Larry Madowo responds to criticism by defending Kenya flooding coverage

CNN African journalist Larry Madowo is facing criticism from some Kenyans for his coverage of the flooding situation in Kenya, which has left about 12 people dead and scores homeless.

Victims of the floods have been sharing their experiences with international media, including Larry Madowo of CNN.


Larry Madowo Makes April Fool’s Day Count With Serious Prank To Online Fans

In response to the concerns raised by Kenyans, Larry reiterated a post from 2023 on his Twitter account where he stated, “My job is to cover Africa accurately, not positively.”

In that same post from 2023, he elaborated on his vision for portraying Africa on CNN, saying, “Many people conflate two ideas about Africa because the continent has been reported on poorly in the Western press for so long. I make sure that every story I do portrays us as three-dimensional human beings.”


Larry Madowo Ignites Beef With Rutos Secretary

He emphasized that Africa is more than just disease, drought, and war, highlighting its accomplishments, art, beauty, joy, and innovation, and asserting that his reporting should reflect that.

Larry, who serves as the International Correspondent and host of African Voices Changemakers at CNN, addressed the criticism again on Thursday, April, stating, “Na nilikuwa nimewawuon!”

He has been reporting from the ground in Mabatini, Mathare, where residents informed CNN that they have not received any assistance from the government since being displaced by the floods.

In response to the struggles shared by flood-affected residents, Larry questioned, “Mnataka tu nchi ikae poa kwa wazungu, hamjali maisha ya maskini,” highlighting the disparity in attention given to the well-being of the less privileged.

The Kenya Meteorological Department has issued a heavy rainfall advisory from April 25 to 28, warning residents in affected areas to be vigilant for potential flash floods and poor visibility, as water levels are expected to remain high.

Larry Madowo Makes April Fool’s Day Count With Serious Prank To Online Fans

Kenyan journalist Larry Madowo had social media buzzing on April Fool’s Day with a playful announcement about returning to his former employer, BBC Washington.

Madowo, currently with CNN, surprised many with a tweet claiming he was back at the BBC after three years. His followers showered him with congratulations on the supposed move.

“Personal news: after 3 exhilarating years at CNN, I’m thrilled to share that I’ve returned to BBC in Washington. Thanks for the ride,”Madowo announced

Just a few hours later, Madowo revealed the truth – it was all an April Fool’s prank! He reassured fans that he’s still happily working at CNN. The photo accompanying the original announcement, showing him at a BBC studio, was actually from his previous time there.

“This was an April Fool’s joke,” Madowo clarified. “I’m still at CNN.”

He was previously a North America Correspondent for the BBC and also anchored breaking news and presented BBC World News America from Washington, DC

Larry Madowo is an epitome of zero to hero. He has worked with local stations, starting off as an intern at KTN.

After 3 years, he left KTN for NTV in October 2010. At NTV Madowo was a business news anchor, reporter, and editor. Here he launched the critically acclaimed ‘PM Live’ and hosted the weekly magazine show ‘Money Matters’.

His tremendous growth has been an inspiration to young journalists, who are hoping to follow his footsteps and take their skills to International levels.

Larry Madowo Ignites Beef With Rutos Secretary

A fiery exchange on Twitter ignited between CNN journalist Larry Madowo and President William Ruto’s press secretary, Emmanuel Talam, regarding the president’s recent attendance at the Italy-Africa Summit in Rome.

The rift stemmed from Madowo’s observation, highlighting a perceived contradiction in Ruto’s actions. He pointed out that in 2023, President Ruto advocated for the African Union (AU) to represent the continent in international discussions, arguing that African leaders should not be “summoned” by individual countries.

However, at the Italy-Africa Summit on January 29, 2024, President Ruto was among the leaders present, while his East African counterparts opted out. This seemingly contradicted his earlier stance.

Madowo took to Twitter, stating, “President William Ruto said he and other African leaders would not be summoned by 1 country. The African Union would represent them going forward. He’s standing just steps away from both the AU chair & the AU Commission chair in Italy while other East African presidents skipped.”

Talam countered Madowo’s tweet, advising him to “Create time to read the President’s speech. Basic journalism.”

Madowo’s sharp response, “You don’t have the range to lecture me about journalism,” quickly ignited a war of words online.

