Kenyan celebs need to evolve beyond simple stunts to launch songs

Aren’t you getting tired of seeing Kenyan celebs like Willy Paul, Madini Classic, Stivo Simple Boy, Ringtone and the rest get involved in pointless drama for the sake of a silly music video that they are releasing? I know I’m over it.

Madini Classic & Girlfriend Pritty Vishy Conduct ‘Ruracio’ Ceremony

I get it, before we truly had a fandom for Kenyan artists, they needed to do whatever they needed to inorder to get attention on their projects. That was why you had the likes of Brown Mauzo faking relationships with Amber Ray etc.

However, right now, Kenyan celebs have cultivated not just a general fandom for their art but personal fandoms; People who are genuinely fans of their craft and want to support them.

‘Nikikupata Nakukula Kama Ugali’-Willy Paul Thirsts Over Musician Jovial, She Responds (Screenshot)

However, evolution and adaptation has never been a strength of Kenyan celebs so we are stuck in a rather infuriating loop of Kenyan celebs going silent when they have nothing to offer and then reasserting their presence on the collective psyche of their fans by coming through with outrageous theatrics and antics.

And these often follow the same pattern. They are either involved in a feud with some other artist only for them to make peace and release a collabo or they are dating some other celebrity and are involved in a rather unlikely relationship.

It’s A Yes! Stivo Simple Boy Proposes To Girlfriend Gee (video)

These stunts get tired pretty fast and these days whenever there is any entertainment news about Kenyan celebs, it is often met with skepticism. All we can think of or see is the fact that they are useless because the fans can see right through them.

Willy paul is harassing Jovial? Well, they must have a love song coming out soon. Madini Classic is dating Prity Vishy? Yeah right. He is literally using her to cling onto relevance. It gets even more played out when they predictably release a new project only for it to be mediocre at best.

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Pretty Vishy and Madini Classic, Kenyans are tired of relationship publicity stunts

Pretty Vishy and Madini Classic have decided to tell the world that they are a couple now. Besides this being one of the more unbelievable couples to have started dating, I can’t help but think this to be a very ill-advised publicity stunt.

‘Unapendwa Dzaddy’- Pritty Vishy Gushes Over New Boyfriend Madini Classic

I highly suspect that the singer from Coast has realised his career has stagnated and he is hoping the attention he can manage to grab by announcing such an unlikely coupling will eventually propel his career forward after jumpstarting it.

Madini Classic

But this is not the way to go for Madini Classic. Why you ask? For two main reasons, the first being that Pretty Vishy only really has clout online and in Nairobi at that but mainly because of audience fatigue.

Stivo Simple Boy Sends Message To Pritty Vishy On Her New Relationship With Madini Classic

We as a people are tired of being strung along by desperate musicians who are afraid their music is either not connecting with the audience or that their creativity is lacking so they decide to chase after clout by having some improbable matches and relationships.

Madini Classic
Madini Classic

Madini Classic is 5 years too late for this stunt. What people want is music. And an example of this fact is Otile Brown who hdid his stunts with Vera Sidika and then he stopped doing silly stunts and focused on his music. This has resulted in an explosion of popularity for him.

‘Nikona Baby Fever’- Pritty Vishy Tells New Lover Madini Classic (Video)

But assuming Bwana Classic thinks this relationship with Pretty Vishy will make him popular, what will he do to sustain the hype? Because the people paying attention to the couple are out of touch with his music. He is going to have to transition to either being a lifestyle content creator who shares with us all his love life shenanigans or he will have to step into her shadow because the real draw of them as a couple is Pretty Vishy.

None of the people paying attention to Madini Classic and Pretty Vishy are doing so because of him. We are all wondering what she did to land a guy like him. We are all wondering what she does that has made him fall for her. We are wondering what secrets she has to divulge and share.

Ultimately, he has become a laughing stock while she is seen as the master of relationships and this is not a great look for a man who puts out love RnB.

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Madini is back with a new tune ‘Punani’ ft Noble Mirror 92

Madini Classic is back with a new hit dubbed Punani. In the new jam Madini features Noble Mirror 92. Punani has a great feel and you wouldn’t imagine missing it.

The Kenyan coastal based singer has been making great hits in the recent past something that has seen him compete with other big names in the industry.

Message in this jam ‘Punani’

Madini in this song he talks about love and it is just so great. To start with, he has performed the song and has let emotions run the song.

He is talking about going home and finding his lover.  It is actually funny that the meaning of the songs title is something that will send you thinking.

Madini is back with a new tune 'Punani' ft Noble Mirror 92

The guy has used vulgar language in this kind of work, Punani is a Sheng’ word that is used to describe a woman’s vagina. In addition, Madini in Punani also talks about the meale sexual organs and how he is going to feed on his woman’s punani.

Baby I can’t wait niko almost home tengeneza kitanda. This is more of a sexual scene.

The soft spoken singer is always cool in what he does but this kind of work, it seems like he has decided to loosen up kidogo.

It is a great hit from the execution process and it is relevant with today’s young generation. Although the audience is limited, Madini has his fans where he wants them to be.

