Magix Enga: Bensoul is deceiving the kids, and I’m fighting a marijuana addiction

Music producer Magix Enga has strongly criticized Bensoul for his recent advocacy of marijuana use and calls for its legalization in Kenya.

Enga, who has faced personal struggles with drug addiction and depression, condemns Bensoul’s statements on weed, citing his own experiences as evidence of its detrimental effects.

Speaking from his perspective, Enga reveals his past heavy marijuana use during his time at Magix Empire studio, explaining that instead of enhancing productivity as he initially believed, weed had the opposite effect.

“I used to smoke a lot of weed to help me calm down and concentrate while making music, but it only led to feeling constantly drowsy and unproductive,” Enga explains. “Weed abuse turns you into a zombie; it doesn’t sharpen your focus as some claim. It’s not beneficial at all.”

Enga also challenges the perception of certain American celebrities, like rapper Wiz Khalifa, who openly endorse weed, suggesting that their public persona may not accurately reflect their actual habits.

“Someone like Wiz Khalifa may not actually consume as much weed as he portrays. If he did, he wouldn’t maintain his level of focus and success,” Enga argues. “It’s likely just a facade for showbiz, and it would be misguided to emulate him.”

In contrast, Bensoul has continued to advocate for the medicinal use of weed and its legalization, attributing its prohibition to political motives and racial oppression.

“Making weed illegal was a political move to oppress black people. Many countries have recognized its value and legalized it. We’ve missed out on economic opportunities,” Bensoul asserts, dismissing claims of weed-induced insanity and emphasizing its relatively benign nature compared to other drugs when used responsibly.

The stark disagreement between Enga and Bensoul underscores the ongoing debate surrounding marijuana use and legalization, with Enga cautioning against its glorification and Bensoul advocating for its acceptance and regulation.

In a bedsitter, my dad and I shared a bed. Magix Enga describes his problems.

Amos Njenga Chege, popularly known as Magix Enga, grew up in a religious household where financial hardships prompted him to leave home in pursuit of better opportunities.

Leaving his hometown of Nakuru for Nairobi, he was willing to take on any job, even street cleaning, to make ends meet. His humble dwelling was a room in Nyamakima, where he often went to bed hungry.

During his time in Nairobi, he frequented Gidi Kibukosya’s studios, where he honed his music production skills. This experience greatly motivated him. While in the city, he unexpectedly encountered his father, who had found employment with Molo Line.

Amos convinced his father that it would be beneficial for them to live together. Recounting their challenging living conditions to Mseto East Africa, Magix described their cramped living space and the fact that they shared a bed.

The duo often knelt together in prayer, seeking divine assistance for Amos’s success in the music industry. Amos’s unwavering faith in prayer astonished his father.

His prayers eventually yielded results. He found success with songs like “Digi Digi” with Arrow Bwoy, followed by collaborations with KRG the Don, leading to invitations to perform in Uganda and Mauritius. King Kaka and Otile Brown also became part of his journey.

Despite mastering these hit songs, Magix Enga claimed that he was never paid for his work. He emphasized the importance of recognizing when someone is taking advantage and asserted his commitment to hard work and self-motivation.

His passion for music production led him to work with other notable artists like Timmy T Dat and Khaligraph, contributing to the creation of more popular songs.

Magix Enga Set For Musical Comeback

Kenyan music producer Magix Enga is getting ready to make a big musical comeback after taking a professional break due to financial difficulties and a mental health issue.

Enga announced his return on his own Instagram account, thanking everyone who supported him through his dark days.

“Back from the shadows, stronger than ever. Mungu Wangu Hujainiangusha 🙏 Thank you to everyone who never lost faith in me,” Enga wrote.

He gave special thanks to the people and organizations who had helped him along the way, such as DJ Sule, Big Afrique Studios, Asila Bunny, Nebert Nebo, Kerry Lens, and Willy M Tuva.

The master of music also expressed his gratitude to his wife for her steadfast support.

“Massive big up to my friends and fans pia… mmekua mkiuliza Enga alienda wapi… Enga is back ‼️ Time to create some epic timeless music,” Enga said.

The formerly successful producer said he was ready to have another big influence in the music business.

The single father said how happy he was to be working with his colleagues in Eldoret.

Mzazi Willy Mtuva offers Magix Enga assistance

Media personality Willy M. Tuva recently moved many Kenyans with his compassionate gesture of extending a helping hand to music producer Magix Enga.

Taking to social media, the radio presenter shared heartwarming videos with Magix Enga and his family, expressing encouragement and support. In one video, he captioned, “No giving up, better days will come. Meet Mr. and Mrs. Magix Enga with their handsome baby boy Starboy Hotani.”

