King of collabos: Why Kristoff is Kenya’s Nate Dogg

Kristoff doesn’t get the love and accolades he deserves. When you look at his career and the hits he has had a hand in conceptualizing and creating, you cannot help but feel he is under-valued.


This actually raises a lot of debate about why that is the case. You see, looking at Kristoff’s career, he is the undisputed king of Kenyan collabos. Every song he has graced as a collaborating artist becomes fire! He performs so well that he usually overshadows the main artist. That is why for a long time, people referred to Dundaing as Kristoff’s song.

Actually, even when he features other artists on his songs, he completely blows them out of the water. He showed he could do so on his own jam, Dandia.

But why is it whenever he releases his own jams as a solo, stand-alone artist, Kenyans do not appreciate them as much? Kristoff is one of the few artists who clearly invests in his craft and this can be seen from the production value of his songs as well as from the music videos he shoots. He is the one artist who will source professional models and amazing sites for his music videos.

Anyone who has interacted with his can attest to the fact that he has what it takes to be a superstar. Kristoff has the charisma, fashion sense and explosive personality. Add to that his undeniable talent and you have to wonder why Kenyans have refused to embrace him.

Mluhya wa Busia is one of the few older artists to embrace Gengeton artists to the point he works with them and even then, he murders them on their own music!

Given that he is the same one with a slew of successful collabos, one has to ask why he cannot bag a runaway hit. Could it simply be that Kenyans are haters? Or could this be yet another case of the Nate Dogg effect?


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Kristoff proves he is here to stay as he features legendary Bigpin in new track “Move it”

Ladies and gentlemen almost everything Kristoff touches screams good quality. He has done it again. He has released a new jam: “Move It” featuring the legendary Big Pin.

The feel-good song is good enough to make one leave their seat for a little dance. Mixed by Ogopa Deejays and produced by Jack on the Beat, the tune is just right. It is sweet enough to get you entertained this season. Plus, it’s a proper club banger.

Move it for me juu kuna vile umenibamba mbaya

Na umejibeba design ya canter ma’

Wewe ndio my type ile design ya rankadah

 You See that thing you got my baby

Why don’t you move it for me?

The lyrics are persuasive enough to get one off their seat and move it.


The video is lively from beginning to end with active vixens doing the song justice. They take turns to showcase well-choreographed dances that are deeply entertaining and makes one want to dance.

Kristoff has slowly made his way in the industry and has become a household name. known widely for the song Dandia that featured King Kaka and other artists, Kristoff has never let down his fans. It has been hit after hit while working with different artists.

Further, among those that he has worked with is Femi one with their song Tippy Toe dominating the airwaves a while back. He has also worked with Gabu, Kagwe Mungai, Stella Mwangi, Khaligraph Jones and Kelechi Africana.

He was also not left behind in the wave of Gengetone as he did he Rieng’ remix with Boondocks Gang, Rankaddah and VDJ Jones.

On the other hand Big Pin has also been in the industry for a very long while. The Tera Moss hit maker has also done other songs including Natafuta, Ginene, Talk to you featuring Amani, Juu featuring Mayonde and Nairobi Party.

Rating 7/10

Kristoff as an established artist should let new artistes be

Kristoff is a well known Kenyan rapper. The Artist is said to be a relative to the rapper Collo who is famous as well. Many hits have gone down from this artist which has made him famous from the start.
He’s so talented on the microphone, the stage use and the lyrical flow as well.

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The artist is well known among his fans due to his lyrical hits. Among the major hit, ‘siwezi isha mimi si bundles,’ an origin of dandia kama mat song. In my opinion Kristoff is well know, he has established himself so well in that this minor collabos make him settle for less. Upcoming artists should as well be supported but too much of it will eventually cost him among his fans.

Kristoff an established artist should let new artistes be

Many upcoming fans are struggling to reach the top. Thus their songs can not be a real hit due to the learning the lyrical balance, instrumentation and more. Many artists will think collabos with well known artists make them sell but lets be realistic, if it boring it wont trend as well. This will eventually lead to burying a known legend, this has happened among many.