Adding complexity to the situation, President Ruto’s speech at the summit acknowledged his previous remarks. He noted, “I have previously noted that an invitation extended by one country to all 54 African nations did not necessarily serve Africa’s best interests. But those of us present at this conference, representing our colleagues, find it different and inspiring due to the pragmatic approach you have taken, Madam Prime Minister.”

The online debate surrounding this situation is divided. Some argue that Madowo raised a valid point about potential inconsistency in President Ruto’s approach. Others defend Ruto’s attendance, suggesting his speech addressed the earlier concerns and that his presence signifies a pragmatic willingness to engage on different platforms.

Questions Remain:

While the exchange between Madowo and Talam has captivated social media, the question of whether President Ruto’s actions align with his previous stance remains open-ended. Did his speech adequately explain his decision, or does Madowo’s observation hold merit? The public discussion, fueled by this Twitter spat, highlights the evolving nature of diplomacy and the intricate balancing act of representing both a regional bloc and individual nations.

Larry Madowo Sparks Relationship Speculation With Cryptic Post

CNN journalist Larry Madowo, famously private about his personal life, has set off a flurry of speculation with a recent social media post. Sharing a photo alongside DW journalist Edith Kimani, Madowo accompanied it with a simple caption: “If it’s not like this, I don’t want it @gathigestest.”

The image depicts the two laughing and enjoying each other’s company, fueling existing rumors of a potential relationship between them. This isn’t the first time their close friendship has sparked such speculation, as Madowo and Kimani often share glimpses of their adventures and camaraderie online.

While the caption itself offers no explicit confirmation, it leaves ample room for interpretation. The use of “it” remains ambiguous, prompting fans and followers to fill in the blanks with their own assumptions. The hashtag #gathigestest, referencing a Swahili phrase associated with enjoying moments of shared happiness, further adds to the mystery.

The post has garnered considerable attention, with fans expressing their support and delight at the possibility of a romance between the two media professionals. Many have left excited comments speculating on the nature of their connection, offering well wishes and congratulations.

It’s important to note that neither Madowo nor Kimani have directly addressed the speculation surrounding their relationship status. While their online interactions suggest a strong bond, the true nature of their connection remains unconfirmed.

Therefore, instead of drawing definitive conclusions, it’s best to appreciate the positive sentiment surrounding their friendship and the joy their shared moments bring to their audience. Perhaps, as with many aspects of Madowo’s personal life, this level of ambiguity is exactly what he intended to cultivate.

Larry Madowo Reflects on Success Amidst “Bad” KCSE Exam Result

Kenyan journalist Larry Madowo, currently a CNN Africa correspondent, offered a thought-provoking perspective on success this week. Reflecting on his recent travels to 27 countries in 2023, he contrasted his global achievements with his “bad” Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) grade of B-.

“I ‘failed’ KCSE but I did 45 foreign trips last year – 27 countries,” Madowo wrote on social media, adding that his score had even prompted calls for him to repeat Form 4. “My B- in the national exam was so bad I was getting pushed to repeat Form 4! Mtu asikupimie hewa,” he concluded, emphasizing that success cannot be solely defined by standardized test scores.

Madowo’s statement resonates with many who recognize the limitations of exams in capturing individual potential. It encourages a broader view of success, acknowledging how passion, drive, and perseverance can pave paths to achievements that extend beyond academic metrics.

While Madowo’s remarks came as Kenya announced its 2023 KCSE results, his personal narrative serves as a reminder that exam scores aren’t the only indicator of future success. The celebration of gender parity in this year’s exams further highlights the importance of inclusivity and diverse avenues for achievement.

Larry Madowo Embraces Cultural Cuisine Through Boiled Snails In Morocco

CNN Africa correspondent Larry Madowo’s journey as a foodie took him to the streets of Morocco recently, where he embarked on a culinary adventure: trying boiled snails. The experience showcased his open-mindedness and willingness to explore diverse traditions.

In a video shared on social media, Madowo skillfully navigates the delicacy, extracting the meat from the shells with a toothpick and offering enthusiastic pronouncements about its surprisingly appealing taste. “I ate snails in Morocco,” he captioned the post, adding, “They were tastier than I expected!”

This act of embracing unfamiliar cuisine sparked conversation online, prompting discussions about cultural norms and culinary perspectives. Responding to comments and questions, Madowo reiterated his adventurous spirit and encouraged others to consider broadening their taste horizons. “There’s nothing I won’t eat,” he declared. “Would you try some boiled snails? Snails are a delicacy in many parts of Africa. Don’t sleep on them.”

