Lexxy Yung In Tears As He Narrates Ordeal That Led To Unborn Baby’s Untimely Demise

Singer Lexxy Yung is having the most challenging time of his life after the loss of his unborn baby. The Sailors Gang member was in tears as he narrated the scary ordeal that his lover underwent while they were in hospital. He is now seeking justice for his baby.

Last week, his lover, known by her Instagram name ‘Sexxy wa Lexxy’ was in labour and supposed to give birth; when one of the nurses mis-calculated her move and ended up piercing the unborn baby too.

”So me and my wife have been so excited and happy and prepared for our 1st child. And that day came on 4th of June. And night ndio tulipata our labor pain na tukaenda hosi at limuru nursing hospital, popularly known as Patel… My wife was admitted and l was told to go home l come the next day…

So next day nikakam happy prepared and all but I was awaited by bad news wasee ..A nurse alipashua maji ya wife which am not sure inafaa kupashuliwa and in that event akadunga mtoi and my baby boy who has been health anacheza nikimuita wa taken away ivo Tu …..
Nothing can bring him back. ata pesa ngapi Bana but this was Not God will, but someone kiherehere nakufanya kazi bila kuwa na umakini na bila knowledge ya daktari…I will seek justice for my baby boy coz haikufaa ivo ni Mtu alimuua”

This is indeed a huge loss for such a young and lovely couple; let’s put them in our prayers.


‘F*k All LGBTQI Community!’ Lexxy Yung Disses Gayism, Terms It As Inappropriate And Evil

Gayism has now been one of the most debatable topics, on whether it’s ethical or not. While some tend to focus on happiness without minding the gender, some think that it’s Godly to adhere to the gender rules; man to woman and woman to man.

Some Most celebrities have had their say, with some like King Kalala, saying they don’t care about what goes on in anyone’s bedroom. It’s just somebody’s choice to make.

On the other hand, some think that gayism is evil and inappropriate; like Sailors Gang member Lexxy Yung. The young singer has shunned the LGBTQI community on his Instagram saying;

…If God/Allah want us all gays he would have given kila Mtu a d**k ama lesbian angetuwai kila mtu Pu**y but wapi..

He give us beautiful features zenye zinafaa kuingiana proper si ii mambo yenu ya ushetani… Aty love…mbona hakucreatiwa Adam mwingine…I hate all LGBTQI and l wish tunaweza wachoma in public like mwizi venye ufanywa.”

Even though Lexxy has a point, it’s clear that more and more people are focusing on their happiness; rather than doing the basic opposite gender dating. What’s your take on the LGBTQI community?

”Mulamwah Kaa Rada” Lexxy Yung Flaunts His Newly Bought Motorcycles, Says He’s Aiming For Ten

Ex-Sailors gang member Lexxy Yung is venturing into business in style. The gospel artist’s business idea seems to have come from comedian Mulamwah; who is doing well in the ‘nduthi’ business. He owns 10 motorcycles and disclosed that they give him Ksh 72,000 every month. One of his motorcycles was however stolen but he replaced it shortly after.

With such good returns, this is actually one of the best investments. It’s important to note how most celebrities are venturing into business for extra income; including Sauti Sol, who have their own brand of headphones (PaceSol). This is definitely something to emulate.

Lexxy Yung-IG

Motorcycle Business

Showing off his two motorcycles, Lexxy says that he’s aiming at buying 10, just like Mulamwah.

”Saa nafikiria nijiite peddi wa manduthi …Just bought my first two bikes ni kumbaya @mulamwah kaa rada nadai Kumi pia…”

Comedian Kendrick Mulamwah encouraged him saying;

”Nakuonaaaaaa ???????????????????? fika kumi sasa”

Lexxy’s plan of ‘Omoa vijana’, which is aimed at giving the youth a better living, seems to be picking progressively.