Kristoff an established artist should let new artistes be

Kristoff should thus focus on more hits either single or collabos with musicians of his calibre and less of upcoming artist. He’s a well loved rapper and it would be sad seeing a legend like him, being surpassed by the new upcoming artists.

Besides it all, this artist has perfect talent on rapping. This can be seen even on the latest collabo hit featuring Tracey and Yvonne and Dj Bash – #BASH. Thanks for reading, Lets like below and as well give Kristoff a word.

Kristoff keeps bashing on ‘Bash’

Kristoff Lets keep bashing on Bash. Bash is a slang which basically means a party. The  jam ‘bash’ is thus more of a party anthem, which brings out a party mood. The song features secular Kenyan stars indeed a bashing jam.

Bash introduces the artists,‘mamanzi wanataka niende bash-Kristoff.’ The flow continues ‘machali wanataka nifike bash Kush Tracey, mzungu na mkamba sezi clash, mluhya na makuku iyo ni bash. Which defines what a party means to different people.

Style used in Bash

Kristoff comes in style singing on how his mouth is full of chewing gum and gut. How people have fun in partys is a personal choice. He goes ahead, leta madrinks na magoro kama nableki wacha dem a doro kama hataki kupigwa wacha alale guest room na magodoro.

A bit naughty but what about a bash without fun. He sings a one without the fan mood can sleep on the guest room with the mattresses. Quite harsh!

Lets keep bashing with Kristoff on 'Bash'

Yvonne Darcq continues the lead, with the mood of vibing ‘kuchinjiana’. She goes ahead to sing the bashing mood got her the psych of getting company. Thus hoping Kristoff to be at the bash, she goes ahead ‘leo itakua ngori leo mimi naitwa Njeri nataka kula mluhya.’ She describes he beauty where she sings her milkshakes brings all the boys to the bash, and thus no games with trash.

Relevance of the song and Kush Tracey in it

Kush Tracey closes, ‘mara this hizi drinks tunaflash.’ This is more of taking shots for in the bash and not just an easy drinking party. She goes ahead to sing on how this time the ‘shash’ in party should just be passed, cause the hash tag of the bash is, ‘#Leokamenuka’. The ‘wig na matuta’ slang defines of how indeed the party is going to be lit, which indeed is going to be a sweating jamboree.

Lets keep bashing with Kristoff on 'Bash'

The song has been perfectly well done. The lyrical flow and the videography has been compatibly done suiting the message. The video was a good shoot as well, which brings out a clear bashing on the  scene. Thumbs up! Lets give reviews as well below.

Video below.

King Kaka is back with ‘Show Kitu’ need to check it out

King Kaka is back with a new jam dubbed Show Kitu. He has featured a couple of musicians. They include; Kristoff, Jegede and Ilogos. Show Kitu is in line with what the new generation is singing. The trio has done a good job in this jam. Their voices compliment each other.

King Kaka is known for his great work in music. Before the release of this song, he did a menstrual walk all the way from Nairobi to Nakuru within six days. He is a great artist who is giving out the world. Also, he is the owner of Kaka Empire a record label that is doing well so far.

His collaboration with Kristoff and Ilogos is a great thing. The trio should in fact give us more of their work together. To add on, Kristoff has been featured in a lot of jams by local artists. It seems like he is in demand. He is always doing well in collaborations than solo projects.

King Kaka is back with 'Show Kitu' need to check it out

What is ‘Show Kitu’ all about?

To start with, lets focus and find out what Show Kitu is all about; From Eastlando ni mkidi wa  Ile mtaa ya kina kiriwa Na mi huchapa inasinzia Ukinisaka niko bizy ma. King Kaka associates himself with Nairobi Eastlands region and thus calls himself a child of Eastlands.

