Otile Brown shows once again that he is the king of RnB in Kenya as he drops new love song “Vibaya”

Days after Otile Brown was rumored to have gotten a “jungu”- girlfriend he drops a new love track dubbed “Vibaya.”

Otile is one of the few artists in Kenya that can boast of musical consistency.Despite being in many scandals that has never faltered his passion of making good music.

In fact he is one of the artists that Kenyans fall in love with on a daily basis.

“Vibaya” is a love song that clearly depicts how much a man can fall in  love with the right woman.

He goes all in to shower the girl with praises of love who in this case is played by vixen Maddie Jewitt.


Otile Brown’s lyrical prowess can be  likened to the Bongo world. However the difference comes in with how he brings it out.

In the lyrics he adopted the lines from the taarab world that most us used during singing games as kids.

He goes like, “Nacho hitaji moyo ata akili ,haiwezi baini, Cha mtima cha moyo ata  kama kibaya …Nakupenda Kipimo sina,Nakupenda vibaya ,Yaani Vizuri vibaya……Nampenda mpenda mpenda(Nani?)Mschana mmoja,Na jina lake, Nani?

I know you sang that last part too.Well  Otile did justice in the lyrics.This new song is a clear indication that Otile will be Kenya’s RnB sensation for the longest time. Furthermore, him doing music and remaining relevant all  this years is just a presentation of passion and art.



The visuals in the video give a beautiful ambiance of Kenya’s scenery of the Ngong Hills with all the fog/mist.I am not sure of the difference so pick one.Point is the location is beautiful.

The song was produced by Vickypondis  and directed by Deskatores who have clearly done a good job. If for anything am sure Otile has served us all reasons to fall in love over and over again without thinking of the consequences.

For that rating I will give Otile 9/10.Watch and tell us what you think. In the meantime stay safe and wash your hands!



Rayvanny and Mr. Blue treat fans to raggae love song dubbed “Mama la mama”

One of Wasafi’s finest Rayvanny seems to be on cupid quest in this month of love. Days after releasing another love song he now drops “Mama la mama” and he features rapper Mr. Blue.

Despite having it rocky in his love life with baby mama Fahyma, Rayvanny is out to prove that no matter what love is still worth trying. Or rather at some point in life, we all crave for love.

Mama la mama is another of Rayvanny’s Valentine’s edition production of the Flowers EP. For one we must appreciate the fact the intended purpose for this music was achieved. I mean its the month of love.

Vanny boy

Mama la mama

The title of the song is Swahili that can be translated to mean “Woman among all women”. Atleast that is what I got from looking at lyrics.

In the song, it’s about a guy praising the woman he loves and what she really means to him. Rayvnny starts by showing off his musical prowess.

He goes on to tell us why he chose to be his baby mama, and how she is the perfect wife material. Ahem, are calling out on Fahyma?

I mean they looked good together.

Whether it’s her or not, either way, the description fits. But again the lyrics go on to describe her beauty to detail and yes it’s beautiful.


Later in the song fellow musician, Mr Blue raps in the song with the continued description of why the girl is perfect.

I must say the two did justice to this song with the lyrics and delivery.

The video too is beautifully done and I loved the fact that this time Rayvanny’s model was not as light as those they usually do but darker in complexion.

The video production was done and directed by director Kenny from zoom extra. As we continue to reminisce about love in this month we also appreciate good music.

Watch and give us your thoughts around this song.

EMB’s Denno drops new love song “Nakupenda” on valentines day a dedication to his wife

As the world marked Valentines day, gospel singer Denno dropped another beautiful love song dubbed “Nakupenda”.

For a guy that has struggled to say afloat having financial challenges for his career, Denno boasts of God’s grace.

Few months after EMB records boss came to his rescue Denno is now doing music under the Bahati owned music empire.

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Denno had gone under for some time with very many challenges and for that Bahati’s took it upon themselves to find out about Denno.

Denno had previously had a successful music career in the gospel industry that was suddenly shut down.

However, he came back to the music scene with “Bado” song that he featured Bahati. A song that caught the attention of many Kenyans with many lauding Bahati for the selfless act.


For Valentines day Denno decided to treat his fans to a love song. Talk of timeliness. Nakupenda is a song of a man expressing his feelings to his love.

From the look of this song, Denno is telling his love story. The best part is that in the video he features his beautiful wife.

So in case, you were wondering how the two met then this song has all the details. When I say love is a beautiful thing this is just about it.

He goes on the remind us of the biblical reading from  Mathew 19:6-“Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate”.

Denno sings his heart out promising to love his wife to the best way he can and adds that he would do anything to make her happy.

The song’s lyrics are clearly what every girl wants to hear her man say. So think we can now say Denno’s wife is among the luckiest women today.