Tuva continued to share heartfelt messages of encouragement to Enga in his other posts. He wrote, “You may fail, you may fall, but as long as you decide to rise again, you can fly higher than ever before. Even if some people write you off, believe in God and in yourself, and stay close to people who encourage you. Change is not easy, but trust the process. We believe in you, Magix Enga. You can be better and greater. Give it time.”

“He has been through the worst, but he can become the best. He has been down, but we are lifting him. We learn from the mistakes we made in the past to become successful in the future. Change comes to those who choose to change. Magix will go through a process to bring out the best in him. No matter how long it takes, we trust the process because God is our guide. Brace yourself for the beat magician, a better and greater Magix Enga. I believe in him,” Tuva added in another caption.

This act of support comes after Magix Enga, who has collaborated with some of Kenya’s biggest artists, spoke about his joblessness in October and appealed to prominent figures, including the president, and his fans for support in securing stable employment. Enga had mentioned his struggles and claimed that artists had taken advantage of his work.

In a video shared by Willy M. Tuva, Magix Enga appeared happy and healthy, showcasing his fatherly instincts as he carried his adorable son. Kenyans were thrilled by this and left encouraging messages for Enga while applauding Tuva for his graceful act.

Jaguar refuses to help failed and ailing Kenyan celebrities Magix Enga and Mwana Mtule

Charles Njagua, often known as Jaguar, gave an explanation of why he turned down Magix Enga’s and Mwana Mtule’s request for assistance in a recently popular video.

This occurred a few days after online users accused Mike Sonko of forsaking Conjestina Achieng on her rehabilitation journey, despite his pledge to fund her.

The affluent leader claimed that providing assistance wasn’t the issue, but rather the recipient—if they refuse assistance, there is nothing more you can do for them.

“Tuna saidia watu wengi lakini hatupost na nimeona kwa hii dunia kuna mtu unaeza saidia na kuna mtu huwezi”

The politician turned musician said that, although unsuccessful, he had attempted to assist Congestina prior to Mike Sonko’s efforts.

“Unachukua mtu kama mwnyewe hajaamua, unampeleka rehab nz bado anarudi kufanya zile vitendo.”

Jaguar stated he’s not willing to go through that with someone who doesn’t want to be genuinely helped, criticizing the practice of aiding individuals who don’t want help.

The politician continued by detailing his father’s addiction and how, despite their best efforts, they were unable to help him and he ultimately refused assistance since it was being pushed upon him.

“Ni akili ya mtu na nia inafanya mtu abadilike..” 

Jaguar discloses that he was asked by Tuva to assist Magix Enga, but he turned him down because the artist wasn’t ready for assistance and he would only assist him if the artist showed that he was sincere in wanting assistance.

“Juzi tuva ameniita twende kukamsaidie magix, lakini mimi hutaniona hapo siwezi….kwa hivyo mimi nilisema siwezi mopaka ile siku nitaona magic mwenyewe anataka kubadirika.”

The MP extended his gratitude to everyone who assisted Alpha Mteule, but he declared that he was unwilling to assist someone who lacked entitlement or the will to be assisted.

“Ukisaidia mtu ni kwanza aonyeshe nia ya kusaidika,”

Willy M Tuva extends help to Magix Enga

Recently, content creator Presenter Kai, gospel musician Bunny Asila, and media personality Willy M Tuva visited struggling but gifted music producer Magix Enga in Nakuru. The three went shopping and discovered Magix Enga with his two brothers, as shown in a touching YouTube video posted by Mseto East Africa.

The encouraging group created a good vibe throughout their visit by exchanging encouraging comments. Magix Enga’s performance of his soulful new song, “Mungu wangu,” which highlighted his unquestionable skill, was the video’s high point.

The group stated that they thought Magix Enga had the ability to improve his lot in life. Those surrounding Magix Enga nodded in agreement as he sang, and a few even joined in, evidently enjoying the flow of his song.

Later, Mzazi Willy M Tuva announced his decision to support Magix Enga on social media.

Tuva wrote on X, the former Twitter platform: “We went to see Magix Enga in his neighborhood in Nakuru on January 2nd with Bunny Asila. Our goal is to restore the magic of MAGIX.”

On December 24, Magix Enga posted a troubling picture of his swollen face on social media, which alarmed his followers.

The popular producer disclosed that he was the target of an attempted suicide by an unknown person in a startling statement that went along with the photo.

“Karibu niuliwe na hater hapa kwa streets God ako na mimi ❤️🙏🏿 tomorrow is another day we give thanks,”

Magix Enga withheld additional information regarding the occurrence, despite the seriousness of the circumstances. Magix Enga revealed to Nairobi News in October that he had to transfer his wife and child to live with his mother-in-law due to financial difficulties.

