Mbosso’s ‘Maajab’ doing better in the Kenyan coast

Mbosso’s ‘Maajab’ doing better in Kenyan coast.  It is evident that the song has had a good feel in the coastal areas in Kenya and also globally. The singer signed under Wasafi records has been posting clips from the region of people playing his work.

The song which is done is a Swahili setting has been on their airwaves since it’s release. Although it was done a month ago, it does not grow old to many.

In my own thinking, I feel that Mbosso is the only Wasafi artist who will go far. Do you want to know why? This is because he has content and message in his work.

Although the Kenyan coast has a lot of musicians who do Bongo music, they all do not hit but look at this guy and the love he is getting from the place. Come on Kenyans let’s also support our own the likes of Dazlah and Brown Mauzo.

The song which has over 2 million views is the talk of town. But we need to appreciate talent and on this one he did a good thing. Why can’t the Kenyan government get one of own out of Tanzania. I know this is crazy…

You know that something is good from the fans.. Some screenshots from Mbosso’s Instagram account tell it all.


This man Mbosso has a way of marketing his songs and a voice that wins the hearts of many. There are also videos and screenshots of people dancing to Maajab. There is so much love from this jam.

Maajab lovers doing their best

The Jam Maajab has got some great love too from youtube lovers. This is just so much for one person. You are going to realize that most of his fans are from +254.

Maajab lovers on youtube. Mbosso fans

Anyway, may the best team win. But also lets also grow our own like we are doing to our brothers and sisters from Tanzania. I believe Brown Mauzo’s new jam Aniote is so close to Mbosso’s Maajab.

Penzi lake ajab: Mbosso from Wasafi is back with ‘Maajab”

Mbosso is among the boys at Wasafi Records who seem to be working really hard.In the past two weeks they have been on the spree of releasing hit after hit.Just after the release of his Biography documentary, Mbosso is back on the scene with a new song titled ‘Maajab”.

For that we the fans appreciate.

Just as you would expect the song is all about love.Who doesn’t want to be loved?


The lyrics in the song are rather poetic and coded.The Swahili used is is very simple from the outward look of it.

However the lyrics tell a story of love.In the song Mbosso describes the kind of love he is receiving from his woman.

He starts off with,

“Hii Imara kashikilia, na Avibe Bichwa,Walahi Kanipatia, Anastahili sifa.

Chumba Kizima cha nukia,Uturi Kajifisha Vidole nasimamia, Ukingoni nafikishwa…”

Need I explain more?

He says she is the kind of woman that every man would wish to have because ‘Penzi lake ni la Ajabu ananipa penzi la ajaab’

Further he goes on to describe how his woman takes care of him.Sadly not many men can a test to this in this day.

“….Ananikosha mwili kwa maji ya madafu,yeye ndio kocha na ananifunza kucheza rafu…..”mmmhhh!!

Clearly Mbosso anaona penzi la ajab yaani maajab.


Any production from Wasafi records is always one to anticipate.We will keep  waiting  for the video which I believe will be top notch.

The audio was done by the music master himself,Lizer Classic and Mocco Genious.

The Nadekezwa hit maker is surely out to make music for the world. Despite his fall back from his group he did not give up.

He was picked up by friends and had to prove himself and this is just another of the many big jams we the fans keep expecting.

As we wait for the video I will give it 7/10 rating.

Listen and tell us what you think.