Kiambu Women’s Rep reveals why Kikuyu women are crushing on Maina Kageni

Kiambu Women’s Representative Ann Wamuratha has said that Kikuyu men are not romantic, which is why many Kikuyu women are crushing on veteran radio presenter Maina Kageni.

Speaking at a wedding she attended, Wamuratha said that Kikuyu men do not compliment their wives or make them feel special. She said that even her own husband, a pastor, does not tell her that she is beautiful.

“I will dress up nicely and ask him, ‘Am I not beautiful?’ and he will reply, ‘Where?'” she said.

Wamuratha said that this lack of romance is a major reason why many Kikuyu women are attracted to Kageni, who is known for his smooth talk and his ability to make women feel special.

“Kageni is a romantic,” she said. “He knows how to make a woman feel special.”

Wamuratha’s comments have sparked a debate on social media, with some people agreeing with her and others saying that she is generalizing.

“I think she is right,” said one Twitter user. “Kikuyu men are not romantic.”

“I disagree,” said another. “My husband is Kikuyu and he is very romantic.”

Ultimately, whether or not Kikuyu men are romantic is a matter of opinion. However, Wamuratha’s comments have certainly struck a chord with many women, who are longing for more romance in their relationships.

Here are some additional thoughts on the topic:

  • It is important for men to make their wives feel special, both verbally and physically.
  • Compliments can go a long way in making a woman feel loved and appreciated.
  • Romance is not just about grand gestures; it can also be about the small things, like cooking dinner for your wife or giving her a massage.
  • If you want your wife to be happy, make sure you are putting in the effort to make her feel special.

Maina Kageni speaks about Sauti Sol breakup

Kenya’s most successful boy band, Sauti Sol, announced on May 20, 2023 that they will be taking an indefinite hiatus. The group, which consists of Bien-Aimé Baraza, Willis Chimano, Savara Mudigi, and Polycarp Otieno, has been together for over 20 years and has released six studio albums.

In a statement, Sauti Sol said that they are taking the hiatus to pursue personal projects. “We are not sure how long the break will be, but we know that it is important for us to step away from the band for a while to focus on our individual growth,” the statement said.

The group thanked their fans for their support over the years and said that they are grateful for the opportunity to have shared their music with the world. “We will miss performing for you, but we know that this is the best thing for us right now,” the statement said.

Radio King Maina Kageni, who is a big fan of Sauti Sol, wished the group well on their hiatus. “Go well and enjoy your hiatus and may you do your personal projects successfully,” Kageni said on his morning show on Classic 105.

Kageni also said that he is already loving the new artists that have emerged from Sauti Sol, such as Fathermoh and Ssaru. Fathermoh is a singer and songwriter who has released several hit singles, including “Kaskie Vibaya.” Ssaru is a singer and dancer who has also released several hit singles, including “Sip Sip.”

Sauti Sol’s hiatus will begin after their upcoming tour across the US, Europe, and Canada. The tour will start on May 21, 2023, and will end on December 16, 2023. The group’s encore performance will take place at the third annual Sol Fest in Nairobi on December 16th.

Sauti Sol is one of the most successful and popular music groups in Africa. They have won numerous awards, including the BET Award for Best International Act: Africa in 2016. The group has also collaborated with international artists such as Damian Marley, Yemi Alade, and Tiwa Savage.

Sauti Sol’s hiatus is a sad day for their fans, but it is also an opportunity for the group to grow and explore new things. The group has said that they plan to return to music in the future, and their fans can only wait and see what they will create next.

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Civil Servant breaks down to Maina Kageni how GoK workers are dying in debt

Let me tell you Maina! That was the line used by a man who spoke to Maina Kageni and told him about just how thick things are and especially during these tough economic times and as a cost-of-living keeps out of control one can only imagine what he has had to endure in terms of the humiliation of having to keep borrowing money to keep his family afloat.

