Lilian Muli speaks about dating months after nasty breakup with serial cheater husband

If there is anything that confuses women is love. After years of secretly dating one Jared Nevaton Ombongi; Citizen TV’s Lilian Muli and the Shabana FC chairman were blessed with a handsome son – to seal their relationship.

Barely 5 months after the baby boy was born – Lilian and Jared started having relationship issues; that pushed the lass to make a public announcement about her breakup with baby daddy.

Lilian Muli with ex lover cum baby daddy

In a detailed post shared by Ms Muli, she described the guy as a community husband; meaning he had more than one girlfriend out here.

But hey, isn’t this Nairobi? Anyway with this – everyone was sure that she was done with the baby daddy; but little did we know what would happen in a few weeks down the line.

Well, unfortunately for team mafisi and Roho chafu committee – Lilian Muli and the alleged community husband got back together – leaving fans and bloggers looking like clowns – especially those who had been encouraging Lilian to move on and do better.

Lilian Muli with ex bae, Gerald

Final break up

Barely a year after fixing their broken relationship – Ms Muli once again confirmed that she was single in early 2021; after walking out on her baby daddy.

At least this time around she did not walk back into Jared’s arms; as it has been almost 4 months since their separation. However this time around we cannot say that she has plans of getting back with guy; that is judging from her latest QnA post – where a fan went on to ask;

Would you allow another man in your life?

To which the hot mother of two responded by saying;

Lilian Muli

Ati? Apart from my two baby boys? They must approve

Well, I guess it’s fan and games for the lively anchor from now on until her boys turn 18 years, right?

Photos: Lilian Muli goes all out, shows deep cleavage and thunder thighs in racy pics

News anchor Lilian Muli recently celebrated her birthday in style. The mother of two has just turned 35 years old and still looking hot as ever.

The news anchor shared a number of photos on her social media pages flaunting how her party went down. Judging from the pictures seems that this was a girls affair as no men are seen anywhere on the photos.

Since Lilian Muli is a private person, seems that this was an invites only party; as she decided to fly her close friends to Mombasa to celebrate her 35th year on earth.


The Citizen TV news anchor also flaunted her body, showing Kenyans she has really snapped back after giving birth last year.

The sexy screen’s dress was an off shoulder with thigh-high slit designed to fit her curves and the photos have left Mafisi drooling for sure.

Here are the photos:


‘Don’t settle for crap please’ Lilian Muli begs ladies not to be side chicks

Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli loves being the main girl and is urging other ladies to avoid falling to number two.

Taking to social media, Muli posted a message asking ladies why they prefer being woman number two while they can easily be number one.


She captioned the screenshot saying that it was time women completely ditch that Idea. She further hinted that she’s very much single but still hopeful she might get a man who will love her.

“I believe it’s possible; relationships should be exclusive and uncluttered and there are good men and women out there who don’t have time for monkey business so don’t settle for crap. My king hasn’t been born yet. But I’m forever hopeful lol. Ladies what do you think??? I think we can all do better.” she said.

“I regret calling my man a community husband. I need to learn to stay calm before reacting” Lilian Muli ashamed by her post 

Citizen TV Lilian Muli is still regretting her viral post she sent on Christmas day last year demeaning her husband who had cheated on her.

In a recent interview, Muli once again opened up about her Viral December post that saw her call her hubby a community husband. She said it was her lowest moment.

 “My recent outburst was my lowest moment, and I am not proud of it because it got Kenya talking about me and even the Diaspora. It was those oops moments you are like ‘Oh my God, really Lillian? I hope the affected persons can make peace with it as well and peace with me eventually.” she said in an in an interview with Malkia Africa.

Lesson learned

Muli said that she’s learning how to stay calm nowadays before rushing to social media to post anything.

“People will just take what you give them and run with it. I think sometimes I underestimate my brand, even with the knowledge about social media power, especially now. As a word of caution to any upcoming brand, anytime you are emotional, take your time before posting anything on social media,” she said.

“I can’t say it did not happen but I have made peace that it happened. If I could take it back I would, but I cannot act like it didn’t happen ’cause, of course, something that I am not proud of happened that made me react that way,” she said.


“I have learnt to count to 100 by the time I get to 25, you will have calmed down. Some of the things you put out there you can’t take back.”

She concluded, “I have made peace with myself and with the affected persons because some of these things affect even the family. I am a weak person but I am learning. I hope the affected will also make peace with me as well and even forget about it.”

Now a video vixen! Lilian Muli appears in popular Kamba song 

Citizen TV news anchor has surprised her fans by appearing in a new Kamba song.  The song, dubbed “Kyaa Kya Ngai (What belongs to God belongs to Him), is a gospel song done by popular singer Stephen Kasolo. 

Muli in the song makes an appearance dancing to Kasolo’s rhythm. Many were impressed by Muli’s cameo in the song which has attracted a good number of views.

First appearance

It’s actually the first cameo Muli has done unlike other news anchors who have been in several songs before making a name in the media industry.

The last time Kasolo was topping headlines was after he dropped Hautasumbuka Tena featuring Tanzanian gospel superstar Rose Muhando a few months ago. Muhando was coming off an ugly encounter with Kenyans following a prayer session with controversial Pastor Kang’ang’a.

Watch the song below

Lilian Muli: What you read online about me is not true. Did someone clone me?

Did Lilian Muli bleach her skin? Is she paid a lot of money at Citizen TV?  She’s a lose woman who cheats. Her hubby once beat her up and ruined her face. She has a bad attitude.

Well, if you are familiar with such statements regarding Lilian Muli, she wants you to know you have been misled. Badly.

Taking to social media, the controversy-magnet news anchor said that a lot of things being said online about her don’t mirror her true personality.

“Everyday I read stuff about me that surprises and amuses me. I mean is that me y’all write and read about or did someone clone me? she said on Instagram just days after hinting she has rekindled her relationship with hubby Jared Neveton.

“Please find me that Lillian these guys write about and let me shake her hand she is so full of drama and so many people feed off it. That free Publicity is good but i’m not looking for fame.”


Muli, who has been a hot topic in all kinds of jaw-dropping discussions, urged Kenyans to stop the mongering and focus on things that can have a meaning.

“No popularity ever paid anyone’s bills unless it translates to a huge pay Cheque! But Thanks anyway. Let’s direct that energy to my new projects shall we???i will need your attention there. Panganga aka mdomo tuache.” Wrote Lillian Muli.


Lilian Muli glad to be a wife once again, shares how baby daddy apologized

Citizen TV News anchor Lilian Muli recently confessed she was in a very dark place in December mainly because her baby daddy Jared Nevaton had cheated on her several times.

She took to Instagram then to blast and dump him saying that he’s been cheating on her and therefore shouldn’t be associated with her name.

It seems the two have now kissed and made up.

Muli took to social media to hint that they are back together by first changing her bio on Instagram to include “wife” and also sharing a glass of moet to show how Nevaton apologized.

Not the first time

It’s not the first time Muli has hinted that they have reconciled. Since her viral post in December, Muli has shared a few photos while in Kisii, where Nevaton comes from, or generally just enjoying a beautiful day with him.

Inooro TV news anchor Muthoni invites all sexy ladies at Royal Media for her 30th birthday party(Photos)

A bunch of Royal Media Services employees recently ganged up to celebrate on of their workmate’s birthday at KIZA as she turned 30 years.

Inooro TV news anchor Muthoni Wa Mukiri invited fellow employees to the high-end party which ended withe the dinner at KIZA as she celebrated turning a year older.


Some of the names present included Lillian Muli, Kambua, Terryanne Chebet, Shiks Kapienga and Teacher Wanjiku among others.

The party reminded me of Jacque Maribe days when she used to turn up with her gang before Joseph Irungu’s case took centre stage.

Here are the photos:



Lilian Muli finally comes out to explains why he called her hubby a community husband: December was a very dark month for me 

During Christmas, as other were busy destroying their plate of Nyama, drinking and catching up with family, sassy Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli was crying and cursing.

Crying on social media and cursing her husband Jared Nevaton, who she had just fathered a baby with, for cheating and neglecting her.

Her post was shocking as she tore her man a part asking Kenyans never to associate her with him ever again.

But just a month later, Muli was back to him.

She has now opened up on the incident saying December wasn’t all merry for her.

December was a very dark month for me I felt broken beyond repair; but God is fixing that. I decided to celebrate myself because I realized we seek the validation of people so much and sometimes forget that self-Love is key. I therefore dared to do things differently and I purposed to shout to the world that I am so proud of what I’ve achieved over the years and I’m determined to do even better. I have started a new journey of self-discovery and I invite you to walk with me as I unveil my new projects. Keep it here for the unveiling. LILLIAN MULI The Brand,” said Lillian Muli.

New woman

In another post, Muli hinted the same saying she made peace with what happened.

“I’m not going to please everyone; not everyone’s going to like me. I accepted that a long time ago, and if I had to shed a tear every time Someone hated on me, believe me, I’d be severely dehydrated ?. I made peace with myself and I’m so in Love with the woman I’ve become. Fearless!” she said. 


Lilian Muli reunites with community husband Jared Ombong’i

Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli has been sharing photos lately with her ex-lovers.

The news anchor was recently in the news after posting a photo with his first baby daddy Moses Kanene while he was visiting his young boy.

Baby day

Muli has now topped headlines yet again after sharing a photo with her second estranged husband Jared Nevaton Ombong’i. It seems Jared was visiting his baby Liam.

It’s no clear whether the two are together or he was just visiting but it seems things might have cooled down and now they are in talking terms.

Muli broke the internet in the beginning Dec last year after claiming Jared cheated on her and that he’s become a community husband. He asked Kenyans never to associate her with his name since they are no longer together.

In return, Baba Liam claimed that all what Muli brought on the table was sexiness, a reason why he got bored with her.

“She was always on my phone. Wanted to know everything. She was just simply jealous and that couldn’t work between us. Am happy that it has ended. She could add nothing to the table other than walking naked in our house. She also had multiple boyfriends the reason I could not continue being in the relationship.” Jared said. 


Sexy back! Lilian announces she’s now ready to get back to the gym just a month after delivering

Though Kenyans were recently impressed by Lilian Muli’s body just days after giving birth to her second child, Lilian Muli is promising more is on the way.

The Citizen TV new anchor has announced she’s ready to hit the gym just a month after having Liam.

“So excited finally starting my fitness journey with @smartgymske @vinitaotieno Fitness just got affordable #EveryBodyIsWelcome #FollowMeToFit I’m looking forward to the results #revengebody” shared Lillian Muli.

Some Kenyans however, wondered why she’s rushing to do it. Some claimed it was too early for her to focus on her body yet she has a very young baby.

kemusheila @lilmuli sweetie is it not too early pressure ya nini? Breastfeed and enjoy food kidogo you have a nice body that will snap back.” said one fan.

Mind you business

Kenyans have closely followed Muli’s pregnancy from the word go. Many were wowed after learning that the news anchor might have spent almost Ksh 500,000 to deliver her baby. She was however not impressed by the fact that people were speculating how much she might have paid.

“If you wanted to know how much I spent you should have just walked into Nairobi Hospital and asked how much it cost trust me if you are upset about 250k that’s a GROSS UNDERESTIMATE! It was much more so prepare to get even more upset because you are talking crap out of ignorance healthcare in this country is very expensive. And then again I wonder how much you contributed to my bill that gives you the right to have an opinion on my life!!!” she said. 


Lilian Muli to Kenyans: I paid more than 250k so stop being jealous 

Lilian Muli has fired back at all those unimpressed after hearing she might have paid at least Ksh 250 to give birth.

In a long Instagram post, the Citizen TV news anchor attacked Kenyans who were complaining because she parted with such a figure.

“I’m only going to give this my attention because it’s becoming BORING. If I could spend 10 million or more that God has given me the ability to afford to spend I would spend it to give my baby the best experience…if you wanted to know how much I spent you should have just walked into Nairobi Hospital and asked how much it cost trust me if you are upset about 250k that’s a GROSS UNDERESTIMATE!” she said.

She went on:

“It was much more so prepare to get even more upset because you are talking crap out of ignorance healthcare in this country is very expensive. And then again I wonder how much you contributed to my bill that gives you the right to have an opinion on my life!!! I will never under any circumstances shy away from enjoying the blessings that come my way and YES my children are such a big deal to me if I want to shout that they are from the mountain top or everywhere I can I will.”

And finally adding:

“If it hurts you pole sana you could just choose to look away or not listen! Don’t hate me coz I’m Blessed pray for the same to come your way! Jealousy is the same thing as witchcraft it is evil check yourself! The next time you talk about me just know you are exposing how bitter you are about your life! All the bad things you’ve ever wished me will never come to pass it’s wishful thinking and I suggest you give up. I keep saying Hate has become the veil that frustrated people use to cover up their own insecurities don’t be mad at me I’m not the one who hurt you. That’s the last time I will ever address this nonsense.”

Did Lilian Muli actually pay almost 250k to give birth?

Kenyans were left curious after Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli posted a video showing the private maternity ward where she delivered in Nairobi Hospital.

While thanking everyone that made her delivery successful, the news anchor posted a clip showing the insides of the private ward and it’s not your typical maternity ward.

 “It’s a Late post but here goes. Thankyou Nairobi Hospital for taking good care of me as I delivered my baby and after. From the CEO Gordon Odundo who stopped by to say hi ( what a cool CEO no wonder he is at the helm of leadership at the Hospital) and the nurses who took care of me especially Esther who always made me smile and was so patient with me as she Showed me how to hold baby when breastfeeding and how to bathe him.” she said. 


“Many Thanks to the kind Matrons who always passed by to say Goodmorning. My Doctors Professor Koigi Kamau and his son Dr Kamau koigi, Dr Nyambura Kariuki (paediatrician) I am grateful. Baby and I had a wonderful time at the Hospital because you made us so comfortable. @official_cessp thanks for taking this.”


The mother of two now might have paid a cool 250,000 if she had C-Section Delivery while at least 100k for a normal delivery at Nairobi Hospital which is one of the best hospitals in Kenya.

Hii ni TBT ama current? Lilian Muli’s flaunts her post-baby body weeks after giving birth (Photo)

Mother of two Lilian Muli is slowly getting her way back to Instagram days after delivering her second child. Muli, who delivered a boy on July 22 called Liam, has also gotten her sexy back just a few weeks after delivering.

Still hot

The 36-year-old news anchor took to Instagram to share her banging body, leaving social media in awe. She told her fans breast feeding helped lose much of the weight.

“Baby is taking a nap…nanny watching him…mama taking a polite walk…2 weeks postpartum…Breastfeeding works…Thankful and Blessed. I need a better photographer…I insist IPhones take the worst pics,” she captioned the photo.

Here’s how fans reacted:


More blessings! Lilian Muli welcomes second child 

Kenyans have been patiently waiting for Lilian Muli’s baby to arrive and finally it’s here.The Citizen TV presenter and her tycoon lover, Jared Nevaton have finally welcomed their bundle of joy.

Sources have hinted to Ghafla that Lilian gave birth to her second child, a boy, named Liam. The good news was shared by her colleague Anne Kiguta yesterday before the prime time news.

Second baby boy

“Congratulations @lilmuli on the birth of your baby boy! ❤❤??❤❤” said Ann. 

Muli has been taking time off social media and told her fans she will make a come back once she delivers. We don’t know when exactly that will happen but we are hoping it will be soon.

Lilian Muli sends beautiful message to her mum during her birthday, they look so much alike

TV girl Lilian Muli is already a mother and soon, she’ll have her second baby. A lot of excitement has surrounded her pregnancy as Muli has been hosting a show on Viusasa speaking about the pregnancy.

Muli was recently on Instagram to wish her mother, Muli Penina Mwende, a happy birthday. Lilian Muli’s looks so much alike with her mother and it is without doubt that she inherited her beauty from her mom.

I picked everything from her

In her message Muli said that she has learnt a lot from her mum and glad she has a been her pillar. Her mum has been working a broad with an NGO and in several instances, Muli has confessed of missing her.

Here’s her post:

“Happy birthday Mummy…I have learnt so much from you. You are my pillar. God Bless you and may you never lack for anything @mulipeninamwende God Bless and keep you,” she said. 


Lilian Muli: I can’t tolerate bullying

Citizen TV’s Lilian Muli is one lady who has persevered a lot to reach the position she currently holds at Royal Media. It’s like every major thing she does, Kenyans mock her. But what most don’t know is that she grew up around bullies as a young kid so she knows how to deal with such people.

“I come from a background of bullying even when I was a small girl in school,” said Muli in an interview.

“When somebody says something bad about me, it comes from a very personal place in me. It is always an instinct to react because I grew up fighting bullies and I am not gonna take that as an adult.”

Fighting for girls

Muli has been trolled several times by Kenyans but that has never stopped her from following her desires. She said that what keeps her going also is the fact that she knows she fighting for many other girls out there who look up to her.

“When I speak up, I always speak up for every other girl that is getting bullied or even a woman who is pushed in whatever way by a partner or a colleague at work who is male.” she said. 


Here is why pregnant Lilian Muli stopped wearing thongs 

Kenyans are closely following Lilian Muli’s second pregnancy. The news anchor has been sharing a lot on her second round in her show “Pregnant with Lilian” that airs exclusive on Royal Media’s Viusasa.

Muli recently shared that she has been forced to change her entire wardrobe after getting pregnant. She recently shared how she’s now going for losing fitting cloths since they are more comfy.

Ditch those tight clothes

“Your underwear has to change, you can’t wear thongs anymore. You have to wear those pull-ups that go all the way up you know like those Lingala dancers. So yeah my underwear, I have plenty of it but it’s not nice looking. I try keeping it black don’t wear green or yellow. Wear black or navy blue because it’s still elegant,”she said. 

Lilian Muli


“Deeras are very fashionable especially those that have embroidery and sequins they can serve over the weekend especially if you want to feel elegant and not construed in any way.”

Pregnant Lilian Muli graces True Love’s cover and you will totally love it (photos)

Citizen TV’s Lilian Muli has been busy lately majorly because of her pregnancy. She has a show now on Viusasa called Pregnant with Lilian that has her speaking about some of the tough things women face when heavy with a baby.

The news anchor has now been splashed on the latest cover of True Love Magazine and she looks totally amazing. She joins Janet Mbugua, Julie Gichuru and Betty Kyalo as some of the news anchors that have been on the cover.

End of fairytale life

In the issue, Muli talks about her divorce, second pregnancy and finding love for a second time.

“This Month on @truelove_ea grab a copy and read about this Kamba girl thanks @missnailantei for the copy. I hope my story will inspire and encourage someone out there I have Lived and learnt and this article has given me closure on a lot of issues. I’m glad it was so well written.”

True Love also hyped the magazine by saying:

“THE MOTHER’S DAY ISSUE – In this brand new phase of her life, Lillian Muli forthrightly speaks about moving on from her ‘fairytale’ life, finding love – again, getting pregnant – again, the scandals that dogged her life and the lessons she learned along the way. You wouldn’t want to miss it. Grab a copy today!” 

Here’s how a pregrant Lilian Muli celebrated her birthday(Photos)

Lilian Muli is now officially 36 years old. The pregnant news anchor took to Instagram to share a few photos of her birthday and thanking guys for making her day.

“Thanking my fam my birthday is tomorrow but they made it so special by helping me celebrate a day early ❤❤❤Happy and Blessed.” 

Here are a few photos she made:

Lilian Muli speaks on rumors that Jeff Koinange fathered her baby in her new show 

New anchor Lilian Muli is gearing up to launch her new show “Pregnant with Lilian” on Viusasa that will share some of the tough things women go through while pregnant.

The show has attracted both negative and positive publicity as Kenyans anticipate to see some of the topics the controversial news anchor will be talking about.

Muli has shared the first promo of the show which has her talking about a wide range of topics including a controversial one that left Kenyans shocked.

Is Jeff Koinange the father?

After Muli announced she was pregnant, Kenyans started guessing who the father of the baby is, a thing that led to many conspiracy theories, but one which claimed fellow Citizen employee and news anchor Jeff Koinange was the father shocked many included Muli herself.

“Seriously guys? Really?” Lilian asks in the promo after saying that that was the craziest rumour she heard on her pregnancy.

Here is a snippet of what Muli had to say about the pregnancy and speculation that Jeff was the man behind it all.

Lilian Muli on being pregnant for a second time: It feels like a new experience 

With baby number having taken so long to come, Lilian Muli can’t remember how it feels to be pregnant. She feels like it’s the first time.

The Citizen news anchor who is expecting her second child with city millionaire Jared Nevaton said that her second experience feels like it’s her first probably because it has been seven years since she she carried a baby in her belly.

“One day at a time. It’s been Seven years since I was last Preggers this feels like a totally new experience,” said Muli on IG. 

Look at her baby bump

Here’s what her fans said:

Lilian Muli opens up on her first job: This is the only person who believed in me

It has been a long and tough journey for Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli. The popular anchor started her journey at KTN as a 24-year-old lady straight from campus and not many believed in her.

In a long post on Instagram, Muli shared that Lands CS Farida Karoney was the only person who believed in her and kept pushing her to work harder and shine while everyone else doubted her.  Karoney  was the managing editor then at KTN.

Age is just a number

In the post, Muli went on to add that people should neither let their age nor gender limit them in becoming great in their respective fields.

Lilian Muli during her KTN days

“Wide eyed…24 years old and I was given an opportunity to stand with media giants and report and anchor the news with them at KTN my first employer,” she captioned the photo that also had the late Ahmed Darwesh,Beatrice Marshall, Louis Otieno and others.

“The one person who believed in me Lands CS Farida Karoney who was then the Managing Editor at KTN everyone else said I was too young or too this and that. Don’t let your age, gender or social status stand between you and your dreams keep pursuing them someone somewhere will believe in you.” 

Pregnant Lilian Muli educates women how to avoid sagging breasts and tummy

Lilian Muli has given birth and knows some of the effects it may have on a woman’s body.  With another child on the way, Muli decided to share some of the tricks that helped maintain her sexy look even after giving birth to her firstborn, Joshua.

She asked ladies to be carefull with the time a baby spends on each breast to avoid stretching or making them an equal.

“This is what Breastfeeding can do. FYI you have to balance the amount of time the baby spends suckling each tit otherwise one will stretch more than the other and eventually look bigger than the other (lol not an old wives tale I’m serious) that’s not very cute.,” said Muli on her TBT photo.

Lilian Muli six months after giving birth

Looking forward to a curvy body

She also added that the first time she gave birth she was a bit skinny but now hopes she’ll have a curvier body once she delivers.

“Thank God I was told this early enough my boobs didn’t get affected. This is just 6 months after I had my baby Josh he was a big feeder thankfully I had enough milk. I think I was too skinny though looking forward to some curves this time God willing. I had a CS (not elective) so healing takes some time but I watched what I ate and also noticed the more I breastfed the more weight I lost and that applies to the tummy as well. I only worked out after a year.

Lilian Muli hints on her baby’s gender with an Instagram post

Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli is pregnant and the anticipation of the gender of the baby has been building.

Muli, on her Instagram account, might have given away the gender of the unborn baby after posting a picture of some cute girl’s shoes. She said she has fallen in love with them and was thinking about ordering online.

Also read: Lilian Muli shows off her baby bump in a classy sassy outfit 

Expecting baby with Jared Nevaton

According to rumors, the anchor is expecting the baby with flamboyant football administrator Jared Nevaton though she has preferred keeping it to herself. The two have also been rumored to be in a relationship a few times.

Muli made the announcement that she’s pregnant on Instagram with a few lovely photos. In her recent post, Muli however, denied on the comments that the baby might be a girl saying that she thought the shoes were cute.

Lilian Muli’s post


Lilian Muli finally speaks after her alleged lover came out to deny her in public…this is sad

Did he only want her for his own selfish carnal pleasures and then make a dash for it when things start to get serious?

Ever since Lilian Muli’s nasty break up with her husband Kanene, it automatically became the public’s obligation to single out a suitor for her.

Lilian Muli

If she made the slightest mistake of smiling at any man, it was automatically assumed that the two were involved romantically.

It happened with Nairobi business man Ben 1 and it’s happening again with Shabana FC chairman Jared Nevaton. Surprisingly this time Lilian Muli was the designated driver in steering this narrative when she posted a series of photos of them getting cozy.

She later deleted them but not before people took screenshots.

Soon after Jared talked about the issue on the star where he claimed the two were just friends and nothing more.

Also read: Shabana FC chairman Jared Nevaton opens up about his relationship with Lillian Muli after the Citizen anchor introduced him as her boyfriend

And a day later, Lilian Muli posts this:


Could he have hit and made a run for it?