“I am happier than I have ever been” Lilian Muli addresses Ben10 boyfriend rumors

So Lilian Muli was in Naivasha this past weekend celebrating her birthday with a few of her girlfriends; and a man, Jimmy Ngechu – who many believe might be warming her bed – that is judging from her body language as seen on the clip shared on her page.

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Judging from the video, Lilian Muli is seen seated on the co drivers seat; but at some point she teases fans with a short glimpse of Jimmy Ngechu’s tatted full arm – probably just to prove that she hasn’t been lonely as people think. Wait, didn’t baby daddy walk out in 2021?

Anyway, I’m assuming Lilian Muli did not think her plan through as social media users quickly linked the ‘not so unique tattoo’ to Jimmy Ngechu; who by the way parades it (tattoo) on almost all his photos as seen on his Instagram page.

Jimmy Ngechu

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Lilian Muli denies alleged boyfriend

With blogs and fans linking her to the young Jimmy Ngechu, Lilian Muli has now come out to address this Ben 10 issues; and expected – she denied him like Peter did with Jesus on that fateful night.

Speaking during a recent interview, Lilian Muli said;

We are not in a relationship with everyone we take pictures with. I’m a social person and I like making new friends everywhere I go. Please don’t speculate about who is my boyfriend and who is not it hurts innocent people especially those who Love the people you claim are in relationships that don’t exist.

Wait did she just say ‘I’m a social person and I like making new friends everywhere?’ Sis didn’t you spend your weekend birthday getaway in Naivasha – sin city with the guy?

About her ‘real bae’ Lilian Muli had this to say;

I am happier than I have ever been. I am in a good place and trust me I would never post a picture of my man.

But why didn’t he drive her for the girl’s trip then?

Lilian Muli’s alleged young boyfriend finally revealed (Photos)

For the past few months Lilian Muli has been flaunting her boyfriend’s arm on her stories; probably to just make it known that she is currently dating a new man – especially with her previous relationships not working.

This being a new man, the Citizen TV anchor made sure to use it all the time since I mean, we couldn’t tell whether it’s a download, politician; or somebody’s else’s bae hence making her fans quite curious.

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Lilian shares romantic photo

Anyway, if you have been wondering who the man is – looks like we finally have an answer to this question; but the surprising bit is that turns out the guy is actually young, a very good friend of Bahati (oh wait he bought Diana iphone 13.)

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Lilian Muli dating Jimmy Ngechu?

Well judging from the clip Lilian Muli shared on her page, one can see that she is seated on the co-drivers seat while Jimmy Ngechu drives  with some of their friends at the back seat.

From what we can tell is that Jimmy May have taken Ms Muli and friends to Naivasha for her birthday; and being one who likes to show off – Mama Boys couldn’t help but share videos of the trip.

Anyway, what seems to have sold the guy out – is the huge full arm tattoo he has; and just like that, fans finally discovered the man believed to be dating Ms Muli.

However, isn’t he guy about Bahati’s age? But si ni life?

Below are some few photos of Jimmy showing the same tattoo pattern Ms Muli paraded on her gram just a few hours ago.

Jimmy Ngechu

On to the next? Lilian Muli finds new love after dumping second husband

Citizen TV’s Lilian Muli is having it rough after getting separated twice and so far, all the men that come into her life leave her broken and empty. But si ni life?

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Anyway so far she has had two husbands, responsible for her two boys. However after her first separation, Lilian Muli took time to heal and learn her mistakes; meaning she was fully prepared to start afresh but as soon as she got serious with the second husband – so did the marriage end.

Judging from previous posts, we understand that Gerald who is husband number 2 cheated on her before she walked out; and since then, Lilian has become an expert at sharing relationship quotes – but not this past weekend.

Lilian bags new man?

Well, thanks to a new post shared on her page this weekend we have reason to believe that Lilian Muli May have bagged a new man and boy does she look happy.

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Although the photo does not show any faces, I’m guessing Lilian’s main aim was to show off the guy on the driver’s seat; and yes, we now know she is seeing someone who’s making her quite happy.

But can’t help but wonder how long this one will last….that is judging from how love has treated her so far.

Lilian Muli: I can’t tolerate bullying

Citizen TV’s Lilian Muli is one lady who has persevered a lot to reach the position she currently holds at Royal Media. It’s like every major thing she does, Kenyans mock her. But what most don’t know is that she grew up around bullies as a young kid so she knows how to deal with such people.

“I come from a background of bullying even when I was a small girl in school,” said Muli in an interview.

“When somebody says something bad about me, it comes from a very personal place in me. It is always an instinct to react because I grew up fighting bullies and I am not gonna take that as an adult.”

Fighting for girls

Muli has been trolled several times by Kenyans but that has never stopped her from following her desires. She said that what keeps her going also is the fact that she knows she fighting for many other girls out there who look up to her.

“When I speak up, I always speak up for every other girl that is getting bullied or even a woman who is pushed in whatever way by a partner or a colleague at work who is male.” she said. 