Mlete Nyumbani- Maina Kageni Told By Fans After Showing Off Female ‘Room Mate’ In Miami

Classic 105 presenter, Maina Kageni

According to the unidentified man, it has been several months since he last saw his paycheck and as a result, his mounting was included an angry landlord. And we all know just how unforgiving some landlords can be.

Maina Kageni, Mwalimu King’ang’i raise important labour laws questions

Maina Kageni

The man spoke about the anxiety and depression he has been flung into as a result of him having to live like a beggar. And it is also tough because people know he is employed by the government and assume he has a lot of money like the high-flying politicians and their cronies.


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Mlete Nyumbani- Maina Kageni Told By Fans After Showing Off Female ‘Room Mate’ In Miami

Radio presenter Maina Kageni is currently enjoying life in Miami, USA; and seems to have finally found ‘the one’. Maina posted a video with an exquisite woman by the name Ciru. Netizens couldn’t keep calm about it, including his work mate Mwalimu King’angi.

Maina Kageni and his female friend.
Maina Kageni and Ciru- IG

It’s not clear who the lady on then video is to Maina; just not yet. But we are suspecting Maina is on the verge of securing this one; just maybe. In the video posted, Maina and Ciru have a conversation claiming ‘Are you ready to have a good time?’

Maina captioned the video saying;

”Room mate for Miami…….@devine_collections thank you for the beach shirt”

Maina Kageni’s video has since elicited reactions on his page;

Mwalimu Churchill reacted;

”Akiau…ndio huyo?..????????Bring her HOME..not ROME.????”

Chris Kirwa commented;

”Room Mate aletwe Rome ie Kenya”

Another one wrote;

”Nakuambia hata ukue mjanja aje hii life, mambo ya mapenzi huwezi hepa ????????somehow it captures you ????happy for you Maina ❤️”

Anyway, at 47 years old, Maina is still not succumbing to pressure from the public to marry. But it’s really high time he gets himself a wife. With Ciru, they’d make the perfect match. Bring her home Maina!

Watch their video below;

‘Happy Birthday My Darling’ Kamene Goro Celebrates Maina Kageni’s Birthday In Sweet Post

Celebrated radio presenter Maina Kageni is celebrating his 47th birthday today; and Kamene Goro can’t keep calm about it. The curvy Kiss FM radio presenter has penned a sweet Instagram message to Maina on this special day. Posting an adorable photo with him, Kamene captioned;

”Happy Birthday My Darling! To all the love and support you give me, The Drinks too but let’s not say much about that. Wishing you abundance, prosperity, joy and all the BMWs in the world! Wishing the greatest @mainawakageni a Happy Happy Birthday!!!”

Maina’s reaction to the post;

”Thank you @kamenegoro … you are an absolute blessing ????”

Additionally, Maina was not left behind as he welcomed all kinds of warm birthday messages;

If you see this on your timeline, leave a ❤️ on my chest and wish me a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

May God richly bless each and every one of you today. I love you all so much from the bottom of my heart!!!! #Birthday #ThankYouGod #AnotherYear #MainaKageni

Several celebrities have also recognized Maina today; including Mulamwah, Okwara, Holy Dave; all wishing him the happiest birthday. They reacted on his post;

”Happy Birthday. You’re a legend!!! ????”

”Happy birthday sir. Keep setting the pace.”

As Maina keeps on ageing, maybe it’s high time for him to find a partner and settle. Meanwhile, happiest birthday to him.


Maina Kageni explains why marriage does not favor him

Media personality Jalang’o recently held a candid interview with fellow radio king, Maina Kageni; allowing fans to learn a thing or two about the Classic 105 radio host.

As usual, the interview wa detailed as we got to learn the real-life Maina leads away from the radio waves. Speaking about an issue many have been asking about the guy; we finally got to understand why we never see him with a girlfriend or wife.

Maina Kageni
Maina Kageni

According to Maina, his morning show on Classic 105 has taught him that marriage is a scam. Not his words but clearly, marriage is not something Maina has been dreaming about or is planning on being apart of. The fella opened up saying;

Some of the things I hear on the show about marriage are scary. It has taught me one thing, marriage is not for everyone but never say never.