This isn’t the first time Madowo has challenged perceptions about cultural foods. In 2019, he embarked on a similar experiment, sampling roasted mice in Malawi. His video demystified the taboo surrounding this protein source for some cultures, noting its familiar taste compared to chicken. “I ate a mouse for the first time, and it was, well, amazing!” he shared, encouraging an open-minded approach to unfamiliar culinary experiences.

Madowo’s approach highlights the diversity and richness of culinary traditions across the globe. He encourages not only trying new flavors but also respecting cultural perspectives and traditions surrounding food.

Larry Madowo Narrowly Escapes Shooting In Florida

CNN newscaster Larry Madowo was almost caught up in a shooting incident in Florida on Monday.

The shooting took place along the Hollywood Sidewalk, where nine people were shot.

Police have launched a manhunt for three suspects they believe could be behind the attack.

Madowo was at a restaurant on the Hollywood Oceanfront Broadwalk when the shooting happened. He took to Twitter to share his experience, saying that he and his companions could have easily been caught in the crossfire if they had not been so hungry and picked the first restaurant they saw.

“We were at a restaurant on the Hollywood Oceanfront Broadwalk in Florida when a shooting happened down the street,” Madowo tweeted. “I took this picture as we ate. We could have easily been part of US gun violence statistics if we weren’t so hungry & picked the 1st spot.”

The shooting occurred on Memorial Day, a day when many people are out and about enjoying the holiday. The shooting is a reminder of the gun violence that plagues the United States.

In a statement, the Hollywood Police Department said that the shooting was “an isolated incident” and that there is no threat to the public.

The police department is asking anyone with information about the shooting to come forward.

The shooting is a tragedy, and our thoughts are with the victims and their families. We hope that the police are able to apprehend the suspects and bring them to justice.

CNN celebrates Dennis Ombachi

Through their local point man, Larry Madowo, CNN has shone the spotlight on former national 7s rugby player Dennis Ombachi better known as the Roaming Chef and we love to see it.

The former player has become a social media star after hanging his boots and starting to create content teaching people how to prepare delicacies international audiences consider Africa (ethnic) and we Kenyans consider our kienyeji food.

Don’t get it twisted though, Dennis Ombachi can throw down even for foods from other cultures… It’s tough writing about cooking as you can doubtless tell but I gave it my best shot. Anyway, here is the interview CNN carried out:

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Larry Madowo Risks Losing Verified Twitter Account After Refusing To Pay $8

After Elon Musk’s twitter takeover, there’s been numerous changes to the app. To begin with, Elon has dealt with pseudo accounts quite well.

But there are always pros & cons that come with change. Through Twitter Blue, participating organizations will need to pay a $1,000 a month subscription fee, and individual users will have to pay $8 a month to maintain their verified status. Users who are part of paying organizations can also be verified by being associated with them.

That being said, celebrated news reporter Larry Madowo is not going with the flow. The talented anchor now claims he’s ready to risk losing his verified twitter account with over 2.4 million followers since he’s not willing to pay the amount.

”I have no plans to pay for Twitter Blue at this time and neither does CNN. Twitter says my blue checkmark will soon disappear – after 12 years of being verified. Anyone will be able to create an account in my name and get it verified for $8. What could possibly go wrong?”

And it’s evident that most verified people on twitter won’t be able to uphold their blue ticks as they’re not in agreement with Elon Musk

Kenyans tease Larry Madowo about his interview with Davido

Larry Madowo finally got the chance to interview the video after a rather humorous failed attempt a couple of years ago while he was still in the employ of Nation Media Group.

Gay Or Nay? Larry Madowo Should Admit He’s In Love With Edith Kimani

During that interview, the video was aloof, and distracted and he even cut the interview short and walked off the set.

Larry Madowo anchors 9PM news at NTV in shorts

This is something that irked Larry Madowo who vowed never to interview him again and even went as far as to ban him from being interviewed on NTV.

But all that seems to be water under the bridge after he moved to the international media company CNN and he got the chance to interview Davido once again.