King Kaka is back with 'Show Kitu' need to check it out

Wananirank, wananirank zaidi ya shaba Niko juu juu zaidi ya jaba Vile hiyo burst inakaa poa kwa waist line Ata ka singekuwa msanii bado singe wasye line Na all eyes ziko kwa huyu dem All night niko ma bubu game. In this stanza they praise themselves on how they are respected. Also talk about a girl who all men are eyeing.

In conclusion, Show Kitu is a good jam. The trio has delivered it so well. King Kaka does not disappoint but much should have been done in this jam.  Last but not least King Kaka gets a rating of 6/10 in Show Kitu.

Video Below.

Naiboi is back with ‘Sondeka’ 2 featuring All Stars

Naiboi is back with Sondeka part 2 featuring All Stars. Those featured in this jam are ExRay, Kristoff, Fena, Benzema, Femi One, Mordecai, V6 and Khaligraph Jones. Sondeka part 2 is introduced by Dj Shitti a comedian and an actor. It is a great collabo where all those mentioned have performed a stanza.

Also, Sondeka part 2 is a continuation of Sondeka part 1. In this jam Naiboi is talking about correcting certain behavior in human beings.

Sondeka Part 2 is all about what?

To start with, you’ll notice that these artists are also talking about MCSK. This is in line with the recent payments they made to the musicians and angered them.

They say that they are correcting that. It says that tabia ya kukali wasanii na MCSK tunasondeka.  Also, they talk of how people are jealousy when they see one with a big car.

Naiboi is very talented and the way he also performs his lines is just good.

To add on they go ahead to talk about how people should stop lying. Khaligraph Jones talks of how one is telling them she is in Dubai and in real sense she is in a matatu ya Mwangi.. This is crazy. Also he goes ahead to add on how MCSK sent him Ksh 2530.

Naiboi is back with 'Sondeka' 2 featuring All Stars

Whatever the thing they want to correct seems to have  affected them so much. I like how Khaligraph says that someone talks of Uhuru being their relative whereas the only person who knows then is Dj Shitti.

Niaboi is very creative in this Sondeka jam. The fact that he has brought a couple of artists on board shows team work. Sondeka has been produced by Rixx. The video is super good and quality.

Naiboi is back with 'Sondeka' 2 featuring All Stars

It is a combination of great voices and this has come up with something good. Actually the song will leave you laughing at some point. Naiboi needs to be congratulated on this one.

In conclusion, Sondeka part 2 by Naiboi is a cool jam and you should listen to it. It gets a rating of 7/10.

Video below.

‘Konki Fire’ brings on board the best; Ex Gee, Kristoff and Dj Lyta

Konki Fire by Ex Gee, Kristoff and Dj Lyta is the newest jam from the trio. Every Kenyan artist is claiming their rightful place in this music industry. Kristoff is known for doing well in collabos. This dude is super talented. The way he has performed i this jam Konki Fire is something that confirms my previous statement.

The trio which also comprises of a very famous Dj Lyta is amazing. Their work is dope and this is a jam that people will be singing day in day out. Come to think of it this way, how about they did more collabos?

'Konki Fire' by Ex Gee, Kristoff and Dj Lyta

What is Konki Fire about?

Konki Fire is a jam that describes a girl and how hot she is. You know here in Kenya when someone mentions fire it already sends a message of what they mean.

It is well known that Kristoff ends up performing way better in people’s song giving him the vibe. Look st this way, how would you feel as an artist when you do a hit and someone who you tag along ends up gaining than the owner of the song?

When you listen to the lyrics you are definitely going to fall in love with Konki Fire. There a lot of love displayed in this jam and a lot of chemistry.

'Konki Fire' by Ex Gee, Kristoff and Dj Lyta

Have you even got a look of the video? Jeez!! You should see it. It is super good and on point. It is in sync with the audio and am sure you are going to fall in love with it. All thanks to the producer and director of Konki fire.

Video shot somewhere in Africa & directed by Nezzoh Montana from NF Inc. Also produced by Hamadoo ,Janeson records.

In conclusion, Ex Gee, Kristoff and Dj Lyta get a rating of 6/10 on Konki Fire. It is worth the effort.

Below is a link to the video.