Marriages equals to quick death

From Maina says is that he cannot handle stress coming from a woman; nor his freedom taken away in the name of  ‘marriage.’ To prove his point, the guy gave an example of Sir Charles Njonjo saying;

and I believe that, you know why? Sir Charles Njonjo got married at 54 or 59 na ako 100 sai ..wewe oa tutakuzika 63.

For those who think marriage is everything or rather those who insist on single men settling down; Maina had this to say:

Maina with son, Nathan

Wewe ndo utajimaliza, coz what married people do is to try and keep u and impress. You try and do crazy, out of this world things that you think she will remember forever, that’s how you kill yourself.

Well, just to be clear – Maina is not against having a family since he has an adorable son ‘Nathan’ who looks everything like his daddy; but baby mama remains as a mystery to fans.

‘Mimi Ni Mtu Wa Freedom!’ Maina Kageni Explains Why He’s Not Getting Married Anytime Soon

Maina Kageni is one of the biggest names when it comes to radio. He’s among the most celebrated radio presenters in the country; hosting the biggest radio program in Classic 105 FM. Maina is well known for advocating for women’s rights through his breakfast show. The most conspicuous topics involve marriage.

Marriage Limits Freedom?

Maina Kageni wonders how congregants are okay with Pastor Nganga's rants

Talking about marriage, one of the most asked questions about Maina is why he’s not yet married. The issue has over the years culminated to rumours about him being gay; which is not the case. The 47 year old has disclosed his love for women; but admits he hasn’t been interested in marriage. Maina is without a doubt a wealthy; from the sleek cars and lavish lifestyle. In an interview on Jalang’o TV, he divulged his reason for staying single till now saying;

” When you listen to my show everyday, it’s scary sometimes because you hear a lot of stuff. And I’ve heard it for years and years. But it’s taught me one thing; sometimes marriage is not for everyone… And then mi mtu wa freedom… What you do is you take your time”

It’s Never Too Late!

Maina gave the example of Charles Njonjo, who got married when he was in his late 50’s; which hinted that he might consider marrying after his career.

”You know what? Never say never, and I believe that. Do you know why? Charles Njonjo got married at 54 or 59. And he’s at 100 now; hajakufa.”

Women have been chasing after Maina over the years, but he has never shown interest. Maybe he’s planning to marry later on.


Maina Kageni leaves tongues wagging after introducing look alike son for the first time (Photo)

Radio presenter Maina Kageni has given many a reason to talk on social media; all because we now believe that he may have introduced his son to us.

For years many have been asking questions about the classic 105 radio presenter; but till date we have never gotten the opportunity to meet any of his lovers. In fact I guess Maina Kageni is the only Kenyan celebrity who has never been linked to any woman before – most probably because he is a reserved man.

Radio host, Maina Kageni

However this past weekend, Maina Kageni left many with mixed feelings shortly after introducing a young man believed to be his son. This is because of the caption he chose to accompany the never seen before photo shared on his page.

Maina Kageni’s biological son?

Well….as seen in his page, the radio host went on to shower his young look alike with a beautiful message as he marked another year in this world of sin.

Through his social media pages, Maina Kageni went on to caption the post saying;

Maina Kageni with young boy believed to be son

Happy birthday, Young King…. I love you… May the best of your today be the worst of your tomorrow…..

Fans in the comment section however feel that this could be the heir to Maina Kageni’s wealth. This is because it’s obvious to see the resemblance between the two; and come to think of it, how many times does Maina post kids on his social media page?

Anyway most fans wrote;

“He is my father!” Maina Kageni exposes unknown relationship with Citizen TV founder SK Macharia

Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni has for the first time disclosed relationship with SK Macharia – who is the founder and chairman of Royal Media Services (RMS).

Also read: Maina Kageni discloses why he might never marry!

In an interview with Churchill, the renowned media personality revealed that his biological father passed away when he was really young.

Classic 105’s Maina Kageni

However, he never really missed his real father thanks to SK Macharia who he could ask for anything that he needed and solicit advice form.