‘My Darling’- Edith Kimani Celebrates Larry Madowo On His Birthday

This time things have gone a lot better as the artist has matured and Larry Madowo is now with a bigger media entity. But his fans on social media refused to let him live it down and what easing him about how this time was different.

All in all it was in good fun as the journalists and artist seem to have struck up chemistry and had a good old time.


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Larry Madowo Should Stop Embracing Single Life & Get A Partner

Celebrated TV Journalist Larry Madowo has for a long time been rumored to be gay for the fact that he’s not married at his age. Traditionally, at 35, a man should have a wife; if not children. Despite being one of the most successful Kenyan journalists, Larry Madowo still remains single.

The only time that we thought he was falling in love is during his mesmerizing moments with Edith Kimani. The two could hang out together; getting all cosy and even share suggestive captions.

Both of them left fans questioning their ‘friendship’ thanks to their latest photos shared online where they appeared all lovey dovy.

Well, the photos shared by Edith come as a big surprise to their fans; especially with how secretive the two have always been when it comes down to their personal lives. However, Edith through her Instagram page shared a few steamy photos to which she captioned;

???????????????????????? My sweet @larrymadowo”

Let’s not forget her caption on Larry’s 35th birthday; where she poured her heart out at him.

Edith and Larry Madowo

Eligible bachelor?

Even though Larry doesn’t seem to fancy marriage, it’s high time he re-considers the same. He once tweeted;

”Apparently marriage is the ultimate achievement & is supposed to tie you down. What utter nonsense!”
We understand he wanted to be a priest before his flourishing media career. But in the grand scheme of things, time is running out for Larry and he should make haste in getting a wife- if not kids.

Larry Madowo Mourns His Grandmother In Emotional Post

Celebrated media personality Larry Madowo is in grief after losing his grandmother. The CNN international correspondent and presenter had previously shared that his 96 year old grandmother was seriously ill.

Larry Madowo-Google

He added that one of his uncles succumbed to COVID-19.

“I had just finished filming at a crammed ICU treating critical Covid-19 patients in Uganda’s capital of Kampala last month when I learnedthat my uncle Justus had himself died of the virus across the border in Kenya. I was heartbroken and angry.

Larry’s grandmother had been on a ventilator for over four weeks.

In a story the journalist penned on Wednesday, July 21, Madowo noted that his heart sinks every time he gets a call from a relative saying that he usually anticipates bad news.
”Every time I see a call from home, my heart sinks. I always fear that they’re ringing to say that my grandmother has died. She has been on a ventilator for four weeks and my anxiety is near breaking point. ”

Larry Madowo Mourns

He has now shared the sorrowful news on his social media;

My grandmother, the family matriarch, our heartbeat, my comedy partner, the dearly loved Francesca Madowo has joined the ancestors.

I am numb. My heart has been ripped from my chest. Light has gone out of my life. Nind gi kwe, min Omollo”

His grandmother’s death comes just weeks after Larry received promotion to his new workplace CNN; as an international correspondent. This was just among his tremendous achievements this year.
May his grandmother rest in eternal peace.


Larry Madowo Promoted By CNN To International Correspondent

Kenyan journalist Larry Madowo has bagged yet another major promotion at CNN. The celebrated journalist has been elevated from CNN’s Nairobi-based correspondent to the network’s international correspondent; barely two months after he joined CNN.

Trusting The Process

He expressed his joy on his social media as he updated from Nairobi-based correspondent to international correspondent.

Before joining CNN, he served as BBC’s North America Correspondent in Washington. Where he covered some of the biggest world stories on the big screen.

Madowo left BBC to take up a new position with CNN as the network’s Nairobi-based correspondent. While exiting BBC, Madowo admitted he enjoyed reporting from the U.S. and around the world but noted it would be a real privilege to return to covering Africa.

Larry’s tremendous journey in the media has been one of the most successful ones; which has made more people to admire his gradual progress.

Madowo started his journalism career at Kenya Television Network (KTN) at the age of 20. He has been exceptional but the last three years of his journey has been outstanding.

Most people are now inquisitive about Larry’s secret and how he manages to soar every time.

Below are some of the reactions from Kenyans on Twitter;

Larry Madowo Lands Lucrative Job With CNN As Nairobi-Based Correspondent

Kenyan journalist Larry Madowo is winning big! The celebrated media personality was previously hired by BBC as a North American correspondent. This time, Cable News Network (CNN) have poached him as a Nairobi-based correspondent.