Denno's wife

Furthermore, from the video you’d see that she is a happy woman and contented.

The ambience in the video is also breathtaking so basically we can give a thumbs up for this.

Watch the video and give us your thoughts.

Vanessa Mdee has failed by focusing more on love instead of using Rotimi to sell her music

Vanessa Mdee has proved that love is a beautiful thing with Rotimi. Although it is in good faith, there is a problem. The beauty queen has had the best opportunity in her music career to go international.

Imagine you are the one dating power star, Rotimi? Would you have taken advantage of the large following he has? First, Vanessa Mdee is a brand on her own, a brand that she has the best opportunity to grow.

Vanessa Mdee has failed by focusing more on love instead of using Rotimi to sell her music

In my honest opinion, it is high time that Mdee opened her eyes and stop being fooled by love. I mean she is all over Instagram parading Rotimi.

Rotimi is is a brand and a big icon in the US. He is a name that will greatly push Vanessa Mdee’s music abroad. Who in this time an era keeps their fruits in one basket.

Honestly, I feel that Vanessa Mdee is losing as an artiste. Look at her fellow artistes like Tanasha who have taken advantage of their lovers’ popularity.

Vanessa Mdee has failed by focusing more on love instead of using Rotimi to sell her music

It is a world that one will not feed on love but on your hustle. Every now and then, Vanessa Mdee has forgotten of her music career. Imagine being on a flight weekly with your celebrity lover?

Vanessa Mdee should by now have done a collaboration with Rotimi. Look at the market she will be attracting abroad? Sometimes I wonder if she ever thinks of going beyond the love word with Rotimi.

Vanessa Mdee has failed by focusing more on love instead of using Rotimi to sell her music

I know m, majority of you will say am jealous, but it is time Vanessa came back to her senses. She has on a couple of times accompanied her star lover to perform abroad but not at one time has she performed alongside him.

In addition, I have not seen any dumb Tanzania artiste. Vanessa Mdee will be the first one and she needs to act fast. You’ll agree with me that she is committing music suicide. When is the last time she even released a single since dating Rotimi?

I hope she will read this and act accordingly. Your thoughts also count. She needs to stop going to live radios to parade her lover and start marketing her music.

Dondosa by Zzero Sufuri is all about the waist(Audio)

Zzero Sufuri has clearly made a name for himself since the days of “Zmenishika” hit. With a recent successful tour to Dubai, Zzero is back to the Music scene with a new jam  dubbed  “Dondosa”.

Zzero is among the many artist that manage to get their niche in the gengetone  dominated field now. On the other hand his sheng vibe gives him the upper hand in his scope of  music.


Dondosa is a sheng word that means whine your waist-If that is what I got right. In some sense some people say Zzero Sufuri is what was missing in the genge field. Why? This is because the lad posses some flow that many Kenyans would call magical.



Dondosa is a fill good song calling out on people especially ladies to have fun. In addition he showers his girl with praises on how she makes him happy when she whines her waist.

Well, that’s just how it goes.“Si nimekupendaga bana jo ukizitoka Vile huzitoka hunifanya bado nachoka Kwanza ukidondosa unafanya jasho inanitoka Naskia kuzitoka, bila hata kuniogopa….” reads part of the lyrics.

The song is produced by Brayo K Wise who did a beautiful job when it comes to the songs arrangement.The Genge basics intertwined with drum instrumentation of horns and bits of a bass drum, plays all the magic .

For what its worth Zzero did a good job in this jam all we can do wait for the video and see if the visuals will blend with the lyrics.

However from the views on Youtube, the call for support for Kenyan music is still up. Only problem is how fast Kenyans overlook talent but Zzero is clearly one talent not to be forgotten.

In the meantime, I will rate it at 7/10. Tell us what you think after you listen.

Akothee is all about love in new jam “Rollam”

Kenya’s Akothee nyakadera, jaluo oksechi, self-declared president of all single mothers is once more shining in her element after rekindling the flame of love in our hearts.

Madam boss dropped a new single, Rollam just hours after Eliud Kipchoge’s historical moment. What better way to grace the occasion by a new sensational love song. This comes only 4 months after the hot “Muje” jam.
Rollam will change your mind about love. It will make you want to find bae like almost immediately or fall in love again if you had given up on it. Who wants to miss out on some Rollam fire shake-um?

The flamboyant artist once more is making us leave our seats again to Rollam fire shake-um for our darlings as the song suggests. It is an afro-beat tune that has a touch of Nigerian accent in it.


The video is shot in the plush Weston hotel featuring FBI Dance crew and Nelly Oaks -Akothee’s manager.
There’s love in the air throughout the whole song.