“I hardly ever knew my father, he died when I was a toddler. Growing up without a father didn’t affect me much because you don’t miss what you never had.

But I had a strong father figure in SK Macharia. If there is anything that I needed, I’d go to him. He basically is my father. He raised me,” he stated.

Maina Kageni with Diamond Platnumz

Further, Maina Kageni revealed that he and SK Macharia’s children are very close since they are like brothers and sisters, adding that he’s grateful for the role that the media mogul played in his life.

The breakfast show host also shed light on other things including the time he went to live in the UK and ended up driving fish trucks to put food on his table.

Watch the video below.

8 Kenyan celebrities who have heavily invested in luxury rides

After battling tough struggles in their early years of life, majority of Kenyan celebrities have come out to flaunt the fruits of their hard work.

A good number of them have proven this is through purchases of plush homes in high-end residential areas, others taking pride in the cars they ride. However, not all of them had a rough childhood per se. Let’s have a look:

1. Jalang’o

The renowned comedian, digital content creator and media personality recently crowned his successes with a grand purchase of a KSh15M all-black Range Rover Velar that he tripped to Kisumu with over the weekend. This is just one of his long fleet of luxury fuel guzzlers among them a BMW X6, Toyota Land Cruiser V8 and a convertible Mercedes Benz.

Jalang’o with his new luxury ride

2. Betty Kyallo

The celebrated journalist took many by surprise after reportedly making a purchase of a KSh7.1M Porsche Cayenne soon as she resigned at K24 TV. Additionally owning of a sleek black Mercedes Benz which she is more often than not spotted in.

Betty Kyallo flaunts new ride

3. Masauti

The Swahili recording artist became a proud owner of a supposed KSh23.3M Bentley Continental GT V8 2020 First edition after his first debut single Liar featuring Tanasha off his ‘Masauti 001 EP’ album. A luxury SUV he was gifted by manager, Kea Boy.

4. Akothee

The President of single mothers whose presence and power in the country has been felt of late, recently showed up at a Government meeting in a heavy fleet of black Toyota LandCruiser Prados, one platted ‘Madam Boss’ and the rest ferrying her bodyguards. That’s enough said.

Madam Boss Akothee makes grand entrance at Government meeting

5. Maina Kageni

As Kenyans were busy feeling the harsh effects of COVID-19 in May, a dear Maina Kageni took to the show room to welcome home his KSh6.9M brand new BMW X6 xdrive 40i 2020 edition reportedly the first of its kind in the East and Central African region.

Maina Kageni purchases new ride

6. Anerlisa Muigai

Born out of royalty, the Keroche Breweries heiress seems to have some good taste in what she rides in, spotted on numerous occasions in a sleek KSh12M dark grey Range Rover Velar.

Anerlisa Muigai

7. Khaligraph Jones

Soon as April 2020 kicked in, the influential rapper splashed several millions on his luxury 2014 Porsche Cayenne. A four-wheel drive fuel guzzler of German Technology. This is not his one and only, possessing at least a white pimped Toyota Crown Royal Saloon, black Mercedes Benz as well as a pimped white Range Rover among his fleet of cars.


8. DJ Mo

The gospel disk jockey married to singer, Size 8 takes bride in his sleek silver Range Rover that had always been his dream car and runs into millions. Meanwhile, his wife reportedly owns a KSh7M Jaguar XF.


There you have it!

Maina Kageni discloses why he might never marry!

Maina Kageni will not be walking down the aisle anytime soon! The popular radio presenter revealed this through his morning show on Classic 105 letting many women down.

For the past few years, Maina Kageni has come across different versions of how marriage works; and in his conclusion, he feels that women put up with a lot of ‘trash.’ Being a man who understands this pain – Maina says he is not willing to put somebody else’s daughter through such.

Speaking about how marriage ends up getting boring to a point of looking at each other like siblings; Maina responded by telling Mwalimu King’ang’i;

Also read; “I am single and ready to mingle!” Pastor Kanyari reveals

Maina and Mwalimu Churchill

Never ever, so that I end up staying with someone who is like my sister? The things women go through just to look good for a man only for him to say he sees you like a sister!