Having worked previously for several Tv stations including NTV, Madowo has had a vast experience in the media industry. Being hired by CNN is a dream come true for him.


“I have long admired CNN International’s award-winning coverage, and I’m honoured to be joining such a talented team. I look forward to sharing the full spectrum of life in one of the most dynamic parts of the world with CNN’s global audiences”

The announcement was made by CNN’s vice president of News Gathering and Managing Editor for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Deborah Rayner, in a press release today.

The vice president praised Larry for his impeccable prowess in diversifying his journalistic skills.

“Larry is an experienced journalist whose expertise across politics, business, entertainment and hard news stories will play into our diverse coverage of East Africa and beyond”

Madowo started out his career at the tender age of 20; where he worked for local TV stations and moved to host popular shows like ‘The Trend’.

Larry is currently setting the pace for Kenyan journalists with his great achievements. All the best to him!

4 Kenyan journalists caught on camera wearing shorts or sweat pants during live broadcast

Not once, not twice have journalists been spotted on camera sharply dressed in suits, only for the cameras to give the wide view and everything goes bazaar.

So what happens, is, the news anchor in question, has their formal shirt and tie in place, complete with a coat, only for it to turn out that the guy is either having some funny color of shorts on the bottom or some loose sweatpants.

1. Larry Madowo

During his time at NTV, back in 2016, Larry pulled a first one after appearing during 9pm news bulletin in a half-suit and red shorts during a live in Mombasa. He paired the attire with some sandals.

Larry Madowo anchors 9PM news at NTV in shorts

The guy is fond of the habit, just the other day, while broadcasting for BBC News right from the comfort of his home, the kid had a formal shirt and a coat on but below put on some grey shorts. Hilariously captioning: “When you’re going live on TV from home but might hit the pool after”.

Larry Madowo goes Live on air in shorts

2. Salim Swaleh

The NTV’s senior journalist’s case is something that went viral, anchoring 7pm news bulletin from his home’s sofa but when you just thought he had taken it so seriously, the guy later appeared on full screen with only a pair of shorts on his bottom.

Salim Swaleh working from home

3. Willis Raburu

Raburu’s case is just an exceptional one. The guy more often than not prefers his sweat pants to any formal trousers, but he can keep up with the formal shirt, coat and tie. Not once, has the guy been spotted wearing sweatpants during a live broadcast.

Willis Raburu wears sweatpants to work

4. Mark Masai

The popular NTV journalist was recently anchoring the 1pm news bulletin from home, but opted to ditch the formalities for a more casual home-like look. With his white shirt, tie and waistcoat on, the guy had grey sweatpants on his bottom paired with red slippers.

Larry Madowo lands plum role at BBC

Larry Madowo just clinched a plum role with International broadcaster BBC World News following recent developments.

Days after interviewing American business magnate, Bill Gates and barely weeks after bagging the prestigious 2020 Philip Greer Award, Madowo’s basket continues to bring him nothing but life’s richness.

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Madowo anchors on BBC World News

This is after his recent announcement to fans, narrating how he was brought up in a family that could not afford just a TV. But today, he stands to anchor news to a global mass courtesy of his new role at BBC World News.

Larry Madowo takes up news anchor job at BBC World News

Also read: “It was all hard work!” Larry Madowo reveals after clinching prestigious International Award

He recalled having been forced to fly back from Atlanta where he was set to edit a story he had just shot. And straight into BBC News, Washington DC studios after the news cycle there got crazy.

According to him, anyone with the lame excuse that “dreams don’t come true,” is basically being that – lame.

Still trying to come to terms that he got to anchor a BBC World newscast watched in every corner of the planet, right from Washington DC. What more could he have asked for?

Larry Madowo goes Live on air in shorts

Fellow seasoned Kenyan journalists, his colleagues, friends and fans urged him on and further as he explored new scenes, crossed boundaries and let his star keep shining.

Congratulations to him!

6 celebrity media couples who parted ways in sad goodbyes

The media industry has housed multiple outstanding personalities over time, some who had to make exits we never saw coming, others whose chemistry lured fans to tune in to this station or that channel only for the end to come too soon.

