Lil Nas X says he’s coming to Africa for the gays

Lil Nas X has just tweeted something that is sure to fan the flames of the LGBTQ debate currently raging on in Africa. He has said that he wants to know where the African gays are so that he can visit with them.

Uganda criminalizes LGBTQ

This follows Uganda’s parliament approving a rather Draconian bill called the “Anti-Homosexuality Bill” which sort to criminalize “same-sex acts and even identifying as gay, lesbian, transgender or anything not in line with being “straight”.

Lil Nas X famously came out as a gay rapper back in 2019 after he had released his breakout smash hit, Old Town Road in a tweet that read,

“some of y’all already know, some of y’all don’t care, some of y’all not gone fwm no more,” he wrote. “but before this month ends i want y’all to listen closely to c7osure.”

Daddy Owen confronts Anitah Raey in LGBTQ debate

Time will tell whether any African country will be willing to host him or whether most will see this as a furtherance of the gay agenda.

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Ben Githae outed by homosexual tik-toker as being gay

Ben Githae is not going to be a happy man after some Kenyan TikTokers just had a conversation in which they accused him of being a prominent member of the LGBTQ community.

Ben Githae: Fallen gospel star brought about his own downfall

Whether or not the allegation is unfounded remains to be revealed and though we approached him for a comment, Ben Githae is yet to give us one. We have however done our duty by giving him an opportunity to exercise his right of reply. We have since tried calling him and though he has promised to call us back, he hasn’t followed through.

Ben Githae
Ben Githae

The conversation around the LGBTQ society in Kenya has been one which has seen its flames fanned and it has now taken centre stage in Kenya with even the president, Ruto, speaking on the matter.

Ben Githae responds to claims of secret affair with Betty Bayo

The issue has divided Kenyans who are a notoriously conservative nation as some have even called for the jailing of homosexuals who are open about their orientation.


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Earlier in the year a prominent lgbtq activist was killed sparking outrage within the community as they chose to lay blame at the feet or Society in general even before they knew any details about his murder. The man in question, Edwin Chiloba, it was later revealed, was killed by his lover.

Ben Githae opens up about marital issues that almost left him depressed!

Bit it remains to be seen (or is it heard?) what Ben Githae will say in his defence and whether these utterances were the irresponsible words of people attempting to gain cheap clout.

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Kenyans CANNOT win the fight against LGBTQ

Kenyans are currently embroiled in a fight with the members of the LGBTQ community and what a fight it is. One would be forgiven for thinking the outcome of foregone conclusion given it is truly the definition of a goliath vs David situation but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

You see, the rainbow community makes up less than 1% of Kenya’s population but that does not mean that we should scoff at them because what they lack in numbers they more than make up for in terms of money. This is one marginalized group that is truly very well-funded and supported.

We were right that 2023 is the year of LGBTQ

And therein lies the crux of my argument as to why the LGBTQ community is going to eventually win out this war. We are not going to be able to fight them because of their money. It’s not even about them using said funding from western nations to sensitise Kenyans rather it is that they will simply game the system by buying the policymakers outright.

Think about it, what is one commodity that Kenya seems to have by the bucket loads if not corruption? Our leaders are the most corrupt leaders in the world. Their only concern is their stomachs and stealing enough to create generational wealth for their offspring. We too are to blame for this situation because not only do we vote in the most corrupt and morally repugnant politicians but we also share them on and celebrate them for stealing successfully.

King Kalala Is Right About Why Most Africans Don’t Resonate With LGBTQ Activists

Members of the lgbtq are aware of this fact and if they are smart (rest assured a huge chunk of them are), they will opt for this low-hanging fruit what is the desired outcome. So how we going to fight this? Keep in mind a member of the flock, Father Ambrose Kimutai of Tegat Parish, Diocese of Kericho in Bomet County has voiced his support for the Supreme Court ruling that allowed members of the LGBTQ to set up NGOs. So it’s safe to say that the wheel has begun turning and as you know our body in motion does not want to come to arrest.


