Khaligraph’s brother Lamaz Span is Kenya’s next biggest rapper

I listen to Kenyan music a lot, not for any other reason but because it drives my adrenaline up. Imagine going about your day as you listen to Dundaing by King Kaka, Kristoff and Magix Enga.

A whole mood right?

Apart from the aforementioned artists, you’ll also find me listening to Naiboi, Khaligraph, Mayonde, Sage, Mbithi, Wangeci, Fena and Lamaz Span.

If you are a fan of local music, you must be familiar with all these artist except one; Lamaz Span.

Make sure you remember that name because the new kid on the block has not come to play.

Well I don’t think he’s thaaaaaat (sic) new, I’m the one who discovered his music recently on Khaligraph’s timeline.

Minutes later, I was on YouTube jamming to his latest single Stories. Ladies and gentlemen, his punchlines are so smooth and effortless.

In the song, Lamaz Span narrates his childhood experiences, the odd jobs that he had to do to put before he finally got his big break. I really love how he packaged it.

I will soon interview him so that we can all get to know more about him and what he is all about.

Meanwhile, watch Stories by Lamaz Span ft Magix Enga below tell me what you think in the comment section below.

Khaligraph’s brother Lamaz Span drops new hit dubbed ‘Niko Na Form’ (Video)

Does the name Lamaz Span ring a bell in your mind? I am pretty sure many of you will remember him from his huge collabo with Khaligraph Jones dubbed Me Siogopi.

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Other than the fact that he is Papa Jones elder brother and if you are a fan of Kenyan music, like yours truly you’ll be pleased to know that he is also a musician and he has a new single out.

The song titled Niko Na Form has been getting good airplay since it came out a few days ago and to be honest, we are also feeling it.

Khaligraph Jones and Lamaz Span
Khaligraph Jones and Lamaz Span

Niko Na Form is a common phrase that mean that someone has a plan, a party of sorts, so he often invites his or her to come.

I don’t know about you but I really love this jam simply because we are used to Lamaz Span rapping but on this on he is singing and it has words like like sereka and mbogi which means it’s closer to Gengetone more than anything.

There is not much to say about the lyricism but I can tell you for free that this guy has some dope wordplay. You just want to keep listening to him and that is never a bad thing.

The video quality is also dope. The vixens were also on point. In as much as the beat is not similar to the one that we are used to listening to in such jams, I still loved it.

Watch Niko Na Form below and tell us what you think.

Khaligraph Jones calls out hypocrites in new jam dubbed ‘Me Siogopi’ featuring Lamaz Span (Video)

Rapper Brian Ouko Omollo, better known as Khaligraph Jones, is back with a new jam featuring his equally-talented brother Lamaz Span K.O.B and they are not mincing their words.

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In the song dubbed Me Siogopi, which loosely translates to ‘I don’t fear’, the two rappers blast hypocrites in the local entertainment industry while making a boastful statement that they are the real OGs.

Among the casualties are the legendary DJ Pinye. According to Khaligraph, he killed the music industry and told him not to rap in English because he was not brought up in Karen.

Khaligraph also took a swipe at Homeboyz Radio over their disputed list of the top 50 rappers in Kenya. He says that the station doesn’t respect him because he was not ranked at number 1.

Khaligraph Jones and Lamaz Span
Khaligraph Jones and Lamaz Span

He says, “HBR nangoja mnipigie simu mniambie pole, hio top 50 mlitoa inaonyesha vizuri hamkufika hata college, ju ka si Khali ndio number 1  Inaonyesha vile mmedharau jina, freestyle zangu ndo  Most viewed on your channel na bado mnakosa heshima.”

Apart from all the shade that he threw, you have to admit that Khaligraph had some dope bars in this jam. The way I see it, Me Siogopi is a masterpiece that is worth

Lamaz Span also came through in this jam. I was really impressed by his delivery. If you ask me, I’ll tell you that it is just a matter of time before he becomes a household name.

The beat on this jam, which was produced by Motif, was also awesome. I was particularly impressed by how it blends well with the flow of Papa Jones.

The video concept was also on point. It has some heavily built men flexxing around and sending a clear message that they do not fear anyone. To add to that, the editing was also awesome. Props to Nezzoh Monts!

Watch Me Siogopi below and tell us what you think.