He noted that his difficult circumstances were made worse by the fact that many industry colleagues distanced themselves from him on the grounds that some of the artists he worked with had never paid him.

“I never signed a contract. That’s why I’m still struggling, as these artists don’t acknowledge my contributions to their work. At present, I can’t even provide for my family. It’s an incredibly tough situation, and I’ve had to send them away. I don’t want to see them struggle.”

Magix Enga reveals how artistes used and abandoned him

The well-known music producer Magix Enga, who has produced some of the biggest successes in the business, has opened up about his difficult financial circumstances.

In an open interview with Nairobi News, Enga said he couldn’t support his wife and child, so he had to transfer them to live with his mother-in-law.

During the height of his success, Enga produced songs that peaked at number one on the charts. However, he revealed that many of his friends and business acquaintances distanced themselves from him after learning about his financial difficulties.

He said that some of the musicians he worked with never paid him, and that others profited from his lack of legal representation because there were no written agreements in place.

“I never signed a contract. That’s why I’m still struggling, as these artists don’t acknowledge my contributions to their work.

At present, I can’t even provide for my family. It’s an incredibly tough situation, and I’ve had to send them away. I don’t want to see them struggle.”

Enga stated that Khaligraph Jones had been in touch with him to provide support, suggesting concerts for him to see if they become available.
He did, however, disclose that he was presently homeless and dealing with difficulties.

The most gifted beat producer in Africa and beyond, Magix Enga, stressed that his financial hardships affected the songs he made as well, some of which went on to become huge blockbusters.

Notably, he listed songs that he had not profited from, like “Dundaing,” “Watoto na Pombe” (Otile Brown ft. Enga), “Maja,” and “Mapenzi Hisia.”
Enga went on to say that he was unemployed and that he used the occasion to ask well-known people—including politicians—for assistance in his quest for a steady income.

A video of well-known music producer Magix Enga went viral on social media in December 2022, which alarmed his followers who thought his health was failing.
His phone number was inactive for a considerable amount of time at that time, which left many people concerned for his wellbeing.

Music Producer Magix Enga Welcomes Baby Boy

Kenyan music producer Magix Enga is the newest dad in town, after welcoming a bouncing baby boy into his young family.

The star shared the good news on social media, months after making it public that his lover was pregnant.

Magix and his partner have named their son “Starb’y Hotani.”

“Still can’t believe My boy is here one day old in this world👑❤️ follow him @starboyh Hotani next hitmaker ❤️ Like father like son 🎧🎧🎧 we love you @oti_kairetu 🥂,” Magix wrote on Instagram.

In a separate post, Magix said that he is willing to do anything for his newborn son.

“Anything for my boy ❤️ follow him Starboy_hotani And vote for me People Choice awards 2023 Audio producer of the year 2023 Magix Enga on The Beat 🎧 Click the link in my bio 🙏🏿love you all,” he wrote.

Congratulations to Magix and his family on the new arrival!

Magix Enga Should Admit He’s An Addict & Go To Rehab

Magix Enga is having one of the most controversial period of his career. The music producer is known to be the best in the business, but he has transitioned into something else beyond our understanding. Drugs have for a long time been known to be one of the things that affect people’s careers.
And from what we know, drugs have immensely contributed to the producer’s downfall. From making millions to a struggling man in the streets, Enga is an epitome of talent that went to waste due to excessive intake of drugs.

The music producer was recently spotted in tattered clothes with unkempt hair, sitting on a dusty roadside in Mombasa.
The photos raised concern as netizens questioned the sanity of Enga and whether he’s undergoing a mental break-down.

Road To Recovery

Enga, in a recent interview with Milele FM’s Ankali Ray, revealed that he’s currently on a recovery journey. He claims he’s back to the city and he’s looking forward to rejuvenate his career. He claimed that the photos were actually
To expedite his recovery, Magix Enga should admit he’s a drug addict who needs to be helped. In what manner? Go to Rehab.

Magix Enga Explains Why He Had To Quit Drugs, Shave Signature Dreadlocks (Video)

Music producer Magix Enga has decided to turn over a new leaf after several years of being on the limelight for his sumptuous lifestyle in showbiz. The renowned producer cum musician, recently divulged in an interview with Mungai Eve how he has transformed; from shaving off his signature dreads, to quitting drugs.

Magix Resolution

Magix Enga

His main reason for shaving and quitting drugs, he claims, is to inspire youngins who are upcoming in the entertainment industry, and look descent.

”Ilibidi ninyoe, nikaachana na mihadarati (I had to shave and quit drugs)…

Magix Enga claims he succumbed to peer pressure and regrets getting numerous tattoos.

”Ni peer pressure. Nilijipata kwa peer pressure nikachora ma tattoo, nikaeka ma dredi, nikanyoa.”