Be it on TV, be it on radio, Kenyans have had to witness some of the most unpleasant goodbyes among media couples, leaving wounds that might never get healed unless these duos make major comebacks. Let’s start off:

1. Janet Mbugua and Hussein Mohamed

The former Citizen TV’s Monday Special duo split in 2015 while at the Royal Media studios as Janet left for maternity leave but never came back, leaving behind Hussein Mohamed to co-anchor with Jacque Maribe before the two later made their exit as well.

Janet Mbugua and Hussein Mohamed

2. Lulu Hassan and Kanze Dena

The tale of Lulu and Kanze is one of best friends who we never ever thought would part until the latter landed a lucrative State House job in 2018 where she has been working since. Meanwhile, Lulu was paired with her beloved, Rashid Abdalla.

Kanze Dena and Lulu Hassan

3. Kalekye Mumo and Shaffie Weru

Kalekye and Shaffie was one of the most popular and favorite radio duo Kenya has ever heard, with personalities perfectly complementing each other but unfortunately, the Kamba doll had to leave in 2016 as Shaffie paired with Adelle Onyango.

Shaffie Weru and Kalekye Mumo

4. Victoria Rubadiri and Larry Madowo

A speculated screen chemistry many hoped would blossom into a love story without an ending, only for Larry to soon after leave NTV for BBC in 2018, where he has since been making major moves.

Victoria Rubadiri and Larry Madowo

5. Olive Burrows and Dennis Okari

Olive Kalekye Burrows was one lady who stirred lots of controversy after an alleged screen chemistry with Dennis Okari just after his marriage with Betty Kyallo had started becoming wobbly, before the two were eventually separated on air.

Dennis Okari and Olive Burrows

6. Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro

The unfortunate story of Kamene and Kibe is one that probably still hurts, a match so perfect but it had to be done in June 2020 after Kibe handed in his resignation, thereafter getting replaced by Jalang’o.

Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro

“From interviewing Junet Mohammed and Sonko,” Netizens react as Larry Madowo interviews World’s billionaire, Bill Gates

Larry Madowo is undeniably one of the most accomplished journalists Kenya has had in recent times, moving from a local news anchor to sitting one of the most famous and wealthiest individuals the world has today.

His recent announcement shook the Internet after revealing he would be interviewing American business magnate, Bill Gates all day today across the BBC, on TV and radio and anyone across the world regardless of where they are would be able to have access to it.

Larry Madowo interviews Worlds business magnate, Bill Gates

With the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions globally, Larry who would be situated in Washington, DC, would have the online interview with the Microsoft co-founder who is in Seattle, as they discuss issues around the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Larry Madowo’s journey

The former NTV journalist’s big break came when he joined BBC in April 2018, from his role as prime time news anchor and talk show host at NTV.

Former NTV’s The Trend show host, Larry Madowo

The kid was initially the business editor in the BBC Kenya bureau before taking up a position as BBC’s Africa Business Editor. A role he doubled alongside his Knight-Bagehot Fellowship at Columbia University in New York which he completed in 2019.

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He then resigned as BBC’s Africa Business Editor to take up new role as United States (US) correspondent for the broadcaster.

BBC’s Larry Madowo

Larry stands as an award-winning BBC correspondent, anchor, writer and speaker having been named a Young Global Leader in 2020 by the World Economic Forum for his contributions to Journalism.

His new post however sparked mixed feelings among his online fans, some heavily criticizing, others merely making a joke out of it.

addisilvaevanx Larry how does it feel to be God’s favorite


kebengwa Juzi juiz tu ulikua unahoji timmy tdat ona mpango ya Mungu


alfabraxton Uliza huyo gathee ka anaeza “TUMA KITU”


brian_aseli Wewe si mwenzetu????????????????????


macksjuma Go Larry I am just proud of you. But then muulize alifanyaje mpaka akaomoka ????


elaijahgichuru Worlds second wealthiest man????


mikenjihia23 No limit bro, proud of you


fabfabulous999 Wow. Big man bazu!

Larry Madowo seriously warned after angry BBC rant 

Larry Madowo is one Kenyan journalist who has scaled the heights to bag International recognition, recently making his return to BBC from his studies engagement.

Tuesday, July 28, Larry bid the Kenyan motherland goodbye as he returned to reporting following his 1-year career break, but now as a US correspondent covering the Covid-19 pandemic in America.

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Larry Madowo back from his sabbatical leave

News that was welcomed with a fair share of warmth and coldness but either way, he remained grateful that he had made it this far.

Also read: ¨It was all hard work!¨ Larry Madowo reveals after clinching prestigious International Award

At first, he was shocked how the BBC would get an African to cover the American election but he tried his luck now that the offer was already on the table.

Seasoned Kenyan journalist, Larry Madowo

Days, weeks went by until recently when he confessed that BBC had erected barriers to prevent him from using some commonly offensive racist words in his news reports, to refer to someone who had publicly and unapologetically use the same word.

The BBC didn’t allow me, an actual black man, to use the N-word in an article when quoting an African American who used it.

BBC journalist, Larry Madowo

This was after the BBC boss, Tony Hall recently apologized for a news report from their end containing racial slur that was broadcast and ended up offensive.

Larry had one question:

… a white person was allowed to say it ON TV because it was ‘editorially justified’..[why?]

You already know where I am headed, Kenyans did not spare him wisdom and their timeless advise.

But either way, the bottom line was that the derogatory word should never be used by anyone regardless, in the first place.

KOT to Larry Madowo: U moved to the UK and now you are so full of yourself yet this is where you came from

Renowned Kenyan journalist, Larry Madowo gets shot at by Kenyans after sharing a snapshot of Nairobi´s flooded roads with sarcastic replies.

Up on his Twitter account, the BBC journalist shares:


However, to his surprise, Kenyans ignore him, tell him off, sarcastically reply and even drag him into Kenya´s problems.

Take a look:

Larry Madowo smitten as he is set to join prestigious Columbia Journalism School

Former NTV Journalist, Larry Madowo is lost of words.

This is after receiving news of his admission into the lucrative Columbia Journalism School.

Just yesterday, Columbia unveils the 2019-2020 Knight-Bagehot Fellows and Larry Madowo is among the chosen few.

Only 10 fellows from across the world were picked for this fellowship, which tells us how competitive the position is.

The fellowship is based in the field of Business and Economics and is based in New York City.

Nikkei, Columbia Journalism School

Currently in its 44th Year, the fellowship is the largest and most rigorous mid-career journalism program, globally.

Additionally, only the top brass in the media industry get to secure a place for the program, having 400 beneficiaries so far.

The posts

The 31 year old is till smitten by the news on his twitter account:

According to the professor of professional practice and director of the program, Raju Narisetti:

These fellows reflect what was one of the most globally competitive and diverse applicant pools the Bagehot program has seen in its 44 years.


When they graduate in 2020 with a much deeper understanding of business, economics, technology and public policy;

They will join 400 other Knight Bagehot alums living up to the mission.

This is in providing better context and understanding to their audiences globally.

Program benefits

The Columbia-based fellowship tags along a couple of benefits for the fellows admitted.

First, Columbia University fully caters for each fellow´s tuition.

Secondly, the fellows will receive $6 million for the 9 months they will be on board.

Coming down to $60,000 monthly.

Thirdly, the fellows get the privilege to be a part of special seminars at the Journalism school, led by top experts.

Seasoned journalists, media business executives and a broad range of tech, finance and economics experts will be in attendance.

The fellowship program begins in August 2019.


Larry Madowo is a force to reckon with having well established his name in the media industry, hopping from one media to another.

Larry Madowo has for the longest time in his career, served as an NTV news anchor and hosting popular shows like ´The Trend´.

Soon after he announcing his exit, fans have been left out to dry and the show has never been the same again.

However, Kenya wished him well as he joined the British, BBC Africa as a Business Editor and since then, has never looked back.

According to the Columbia University website, Larry sets up and leads a unit of nearly 30 journalists spread across Africa and London.

He covers Africa´s business, tech and innovation in English, French and Swahili.

Madowo is also a contributing columnist for ´The Washington Post´ and also a writer for and Forbes Africa.

´New African Magazine´, acknowledges Larry as one of the 100 most influential Africans as of 2018.

We wish our renowned Kenyan, BBC journalist, nothing but a fruitful course.

Cheers Larry!

Larry Madowo weds Victoria Rubadiri in low-key ceremony (Photos)

BBC Business Editor Larry Madowo quit the bachelors’ club on Sunday after tying the knot with Citizen TV news anchor Victoria Rubadiri.

Larry Madowo and Victoria Rubadiri

The two lovebirds, who have been dating three years, sealed their union in an exclusive wedding ceremony at the Marula Manor in Karen, Nairobi.

