG) biological child.

Dufla, also a dancehall star, stated that the more KRG keeps denying Mama Yvonne, the more guilty he looks.

“The more unajitetea, the more unakaa uko guilty,” he said.

Loosely translated, “The more you defend yourself, the more you look guilty.”

KRG has denied all allegations of being involved with Susan and fathering her child. He has also threatened to sue Arrow Boy and Dufla for defamation.

The case is still ongoing, and it remains to be seen whether KRG will be able to clear his name. However, the allegations have certainly damaged his reputation.

The case has also sparked a debate about the role of celebrities in society. Some people believe that celebrities should be held to a higher standard, while others believe that they should be allowed to have private lives.

The case is a reminder that even celebrities are not immune to scandal. It is also a reminder that the truth is often more complicated than it seems.

KRG the Don Finally Meets With His Alleged 19-Year Old Daughter

Kenyan dancehall artist and businessman KRG the Don has denied being the father of 19-year-old Yvonne Njoki.

Njoki claims that KRG is her father and that he conceived her in 2002 when he was 11 years old. However, KRG has denied these claims and has insisted that he was not in Nairobi at the time that Njoki was conceived.

“I was in Kilgoris in 2002,” KRG said. “I was in class six and I have classmates who can attest to that. There is no way I could have been in Nairobi and conceived a child at the same time.”

Njoki’s mother, Mary Njoki, has accused KRG of abandoning his daughter and has demanded that he take responsibility for her. However, KRG has said that he is not willing to do so unless he is proven to be the father of Njoki.

KRG The Don Finally Meets Alleged Daughter, Denies Being Biological Dad: "I  was 11" -

“I am willing to take a DNA test,” KRG said. “If it turns out that I am the father, then I will take responsibility for my daughter. But until then, I am not going to pay child support for a child that is not mine.”

The case is still ongoing and it is unclear what the outcome will be. However, the case has sparked a debate about paternity and the rights of fathers

KRG Responds To Dead-Beat Accusations

Entrepreneur and recording artist KRG the Don has taken legal action to determine the paternity of a teenage girl who claims to be his daughter.

The girl, who has not been named, made the allegations in a recent interview with a local YouTube content creator. She said that she was conceived during a brief relationship between KRG the Don and her mother, and that he has never acknowledged her as his daughter.

KRG the Don has denied the allegations, but he has said that he is taking them seriously and that he is seeking a DNA test to determine whether he is the father.

“I have not seen the girl in question, and I have never had any contact with her mother,” KRG the Don said in a statement. “However, I am taking these allegations seriously, and I am seeking a DNA test to determine whether I am the father.”

The DNA test is expected to take several weeks to complete. In the meantime, KRG the Don has said that he will not make any further comment on the matter.

The allegations against KRG the Don have sparked a debate on social media about the responsibilities of fathers. Some people have criticized KRG the Don for allegedly abandoning his daughter, while others have defended him, saying that he is entitled to a DNA test before he accepts responsibility for the child.

The case is a reminder of the importance of responsible fatherhood. Fathers play a vital role in the lives of their children, and they should be there for them, both emotionally and financially.

KRG the Don finds himself new wife barely 6 months after divorce

Word making rounds on social media is that KRG the Don…call him Bughaa is no longer a single man nor is he searching for love since he already bagged himself a new wife after his divorce with Linah who is the mother of his two known sons.

From what we heard is that Linah Kiruthi decided to walk away from her marriage following unresolved issues between her and Bughaa….and just like she bacame a single mum of two and her friendship with the guy also went out of window as soon as she exited the relationship.

Anyway having divorced for less than 6 months, Bughaa is said to have remarried….new informtaion from his PA who went on to claim that:

Najua mambo ambayo public haijui, Mzee ana bibi ameoa ako na bibi nyumbani, Sitasema anaitwa nani kwa sasa, because of her own security.


Well having his PA ‘dish out’ such personal information only means two things….either its a clout chasing stunt or Bughaa might have to change the people around him since they cant seem to keep his personal information on the low…..but again cant say hatuoni handwritting ya Bughaa mahali.