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No More Clout

Some months back, the musician was trending for purporting he was conglomerated in the infamous illuminati group; which all turned out to be a hoax. He reveals that most of the interviews he did while drunk or under drugs.

”Most of the interviews zenye nilifanya hio time, nilikuwa mlevi kiasi, ama niko jaba… Ata ukiskia venye naongea kwa izo interview, nashout sana. Alafu sasa kuna presenter kama Ali anakutafuta ukiwa mlevi anaku- interview ndio at least apate views. Hiyo ilikuwa peer pressure na ujinga mingi. Hakunanga kitu kama hiyo.”

Watch Magix Enga’s full interview below;


Magix Enga Opens Up On Being Depressed, Confirms He Almost Committed Suicide

The silence of Kenya’s beat King Magix Enga over the weeks is easily noticeable. The musician and music producer has opened up on being depressed after he was ditched by his counterparts and management. While speaking on Mungai Eve’s YouTube channel, Enga claims his previous management team had wiped out all his production equipment and made him start from scratch once more;

”Walichukua vitu zote za job, Naeza sema ivo. Kenye ilibaki apo ni furnitures. Wakaenda so nikabaki apo. Vijana walikuwa wananifanyia sales and marketing wakakuja asubuhi wako like, eh, Magix Enga, utaanza wapi? Na sikuwa ata na doh kwa mfuko ati nimejipanga naeza anza ku buy equipment na vitu zi work normal… Hii management yenye ilienda walizima simu ”

Enga On Committing Suicide

Magix Enga Lyrics, Biography and Albums | AfrikaLyrics
Magix Enga-Google

Magix Enga states that the ordeal expedited his suicidal move; which he had previously shared on his Instagram account.

”I got into depression manze. Niliandika kwa social media that nataka kujimada. That was real. Lakini sasa behind the scene nikaona hakuna aja niambie hawa wasee what I’m going through juu Kenyans, they really don’t care… But ilikuwa true story. Nilikuwa na go through a lot…”

The producer later moved to Nakuru; where he saw as a better place to heal and calm down. He states that his case is still with the police and he’s awaiting justice to be served. He’s currently back in Nairobi; where he hopes to re-kindle his music.

‘Pombe Sio Supu, Mi Nimewacha’ Magix Enga Clears Suicidal Post, Says He Was Drunk

Magix Enga had most netizens worried over the weekend after an Instagram post suggesting he was on the verge of committing suicide. Before making the post, the beat king had complained about Kenyans not supporting local music; reiterating about his latest song ‘Stress Free’ gathering only 17K views in one month.

”My new song stress free, 17k views in one month. What the f*k is 17k views?… Kenyans they like bringing artists down. They don’t support their own…”

Afterwards, he made a post on Instagram written ‘I’m gonna die tonight’ and he captioned ”I’m going to miss everyone.”

The post had many celebrities calling him; from their comments you could easily tell. Turns out, Magix was just drunk when he made the post; which he deleted later on. He even went ahead to disclose the liquor brand that he had consumed and advised his fans to be cautious when using it.

Anyway, opening up about the incident, Enga came out to appreciate all those who checked out on him.

”I was drunk zikanisho ni weke post ya umbwakni. Pombe si supu mimi nimewacha”


Muache Umama! Magix Enga Insults Kenyans For Not Supporting Local Music, Says He Will Release Dirty Content (Video)

Kenya’s beat king and musical artist Magix Enga has thrown shade at Kenyans after his latest song dubbed ‘Stress Free’ only gathered 17K views on YouTube in a month. Enga expressed his rage in a video, where he termed Kenyans as unsupportive and they only watch dirty content videos.

The local industry has recently been compared to Tanzanian music, which is performing way better. The criticisms have seen celebrities end up in disagreements, with some claiming that Kenyan artists shouldn’t be compared to Tanzanian artists. Socialite Shakilla had recently criticized Kenyan music, claiming that all they sing is trash.

Magix Enga on the other hand, thinks that Kenyans should give the local music more support.

”My new song stress free, 17k views in one month. What the f*k is 17k views?… Kenyans they like bringing artists down. They don’t support their own… Nimetoka ghetto nikafika mahali nimefika and I’m about to f*k up the industry. I’m about to drop bangers and do things they can’t do. ”

Magix went ahead to claim he’s now aiming to do dirty music that will be banned in one hour after being uploaded;

Nimekuwa niki release clean content… And now I’m back and I want to release bad, dirty content… Yaani porn. Ukiingia kwa YouTube channel yangu pale anza ku subscribe mapema because izo ngoma zitakuwa zina deletiwa after one hour… I want to change this game. Wasee waache kiburi na waache umama…”

Watch his video below;

Magix Enga Admits Going To Rehab, Agrees Gengetone Artists Abuse Drugs

After apologizing to Arrow Bwoy over beef, Magix Enga has come out clean to claim there’s no bad blood between them. As a matter of fact, Magix says that it was just jealousy that led him to insult Arrow Bwoy; who did not put much of a fight back to the producer.