That is not to say that they will use brute force to have their way, rather than finesse the system. We will experience small seemingly insignificant changes to the laws of the Land and sooner rather than later they will have recreated the status quo to one which accepts them.

LGBTQ Or Not, No Kind Of Relationship Is Safe

But even as we wrap up, I for one I’m truly curious as to why Kenyans are so hell-bent on not allowing adults to live as they see fit regardless of whether or not they choose to be LGBTQ.

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We were right that 2023 is the year of LGBTQ

When the year began there was a lot of hullabaloo surrounding the murder of a prominent LGBTQ rights activist by the name of Edwin Chiloba. But even before then there was an undercurrent of counterculture that was pushing the gay rights agenda which we picked up on.

King Kalala Is Right About Why Most Africans Don’t Resonate With LGBTQ Activists

At the time, we could already see gay rights activists teaching for more recognition and for their acceptance into the mainstream. And we even saw a few companies begin to embrace them as influences and the focal point of their new marketing push.

And while we knew 2023 was the year of LGBTQ, we had no idea just how successful that be within two short months. They have not just infiltrated mainstream conscious but have actually hijacked the very talking points and are pushing the Overton window with the Supreme Court even recently giving them a monumental win by allowing them to set up and run Ngo is meant to safeguard and champion their rights.

Riggy G’s Wife Supporting Ban On LGBTQ Is Absurd

Who would have known that within two months would have had the sitting first lady of the United States, Jill Biden visiting Kenya and giving the queer agenda a lot of spotlight? Who’d have known would have woken up to seeing catholic priests such as Reverend Father Ambrose Kimutai of Tegat Parish, Diocese of Kericho in Bomet County coming out and vociferously declaring their support?

A new day has dawned in Kenya and it seems that besides the usual political shenanigans and talking points LGBTQ rights are about to take centre stage perhaps is by design as the political elite ways to distract from their failures or perhaps the conversation has come of age and can no longer be ignored.

Why LGBTQ were absent from Edwin “Chiloba” Kiprotich’s funeral

Whatever the case may be, we were right that 2023 is the year in which Kenya is not only going to be forced to come to the table and have this conversation but will do so under the scrutiny of all its Western allies whether merited and welcome or not.

And I have to say that I am dying to hear what President Ruto is going to say about this issue especially given that he marketed himself as the conservative Christian candidate in the just-concluded general elections. Because make no mistake about it Kenyans are watching and more specifically, the church is flock at watching with bated breath.

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Why LGBTQ were absent from Edwin “Chiloba” Kiprotich’s funeral

The big question on everyone’s lips is why I want the LGBTQ present in a big way at Edwin “Chiloba” Kiprotich’s funeral? And that is such a huge question that they are pretending they can ignore.

How Edwin Chiloba Met His ‘White’ Adoptive Parents

I want you to think back to a couple of weeks ago when everyone thought that his mother was a case of homophobia and even the American government had offered to help investigate the matter. There was a lot of manufactured outrage and fabricated indignation.

The late Chiloba with Jackton Odhiambo’s girlfriend and newborn

Your usual LGBTQ grifters such as Makena Njeri were up in arms demanding government intervention in the matter claiming it to be a human rights issue. And even after they learnt of how long they were regarding Edwin Chiloba’s murder they still refused to come out and apologize for the egregious error.

Edwin Chiloba dilemma: Should you come out to your family?

Why is that? Why wouldn’t they if indeed their mission is a noble one, come out and admit when they are wrong? Why did they refuse to acknowledge the findings of the investigation and why did they Silently abet the spread of the rumour, nay, the lie that Edwin “Chiloba” Kiprotich was killed because he was a homosexual?

Jackton Odhiambo with late boyfriend and victim, Edwin Chiloba

The reason for their Silence is because it would ruin their scam. For their Silence is because they didn’t want to get in the way of the money flow. And the reason they were absent from his funeral is that they don’t give a damn about the man. They are only concerned with championing their victimhood.

LGBTQ Members Should Stop Using Chiloba’s Death To Push Their Agenda

Were they to come out and clear the air they would lose out on the international attention they had garnered. I would lose out on any public sympathy this tragedy has bought them. The reason they were not present at Edwin Chiloba’s funeral is because they couldn’t be arsed to cancel their plans they couldn’t be arsed to be inconvenienced weather slightly or buy a great deal.

The lgbtq didn’t really care about him as a human being they only cared about him in as far as they could use him to propagate the narrative of victimhood and scam people out of sympathy. And it is a sad and lonely thing to realise for the people whom they claim to be championing.

2023 is the year Kenya takes a stance on LGBTQ

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2023 is the year Kenya takes a stance on LGBTQ

LGBTQ is a topic that has flown under the radar in Kenya for several years now. They have managed to create enclaves in Nairobi and Mombasa, but have been unable to penetrate other cities and towns where most Kenyans are conservative if not Fundamentalist Christians who refused to even engage on the topic.

LGBTQ Or Not, No Kind Of Relationship Is Safe

While this might seem like it was a bad thing it was a rather interesting Returned between members of the clergy, their flock and gay rights activists.

Jackton Odhiambo with late boyfriend, Edwin Chiloba

However this year, 2023, has seen an explosion of our conversation that was hitherto restricted by the Overton window. We are seeing celebrities come out of the closet to leave their truths and there was a grisly murder that members of the LGBTQ have been using to push their agenda. Edwin chiloba was killed by his lover in a love triangle gone bad however gay Rights activist and the American allies are using this to force Kenyans into having a conversation.

I do not see the conversation going as they hope as politicians who have started weighing in on the matter are doing so in a rather populist manner: They are merely parroting talking points that they have heard from the most ignorant of their support base and trust me when I say Kenya’s grassroots are very anti-homosexual.

This however is not a negative thing because finally the conversation about gay Rights is being hard. Bed has finally bubbled into public consciousness and everyone and their mother is discussing whether or not Kenya should embrace liberalism or continue being conservative.

Its sad, but we are right; LGBTQ is not accepted outside Nairobi and Mombasa

In 2023 while I do not expect this topic to be a dominant one for the entire year I do expect it to be a brother dominant one for the first quarter of the Year. Pandora’s box has been opened and just as with that of Greek lore, there’s no way to get back the topic of the lgbtq back inside. The cat’s out of the bag and that conversation must be had.

Makena Njeri

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Its sad, but we are right; LGBTQ is not accepted outside Nairobi and Mombasa

The recent brutal torture and murder of Edwin Chiloba has served once again to remind a marginalized and brutalized community; members of the LGBTQ in Kenya of the fact that the conservative Christian country is not yet ready to accept them as they are and perhaps never will.

Size 8 has every right to deny services from an LGBTQ member

The late fashion designer, model and LGBTQ rights advocate was found stuffed in a metal box and dumped in a forest in Eldoret. And a lot of celebrities especially those who are members of the LGBTQ (whether still in the closet or not) have come out to mourn their friend.

Edwin Chiloba was Lassie in on New Year’s Eve of 2022 when he was out with friends ushering in the new year. He was found in the same clothes he wore while he was out which a police report described as female attire.

Why the Makena Njeri LGBTQ push is dead in the water

His friends and admirers had described him as a man who was full of vigour and love for life. He was an openly gay man who lived in his truth ignoring whether or not it was accepted or supported by the local community he was a member of.


Therein lies the problem because even though we would like to talk about human rights we need to understand that we all are members of a community. Edwin Chiloba’s death remind me of a Japanese saying, “the nail that sticks out gets hammered“.

LGBTQ is the new Nairobi counter-culture movement

We had an opinion piece in which we spoke about yet another gay Rights activist Makena Njeri and her push to have homosexuality accepted not just within the enclaves in Nairobi and Mombasa but Nationwide. In it we had pointed out the fact that this was a fool’s errand as most Kenyans have an almost Fundamentalist aversion to the topic.