Anyway, if indeed he is married, then it must be the petite lady he stepped out with a while back just after his breakup with Linah…..and again – chances are that the lady had been in the picture all along right? I mean who marries someone you’ve dated less than 2 months?

“Hizo ni vitu gani anafanya and I am boss” KRG on criticizing his ex wife’s hustle

KRG the Don isn’t letting anyone tell him how he will handle his ex wife, Linah. According to him they have been together for 10 years and when we see him criticizing her – it’s not because he hates or dislikes her but it’s because he wants the best for her.

Krg with ex wife, Linah and a friend

Speaking to Nicholas Kioko about his marital woes – KRG the Don made it known that people don’t know the real reason they parted ways and because she still remains the mother of his two kids – he doesn’t want to ruin her reputation.

However he happened to mention that Linah (ex wife) has tried having him killed by assassins, insults him in private among other things he will not mention. But…him being a gentleman – he has no bad blood.

 I only talk about her online, but offline she abuses me, she spreads rumors mwisho wa siku nanapoteza muda

Linah downgraded after years of upgrading her – KRG the Don

Well having tired to help her build an empire like he did, KRG the Don says all she wants is to suffer; hence her current hustle as a model who is paid Ksh 2000 or 5k at most – knowing very he can help.

But again – you can’t take a cow to the river and force it to take water, right? Anyway about criticizing her current hustle – Bugga as he calls himself said;

Linah reunites with kids

if you ever hear me criticizing someone or something I don’t do it out of hate I don’t wish any bad on her, no I wish her success because at the end of the day she is the mother of my children.


But it cant be that the mother of my children is doing vitu za kijinga and I’m a full boss. Do you understand?

About being bitter about her KRG the Don said;

Ati I’m bitter nini nini but I want to tell you one thing, me ni mzee Bugaa I know how to make people talk.

KRG the Don’s ex wife not playing, strips down to a bed sheet (Photo)

KRG the Don might be making headlines on most tabloids -but so is his wife, who has so far been linked to Mbogi Genje – and from my understand also happens to run a successful boutique somewhere in Nairobi.

Krg with ex wife, Linah and a friend

Apart from that, we also understand that Linah happens to be a photogenic lady – always ready to hit the studio for good professional photos for her Instagram page…that is if not for dating sites… I mean who wants to have a profile with some snapchat filtered photos?

With that said, Linah has now given a section of her fans a hard time with a new photo where she is seen posing with nothing but a silk green sheet. Of course, this shoot was aimed at bringing out Linah’s sexy side and to caption the post, she simply wrote;

“When the inner beauty exceeds the outward beauty–it creates a magical dance in the heart.” …

Change is inevitable

Despite having not been a social media person, Linah has somehow managed to win a huge fan base that supports her social media activities. From what we have seen is that these fans love how Linah how her lifestyle has changed over the few months and love to see her current fun side displayed on her social media!

Well, with this new photo I am positive that Linah understood the assignment by kuoga na kurudi soko.

KRG the Don on neglecting daughter he allegedly fathered with ex lover years ago (Video)

Unfortunately KRG the Don is still making news on social media and so far, it appears that everything around him is just negative. That is from his fallout with ex wife, then Mbogi Genje, Andrew Kibe, Edgar Obare among others who he continues to fight online.

KRG with his boys

With everything in his life going wrong, KRG has found himself in yet another scandal involving a daughter he allegedly fathered back in 2002. This story was apparently sparked by a fan in the comment section; asking him to step in for the young girl now that he is in a position of giving her a good life.

Having been branded a deadbeat, KRG for the time addressed this issue while on an interview with Mungai Eve where he denied fathering a daughter as accused. According to him, there is no way he has a child from 2002, simply because at the time – he was only 11 years; meaning – it’s just impossible.