Beef between Magix Enga and Arrow Bwoy gets out of hand
Magix Enga and Arrow Bwoy-Google

Enga Rehabilitated

After going silent for a while, the beat King has opened up about going to rehab after curiosity of consuming excess drugs. He confirmed the rumors that were circulating around about him going to rehab and claimed that it was all true; he took himself there for a few days.

”Nilienda rehab for a couple of days. Wasee wengi wanafaa kuenda rehab juu ni poa kuenda kuangaliwa umetumia drugs kiasi gani juu nimekuwa niki record gengetone.”

Magix Enga also disclosed that influence from artists made him consume more drugs while recording;

”Sio mchezo manze. Nimekuwa niki record wasanii different. Msanii anaingia leo ni wa gospel, kesho mwingine anakuja na bangi… Bangi sai ni herb, kila mtu anatumia. Mwingine anakuja na pombe. So kwa hiyo harakati ya ku record, unajipata umetumia na hukuwa unataka.”

When asked about whether Gengetone artists abuse drugs often, Enga said;

‘Wasee wanawasha. Weed is a herb. Weed hao wasee wanachoma vibaya sana.”

Gengetone music has for a long time been associated with drugs; and Magix Enga confirmed the latter is the truth.

Kenya’s ‘Beat King’ Magix Enga announces he’s single and searching

Kenya’s beat king Magix Enga has finally announced to his fans that he is single and ready to mingle. The producer is also a 2022 presidential candidate and he’s looking for his first lady.

He is known for his talent in creating the best beats and has worked with many big artists. Enga is also a musician and a producer. He is also known for his good taste of cars.

Magix Enga (@magix_enga) | Twitter

The Beat King started his journey as a gospel music producer. Considering he is mostly part of the background crew, giving trending music the best beats, Magix doesn’t come out too often and has a low profile. Listeners have been gradually knowing him from the sharp branding tone, mostly at the beginning of songs that have been produced using his beats.

Magix’s real name is still hidden as the producer’s background information is scanty and he prefers to keep a low profile. Enga studied professional music production at Tapev Musical school to earn amazing digital music software skills.

On a Facebook post, he revealed that he has been single for long and he’s looking for a serious woman to start a family with.

”Being single is much better than being lied to, cheated on, and disrespected. I’m sorry to say that Nimekua single sana .. and now am looking for that serious woman tuanze family. Tupatane Dm.”

We really don’t know how old he is. He might be doing an early marriage and end up like some celebrities we know. But all the best to him.

Magix Enga is did big things in the local music scene in 2020

Kenya has no shortage of good music producers. However there are some whose work is a cut above the rest. One such person is Magix Enga.

You see, a beat plays a big part in determining whether a song will go viral or not. The lyrics and video are just meant to spice it up. You want to debate this?

If you are keen, I’m sure you’ve noticed that the beats for most viral Kenyan songs are always from three to four local music producers, one of them is Magix Enga.

Magix Enga
Magix Enga

If you hear, “Magix Enga on the beat” when a song is beginning, you just know that your eardrums are about to have the time of their lives. Where is the lie?

His greatest work to date (according to me of course) was Dundaing which was one of the biggest songs in 2018. Actually, it was the biggest!

Other songs that he has produced are; Digi Digi by Arrow Bwoy, Wembe by Timmy Tdat, Fire by P Unit, Dala Dala by Otile Brown, Matiati by Zzero Sufuri, We Run This by KRG. The list is endless.

If  you listen to the songs that he has produced, you’ll notice how distinct the beat is. It’s different from the norm. Perhaps this explains why anything he touches turns into gold instantly.

Magix Enga
Magix Enga

In my opinion, Magix Enga, who has been in the game for 10 years now, is taking Kenyan music to the international stage, with his signature beat, one song at a time.

He is showing us that it can be done by actually doing it. One day, when all is said and done, we’ll have him to thank for making Kenyan music enjoyable and helping artists to cross borders with their music.

Magix Enga commits social media suicide day after alleged attack by armed gunmen

Kenya’s talented music producer, Magix Enga has gone off on social media a day after claiming his life is in danger following an ugly encounter with armed gunmen.

The self-proclaimed Beat King shared a video of his vandalized car that had been sprayed with bullets following a night attack by unknown gunmen.

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Magix Enga revealed he was being followed by unknown attackers just after dusk, with reasons behind the attack unknown to him.

