DJ Mo reveals why he is not afraid of spoiling his daughter

DJ Mo has opened up about the love he has for his daughter, Ladasha.

Speaking during an interview with Mpasho, the gospel DJ opened up saying that God has blessed him so far and he can now afford to give his daughter anything she asks for.

Size 8 and her family

Having struggled when growing up, the father of one is now ready to give his daughter the life he never got. He went on to say,

I give her everything she asks for because I did not have this things growing up. If she asks for something today, I give it to her tomorrow. Because I am working to be able to provide for her.

Strong foundation in God

When asked what he would like to teach his daughter as she continues to grow; the gospel DJ responded saying that all he wants his daughter is the word of God. He opened up saying;

The only thing I can teach her now is the word of God given that once you teach her that, everything will fall into place.

DJ Mo reveals how he is raising his daughter never to depend on men for anything

DJ Mo’s dream is to see his daughter Ladasha Belle become miss independent in future. He says he wants his daughter to never depend on men for anything.

DJ Mo has opened up about parenting and his aspirations as a parent. The gospel DJ reveals that he takes extra care of his child because she is a girl.

“I believe the challenges are the same as for fathers of boys. That said, I take extra care because she is a girl.
I give her all the attention she needs and buy her clothes and shoes though sometimes I will let her mum handle that,” says DJ Mo.

I bond with Ladasha in the mornings and evenings

DJ Mo and his daughter Ladasha Belle

DJ Mo says he has daily bonding sessions with his daughter. He explains that he bonds with Ladasha in the mornings and evenings on weekdays and on weekends he drives around with her.

“We have a long bonding session in the mornings before I leave for work. Also in the evenings, whenever I can, I will make time. Over the weekends, we take drives together.”

I would like to teach her to be self-sustaining

DJ Mo also reveals that he wants his daughter to be totally independent in future. He states that he aspires to see Ladasha not depending on men for anything.

“I want her to grow up to become God fearing, hardworking and self-sustaining. Not to depend on men for anything,” said DJ Mo.



“Actually Pierra is a good friend of mine” DJ Mo finally addresses rumors he’s the father of Pierra Makena’s daughter

Most people have admitted that DJ Mo’s daughter and Pierra Makena’s daughter look alike. This is the genesis of claims that DJ Mo is also the father of Pierra Makena’s daughter.

DJ Pierra Makena has refused to unmask her baby daddy leaving room for speculations. Her daughter Ricca Pokot and DJ Mo’s daughter¬†Ladasha Belle tend to look alike.

Some people claim Mo could have also fathered Pierra’s daughter. The gospel DJ however dismisses these allegations as mere jokes.

We laugh about it with Pierra

Mo says Pierra Makena and him are only good friends. Speaking on Dr. Ofweneke’s ‘The Tonight Show’ on Ebru TV, Mo said he laughs whenever someone says he is Pierra’s baby daddy.

He reiterates that he’s not Ricca Pokot’s father. Mo further says he jokes with Pierra about him fathering Ricca through osmosis.

“No am not the father. Actually Pierra is a good friend of mine. Like the other day we were laughing and am like kwani this thing happened and we didn’t know. It happened through osmosis,” Mo jokingly said.

Watch the clip below: