“Maybe she was calling my name during S~x” Babu Owino speaks after hearing Lilian Muli’s baby is a copy paste of him

While Lilian Muli is out here sending strong signal she’s single again but not ready to be a side chick, some are busy denying they were involved in bringing her baby Liam to this world.

Politician Babu Owino had a very cheeky response after a fan asked him whether he has seen Lilian Muli’s baby because he resembles him.

“Alafu umemwona yule mtoi wa Lillian Muli .mazee anakufanana vibaya sana ama kuna vile,” mose_ooro commented and Babu answered, “Maybe the mum was calling my name during sex.”

Not hers

The photo has been doing rounds on social media after Muli posted it. However, the baby’s isn’t Muli but belongs to Lillian’s close friend Cess P.

Interestingly, Muli posted the baby online while has been clearly avoiding to post her own who is barely eight months old.

Lilian Muli shows off her baby bump in sassy classy outfit (Photos)

Lilian Muli continues to parade her baby bump unlike other celebrities who have been keeping theirs on the low.

The Citizen news anchor who is expecting her second baby with Jared Nevaton is the lastest celebrity to admit that she is expecting a baby.

Lately she has been keeping her fans on their toes as  she steps out in fancy outfits without hiding her grown bump.

In her new photos, the lady is seen rocking a black polka dot dress and a comfortable pair of heels as she posses for a photo.

First or second trimester?

We are however not sure whether she is in her first or second trimester. However, judging from her bump, the lady might actually be walking in her 3rd or 4th month.

Check out the new photos below as we await to see if she will reveal the baby’s gender soon.