Taking to his Instagram, he urged fans to keep him in their prayers. This is after a series of 5 armed gunmen threatened his life during broad daylight, leaving him scared for his safety.

Magix Enga allegedly attacked

Magix Enga calls it quits in music

He later in the evening did a short video. Addressing the life-threatening event, declaring he has officially ditched music production if this is the extent it is going to cost him.

The ‘Beat King’ confessed that all he ever did was to be this guy from Nakuru full of ambition coming into Nairobi for hustle but it has only shown him a different side of life.

With his Facebook account having been hacked and lacking access to it, Magix Enga has as well decided to go mute on his Instagram account, until further notice.

Well, there you have it!

Magix Enga’s new hand and face tattoos raise eyebrows (Photos)

Tattoos has become the norm in the celebrity world especially for those in the entertainment industry.

Some do it for romantic reasons, others do it for vengeance, others have it because of memories they wish to see last for as long as they live while for others, it tells a story.

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Renowned Kenyan music producer, Magix Enga and his lover served couple goals after his babe, Rahma tattooed his name on her left arm, probably avowing to keep their allegiance to each other forever.

Magix Enga´s girlfriend tattoos his name on her left arm

Soon after, things went south and the beat king reportedly lost his queen to Tanzanian artist Marioo.

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Ever since, no photo uploads of him with his lover or anything to do with his girl, he has been all about him.

Rumored ex-lovers, Magix Enga and Rahma

Recently, the music kid decided to show off his string of body tattoos to fans starting from the one on his neck, to the one on his right rib before pulling up with cryptic hand tattoos.

Beat King Magix Enga

Both his arms are covered in tattoos but most interestingly are those on his left hand.

Magix Enga gets new tattoos

On his forearm, is a scary face, eyes popping, the middle finger up and with the caption:

F** Fake friends

Magix Enga gets new tattoos

In other words, he is no longer in the business of rolling with friends who are here to serve own interests. At the back of his arm, he has inked his portrait.

Kenyan producer, Magix Enga

But you haven’t seen it all until you see his new floral face tattoo that seems to have a deep meaning for him.

Magix Enga gets face tattoo

His new normal has only left fans with questions.

Magix Enga’s tattoo

Why is Magix Enga so desperate for attention?

Magix Enga is really talented. He is arguably one of the biggest producers in Kenya at the moment and that is why he leaves many of us wondering every time he pulls a fake publicity stunt.

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Time and time again, Magix Enga is on the headlines not because of his work but because he just wants people to talk about him.

Magix Enga
Magix Enga

Like that time when he reported Harmonize’s and Tekashi 6ix9ine’s jams and had them suspended from YouTube for a few days.

Or that time when he had a  public exchange with Rudra Kartel who accused him of taking advantage of him.

Just recently, Magix Enga claimed that he had discovered that Bongo star Marioo was cheating with his girlfriend.

His actions make you wonder whether all of this is necessary. I know that publicity is publicity, whether negative or positive or negative.

Magix Enga adopts new style in YoYo
Magix Enga

However, form where I sit, I feel that Magix Enga should let his talent speak for him and avoid all these fake stunts. I doubt whether they are beneficial to the brand that he has struggled to build for years.

Take for instance Motif Di Don, you’ll never see him engaging in unnecessary stunts but he’s doing very well in the local entertainment scene.

There are many other producers who just work behind the scenes and let their work speak for them as a way of marketing themselves and that’s how it should be in my opinion.

Magix Enga, if you are reading this and I know you probably will, you should know that we are really fed up with the stunts that you engage in. Whether you take my advice or not is entirely up to you.

Magix Enga exposes girlfriend for cheating with top Bongo star (Screenshot)

The young couple’s relationship had become an envy to many after Magix Enga’s dotting girlfriend, Rahma tattooed his name on her skin, symbolic of their never-ending love spark.

They had just started serving couple goals – young, adorable, moneyed but humble.

Unfortunately, it ended soon as it started with the talented producer sadly breaking the news on social media.

I’m sorry to say I just broke up with my girlfriend…

Magix Enga’s girlfriend gets his name tattooed on her left arm

Surprisingly, it did not end because they clashed, got into a fight or just could not understand each other. Not at all! It turns out that Tanzanian artist, Marioo had decided to bag himself the ravishing damsel, leaving Enga out to dry.

…because of this man @marioo_tz

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It so happens Marioo had been sliding into Rahma’s DMs, only for Enga to find out, now threatening to expose their intimate chats if he doesn’t eat the humble pie.

My girl Account had only 1000 followers na Bado jamaa anatuma Messages lying to my girlfriend , i’m gonna…


Well, with his kind of history, fans and followers have every reason to believe Magix Enga is but clout chasing probably for an upcoming hit featuring the Tanzanian artist.