Hio story haina logic kwa sababu, mwenyewe anasema alizaliwa 2002. Nikipiga hesabu mimi nilizaliwa 1991, tukipiga hesabu inamaanisha nilikuwa 11 years; mtoto mdogo sana. Sikuwa nimeanza hizo mambo.

Conmen and clout chasers

From what he says is that those spreading the rumors could be chasing clout using his name or worse could be looking for ways to make money out of him. However, having understood how the streets work, there is no way he will let this affect him in any way.

Watu wanatafuta clout na jina yangu ama maybe wanadhani mimi niko na pesa nimeweka mahali ya kunyamazisha story kama hiyo; lakini nawaambia pole, mimi sina mtoto nje – maybe ni look alike.

Having clarified this, Mungai Eve went further to question KRG on how he learnt about news regarding his alleged daughter; cause I mean, netizens never got to see or even hear anyone link him to any kids out here.

Well, in his defense – KRG says that most of these things are being done directly by anonymous people calling to tell him about his kid.

Mbogi Genje manager adds insult to injury as he promises to marry KRG The Don’s ex wife

I bet you’re all tired of the KRG drama and you’re probably thinking ‘are they the first couple to end things publicly?’

Well not really, we’ve had the likes of Willis Raburu and ex wife, Maryaprude part ways, Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari among others; but the only thing that kept these breaks up low key – is the fact that none of them shared dirt on each other social media – well maybe not controversial dirt, just the usual ‘dislikes’ unlike what KRG and his beloved wife have been doing.

So far we understand that his ex wife is currently dating Mbogi Genje’s manager, Elvis Makutsa and from what he says; is that this new relationship will end up in a wedding since he seems to have bagged himself the perfect woman. Elvis revealed this while on an IG live where he took at shot at KRG saying;

  You claim to be a don, but I will marry your wife.

Love like no other

Well, just in case you thought this was a joke – then wait till I explain how this new found love  is flourishing. You see, they say couples who love each other or have been together for long eventually end up looking like alike and trust me, Linah and her new man are already there.

Apart from spending time together, Elvis is now releasing photos hanging out with Linah and judging from what we have seen so far; clearly these two are starting to look more like each other – that is face wise.

But again, Linah on the other hand seems smitten by bad boys and since Elvis wants to settle down – maybe it’s time for that divorce KRG has been singing about for months now. Right?


Never seen before photo of Krg the Don with ex wife, Linah before the money and fame

I’m sure by now you’re all used to seeing KRG the Don balling and rolling around in expensive machines; and living that lavish lifestyle, right?

Krg the don

Well let’s just say that is because he has since made it in life and is now said to be omg the wealthiest musicians in East Africa.

Again, we can’t really say his wealth is from the music he makes; but it’s only fair to say that the music kinda contributes to the money he makes at the end of the day even if it’s only a 1/4 of it.

Krg’s ex wife, Linah

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Throwback Thursday

Anyway today being a Thursday, we finally get to unveil a new photo of Krg with his wifey back in the day before he started making the real money.

Krg with ex wife, Linah

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From the photo shared above, it’s evident to see that Krg the Don back then knew nothing about fashion especially ironing khaki pants; but the watch on his hand says he had some good cash in his account.

His ex wife Linah on the other knew a thing or two about weaves (the long hair) and from her beauty on photo; allow me to say – black don’t crack!

Alaar! Dancehall artist KRG the Don repossesses Audi Q7 he gifted ex Wife on her birthday (Video)

Rapper KRG the Don has lately been proving how petty he can get when it comes down to his ex wife, Linah. For some reason – Krg has been showing his bitter side on his Instagram page; and truth this shade doesn’t really him suit him. But hey, who are we to judge?

So after calling her a broke prostitute jumping from one bedsitter to another; the dancehall artist has now released a new video parading a white Audi Q7 he had gifted ex wife some years back on her birthday.

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Judging from how he sarcastically talks about the ‘owner’ of the car – makes it obvious to tell that he took it back from the mother of kids with a lot of pride; just to get back to her for the breakup/divorce. Are men often this bitter?

