Maisha ikikukubali aki!! Larry taking a break at BBC to join prestigious school in US 

When it’s time to harvest your fruits and you labored hard during planting time, always expect healthy fruits.

BBC news anchor Larry Madowo was forced to hustle hard all his young life and now the fruits are showing. The popular news anchor recently revealed that he’s planning to take a break at BBC to further his education at Columbia Journalism.

The break comes just a year after he joined BBC following his resignation from NTV.


He’s now among the lucky few selected to be part of the 44th Knight-Bagehot fellowship in Business and Economics at the Columbia Journalism School in Newyork’s Columbia University for the 2019-2020 academic year.

On social media, he made the announcement informing fans of his break.

“Hard to believe that I’ve got just 3 weeks left with the BBC before taking a break to be a full-time student again at Columbia university. New York city, I’ll see you soon but for now, Nairobi, be nice to me.” he posted. 


Con man Wilkins Fadhili, his ex Ruth Ambogo, Steve Mbogo named among most influential young Kenyans

The 2018 list of most influential Kenyans has finally been released and not many Kenyans are agreeing with it.

The list, which has been done by local company Avance Media Africa, has different personalities in the list ranging from bloggers, comedians to musicians aged from between 15-40 years.

Controversial names

Surprisingly, Wilkins Fadhili, his allegedly ex-lover Ruth Ambogo and controversial politician Steve Mbogo are in the list. The three have been in all kind of controversies in the recent past few days which have tarnished their names. Famous personalities such as Larry Madowo, Njugush, Amina Abdi and Betty Kyalo appear on the influential list.

KOT have heavily criticized the list wondering who comes up with such lists majorly because of Wilkins Fadhili who was recently exposed as a fraud.

Here’s the full list.


I would never ask you for money and I don’t write click bait content- Larry Madowo warns Kenyans

Former NTV news anchor has warned Kenyans over fake pages on social media registered under his name that are soliciting money from Kenyans.

The BBC journalist took to social media to warn his followers about the pages which have been also posting click baits. Madowo, who is BBC’s Africa Business Editor, told Kenyans that all his pages have been verified and people should take note.

He urged Kenyans to help report the fake pages so that they can be pulled down.

WARNING. None of these are my Facebook accounts. I only have one verified public page. I don’t run any money-making schemes and I would never ask you for money. I also don’t write clickbait content. Please unfriend and report them,” warned Larry Madowo.


Public figures have always been a victim of this as con men us their names to hustle fans. Almost every celebrity in Kenya has been forced at one point to come out and issue a similar statement after fans started complaining that they have been conned.

Nairobi Diaries Glam Pam’s deep cleavage lands Larry Madowo and other BBC bosses in trouble

Senior BBC editors are currently getting a lot of heat from the public after blurring the cleavage of a Kenyan socialite who appeared on a recent documentary shot in Nairobi.

Just like the first documentary from the media house that attracted numerous complaints from Kenyans after socialite Bridget Achieng accused the media house of portraying her as a prostitute, this one also had controversies of it’s own.

The Guardian on Sunday reported that senior staff at the British media house were divided on the decision to censor socialite Glamour Pam’s cleavage in the documentary dubbed  Fake Me: Living for Likes.

The decision to deal with Pam’s cleavage was made at senior editorial level at BBC Africa,” the Guardian reported.


BBC’s spokesman later explained that the blurring was done to comply with some of the strict watershed regulations in some African countries.

“#thesheword is broadcast via a number of BBC partner stations in Africa which are subject to watershed rules similar to the UK’s. As the majority of our partner stations show the programme pre-watershed, we ensured the film was suitable for broadcast in those markets.” he said. 


Larry Madowo turns 31 years, here’s how his birthday went down (photos) 

If you have been thinking that BBC Africa business editor Larry Madowo is in his early 40s because of the usual social media pressure from Kenyans asking him to marry, well it’s time to shock you.

The storied journalist is now officially 31 years old and still has lot of time, in case he wants to marry.

He recently took to social media to share his birthday celebration which went down at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Upper Hill Nairobi.

Familiar faces

“Grateful for the blessing of another year. Thank you for all the kind messages,” he said. 

Familiar faces such as NTV Ciru Muriuki and Bonney Tunya were invited for the dinner that comprised mainly friends and former colleagues. Fans also wished him a happy one on social media.

Here are the photos:

Larry Madowo reports in Swahili for BBC and leaves Kenyans very impressed(video)

We have all known Larry Madowo as an English reporter and news anchor but it seems at BBC where he moved a few months ago, a lot has changed.

Kenyans were left impressed after watching a Swahili report from Larry Madowo on BBC in which he spoke effortlessly, proving yet again that he’s a really talented journalist.

Uber Strike

Madowo was in Kenya to report about the recent Uber strike and how drivers have been having a hard time trying to make ends meet.

Here’s what Kenyans had to say:

@highridgeyoung Larry I thought you can’t construct a sentence in Swahili …..@LarryMadowo…. I miss your broadcasts at NTV

@LameckNyakwara Kudos Larry. Never knew that you are perfect in both English and kiswahili

@NakitareJuma Mbona wakiharibu kiswahili,sema”Naiporomosha lugha”.

@OsmanOmayo Boooss that was superb. Ni sisi tu tunajua ile practice ulichapa

@Steve_Kimani Pongezi @LarryMadowo kwa kazi kuntu unayofanya @BBCAfrica @bbcswahili!

@Tonykinyash ati nakiporomosha? Hiyo sasa unajifanya

@ShemShujaa Didn’t know you could flow like that in Swahili. Great!

@habon_samow Kongole@LarryMadowo

Watch the clip below:


BBC finally debuts Larry Madowo almost a month after hiring him

A month since moving to BBC in London after ditching NTV, news anchor Larry Madowo has finally gotten his big debut.

Madowo, who is the Africa Business reporter for the channel made his first appearance on the BBC TV today in the morning.

Larry took to IG to show his delight:

“Quick, get to your TV! I’m making my debut on #BBCBizLive on @BBCNews at 8.45am UK & @BBCWorld at 10.45am Nairobi with I’ll be sitting under the lights, of course.” he said.

Former KTN news anchor Ann Ngugi lands lucrative job

Ann Ngugi, a former KTN and K24 news anchor, has landed a new job with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

The news anchor has gotten the job after maintaining an almost five-year low profile where prying eyes didn’t have a clue of her whereabouts.

Joining a bunch of others

What many didn’t know is that she’s been working for a christian channel called MBCI TV which is airs on free to air platforms.

Ngugi now joins KBC’s Roncliffe Odit who just signed a deal with the international media firm, Larry Madowo who is now the BBC Africa business editor, Former KTN sports anchor Lynn Wachira and Michelle Katami.

Larry Madowo confirms he is the new Business editor at BBC News Africa!

Larry Madowo is making money moves a few weeks after resigning from NTV Kenya. The renowned journalist made his exit shortly after his disagreement with the Nation Media Group’s management and editorial leadership.

According to Larry Madowo there was lack of editorial independence at the media house and for this reason he had to find greener pastures!

Also read: Larry Madowo finally quits NTV after all the drama

Larry Madowo confirms his new role at BBC

His move however left many shocked but all in all he seems to have found a new home.

In his latest post shared on his social media pages Larry Madowo confirms that he is now working at BBC as Business Editor for Africa. He wrote saying;