DJ Shiti’s comment was just bomb!
sasa kama umebadilika unamwimbia Gengetone ati kimbichwa, goshodo na kindukulu Nahuyu anambembeleza na Nyimbo kama AYA una expect nini bro…????????????????????????????????????????
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savarafrica ???????????????? wewe wacha kutupima beat king
krgthedon ???????????????? Enga Utakuja niua bro
highvo_mk Anadai ku sample dem wa magix enga ????????
carlitoh_25flow Drama za nini bana si upambane tu kivyako, muachie…..big boys don’t fight for girls????
mtricedmoney Lol if ya girl ain’t faithful, she ain’t yours bruv ????????????????
elysee_huncho Girl Copyright Claim ????????????

EXCLUSIVE: Magix Enga finally reveals why he was forced to kick out Rudra Kartel

Over the last two weeks, we’ve have witnessed a war of words between Magix Enga, who is arguably one of the most  sought-after producers in the region, and an upcoming artist by the name Rudra Kartel.

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It all started when Rudra uploaded a video where he claimed that the renowned producer was forcing him to sign to his record label – Magix Empire – yet he tore the contract.

Magix Enga and Rudra Kartel

Further, he alleged that Magix Enga told him that he will never be a star if he exits the stable and went went ahead to block his new projects.

Ghafla reached out to the producer to find out the truth of the matter and he explained that he tried to advice Rudra to make his own songs instead of mimicking Vybz Kartel but he could hear none of it.

Magix Enga went on to add that the Money hit maker was just looking for fame using his name yet he was just trying to help him get out of the ghetto since he recognized his talent.

Magix Enga with Rudra Kartel

Interestingly, Rudra was introduced to him by DJ Shiti and when they met he could not stop crying and saying that he wanted to help his family have a better life.

Magix Enga told this writer that someone had lied to the singer that he would get Ksh. 1 for each view so he decided to confront him asking for Ksh. 100,000 for the views his song had garnered.

Asked whether he would sign Rudra back to his label, Magix said he would never because he needs to learn that since people have been lying to him that he has made it after releasing only one song.

Listen to the interview below.

Magix Enga teams up with Banzema Ochungulo and Boondocks gang for new track “Foursome”

Kenyan producer and Magix Enga is on a  musical spree as he drops another dope jam dubbed “Foursome.” In the song he features Boondocks Gang and Benzema Ochungulo all known for their amazing contribution to the growth of Gengetone music in Kenya.

Some of the songs they are featured in include Dundaing,Sidonyo, nyoka ya shaba,Dudu among many others.

The song that is very well enjoyed by youths is already 31 on trending. Fans on their part  didn’t shy away from expressing their satisfaction with the work the artists have done.

With most Kenyans having a lot of time in their plate, the song has received a good number of views in the few hours its been on You Tube.


The song done largely in sheng is easy to  relate to by very young Kenyans.

However those who don’t really understand sheng/slang may need a translator.I mean I am also not sure of some lyrics but the sound is totally worth it.

Foursome is a feel good song that excites the listener as Banzema spits out his lyrics without any struggle whatsoever. The only set back in thus song is that it is for a specific group  thus will not be staying for long.  Its just strictly a young generation song about a party that ended well for the dudes who attended it without forgetting the broken bed.

Niko na chuma ya mdosi na doshi pamoja zimeshikana ogopa

Walikuja kwangu kama nimelewa

Na sasa sina kitanda tulivunja

Well its not a song for children either and they even admit to it in their lyrics when they say

Hii ni gengetone hakuna mtoto.

I will also say gengetone especially this one is not for the faint-heart neither is it for the moral police.

As we await the video am really looking forward to seeing the broken bed. Despite this being a rather calm kind of gengetone, someone will try and shake their booty mercilessly in the video.

With each passing day, these artists are gradually convincing us that gengetone is the future of Kenyan music with their amazing hits.

Rating 7/10

Magix Enga teams up with Shappaman on ‘Fake’ (Video)

Like many people, I was a huge fan of Camp Mulla in their heyday and that explains my excitement when I saw that a former member of the group – Shappaman – has teamed up with Magix Enga on a new track.

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The song titled Fake simply talks about how we surround ourselves with people who do not have our best interests at heart while lying to ourselves that they do.


The truth is that at times you think people want to help you while they have their own selfish interests that they want to actualize and you are just a stepping stone to help them get where they want to.

More than anything, Fake proves that Magix Enga is one of the most versatile artists that we have in Kenya right now because his style here is quite different from the songs that he has released previously.

Although this jam kind of is mellow, Magix Enga managed to sneak in some impeccable rhymes in his verse that will definitely make you scratch  your head as you try to make sense of it all.

