Never seen before hot photo of Lulu Hassan back in high school excites Kenyans

Lulu Hassan is a keeper! I guess this is something we all know and Rashid Abdalla must feel blessed to have bagged himself a wife like Ms Hassan.

So far the Citizen TV anchor has proven to be quite private and for this reason very few know anything about her life before the fame and money.

However thanks to a new post shared by Lulu herself, we finally get a chance to see how life was back in high school. Judging from the photo shared by the lady; we understand that Lulu Hassan has always been hot from way back. Unlike most anchors, turns out that Lulu ‘s beauty is not from her expensive make up but in born.

Lulu Hassan and adorable daughter, Kiran

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Flash back Friday

Thanks to the caption, we also get to know that Lulu Hassan went to Agakhan Academy in Mombasa; meaning life wasn’t that bad for her  family!

Despite the fluent Swahili, the mother of 3 also speaks perfect English; and judging from the schools she went to, then you can clearly see why she remains unbeaten in terms of news reporting and expressing herself. To caption her post, Lulu Hassan wrote;

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Lulu Hassan

Ohh!!!..time does fly????????????…Aisee growing up is a trap…. @akamombasa

Finally blessed with a daughter

After being blessed with 3 boys, the news anchor together with husband welcomed a daughter in 2018; a blessing that has brought nothing but joy in their lives.

So far we understand that their daughter remains her daddy’s favorite girl; and at least the fine looks have finally been passed down to yet another female in their family!