Saumu Mbuvi’s ex husband Senator Anwar allegedly shoots 32 year old woman in Nanyuki

Senator Anwar Loitiptip is said to have had a busy weekend recording a statement at a police station in Nanyuki. This is after he allegedly shot a 32 year old lady Joy Makena leaving her with wounded (right) leg, just above the ankle.

The incident which took place on Saturday, 23rd October at the Kanu Grounds was allegedly a result of a misunderstanding between Anwar and the lady.

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According to reports, this was a close range shot which could mean that these two may have been friends; before the argument between them arose.

Anwar shows off injured shoulder

Ms Joy Makena was then rushed to Nanyuki Teaching and Referral Hospital where she was admitted. Senator Anwar on the other hand allegedly took off from the scene before emerging on Sunday,24 October to record a statement.

Anwar plays victim

However according to Senator Anwar and his girlfriend, Aeedah Bambi; they claim to have been attacked by 2 women and a guy leaving the Senator with an injured shoulder.

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To prove this, the Senator got a hospital report  as proof to show he was attacked against on that fateful Saturday. Probably this will also come in handy for the obvious ‘self defense’ case. The letter read;

Anwar’s doctor report

Anwar pulls a gun on Aeedah Bambi

They say with money comes power and so far, Senator Anwar is proving to be a man who feels untouchable for some reason. Could be the money or the power but this is not the first time he has been accused of pulling out a gun to threaten he who crosses him.

Aeedah with Senator Loitiptip

Well, the last time – Anwar was accused of pulling a gun on his girlfriend Aeedah Bambi after an argument; but luckily for her – Anwar did not pull the trigger on her.

Not quite sure what makes Aeedah Bambi stay after such an incident… but truth is, these ladies are just addicted to the toxic love. I guess it’s the adrenaline rush.

Ex wife Saumu was also holding on to the guy despite the beating she had been receiving for months; and I’m sure if Anwar had not left her for Bambi she’d still be playing the good house role. Like I said, toxic love is addictive.

“Sijui kukaa single” Saumu Mbuvi opens up about baby daddy being a rebound

By now we all know that Saumu Mbuvi is hurting after nasty break up with Senator Anwar who was her fiancé. For a minute the former couple convinced us that they would be walking down the aisle soon; but it appears that we did not know what was going on behind closed doors.

Just like most couple they both had their good and bad times. However the bad times i.e physical and mental torture started to overweigh the good times; making the relationship toxic by the minute.

Saumu Mbuvi on Radio Jambo

Soeaking recently with Radio Jambo’s Massawe Jappani, we finally got to learn and hear what was going on as revealed by Ms Saumu Mbuvi. According to Saumu, things  changed after the senator started using her ‘Bipolar condition’ against her.

Saumu pregnant for Senator Anwar expecting Anwar’s baby

What changed then?

Having dating for 1 and a half years – the senator must have known what he had gotten himself into; but with Saumu going through both relationship and family issues – her bipolar situation got worse; hence the blows and kicks she received from Senator Anwar.

When asked why how they met and how things unfolded; Saumu went on to reply saying that they met after her break up with first baby daddy, Ben Gatu.

Saumu Mbuvi with ex, Ben Gatu

Being vulnerable and desperate at the time- she happened to meet Anwar who helped her through the break up; and by the time she knew it, Saumu had already jumped into yet another relationship or rather situationship.

According to Saumu, she has never gotten used to being single and this is why she moved on real quick; or rather opted to settle for the nearest option ready to make her happy. She said;

Huyu mwanaume alinipata kwa sababu nikikuwa na heartbreak…alafu shida yangu moja, sijui kukaa single…shida kubwa sana because I have been swimming in relationship….najipata kwa hii relationship, nikiachwa najipata kwa nyingine. Lakini huyu mwanaume alinipata nikiwa broken, when I needed someone to lean on, akakuja kama rafiki lakini kumbe alikuja kama son of pharaoh.



Lamu Senator Loitiptip beaten senselessly by thugs while on a date with Sonko’s daughter in Kasarani

Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip has narrated a grueling ordeal he went through at Kasarani while on a date with fiance, daughter of Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, Saumu Mbuvi.

According to the Senator who spoke from Aga Khan where he was at ICU, several men assaulted Saumu while in the confines of the club and threatened to rape her.

The Senator also said that they also threatened to kill him during the attack.

“We had gotten to the car park and into the car before my fiancee [Saumu] asked to go to the washroom. When she got there, two men followed her and locked the door. They tore her blouse and wanted to rape her. She raised the alarm,” he said. 

“They come out apologizing saying ‘oh we did not want to do anything’. I wanted it to be physical but Saumu calmed me down saying, we may make headlines in the media over fighting.”

Crude weapons

Anwar said that after Saumu came out, more men carrying crude weapons joined and started beating him up outside the club.

“After that, there was a bulky man with a rungu and a metal bar who was joined with like six others. Immediately the hit me several times in the head. From there, I don’t remember anything till I woke up in the hospital.” said Anwar. 


The only thing I remember was what they told me. They said, ‘we will not leave you alive. You will know who we are’. To say the truth I don’t know what their intention was because they only hit my head.”