Magix Enga
Magix Enga

As expected, Shappaman also killed it. You know we have gotten used to him as an uptown rapper and I was actually surprised that some of his lines were in Swahili and they were sounding just okay.

This jam bridges the gap between uptown and Gengetone artists and I’m not surprised that the outcome is more than exceptional. I really love it.

I’m not saying that the beat and instrumentation are bad, they are actually really dope and catchy. Its only that it will take time for many of us to get used to the slow tempo and mellow vibe.

Watch Fake below and tell us what you think.

Magix Enga links up with Redsan on ‘Bus’ (Video)

Magix Enga, who is arguably the most sought after producer in Kenya at the moment, has dropped a new track with award-winning dancehall singer Redsan and it’s a big tune ladies and gentlemen.

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The jam dubbed Bus is the second track off his forthcoming album Velocity and it has been ruling the airwaves since it came out a few days ago and to be honest, we are also feeling it.


Basically, this song is all about how they are having a party in a bus that is moving from town to town so Magix Enga is asking people to come with the ladies so that they can have a good time.

I absolutely love this jam. I have listened to it a couple of times since it was released and every time I play it, it’s like I am hearing it for the very first time. Yup, it’s that good.

If you are a fan of Magix Enga like I am then I am sure you know that this lad is a good singer. He has a unique voice that really sets him apart and he proved to us that this is a fact in this jam.

Magix Enga
Magix Enga

To add to that, he also has a good flow and perhaps the most amazing thing about that is the fact that his rhymes will make you scratch your head as you try to make sense of it all.

As expected, Redsan also brought his A-game. He spiced up Bus by introducing the dancehall element in it. His voice and that of Magix Enga also blend perfectly.

The beat was produced by Magix Enga himself and they are impeccable. However, I am sure some people are not too happy because it has a slow tempo. Anyway, I still think that it’s dope.

Watch Bus below and tell us what you think.

Magix Enga releases new track titled ‘Nairobi’ (Video)

Magix Enga, who is arguably the most sought after producer in Kenya at the moment, has dropped a new track and it is a big tune ladies and gentlemen.

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The song titled Nairobi is the first track off his forthcoming album Velocity and it has been ruling the airwaves since it came out a few days ago and to be honest, we are also feeling it.


Magix Enga brings Ex Ray on board for Gwala Remix
Magix Enga

In the song, the producer-cum-singer narrates how he came to Nairobi city with nothing but dreams of making it big in the entertainment industry.

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Magix Enga claims that he had no money and had to look for jobs to put a meal on the table and have a roof over his head. Further, he warns people to fear Nairobi because you can’t really survive without money.

I absolutely love this jam. Other than the message it carries, Magix Enga continues to prove that he is one of the few versatile artists that we have around and I’m here for every moment.

Magix Enga
Magix Enga

Other than being a dope singer, this chap can also flow and he is interesting to listen to. He gets you hooked from the moment you hit the play button. To add to that, he is a bad ass producer.

As you would expect, the beat on this track is sick. After all, it was produced by Magix Enga himself. It also blends so well with his flow and tempo.

Although I love the video, I must admit that there’s nothing that is so special about it other than money being thrown around. Anyway, kudos to Magix Enga for the good job. We are waiting for the album eagerly.

Watch Nairobi below and tell us what you think.

Magix Enga brings Rudra Kartel on board for ‘Shashula Remix’ (Video)

Magix Enga, who is arguably one of the most sought after producers in Kenya at the moment, has linked up with an up and coming artist who is known as Rudra Kartel for the remix of his Shashula hit.

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If you thought the original version of the song was dope then you’ve not heard anything yet because the remix is way too hot. No, like seriously.

Rudra Kartel

Shashula is basically a track that glorifies the smoking of weed but the way it is presented you would not even know, especially if you are slow to catch on to things.

Magix Enga’s delivery on this jam is on point. Other than laying down a solid verse, he went ahead to explain why he is the undisputed king of hits.

In the hook, he says “If you wanna diss, yo bring it bring it, I’m the king of hits sina time na nyinyi, mi ni commander wengine mdunge tu mini, mi ni king na wewe ni kidosho.”

Magix Enga
Magix Enga

As you listen to Magix Enga , you can not help but appreciate his unique ability to play around with words and make random rhymes that sound very pleasant to the ears.

Rudra Kartel really spiced this song by adding the ragga vibe and he is without a doubt the reason why it slaps harder than the original. He sounds exactly like Vybz Kartel that if you are not so keen, you would think it’s the latter.

As expected, the beat on this jam is impeccable. I was not expecting anything less seeing as it was produced by Magix Enga himself. I’m sure you will feel it better if you have a good system or earphones.

Watch Shashula below and tell us what you think.