Akothee gets so cozy in bed with Nelly Oaks in a way that makes you want to find bae for a quick cuddle.

The video does not end before Akothee graces us with her magnificent twerking. This is beside the well-choreographed dance moves splendidly done with the help of the FBI dance crew all dressed in white robes.


I must mention the awesome view of the legs displayed in the video(ahem).wanaumeee!!!


The song is purely a love song by a lady, madam boss herself wanting just love, nothing more nothing less.( She has actually spoken the minds of some ladies.)
Darling am not about your money
Sweet darling all I want is your loving
See you be my lover my lover eeh
And I be your lover
Give me your best and ill show you better
From now to forever in any weather.
Who in their right minds wouldn’t fall in love after such sweet charming words.
Such an amazing work from madam boss. Let me get bae for some Rollam-fire-shake-um action.
Rating 9/10.watch and give us your opinion.

Ommy Dimpoz is all about love and groove in new jam “Show me”

For a man that faced a near death situation, Ommy Dimpoz has every reason the celebrate and enjoy his life.

On the day he was celebrating his birthday  on 13th of September he  released his new jam “Show me”.

The guy has been on musical release spree that has seen him collaborate with various artists across the world including Kenya as a country.

Show me

With the recent success, this new jam ‘Show me’, this is a feel good love song.

Ommy DimpozYes your typical love story but with a touch of class, pomp and groove. From the look at the video, the joy depicted by the artist is unfathomable. He has created a song that clearly was meant for the woman he loves.

Speaking of which, who is his girlfriend, wife or baby mamma? Well we shall find out.


As expected Tanzanian artists always have a way with their words that you would definately fall in love with their music.

Their poetic concepts always come out so well.In this song he starts of with the chorus that goes as follows, “Tell you mummy, show me what you got Eeh eeh show me what you got Tell you mummy, show me what you got Eeh eeh show me what you got….”
Am sure we all get what he means by that.Further on he goes on to tell us how he was on quest to conqur the love of this girl that he finally has .

Especially when he says,“Nilikuwa nakawinda Nimekaona leo Jicho nyusi yametinda Pozi za kisafi leo Kwani mara kibinda Natamani akanipe leo Kwa uzuri ameshinda Nakapandisha vyeo”
These lines are what i was talking about when I mentioned poetry. He  goes on to tell  us the love he feels for her.

Well for the lyrics I must say Ommy Dimpoz did a good job especially with the blend of some spanish in it.

Production and Video

The song was done in Beverly Hills under Rockstar Africa Entertainment. Basically the concept was well executed.

Rating I will go for 7/10.Watch and tell us what you think.


Nandy back on the scene with “Bugana” and features New by Kidd Billnass and he doesn’t disappoint

The self proclaimed African Princess Nandy, is clearly not going anywhere  when it comes to doing music.This  time she teams up with East Africa’s most promising Rap Kidd BillNass to bring us new  jam “bugana”.

For a long time Tanzanian Rap artists are  not that influential except for a few known around  East Africa.


Bugana is a song that has brought songstress Nandy and Kid together to keep him at the top of his game.

From all sorts of searches i am not sure i know the meaning of the word ‘Bugana”. However from the comments below the video on youtube, Bugana means “Love”.


Basically in the song the two are trying to bring out the essence of being genuine when it comes to two people in love.

The two have the energy that goes so well with the lyrics.

However as the song goes on, you realize that Billnass struggles to put out a good game in his rap. Well, in my opinion he is one to watch out for. He might just dethrone Mwanafa.

In this the two singers are talking about plans for their marriage with the involvement of their family and friends.

In all this they try to bring out the essence of love between a couple


The lyrical breakdown of this songs Lyrics has been well down as it is sequential form that lacks in many songs around the region.

In essence  the duo are telling society that it is okay to dream of a perfect kind of love that leads to a happy ever after.

Nandi in her part she clearly showers her man with the love and respect he deserves. Well everyone deserves to be loved.


As we ponder on the deeper meaning of the word “Bugana” we give credit where its due Nandy and Billnas did a god job on the lyrics.

The song was  produced and directed by S2kizzy and the sound mixing by the super producer Lizer Classic.

For rating I will go for 6/10.Watch and tell us what you think.

Jux and Vanessa team up for new Jam “Sumaku”

Few weeks after the break up rumors between Tanzanian RnB singer Juma  Jux and Vanessa Mdee  made rounds on the internet, we now have a new song from the two. The truth about their break up  or make up is still among many.

But hey they have a new song for us titled,” Sumaku”. Sumaku loosely translates to magnet.

This is serenade that we will be enjoying for the longest time.This is the lead song from Jux for his debut studio project.