Let’s hope he’ll get the 10 soon and employ more young people into the business. Watch his video below flaunting the two motorcycles;

Young love: Sailors Gang Ex-Member Lexxy Yung unveils romantic bedroom video with girlfriend

Young love is the most beautiful thing that could happen to any youth. It feels like swimming in the deep ocean without the heavy waves; and I guess this is what Lexxy Yung and girlfriend are currently experiencing.

Earkier today the former Sailors gang member unveiled a never seen before video showing some romantic moments with his current girlfriend. On the video the young girl is seen kissing her man’s chest; making fans jealous of how romantic their relationship is.

Lexxy Yung

Although the love is still young and blooming – fans in the comment section could not help but hate; while others applauded him for finding a woman who enjoys his music and company.

Weed head?

The post comes weeks after the sailors gang ex member came out to ask fans on tips that would help him quit smoking Marijuana. Through his social media pages – Lexxy went on to write;

Singer Lexxy Yung

  The struggle is real,, anyone with any advice on how to cure craving za mafegi na magwai

Well, not quite sure where he got the help he needed since the video he keeps uploading say otherwise; but hey, who are we to judge?

Lexxy Yung’s girlfriend

Watch the romantic video below courtesy of the former Gengetone artist.

I Used To Be Among The Last Students In Class- Lexxy Yung

After quitting the secular music industry, Lexxy Yung has sent a message of encouragement to his fellow youths and fans who feel like giving up. Lexxy quit secular music about a month ago. After posting a throwback photo of himself, the gospel singer wrote,

” This night l wanna encourage anybody mwenye ujiona hawezi make, ama si good enough for something.l used to be there pia ,Nilijulia kusome class 5 man, Was always among wa mwisho watatu, Yaani what am trying to say ni aty unono,Ukonde,uwe na pesa, ukose, uwe mweusi ama mweupe..

People will never see you for who you are ni wewe tu unaweza jitambua and make a step to your full purpose through Your God….Kuweni na usiku mwema As you make a step to you brighter days….”

Lexxy released his first gospel song featuring Sailors and Mr. Seed. Even though it seemed weird for other Sailors Gang members to do gospel, the song was a success. Since it’s release three weeks ago, it has been viewed over half a million times on YouTube.

The singer rose to fame in 2018 with the popular and controversial hit ‘Wamlambez’. The song created a new sound that most people thought would be Kenya’s identity beat.

With his words of encouragement, Lexxy is already spreading the gospel. The decision to quit secular doesn’t seem like a bad one after all.

Ex Sailors Gang’s Lexxy Yung Set To Drop His First Gospel Song After Quitting Group

After posting on Instagram days ago about his decision to quit Gengetone music, Alexander Ikuro Wanjiku, popularly known as Lexxy Yung has immediately started off his Gospel music career. The young lad’s decision to quit Gengetone was accompanied by apologies to their former Manager Mwalimu Rachel. In a video, Lexxy Yung seems to be quite emotional as he reveals that mis-understandings normally occur, even in families.

Nilikua jela,' Sailors member Lexxy Yung apologizes to his mom

A disagreement between Rachel and the group over their release went public. The group explained that the relationship was no longer working.

Media personality Mwalimu Rachel used to manage Sailors Gang through her company MRX Media.

The group would later part ways with Mwalimu Rachel, who wished them all the best.

On an Instagram post, Lexxy shared a short video to hint the release of his new Gospel song.

”My 1st song dropping this Friday kaa rada apa YouTube.”

Meru MCA blocks Sailor Gang from leaving demands to party with them

Lexxy has also tagged and thanked his former group members for the support that they have given him as he proceeds to his Gospel music career.

”Thanks for all your support bana…”

It’s hard to believe that Lexxy Yung actually left the group. We’re eagerly waiting to see if Sailors will come up with a good replacement for their former member. I’m eagerly waiting for the release of Lexxy’s first song. It will probably be his breakthrough in Gospel music.