To caption the post, KRG wrote;

????????????ati my private car Q7 ulinunua wapi?

KRG using his divorce to get more fame?

Well, although divorce and breakups are often messy especially on social media; it’s now starting to feel like KRG is using his divorce to gain more fame.

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Anyway whether true or not – fans commenting to the video have urged other ladies to learn from Linah; who walked out with nothing after years of being married to KRG the Don.

Most were advised to have such gifts in their names next time – or else, will suffer the same fate as Betty Kyallo (Porsche) and now the Audi Q7 with Linah.

Linah celebrates birthday in style after ex husband KRG called her a broke ‘chokoraa’

KRG the Don must have been on something very high when he publicly shamed the mother of his two sons on social media. I mean, who does that? For a minute I thought men are more composed and drama free – but after seeing how KRG picked on his ex wife Linah, wacha tuseme bale ya wababa ni different.

Anyway barely a month after he called her broke, accusing her of being controlled by her sister; Ms Linah has shared new photos that contradict what ex hubby said.

Also read: “Uza K*ma kama sister yako” KRG tells ex wife, Linah

As seen on her Instagram page it appears that Linah recently took a short vacation to the coast where she’s celebrating her birthday. To caption or rather in remembrance of the day she was born – the lady wrote;

Krg’s ex wife, Linah

Birthdays are a new start, a fresh beginning and a time to pursue new endeavors with new goals. Move forward with confidence and courage. Forget the past; look forward to the future, for the best things are yet to come. Happy birthday to me ????????????

Birthday getaway

Sinve her birthday fell on a weekday, the lady on Wednesday night took a flight to the coast where we understand the real party will be going down.

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Although this time around she is not surrounded by her fancy friends and the lavish parties she was used to; at least Linah looks genuinely happy – that is judging from the screenshots shared below.

KRG’s ex wife enjoying birthday getaway
Linah celebrates new added year

‘Umekonda Na Mwezi Haijaisha’ KRG the Don Throws Shade At His Ex-Wife

Barely a month ago, musician and businessman KRG the Don separated with his ex-wife Linah; accusing her sister for ill-advising her to leave him and their children.

KRG expressed his disappointment after their separation; saying that his ex-wife decided to choose her sister over her own children, despite them being together for 7 years.

”She used to be the person I loved the most but she wasted herself by listening to silly advisers who wanted to ruin her life since she was above dem all by everything yet she was the youngest ………. Okay Kweli sikio la kufa haliski dawa???????? she choose her sister over her own kids ????

Shortly after the separation, they continuously threw shade at each other; with his wife insinuating that KRG is not good in bed. This was not the end of their tirade against each other.

KRG has now connoted that Linah has tremendously lost weight; barely a month after their separation. He wrote on his Insta stories;

”Kwanini watu wanakonda hivi? Na mwezi haijaisha????????. Chakula ndio shida ama ni kumeza ndio shida? Je? Baada ya mwaka tutakua bado tupo ama watu watajitia vitanzi.

He continued to explain why he made public the statement;

”Why are people getting mad btw? I was just saying it coz her friends ndio walinitumia pictures za shosh eti anakula ngumu anavaa viatu over size mara amekonda mashavu yameshuka. So I just decided to write it here ndio aongeze bidii ya kumeza chakula wawache kuona hizo vitu negative.”

Latest photos of Linah are yet to be unveiled.



KRG The Don reveals reasons that led to his divorce, says ex-wife was rolling with low lives and ‘chokoras’

KRG the don must have some good money that is judging from his interview where he revealed his reasons for parting ways with ex wife, Linah Wanjiru.

According to the millionaire dancehall artiste, his ex wife for some reason has been involving herself with friends who are not in her level. Judging from what he says, it looks like he may have not liked his wife’s friends as he felt they were bad influence for her.