Men are selfish

Well, Maina has no plans of having marital issues or having to fake his feelings; and for this reason our popular presenter will not be introducing any lady to his fans.

According to him, seeing how selfish men are…Marriage remains a meaningless word in his dictionary. Maina went on to say;

Maina Kageni back when he was just a simple ordinary man

I find it crazy. men are the most selfish people in the world. Why didn’t they say it from the word go that such things happen. They should so that someone can know what they are getting themselves into.

This is however the first time Maina Kageni has gone head to open up about his personal life; but sadly, he claims that marriage is not his cup of tea – but with no kids and wife, who will he leave all that money to?

But hey, who knows what happens behind closed doors? Only him!

“My father left me all his property when he died” Maina Kageni opens up

Radio presenter and media personality Maina Kageni recently opened up about his father while speaking about the ongoing Michuki family property dispute.

Maina Kageni

Apparently the Michuki’s have been battling each other in court demanding to get a share of the late minister’s estate – estimated to be worth at least 10 billion shillings.

Anyway, Maina Kageni who lost his dad when he was only 2 years old – leaving him all his property which he later inherited after turning 21 years.

“My dad died when I was two years old. Luckily for him, he left behind a will and after his death, it was entrusted to trustees. Immediately I turned 21, the properties were transferred to me,”

Guilty conscience?

Maina Kageni went on to add that his father should have left all his property to his mother since she was the one raising him.

But due to his guilty conscience Maina Kageni’s father left him the property. He concluded saying;

“My dad was guilty. Why did he not leave everything to my mother?”


Maina Kageni reveals his favourite Kenyan song and it’s from Sailors 

Radio host Maina Kageni has been for a long time worshipping Tanzanian artists and ignoring Kenyan ones.

The presenter on his show always plays Tanzanian music and has always insisted it’s because it has life unlike Kenyan hits.

Maina, however, has had a change of heart and is now moving towards Kenyan music. The presenter recently confessed that Queen B by new music group Sailors is his favourite jam.


Sailors Gang
Sailors Gang

This confession came after his fans asked him to play them Wamlambez which is also by Sailors.

“My favourite song is ‘queen b’ by sailors, it’s what I am currently playing in my car.’ he said.

Queen B has also been taking over the airwaves as sailors prove they are talented and not one hit wonders.

Watch it below:


Maina Kageni’s important message to all side chicks that is hard to agree with 

Radio host Maina Kageni has not married and is not planning to do it any time soon.

Maina however, has a message for all the side chicks that want to become the main chick: don’t wait to be introduced, introduce yourself.

Don’t wait

Maina says a woman shouldn’t have to wait till his man dies so that he comes out.

“Go to his shagz and make yourself known. What are you waiting for? Avoid all that drama when that nigga drops dead. I know of people and the father is so wealthy its ridiculous? If you are not known to his people what security do you have?” he said. 


“Go to his sister’s office and make yourself known if need be. Those friends of mine, if I tell you who the father is you might faint. Because of how he looks like a holy joe in public.” 

Maina went on to say crushing at the funeral is an old trick that doesn’t work anymore.

“Popping up at a funeral is such an old trick, the family can easily deal with this. Get known by his family when he is still alive,” he said. 


“ Please woiye play some Kenyan music not just Wasafi records!” Crème de la Crème tells Maina Kageni

DJ Crème de la Crème could not hold back from addressing an issue many celebrities have been talking about for a while now.

Seems like most Kenyan radios prefer playing Nigerian and Wasafi records music forgetting to support their own.

This is something that has left Kenyan music struggling to make it big in the entertainment industry.

Well, after tuning to Classic 105 this morning Crème says that Maina Kageni  was just playing Tanzanian music especially Wasafi music; leaving him wondering why Maina Kageni couldn’t play music from talented artists like Otile Brown, Masauti and others.