Also, in this case, Madini has gone into what many Kenyan artists are producing for them to sell. In this case, he is simply talking about a woman’s body that he has fallen in love with.

To add on, the song’s production is well done all the way from the execution of the audio and beats. We start by recognising the team behind the whole production. Punani is the work of Amo onthebeat.

Madini Classic new jam ‘Nitavumilia’ is filled with pain

Madini Classic has a new song dubbed Nitavumilia. To start with, the  jam comes out after he talks about his girl and the beef with Eric Omondi. Nitavumilia is all about him coping with situation-ships. The Kenyan made artist has been on the limelight.

Madini is talented and he keeps it burning. In this new jam it is evident that he has been going through a lot and thus the song. Him hitting the media waves seems like it was a plot.

Also, there is a line where he talks about Mama Madini asking about grandchildren whereas on social media they talking of him neglecting his girlfriend. Who stole his love? Mama Madini roho yake. Kenyans are always informed. Yani online FBI’s.

What is ‘Nitavumilia’ about?

To start with, the way Madini starts the song, you’ll realize there is a lot of pain. Ni kama nakosa pumzi Maneno yanakwisha eeh Nimeona mengi Binadamu hawana mema eeh. Actually, it seems that someone hurt him Trusting human beings is a full time death job. He says that human beings are never thankful.

Madini Classic on Nitavumilia
Secondly in this stanza he talks how bad human beings are.Ona wanasema nanii  Kamtongoza nanii Hata baada ya kuniibia haoni Binadamu wabaya. Someone stole from him. This is Kenya..

Also he  goes on to say that even his friends are talking about him; Ona nabaki nalia na moyo wangu(Sana) Wananitukana mpaka wezangu(Sana) Nani aponye kidonda changu? Mama Madini roho yangu Nitavumilia tu(Kwa sana) Mimi nitavumilia(Kwa sana) Nitavumilia tu(Kwa sana) Mimi nitavumilia(Kwa sana).

To add on that in this next stanza what does he say; Oooh ona maadui hawajalala Wananipigia mpaka usiku Eti handsome umekula? Ndio kesho waseme seme. It seems like enemies are surrounding him from either side.

In addition to the message, I must say that this jam was well written. This guy can write. Also the way he has delivered the jam. First look at the lyrical presentation.

In conclusion, as much as the jam is bitter Nitavumilia is great. Madini Classic thought about it. Last but not least, Nitavumilia gets a rating of 5/10.

Below is a link to the audio.

“We watched him throw his girlfriend and new born out in the cold!” Singer Madini Classic exposed

After claiming that Eric Omondi lured his alleged girlfriend with money, singer Madini must now be worked out by a different story claiming he kicked out his baby mama and months old child out of his home.

The story was shared by one Zipporah Akinyi on social media who went on to narrate how Madini kicked out his young family at Nyambura Villa where he lives.

According to the lady everyone in the estate watched Madini kick out his baby mama and shockingly his months old baby who he did no care where they would go. She wrote saying;


Madini exposed

Don’t care attitude

From the Facebook post, Zipporah adds that Madini’s attitude got out of hand as he could invite friends over and laugh off from his car just to mock the poor girl who was still taking refuge in one of the neighbors house.

Madini exposed

Well, about the fake Hamisa wannabe story, seems that Zipporah couldn’t hold back from giving the singer a piece of her mind as she concluded by saying;


Madini Classic Features Vivian in ‘Energy’

Madini classic is back with a new jam dubbed Energy. In this song he has featured Kenya’s finest Vivian. It is a great collabo and the voices compliment each other. In Energy there is so much that will capture your attention.

Madini Classic has been consistent in his work keeping his fans at per. Also, this collaboration with Vivian is just dope. Clearly it shows that Kenyan artists are doing well out there.

Madini Classic and Vivian team up for Energy

He is slowly becoming a household name. The coast based artists releases Energy after his last single dubbed Niambie. If this jam does not capture your attention then you need to re-think your choice of music.

Anyway, Madini is not one to be compared with the new age artists here in Kenya. If he is given a platform with them, am confident to say that he would beat them 10-nil.

It is not always that we get an opportunity to listen to good grafted music. The lyrics are so easy that am sure you will master them within two days.

Messsage in ‘Energy’

To start with, lets look at the chorus which brings out the title of the song; Oooh beiby pull up, pull up love yeah Pull up, pull up love Oooh beiby pull up, pull up love yeah Pull up, pull up love Kama energy  Kama energy Kama energy Kama energy‘. This is all about love. He is talking to her lover asking her to hold on.

Also, there is this stanza that he talks about his heart belonging to the girl. You wouldn’t miss this; It goes like; Wangu roho, toka nikupate we Roho yangu ya pili, tena kwako sihami Nitakwama na wewe, na wewe

To add on this the song is the work of three brains, Written by Madini Classic, Control Bwoy and Vivian. It is a great jam ad worth ones time.

In conclusion, Energy gets a rating of 7/10.

Below is a link to the video.