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Speaking during the interview, the singer opened up to say this about the mother of his sons;

There is a certain level of richness that when you reach, there are some nonsense you cease tolerating. There are certain people you no longer want to see around you

Aki pesa Wewe! As if that wasn’t enough, KRG went on to bad mouth his ex wife for allegedly rolling around with low life people who have been misleading her;

She loved moving around with low-life and people who added no value to her life. People I can only liken to chokoras

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None productive wife

Apart from having their kids, KRG went on to describe his wife as a woman with no brains as he has opened several businesses for her; which always end up failing – hence making her an unproductive person who has no dreams of growth.

Even if you open a business for her, it fails because she lacks big dreams. She had no bills to foot, hence assumed a comfort zone

‘It’s Beyond Repair’-KRG the Don Set To Address The Nation On Why He’s Divorcing With His Wife

Musician KRG the Don has expressed his disappointment after his wife reportedly dumped him after being influenced by her relatives. The gengetone artist accused his wife’s sister of influencing her to leave.

He wrote on his Instagram;

”She used to be the person I loved the most but she wasted herself by listening to silly advisers who wanted to ruin her life since she was above dem all by everything yet she was the youngest ………. Okay Kweli sikio la kufa haliski dawa???????? she choose her sister over her own kids ????”

The musician also posted screenshots of various reactions of his fans on his Insta stories over the paramount issue; terming how he treasured her more than anything else.

KRG is now set to divulge details on their separation; adding that he’s currently seeking for an official divorce.

”I will be addressing issues soon and explain everything from 2012 to Date ndio tukue on the same page with people who are judging me negatively you will have full story without sugarcoating anything or trying to sensor anything I will put things in black and white but for now niko sawa tu busy at the corridor of justices filling for an officially divorce…”

It’s now a matter of time before we find out what’s cooking between the two.

”Iwe Funzo Kwa Wenzako!” KRG the Don’s YouTube Hacker Tracked And Beaten Up (Video)

After KRG the Don’s account was hacked, controversies had already began to build up on the legitness of the claims by the rapper. According to KRG, the hacker was a Tanzanian; and demanded for Tsh 100 Million (About Ksh 4.6 Million) in order to give back the account.

KRG disclosed a WhatsApp conversation between him and the hacker, who claimed that it was just the beginning. From the conversation in swahili, it wasn’t hard to believe that he was indeed a Tanzanian. KRG spent the whole night trying to recover the account; which had over 70K subscribers.

‘Sijalala kutoka saa saba usiku mpaka sai. Sijafunga ata macho. Najaribu ku recover channel yangu. Team yangu pia inajaribu. Yaani pahali ntashika ako kakijana kako na channel yangu… Atatamani dunia ifunguke ivi immeze… Atajua ni kisunzi… Wacha nijaribu ku recover.”

To make things even worse, the hacker deleted all of KRG’s music videos; forcing him to open another account.

KRG’s Account Recovered

However, KRG has finally recovered his account. According to him, the Tanzanian police helped to track him down.

He posted a video of what seems like his Tanzanian fans beating up the hacker; who is helpless and apologizes several times. He captioned the video saying;

”I wish I was there myself yani angekula kichapo cha mbwa ???????????? Iwefunzo kwa wenzako wenye tabia hizi za kifala!!! Nobody should ever…… I repeat Nobody should ever mess with Bughaaa again!!!!!!!! HipHipHip Hure ???????????????? I gat ma youtube back #BirthMark is on again”

Even though most people believe this was just a strategy to get more subs and views on his channel, the good news is that his account is now back! Below is the video;


KRG the Don Puzzled After Hacker Demanded Millions To Give Him Back YouTube Account (Screenshot)

Kenyan musician KRG the Don has found himself at crossroads with a Tanzanian hacker; who took away his YouTube account yesterday. The rapper has disclosed that the hacker deleted all his content from his YouTube account which had over 70K subscribers.
Expressing his anger on social media, the 30 year old complained;

”Sijalala kutoka saa saba usiku mpaka sai. Sijafunga ata macho. Najaribu ku recover channel yangu. Team yangu pia inajaribu. Yaani pahali ntashika ako kakijana kako na channel yangu… Atatamani dunia ifunguke ivi immeze… Channel yangu yote iko karibu na 80 thousand subscribers jamaa amekuja ameichukua na dakika sijui ngapi… Atajua ni kisunzi… Wacha nijaribu ku recover.