“Mnataka meli na mnaishi kwa vumbi?” Krg The Don fires shots at Sailors Gang after they mentioned him in their new jam (Video)

Kenyan dancehall sensation Kimani Karuga, better known as Krg The Don, has renewed his fight with Sailors Gang, which is made up of Miracle Baby, Qoqosjuma, Masilver, Shalkido and Lexxy Yung.

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Krg was not too pleased that the Wamlambez hitmakers had mentioned him in their latest track dubbed Chepukati which features Majirani and was released earlier today.

Sailors Gang
Sailors Gang

In one of the verses, Lexxy Yung says, “Krg uliskia wapi dinga, tunadai ship hamna mzinga.” This was in response to an earlier interview that the dancehall star did where he revealed that Sailors Gang really disturbed him when they were recording their collabo titled Nyandus.

A frustrated Krg further stated that he prefers working with Boondocks Gang to Sailors because the latter have a bad attitude and it would take them 5 years to own a car.

Krg The Don

“They disturbed me. We did not even manage to shoot the video. All of them are dunderheads except Miracle Baby and  Qoqosjuma. Take it from me, you will not go anywhere. Actually, for you guys to own a car, it take you like five years of your career. I have said it,” Krg explained.

As such, it’s understandable why their decision to mention him in their song did not sit well with him. In an exclusive video that was seen by Ghafla, Krg told off Sailors and told them to respect their elders if they want to make it big.

“Ukitaka kuomoka, piga kazi na uheshimu maboss. Nilsikia kwa hiyo wimbo yenyu mpya mlisema mnataka meli, meli gani na mnaishi kwa vumbi? Mtaendesha meli kwa vumbi?” Krg posed.

Watch the video below.


Boondocks Gang drops new hit titled ‘Kawazim’ alongside Sailors and Magix Enga (Video)

One of the collabos that many people, including yours truly, have really been looking forward to since the Gengetone sound emerged is between Sailors Gang and Boondocks Gang.

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We’ve longed for the day when the two groups which have been instrumental in pushing the new Kenyan sound will come together on one song and after what seemed like a never-ending wait, that that day is finally here.

Sailors Gang

A few days ago, Boondocks Gang released a track dubbed Kawazim in which they have featured Sailors Gang and the award-winning producer Magix Enga and it’s getting a lot of love from their fans.

This jam is impeccable. As you listen to it, you get to appreciate the sheer creativity of these youngsters as well as the evolution of the Kenyan sound.

Although all the artists on this jam had some dope verses, if I was asked to pick one who I think really aced it then I’d go for Magix Enga. He has a good flow s much so that I kept rewinding his part.

Boondocks Gang
Boondocks Gang

Other than him, I was also impressed by Miracle Baby and of course Odi Wa Murang’a. I am not saying the rest were whack, it’s just that I resonated with the three aforementioned artists.

The beat on this jam is also infectious. Anyway, I was not expecting anything less seeing as it was produced by Magix Enga himself. Believe you me, you can’t resist the urge to dance as you listen to track.

Listen to Kawazim below and tell us what you think.

Sailors Gang release highly-anticipated collabo with Nadia Mukami titled ‘Ni Tekenye’ (Video)

The much-anticipated collabo between Sailors Gang and sensational songstress Nadia Mukami is finally out and it is getting a lot of love from their fans.

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The jam titled Ni Tekenya has been ruling the airwaves since it was released a few days ago and by the look of things it is going to be one of the biggest songs in 2020. Do you want to bet?

Nadia Mukami
Nadia Mukami

When I first heard that Sailors Gang and Nadia Mukami were in studio, I was really pessimistic. Actually, I was a bit worried because I thought it would be risqué.

I was mostly scared for Nadia because unlike Sailors Gang, she has gained a legion of followers because of her ‘clean’ songs, the kind that you can listen to even when an elderly person is around.

When Ni Tekenye finally came out on Tuesday, I was really impressed. I love the fact that it’s not only ‘clean’ but also a love ballad of sorts. Who thought we would ever see this day?

