Size 8 shares sweet birthday tribute to daughter Ladasha Belle for Her 4th Birthday!

On 19th November the Muraya’s always make sure to spend this special day in the best possible as – their first born, Ladasha belle, was welcomed in the world 4 years ago!


To celebrate Ladashabelle’s big day, Size 8 posted a birthday tribute on Instagram, filled with a moving and sweet message where she wrote;

Yeeeeeeepppppyyyy its her 4th birthday what a mighty God I serve!!!!!! Her life is a miracle from Heaven!!!!! @ladashabelle.wambo God is faithful mummy I love you so much so much…………..You are true sign of Gods power!!!!!!!!!
Thank you @nishasurbankitchen , the cake it so beautiful ……. thanks for this it means alot to me!!!!! Cc @djmokenya

Size 8 with daughter Ladashabelle

Size 8’s post received close to 41k views and with comments from close friends and die hard fans all wishing little Ladashabelle a happy birthday as she turned 4 years.

DJ Mo’s message to Ladashabelle

Ladashabelle is certainly turning into a fine young lady and judging from how her daddy pampers her, we can all agree that she is her daddy’s favorite girl!

Through his Instagram page DJ Mo celebrated his daughter’s birthday with a special message where he opened up saying;

It’s been 4 years and God has been faithful – am always proud of you and honestly you make us happy with mummy . I pray to God to always favor you and may you grow to be the most happiest woman ever .
It’s your day sema unataka nini …we ready to spoil you ????
Happy birthday my missy ❤️ @ladashabelle.wambo
Cc @size8reborn

They grow up so fast! DJ Mo celebrates his adorable daughter’s 4th birthday in style

Time indeed does fly if Size 8 and DJ Mo’s daughter Ladasha Belle is now 4 years!

Earlier this morning, DJ Mo decided to share a  small simple message to celebrate his baby girl as she turns 4 years.

He went on to praise his baby girl for being the best part of his life and for the happiness she has brought to their marriage so far. The gospel DJ wrote;


It’s been 4 years and God has been faithful – am always proud of you and honestly you make us happy with mummy . I pray to God to always favor you and may you grow to be the most happiest woman ever .

It’s your day sema unataka nini …we ready to spoil you ????
Happy birthday my missy ❤️ @ladashabelle.wambo
Cc @size8reborn

Birth complications

A while back Size 8 and DJ Mo once revealed that conceiving Ladashabelle was not easy due to a few complications that almost saw Size 8 lose her life during her C section surgery.

Anyway, 4 years have now gone by and Ladashabelle continues to grow into a very healthy and beautiful young lady — making her parents proud.




Power couple DJ Mo and Size 8 celebrate their daughter’s 2nd birthday in style

Ladashabelle is officially two-years-old! The offspring of popular gospel singer Size 8 and DJ Mo celebrated her big day on November 19th.

Her special day soaked up all the attention on her parents social media pages. This is after they shared sweet messages to mark their baby’s 2nd birthday.

This sweet little girl has done more in one year than most could only dream of — and it’s just the beginning. Ladashabelle has so far closed a deal with baby diaper’s company Softcare that has seen her earn good money.

Anyway when your Ladashabelle, everyday is your birthday. This is because both her parents have always made it open that they enjoy spoiling her.

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DJ’s Mo celebrates his baby girl’s birthday

Through his Instagram DJ Mo wrote saying:

You made me get a new name “daddy” I have learnt a lot even becoming more responsible since you came to this earth – I love you so much and am ready to do anything to always make you happy – today marks 2 years since you were born am grateful to God for you – Happy birthday to you my daughter @ladashabelle ,140 years from now am sure you will still read this status and smile ? – HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Size 8’s message to her daughter

I had to post you again mummy before this day ends happy birthday my princess you give me so much joy. I can’t believe you are actually 2 years now. May the good God protect you and your destiny in him. Where I fail you mummy may God do it for you. Love you my dear sun shine???????? @ladashabelle

Singer Size 8 stuns with daughter in new beautiful photos, DJ Mo must feel lucky to have them in his life!

Gospel artiste Size 8 is a woman who loves photos. Going through her social media pages one will notice the many professional photos she shares. And like any mother, she is now grooming her daughter to follow in her footsteps (maybe).

The singer has shared new photos dressed in matching red dresses with her baby girl. Looking at the photos it is clear to see that the baby girl took after her daddy in terms of looks. Ladasha Belle looks nothing like her mother but chances are she will change when she gets older.