Nimetoa album, nimetoa kila kitu mpaka ngoma mpya.”

Daring Hacker!

After KRG making his complaint on social media, the hacker inboxed him. He demanded for Tsh 100 Million (About Ksh 4.6 Million).

”Na search inatoka ni Mtanzania lakini jina sikumbuki anaitwa nani lakini anaitisha Tsh 100 Million…”

KRG posted a screenshot of a conversation between him and the hacker.

I Don’t Want To Buy Subscribers

KRG also revealed that even though he has the ability to buy YouTube subscribers and views, he doesn’t fancy using subtle means of making a name for himself; he prefers knowing the number of fans he has. KRG also divulged that he makes between Ksh 100,ooo to Ksh 300,000 a week from the hacked YouTube channel.

He is still making efforts to recover his YouTube account.

KRG the Don Loses His YouTube Channel To Tanzanian Hacker, Forced To Delete All Videos

Kenyan musician and entrepreneur KRG the Don has lost his YouTube channel to a Tanzanian hacker. The musician had already gathered over 70K subscribers on the channel; and had several music videos.

The musician announced the bad news on his Instagram, where he expressed his grief in an emotional video;

”Sijalala kutoka saa saba usiku mpaka sai. Sijafunga ata macho. Najaribu ku recover channel yangu. Team yangu pia inajaribu. Yaani pahali ntashika ako kakijana kako na channel yangu… Atatamani dunia ifunguke ivi immeze… Channel yangu yote iko karibu na 80 thousand subscribers jamaa amekuja ameichukua na dakika sijui ngapi… Atajua ni kisunzi… Wacha nijaribu ku recover.

Nimetoa album, nimetoa kila kitu mpaka ngoma mpya.”

KRG disclosed the conversation between him and the hacker;

Double Loss!

KRG had recently unleashed his latest album dubbed ‘Birthmark’ and a song featuring Khaligraph Jones dubbed ”full kisunzi”  He continued;

”My youtube channel has been compromised by enemies of progress ????????????

[Krgthedon Tv] Naskia nilipuke
Anyway you are in this world just know I will find you idiot and you won’t like it!!!!!”

The musician has now been forced to remove all his content from the channel to avoid any further damage by the hacker. It’s just a matter of time before he recovers it.

‘Nyinyi Ni Wezi!’ KRG the Don Hurls Insults To Skiza Tunes After Paying Artists Two Figures

Kenyan artists have taken to social media to complain on the amount of money they’ve received on their accounts through Skiza tune. Most of them, including comedian Mulamwah and Eddie Butita have displayed screenshots showing the ‘peanuts’ they received.

Being An Artist In Kenya Is A Struggle

Mulamwah received Ksh 31 in March, while Eddie Butita received  Ksh 86, which they are not allowed to withdraw until it accumulates to Ksh 100 and over.

Eddie Butita wrote;

”@khaligraph_jones ulisema kukua msanii katika Nchi tukufu ya Kenya ni kujitolea ????????????????”

The issue has also pissed off musician and entrepreneur Krg the Don; who has spoken out and termed those involved as thieves. The singer unleashed his wrath and strongly shunned the matter saying;

”Leo tunaona message zingine za kishenzi kwa simu yetu. Yaani nyinyi watu wa kuchukua pesa za Skiza Tune leo mmeamua mtufanyie vituko. How do you tell somebody anatumiwa Ksh 20, 30, 18, 40, 80. Yaani hakuna ata msanii mmoja Kenya sahi ametumiwa ata mia. Nyinyi ni wezi wabaya sana. You are dangerous thieves.”

Krg explained how Skiza Tunes make money from them yet they don’t reciprocate the same to artists. He added the struggles that artists are undergoing during this tough time yet Skiza Tunes are adding more on top.

More and more artists are opening up on the amount of money they’re getting. Let’s wait and see how this unfolds.

Nijikute! KRG The Don Speaks Out On Why He’s Quitting Alcohol

How many people have used the phrase ‘nimeacha pombe’ after things went wrong for them when they were drunk? Most people using the phrase actually never end up quitting alcohol. But for Kenyan musician and businessman KRG the Don, quitting alcohol is something that he’s serious about.

On his Insta story, the 30 year old posted a video saying,

I'm the Don - People Daily

”Tena mimi nijikute nakunywa pombe mimi, Karoga Kimani… Nijikute mimi apa aty nimeshika chupa ya pombe ivi namimina… Over my dead body. Nijikute. Yaani sai nikiona mtu na pombe, ile mbio mi nitakata mguu itavunjika… 4 days in bed! 4 days because of alcohol…”

Seems like the singer had spent 4 days sleeping after consuming alcohol.

KRG is one of the most successful businessmen in the country. He is known for his sense of fashion and good taste of cars. He owns a couple of luxurious cars. KRG ventured into music a few years ago but doesn’t seem to make a lot on the industry. I guess money can’t buy talent. His net worth is yet to be established. But from what we already know, the lad is extremely rich.

Do you think he’s really serious about quitting alcohol or is it just a hoax?



Magix Enga is did big things in the local music scene in 2020

Kenya has no shortage of good music producers. However there are some whose work is a cut above the rest. One such person is Magix Enga.

You see, a beat plays a big part in determining whether a song will go viral or not. The lyrics and video are just meant to spice it up. You want to debate this?

If you are keen, I’m sure you’ve noticed that the beats for most viral Kenyan songs are always from three to four local music producers, one of them is Magix Enga.

Magix Enga
Magix Enga

If you hear, “Magix Enga on the beat” when a song is beginning, you just know that your eardrums are about to have the time of their lives. Where is the lie?

His greatest work to date (according to me of course) was Dundaing which was one of the biggest songs in 2018. Actually, it was the biggest!

Other songs that he has produced are; Digi Digi by Arrow Bwoy, Wembe by Timmy Tdat, Fire by P Unit, Dala Dala by Otile Brown, Matiati by Zzero Sufuri, We Run This by KRG. The list is endless.

If  you listen to the songs that he has produced, you’ll notice how distinct the beat is. It’s different from the norm. Perhaps this explains why anything he touches turns into gold instantly.

Magix Enga
Magix Enga

In my opinion, Magix Enga, who has been in the game for 10 years now, is taking Kenyan music to the international stage, with his signature beat, one song at a time.

He is showing us that it can be done by actually doing it. One day, when all is said and done, we’ll have him to thank for making Kenyan music enjoyable and helping artists to cross borders with their music.

ONE ON ONE: “Mzungu Bonoko akona 5K yangu!” Miracle Baby calls out KRG The Don

If you have been up to date with the differences between artists you most likely know about the beef spewing between Karuga Kimani, popularly known as KRG the Don and Sailors.

The Kairetu hit maker has been hurling insults at the group for a long time claiming that they did not show up for a video shoot despite him going out of his way to pay for their transport so that they could be at the location on time.

Sailors Gang and KRG the Don

The group however cleared the air and said that they were not paid to appear on the video which led to issues that they are currently having.

The self proclaimed billionaire and Sailors released a song nyandus together last year which garnered 1.8M views as we speak.

During an interview hosted by Caroline Mukami, one of the Sailors’ members, Peter Mwangi, popularly known as Miracle baby opened up about the beef.

Miracle Baby

He referred to KRG as “mzungu bonoko” and said that the cars he is flaunting with are just a secondary want and they are not a measure of success or wealth.

He emphasized that the founder of the Fast Cash Music Group does not know his struggles or how he reached where he is. “Kama kutaja jina yangu inafanya alipe rent wacha aendelee”.