This jam is so infectious. Once you start listening to it, you’ll keep hitting the replay button until kingdom come. All I am saying that it’s really catchy.

Sailors Gang

Sailors Gang members i.e. Miracle Baby, Shalkido, Lexxy Yung, Qoqosjuma and Masilver did a good job. They might have just proven that Gengetone is here to stay.

Other than the gibberish that Miracle Baby says in the hook, I loved Masilver’s verse in this track followed closely by that of Shalkido. But hey, who is ranking them? Not me.

As expected, Nadia Mukami really came through on this jam. She spiced it up with her beautiful voice and sexy dance moves because let’s be honest, who does not want to see the Si Rahisi hitmaker dancing by the beach?

The beat – which was produced by the legendary Vicky Pon Dis, is also on point. It puts you in a party mood from the moment you hit the play button.

The video is so dope. Apart from the beautiful shots, I was also impressed by the styling, flawless scene transitioning and of course the sexy video vixens. Props to Kevin Provoke.

Watch Ni Tekenye below and tell us what you think. Enjoy!

Sailors Gang is back with a twerk song titled ‘Wainame’ after Ezekiel Mutua banned ‘Wamlambez’ (Video)

Sailors Gang has dropped a new song exactly a week after KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua banned their hit song Wamlambez from being played in public spaces.

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The new song dubbed Wainame is all about having the time of your life when you are the club or wherever you may deem fit.

Wainame loosely translates to ‘let them bend over’. As the title suggests, this song is clarion call to well-endowed lasses to let their derrieres do the talking.

Sailors Gang
Sailors Gang

I must admit that I was really impressed by the witty rhymes and wordplay by Miracle Baby, Shalkido and Masilver. (Side note: Where the h*ck is Lexxy Yung?)

However, Miracle Baby’s verse was a cut above the rest, especially the part where he is singing in Kikuyu. I kept nodding my head although I could not understand a thing.

This jam also has some mad energy in it, even if you are in low spirits you won’t resist the urge to say, “aaaah we wainame.” Trust me!

The beat, which was produced by the one and only Magix Enga, is also on point. You’ll get instant FOMO once you play the song. But then again, maybe it’s just me.

Interestingly, Magix Enga also shot and directed the video for this song and I think he really tried. Not so bad for a first-timer.

Listen to Wainame here and tell us what you think.


‘Wamlambez Wamnyonyez’ hit makers are back with with another fire jam dubbed ‘Pekejeng’ (Video)

Maybe you are familiar with the name Sailors, maybe you are not, if you fall in the latter category then maybe its time you knew of these talanted youngins.

So, Sailors or Sailors Gang if you like is a group that is made up of Miracle Baby, Shalkido, Masilver, Lexxy Yung, Qoqosjuma.

You must be wondering who are these? Well, they are the talented artists who treated music fans to the Wamlambez Wamnyonez hit. Forget about the other one, this is the original.


Does this ring a bell? It should because the song is almost clocking 900,000 views on YouTube yet it was released two months (or so) ago.

Some may argue that the song is explicit but if you choose to focus on the creativity you’ll realize that these youngins are super-talented.

They refer to their style of music as Dabonge, which means that someone speaks and you respond i.e. when someone says wamlambez, you say wamnyonyez.

Anyway, let me stop blabbering. I just wanted to give you some background on Sailors Gang. Now that you have an idea of who they are, you’ll probabaly be pleased to know that they have a new jam.

The song dubbed Pekejeng has been getting good reviews since it was released a fortnight ago. One of the things that make this song an instant hit is the mad energy that these youngins have.

As you watch the song, you can’t help but imagine how lit their live performance would be.

They also took shots at Bon Eye for copy pasting Wamlambez Wamnyonez ouch! I can only hope that he’ll learn.

Pekejeng was directed by Kidrays Jr and produced by Kewsh Entertainment.

Sailors Gang
Sailors Gang

Watch the video here and tell us what you think.