The brutal murder of Edwin Chiloba is sadly a reminder that we were right. These are those rare instances where we regret being right. But the truth is even in Nairobi Kenya’s capital city and the most cosmopolitan city in Eastern and Central Africa, homosexuality is not only a taboo topic but one that can lead to personal harm or even death.

Why celebrity LGBTQ relationships are tumultuous

The only way for a member of the LGBTQ to survive outside of Nairobi and Mombasa is for them to code-switch. The demand to be able to leave the truth and be authentic to themselves is a naive one that chooses to be ignorant of the sheer hatred so many Kenyans have towards them.

My advice would be for them to move smart and adapt, after all, survival isn’t for the fittest but the most adaptable. When they are in their own clips in Nairobi or Mombasa they are free to be as they are.s at the same time they can be pushing for changes in Kenyan legislation that decriminalises same-sex relations and marriages. However, it doesn’t make sense to me for them to martyr themselves for this cause because they will be met with a grizzly end. We need to be pragmatic in our outlook on life, this isn’t a battle let alone a war that will be one in less than a decade or three, therefore it makes no sense to make this a battle of attrition.

That said and done, wewish to pass our condolences onto the late Edwin Chiloba’s family and friends and we truly do pray that his soul will find eternal peace in the bosom of God Almighty.


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Why Kaz Karen Lucas keeps sharing thirst traps

Most of us are too young to know who Kaz is as she hasn’t been relevant in nearly a decade but if you or your friends are members of the LGBTQ community then you might know who she is. To be open, I came across her courtesy of a post on Edgar Obare’s channel.

I asked around and a very good friend of mine, someone who should really be referred to as an old foggy explained to me that she was at some previous point a singer, songwriter who had participated in some talent show.

Kaz was also the victim of revenge porn after an ex of hers leaked her nude pictures. She became an even greater face of one of the worst crimes known to mankind, rape when she revealed that she had fallen victim to one of her “friends” who happened to be a predator.

Kaz Karen Lucas Sparks Dating Rumours With Makena Njeri In Emotional Post- ‘I’m Not One To Hold Out On Love’

Aside from this, she has chosen to move on with her life and she’s now in a polyamorous lesbian relationship that I think is technically called a throuple (what a mouthful). However, that isn’t what I am going on about today even though I am interested in why women become adventurous with their relationships when they choose to embrace the LGBTQ lifestyle rather than when they are in heterosexual relationships.

What I am curious to investigate is why Kaz insists on sharing thirst traps. The main reason for this interest is because she is in a relationship so you would think that she would want to keep her body for her partners’ pleasure instead of serving it up for the rest of us random internet strangers. Also… Unbridled sexuality is often a red flag denoting a huge psychological issue.

Kaz Lucas opens up about living life like an outcast in her own society

And that brings us to the dark incident of rape that I mentioned previously. And to discuss this, I have to explain a psychological and psychiatric concept called Rape Trauma Syndrome. You see, rape occasions such a deep trauma because it is an unnatural occurrence violently imposed by a criminal deviant that robs its victims of their sexual autonomy. When a person is violated, they experience trauma whose symptoms occasion lifestyle and physiological changes in the survivor.

One of the lifestyle symptoms that is of interest as we try and understand why Kaz is always posting thirst trap photos and videos of herself that include her pole dancing is “sexual relationships become disturbed.” And this is exemplified as “some rape survivors become hyper-sexual or promiscuous following sexual attacks, sometimes as a way to reassert a measure of control over their sexual relations.”

Singer Kaz speaks up after she was sexually assaulted by her friend of 10 years

I mean, I have not sat down with her to be able to understand whether or not this is truly the case with her BUT from what we have seen of her digital evolution over the years (go through her social media pages), we can see the shocking sexual content become increasing in various degrees until we are at the point where she proudly proclaims, “I am going to give you more nudes for your spank bank”.