Here is why pregnant Lilian Muli stopped wearing thongs 

Kenyans are closely following Lilian Muli’s second pregnancy. The news anchor has been sharing a lot on her second round in her show “Pregnant with Lilian” that airs exclusive on Royal Media’s Viusasa.

Muli recently shared that she has been forced to change her entire wardrobe after getting pregnant. She recently shared how she’s now going for losing fitting cloths since they are more comfy.

Ditch those tight clothes

“Your underwear has to change, you can’t wear thongs anymore. You have to wear those pull-ups that go all the way up you know like those Lingala dancers. So yeah my underwear, I have plenty of it but it’s not nice looking. I try keeping it black don’t wear green or yellow. Wear black or navy blue because it’s still elegant,”she said. 

Lilian Muli


“Deeras are very fashionable especially those that have embroidery and sequins they can serve over the weekend especially if you want to feel elegant and not construed in any way.”

Pregnant Lilian Muli educates women how to avoid sagging breasts and tummy

Lilian Muli has given birth and knows some of the effects it may have on a woman’s body.  With another child on the way, Muli decided to share some of the tricks that helped maintain her sexy look even after giving birth to her firstborn, Joshua.

She asked ladies to be carefull with the time a baby spends on each breast to avoid stretching or making them an equal.

“This is what Breastfeeding can do. FYI you have to balance the amount of time the baby spends suckling each tit otherwise one will stretch more than the other and eventually look bigger than the other (lol not an old wives tale I’m serious) that’s not very cute.,” said Muli on her TBT photo.

Lilian Muli six months after giving birth

Looking forward to a curvy body

She also added that the first time she gave birth she was a bit skinny but now hopes she’ll have a curvier body once she delivers.

“Thank God I was told this early enough my boobs didn’t get affected. This is just 6 months after I had my baby Josh he was a big feeder thankfully I had enough milk. I think I was too skinny though looking forward to some curves this time God willing. I had a CS (not elective) so healing takes some time but I watched what I ate and also noticed the more I breastfed the more weight I lost and that applies to the tummy as well. I only worked out after a year.

Baby onboard: Lilian Muli expecting baby number 2 with her new found love!

Word making rounds on social media is that Lilian Muli is very pregnant with her second child. Judging from the baggy clothes she has been spotted wearing of late, this could mean that the bump has started showing.

If indeed the rumors are true then she and her current Shabana FC Boss, Jared Nevaton must really be excited.

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After splitting with her ex husband a few years ago, Lilian Muli took her time to meet someone new and it happens to be Jared Nevaton. In a couple of posts shared on her Instagram, it was clear to see that the two were together hence Lilian Muli’s lovey dovy captions.

Jared responds to the pregnancy rumors

Speaking to the Nairobian who reached out to Jared Nevaton, the fella was not happy with how the media was getting involved with his personal life. When asked about the pregnancy he said;

What sort of nonsense is that don’t ask me stupid questions. Why are you asking me questions about my life? We are very together. This is very personal information.

He went on to add;

Yes, when your wife gets pregnant does one ask who the father is? We are very much together. I don’t think my personal life should be in the public domain.

Fans drool over Lilian Muli’s handsome man shortly after introducing him

Lilian Muli might have just unveiled the face of the handsome man she is seeing. The news anchor through her Instagram page shared a photo of chilling with a certain prominent man from the Machakos county but her caption is what caught my attention.

She described the man Eriq Dee as Kindu wakwa meaning my love and went on to reveal that not even distance would make her forget him.

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Being a new year that will see many media personalities walk down the aisle, could this be the reason Lilian Nzisa Muli went public with her man?

Anyway judging the photo, it is clear to see that they indeed compliment each other. Both appear Stylish and playful hence good for each other.

Lilian Muli’s fans congratulate the two

Since she left her comment section open comments, fans went on to congratulate the two while others drilled over the fella. Read the comments in the post below.


Check out the Ksh.15 million Lillian Muli’s rumored boyfriend gifted himself

Citizen TV’s news anchor Lilian Muli has been rumored to be dating one Ben King’ang’i who is among the top richest people we have come across in the Kenyan entertainment industry.

Ben with Lilian Muli
Ben with Lilian Muli

The fella is however said to have had a humble beginning that saw him struggle in his childhood and youth. But like any person with an ambition of becoming better in life, he put in some extra effort that has seen him live a lavish lifestyle including drive some of the most expensive cars in the market.

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So far he owns a Range Rover Sport, Mercedes Maybach S 600, Bentley among others including his latest ride a Porsche Panamera Turbo. The car which was paraded by Vera Sidika on her snapchat had the fella’s customized number plate and from the stories making rounds on social media this could have cost him about 1 million for the number plate where else the car costs around Ksh.15 million.

This is however not a surprise as he is said to own a couple of successful businesses in the country. Checkout the ride below:

Ben King'angi
Ben King’angi’s car