According to our source, the wedding had 100 guests, most of whom were family members, close friends and colleagues.

They were required to leave their phones at the main entrance and sign a confidentiality agreement.

This was done to ensure that no photo was leaked to the media.

The newlyweds will fly out to Italy on Wednesday for their pre-honeymoon before proceeding to France where they will spend two weeks.

Larry Madowo and Victoria Rubadiri

News of their nuptials caught many people by surprise since we had all assumed that the Madowo and Rubadiri only had on-screen chemistry.

As it turns out, there’s more than meets the eye! The two have dated for three years or so and managed to keep their relationship under wraps.

We wish them all the best as they begin a new journey as a couple.

To add to that, this a polite reminder that today is April Fool’s Day. If I were you I would not take any of this seriously.

Con man Wilkins Fadhili, his ex Ruth Ambogo, Steve Mbogo named among most influential young Kenyans

The 2018 list of most influential Kenyans has finally been released and not many Kenyans are agreeing with it.

The list, which has been done by local company Avance Media Africa, has different personalities in the list ranging from bloggers, comedians to musicians aged from between 15-40 years.

Controversial names

Surprisingly, Wilkins Fadhili, his allegedly ex-lover Ruth Ambogo and controversial politician Steve Mbogo are in the list. The three have been in all kind of controversies in the recent past few days which have tarnished their names. Famous personalities such as Larry Madowo, Njugush, Amina Abdi and Betty Kyalo appear on the influential list.

KOT have heavily criticized the list wondering who comes up with such lists majorly because of Wilkins Fadhili who was recently exposed as a fraud.

Here’s the full list.


Larry Madowo mourns the death of his friend James Odu who was killed by Dusit assailants hours after tweeting about his situation

James Odu was among many people who were trapped in DusitD2 hotel when assailants stormed into the facility and unleashed horror.

Odu took to Twitter to announce that he had been trapped inside the DusitD2 complex, he sought to find out from the outside world what was happening.


Odu never made it out alive, he was among people who were killed by the gunmen who fired indiscriminately at anyone they saw.

BBC journalist Larry Madowo took to social media to mourn Odu’s death, he reveals that his friend was killed on the eve of his birthday.

“My friend from university was killed on the eve of his birthday. This was his last tweet. He was one of the nicest, happiest people I’ve ever met. Rest well, Odu, nind maber. The world is better because you lived ?,” wrote Larry Madowo.



Celebrated Kenyan journalists Larry Madowo, Julie Gichuru, James Smart turn up heat on New York Times 

New York Times’ publication of gory photo of dead people who were killed at the DusitD2 Hotel has provoked a salvo of accusations.

Janet Mbugua was first to fire at incoming New York Times bureau chief for East Africa Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura who was doing very little to calm tensions.

Also read: Janet Mbugua TOTALLY loses her cool…savagely fires at incoming New York Times bureau chief for East Africa

United front

More Kenyan journalists have come out to condemn New York Times, they are yet to pull down the photo which sparked fury from Kenyans.

Larry Madowo, Julie Gichuru, James Smart all took to Twitter to voice their frustrations with New York Times’ defiance and sheer ignorance.






Fate brings them back together! Ciru Muriuki reunites with Larry Madowo at BBC (Photos)

TV host Ciru Muriuki announced her decision to quit K24 on 1st August 2018. She used to host K24 Alfajiri together with Jeff Mote and Serah Teshna.

Ciru and Jeff Mote quit NTV’s the Trend on November 2017 to join K24. The two left NTV just after Trend’s former main host Larry Madowo called it quits.

“I’m about to wrap up my final time co-hosting K24 Alfajiri. I am so honored to have worked on such a great show with such a great team! @iamjeffmote and @serahteshna keep killing this morning TV game! I’m super excited about the next phase of my career. Dreams do come true. ????? #k24alfajiri,” wrote Ciru Muriuki.


Ciru has since joined BBC, the same media house where her BFF Larry Madowo works. Larry holds a senior post at BBC, he is the head of BBC Africa Business desk.

 Ciru Muriuki at BBC
 Ciru Muriuki at BBC

Ciru has also reunited with former colleague at K24 Ian Wafula who also recently joined BBC after Larry Madowo challenged him to seek greener pastures.