What I do, however, wonder is whether she sort counselling for herself and whether she continues to do the work required to heal. I wonder whether that is what is at work here. Or perhaps what we are seeing are the dying kicks of once youthful beauty. She has realized she no longer gets the same type of attention as she once did now that she is in her 40s. Perhaps the thirst traps are Kaz’ way of keeping the dwindling attention she receives on herself.

35-year-old actress Kaz to Kenyans: I don’t want babies, It’s not a must

After all, as Occam’s Razor states, sometimes, the simpler solution is the right answer. So indeed, she could just be an ageing beauty doing the most to keep attention on her. Something we saw earlier in the year when an old, former supermodel, Paulina Porizkova, complained about precisely that issue.

The question is still up in the air but one thing that I am positive about is that we will be the generation that will witness thirst trapping grandmas.


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Why celebrity LGBTQ relationships are tumultuous

Kenya has some rather brave celebrities who are openly LGBTQ. To understand why I label them as brave, you need to understand that Kenya is a very conservative nation and regardless of how things appear on the surface in cosmopolitan cities like Mombasa and Nairobi, homosexuality is still frowned upon.

LGBTQ is the new Nairobi counter-culture movement

As a result, for the longest time, some celebrities, like their fellow members of the LGBTQ community have had to live in the closet to avoid facing the wrath of members of the general public, some of whom would willingly harm them simply for their sexual orientation.

That is why I would expect the openly gay celebs to have very strong relationships with each other because they aren’t just a minority but a persecuted one at that. You would think that this would make them band together in a celebration of the one thing they are forced to publicly deny themselves: love.

Anita Nderu Weighs In On Banning Of Gay Students From Boarding Schools by Magoha, Says She Supports LGBTQ Community

Instead, whenever you hear of LGBTQ celebs and look at their love lives, they are littered with heartbreaks and betrayals. I mean, look at Michelle Ntalami and Makena Njeri’s relationship. Look at Makena Njeri and her ex. Look at Brenda Johns and Phy Lamar. Fam, those are some hella unstable messes. Noti Flow and King Alami.

And I think I know why those relationships are about as stable as a two-legged stool. It has to do with two factors: the first being the repercussions of having to hide who you are for most of your life. Think about it if you will. Imagine having to deny a huge part of what makes you, you. It would be akin to having to hide your arms all your life.

Chimano explains why he decided to come out as LGBTQ

As a result, most of these LGBTQ celebs who have finally found acceptance in their small community, those who can now date freely are exploring what it means to do just that, date freely. And unfortunately, honesty is what they are sacrificing at the altar of newfound freedom.

Noti Flow serving fans with thirst trap image

It’s like “starvation syndrome”. You were denied love and affection, hell, even infatuation and requited lust and now you have it albeit in a small community and it is a buffet because all the other members have experienced the same thing. So what do you think these people do? They binge. And as a result, those who are in relationships cheat.

‘F*k All LGBTQI Community!’ Lexxy Yung Disses Gayism, Terms It As Inappropriate And Evil

The second reason their relationships are so unstable is that they live in total fear. As a result of constantly being in survival mode, most LGBTQ celebrities are caught up in living their dream vicariously. So what if they have a partner? That won’t stop them from enjoying life because lord alone knows what would happen if they met with the worst dredges of society (criminals) who might just harm them.

Brenda Jon

And the same group doesn’t have an older, more grounded class that can advise them on how to settle into their lives and live them peacefully. When they look for role models, all they can see are the loud, crappy examples of the likes of Kaz Lucas and her throuple. These relationships are indeed exciting but they do not last long. And when they end, things tend to get toxic.

Xtiandela LGBTQ platform will cost him his political ambition

So what you inevitably get in a lot of these celebrity LGBTQ couples, is a lack of balance that is grounded in reality and the truth that life is mundane. If you want a flashy, imbalanced relationship, sure it will be exciting but it will inevitably explode. And that is why you cannot mention a single LGBTQ relationship that was not preceded by or will itself explode in failure.

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