Krg The Don drops sizzling jam tagged 'Kairetu'
Krg The Don

The father of four children also warned KRG the Don to pay him back his Kshs.5,000. Apparently he owes every member group the same amount of money which he was supposed to pay a few days back but he did not.

Thing is we do not know the if beef is likely to end any time soon but all we can do is sit back, take some popcorns and enjoy the ride.

Watch the full interview below.



KRG the Don hits back at Benzema, refers to him as a rapist!

Benzema recently had an interview with one of Jalang’o TV’s presenters; and among the things the ngwatiology artist talked about is KRG the Don and one, Arrow boy.

Well according to Benzema, the type of music these two make music can never compare to his music. He went on to back his statement up by giving an example of the stats on YouTube.

Well, it now appears that KRG happened to come across the video which angered him to a point of referring Benzema as a rapist. He went on to post saying;

Sailors Gang and KRG the Don

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I don’t want to be liked by a RAPIST. We don’t work to be paid by views keep your views to yourself but give me my cash ????. My kids need more money not more views on youtube????. Big Up Boondocks Gang {Odi Wa Murang’a, Exray and Edu Madox} Rekless, Ricco Gang & Wakali wao.

Gengetone artists beefing

The diss from KRG comes barely a week after he started beefing with Sailorz. Apparently, the gengetone artists called out the KRG; following an argument that involved money issues about 4 months ago.


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Well now we are here! Not quite sure whether they will resolve their issues and drop a project together; but hey, at least at the end of the day they all make money.

Teen socialite Shakilla faces Kenyans’ wrath after siding with KRG the Don and insulting Sailors as streets rats 

The ongoing beef between Kenyan hitmakers Sailors Gang and KRG the Don might not be going anywhere anytime soon especially after 19-year old wannabe socialite, Shakilla decided to trash Sailors Gang.

It started with what KRG termed a diss by the young gengetone group, before he hit back with his mnataka meli na mnaishi kwa vumbi? comment. The push and pull dragged on as recent as this morning but what has fueled it further is Shakilla’s nasty insults on the same.

Sailors Gang and KRG the Don

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The babe took to her Instagram page to clarify that she had taken the back seat on this too long now and it was time she personally sent a warning to Sailors to keep off KRG because they won’t like the outcome. Blasting;

Shakilla dives into the KRG Don and Sailors beef

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Soon after defending KRG the Don while trashing Sailors Gang as ‘thugs’ and ‘street rats’, hardly did the babe see the storm that was coming up against her as fans unapologetically clapped back at her young age and her ill-mannerisms.

Teen socialite Shakilla

This is not the first time the babe has caused a storm online, just the other day insulting and threatening Otile Brown labeling him ‘a light skin diva nigga’. Having there before been accused of warming Willy Paul’s bed.

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Her post sparked online uproar among netizens, questioning her audacity to start a fight that was not hers in the first place. Take a look:

tea_l3aves Sasa huyu malaya nani ameuliziaa opinion yake????????????????hadi amefanya beef ianze kuboo


sir.panic Ye mwenyewe anakaa Smady tings????????????


mm_drip Si aongee vizuri bass. Mara ‘I’ll opp’ mara sijui ‘imma out’. Brah I garra go????‍♂️


toto_skylar Kwani krg Ni wake ????????????hyu Dame Lkni izo shule zifunguliwe tumechka naye Walai ????


ilyaadu.c “Imma out”?????????????????? shakilla mbona ulihata lessons za blossoms hivi? ????????????????????


3men_army Msijifanye mmesahau ako na bunduki kwa paja ???????????? ambieni sailors nikubaya ????????


kenyan.heart_ ????????sah weh shakila Hadi huku kwa wasanii unasaka clout ????????????????wacha shule zifunguliwe na hujamaliza holiday assignment ????????????????


sheerowkasupuu Mata*o ww???? lipa Deni ya watu ya tattoo????


pogbarian Pu**y vendor finally ameamka????????????????sasa anataka pia yeye kupewa dis????????????????meffi


bandanafather ????????????unakuanga umemdedi nn????????