According to Jux , this song is second among the songs set for his new album. The song  speaks of the irresistible attraction and magic of love between committed partners.

Juma Jux

Speaking during an Interview, the Incase You don’t know hit maker said his  fans should expect an album full of many flavors and sounds.

Further he said he has been working tirelessly to give you the fans an all round exciting, fun and entertaining project. Well we are waiting.

However, this song has sparked a conversation on to whether he and Vanessa Mdee are back or will be getting back together.Truth is I hope they do. Love is a beautiful thing.

Just like a line in the song Sumaku that says,

……Belong to you, belong to me beiby Ananivuta vuta kama magneti Duu na duu na duu na duu beiby…….


At beginning of the song, Vanessa Mdee mentions that the song was produced by S2Kizzy , a beat producer from Tanzania.

With such juice fans are anticipating on the video as these couple was the ultimate couple goals before they broke up.We hope the in the video they bring out the chemistry as the fans anticipate.

Juma’s highly anticipated star-studded album will crown an already  successful year for the R&B king. He also marked his debut on one of Africa’s biggest  music show, Coke Studio Africa 2019 in February performing alongside Mozambique’s Shellsy Baronet.

We want more Jux and Mdee. For ratings I give them 7/10.

Below is the audio listen and tell us what you think.

Big pin and Mayonde team up for new Jam “Juu”

Remember when the big or rather veteran artists in the Kenyan Music industry promised to join upcoming artist in doing music?

Well,seems it is working however, receivership for this music is a little bit wanting. The legendary artist Big Pin was a house hold name  towards the end  of the 90s  and early 2000.

He was known for big tunes like ‘Bamba’ featuring the late Esir and K-rupt ” Talk 2 you” that he featured in with Amani and Patonee, ‘Nairobi Party among others.

“Juu” is his latest jam featuring Mayonde. The song is the second of his new album ‘Jatelo Chronicles’.

For a music legend its sad that 3 days after the songs release the song has  gotten 3.2k views. That should tell you the kind of impact they now have in the industry.


As he teams up with Songstress Mayonde, you’d definitely appreciate the soul and vocals she puts in the song.

Basically, the ballad is about two lovers expressing their love and intentions to each other.They are putting each other “Juu”-loosely translating to up-more like a priority.

It scores in the expression and dance.There isn’t much detail on the lyrical break down as it translates to one basic statement ‘Nmekuweka juu Baby‘.

I believe in his stature of legendary music , Big Pin should have been more involved in the writing of this song.

Hatujakataa , he has done a good job on this one but can do better. Am sure you think so too.

For Mayonde -Clap clap- wish I had a clap emoji though! Smh!

She has her A game in this song.Her verses are well brought out and the grove too is on another level.


The song was produced by super producer  Jegede and video done by Nezzomonts.

For rating purposes I give it 5/10.What do you think?

Below is the video enjoy.

New Banger, ‘The One’ by Diamond Platinumz is all about love

Award winning Tanzanian Bongo music star Diamond Platinumz is not new to the scene when it comes to music about love.

Okay, hush!hush! about the baby mama drama. Lets break down his latest hit titled ‘The one”.

The song is basically channeling love all over  and to whether it was a love expression to Diamond’s love Tinashe or not is a story for another day.

But of course online Communities or as they call them ”online-in-laws” already made assumptions and whatever you say, You are right!


He starts of with the Wasafi Signarure followed by  the producers name…..Ayo Lizer-you say it smoothlygot it ? No? Ni sawa pia ina wenyewe hiyo.

Diamond  and 'the One' model  in the video

Slowly going down to his first line,

“My heart can never tell me lies I know you love me and the love is true And I feel the same way, I can’t deny Baby Ondi ku hole I will die for you”

Diamond is his feelings to his love in equal measure.I mean this guy knows what to tell a woman and how to make them feel. This just incase you still wonder why he got too much drama.

Look at the following lyrics,”I swear usitishwe na ya vimbelembele Oooh wanaopiga kelelelele Ati kujifanya viherehere Kwa sisi hawatoweza”.

Yaani , he gives you security of word of mouth, eeh!  You enter the box literally without question.


People with ‘Vimbelembele and viherehere‘ too bad.Diamond platinumz has marked his territory fully. Hopefully its no longer about “Sikomi”.

At the same time Diamond platinumz is under fire , with allegations of stealing this song.Initially, the audio of it was done  together with Namibian singer King TeeDee.

The reason to why  King Tee Dee did not feature in the video is not clear.As we wait for the details , I think we should enjoy this production “tukijisheketua”.

This because for me  Diamond did justice to it fully. Be it dance, costuming, ambiance and so on everything was on point. For this i give it a 9/10 rating.

Below is the video enjoy!