Size 8 with daughter

In one of the photos shared on Instagram Size 8 wrote saying:

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Accept change when it’s time for change and embrace it don’t fight it. Benefit from it……????

Motherhood for the singer

Size 8 has always made it known that her pregnancy was not easy. She kept walking in and out of hospital while pregnant but luckily she made it through the nine months. Ladashabelle to her is a gift from God and she is not afraid to admit this.

Over the few years she learnt to embrace motherhood and it’s challenges which make her a better mother.

Size 8 with daughterSize 8 with daughterSize 8 with daughterSize 8 with daughter

Flashback Friday: Breathtaking photo of DJ Mo and Size 8’s daughter when she was barely a week old

The Muraya family must be happy to have been blessed with one beautiful daughter who has changed their entire life and if anything – tamed her parents (in a good way that is).

About two years ago Size 8 welcomed her 1st child with DJ Mo but like most celebrities she chose to keep her baby off the public eye for privacy reason. On the same day the baby was born, the gospel singer sadly lost her mother but all in all is grateful as this was just another blessing in the bad times.


Her fans however got to meet or rather see baby Ladashabelle after a few weeks and since then the young girl has become a favorite to many.

Ladashabelle looks like a very calm baby but also playful judging from the videos shared on her gram. Awayy from that, I happened to bump into a never before seen photo of the baby girl when she was barely a week old.

She is undeniably a beautiful to look and the photo below will prove this.


Baby number two? Here is why Ladashabelle needs a sister or a brother

Size 8 and her hubby DJ Mo were blessed with a lovely baby girl two years ago and if anything the gospel is now craving for another baby, that is if she is the one running her daughter’s Instagram page.

A few days ago she uploaded a photo of her daughter hanging out at their door step but what caught my attention is the statement she used to caption her Ladashabelle’s photo. The caption read,

I need a brother or sister to play with ?? I hope mummy and daddy reads this?

But we all know that Ladasha still can’t read or write at this age so her mum could have used the opportunity to hint how she feels….just saying!

Anyway, let’s hope that DJ Mo gets the message…but checkout the photo below:

“God please take care of this one for me” Size 8’s moving prayer after her daughter fell ill

Every parent’s wish is to have her child/children healthy and free from all illness. This is why Size 8 has been feeling restless after her baby girl fell ill a few days ago and at the same time her younger sister, Deejay7 got admitted to hospital.

Through her Instagram page Size 8 poured her heart to God asking him to take care of her daughter as she could not bare seeing her sick. She went to reveal how much she was attached to her baby girl, something very many first time mums feel. She wrote,

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Size 8 with baby Ladashabelle
Size 8 with baby Ladashabelle

#motherhood loving my princess more and more everyday. I hope mammy i am doing the best for you. Am so attached to you my dear. God please take care of this one for me.

She went on to pray for her sister in another post as she wished her quick recovery a few days ago after Deejay7 was admitted to hospital. However, Deejay 7 was discharged two days ago and is now recovering from home.

Deejay 7
Deejay 7

This week has had calamity after calamity sijui mungu una fanya nini but i trust you. Waaaaaa am without words. 3 people have fell sick this week jozie @ladashabelle and now @deejay7_ . I cannot believe @deejay7_ you can be sick and not just sick but really sick to appoint of admission woi. And the way you are the one who is always taking care of me. Now its my time to return the favour. Love u my sis get well soon. @deejay7_ by the stripes of Jesus you are healed.

DJ Pierra: Daughter Ricca Pokot looks JUST like Ladashabelle (Photos)

Ricca Pokot and Ladashabelle look as though they could be sisters and if they could have been born in the same year the two would actually be confused for twins.

This was confirmed by DJ Pierra herself as she tagged DJ Mo and Size 8 in a photo she shared of her daughter on Instagram. Judging from the photo Pierra posted one can’t help but see how the two resemble each other especially around the mouth area and the eyes.

There similarities don’t end there, which is why this is freaking us out a little. They both have the same smile and if they were to be photographed together no one would say they are not from the same parent.

Pierra’s comment was also a clear addiction that she agree’s that her baby girl has a look alike who happens to be a celebrity baby too. She jokingly wrote, @Size8 and @DJMokenya please come for your daughter

Pierra’s daughter

Though we still don’t know who Ricca’s dad is, there is no doubt that he also has good genes. Checkout photos of Ricca and Ladashabelle then be the judge.


Ricca Pokot
Ricca Pokot