Creme’s post

Support your own

In the post shared on his Instagram page, Creme pleaded with the renowned radio presenter saying;

I just thought I’d say PLEASE, WOIYE, TAFADHALI ????????????Let’s just try @Mainawakageni @Classic105kenya The number of times I’ve heard “Wasafi records” and “Harmonize” on the show today made me feel sad… I’m not saying you aren’t playing Kenyan music.. I honestly think we can do better.. we have the power to.. and I’m sure it’s a choice ????????????????‍♀️ Please, Woiye

This is however not the first time someone is coming out to complain about this… but oh well we’re yet to see changes.

Maina kageni: I’ve seen what marriage is and i’m not tying the knot

Classic 105 radio presenter Maina Kageni has revealed that he’s not planning to marry any time soon despite the pressure piling up on him.

Maina recently responded to Mwalimu King’ang’i on their morning show at Classic 105 on when he’ll get married, saying he doesn’t plan to do it at all.

Mwalimu told him that he shouldn’t judge married men because they go through a lot something that Maina can never understand because he has never been in that position.


In response, Maina, who is approaching his 50s now, shared that he doesn’t want to be married because of all those shocking stories that men go through.

“From what you keep telling me do you think I will get married? I see the hell you are all going through. One of these days we should actually discuss what the real importance of marriage is.” he shared.



Maina Kageni to Daddy Owen: We can’t play 100% Kenyan music that is trash, give us good songs

Unlike Jalang’o who is trying to be moderate telling Kenyan musicians that their bad songs could be played on radio, Maina Kageni has no time to pamper musicians who produce trash.

The Classic FM presenter has joined the heated conversation about Kenyan songs getting 100% airplay. Khaligraph and many other musicians are blaming TV and radio presenters for favoring foreign content over Kenyan music.

Maina Kageni was forced to join the conversation after gospel singer Daddy Owen took to social media to also blast relevant people for ‘killing’ Kenyan music.

“Editor ndio predator, manager ndio damager, producer ndio reducer, promoter ndio demoter, publisher ndio punisher, this is kenya,” wrote Daddy Owen on Instagram.

Give us good content to push

Maina responded to Daddy Owen saying that his music gets a lot of airplay. He however told the gospel singer to tell his fellow musicians to give presenters good songs that will push foreign content off the Kenyan playlists.

“I agree!!!!! But tell your contemporaries to give us content that will PUSH foreigners off our playlists…. you are highly rotated… advise them what they need to do to be the next @daddyowen….” Maina Kageni responded to Daddy Owen.





Maina Kageni, Mwalimu King’ang’i face possible disciplinary action from KFCB

Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) is cracking the whip on errant media personalities who are violating rules governing the airing of content on radio and TV.

Moral police Ezekiel Mutua on Tuesday said KFCB was concerned with the increased adult content in free to air radio and TV stations in the country.

KFCB has already banned Fresh Fry and Marie Stopes advertisements on TV for containing sexual content and supporting abortion.

Disciplinary action
Moral police Ezekiel Mutua
Moral police Ezekiel Mutua

Several Kenyan radio personalities including Classic FM’s Maina Kageni and Daniel Ndambuki alias Mwalimu King’ang’i and Radio Jambo’s Joseph ‘Gidi’ Ogidi and Jacob ‘Ghost’ Mulee are being probed by KFCB.

The mentioned radio presenters are are facing possible disciplinary action over what KFCB terms as airing adult content during the watershed period.


Leave my potti alone! Maina Kageni’s workmate Muikamba forced to respond to haters body shamming her 

Radio presenter Terry Muikamba has slammed haters who have been trolling her because of her body. The classic 105 evening drive presenter took to social media to answer critics who have been attacking her body saying that she will not remain silent as people bullied her.

Fans attacked her calming that she should hit the gym and lose her potbelly. She in turned fired back insisting that she’s just fine with it.

“Okay  I will not be bullied as I ignore  it because I am strong. Before I press send on a picture on the Internet I am well aware of any flawas you might have .. You see that Potti .. I saw it too and I love it.. And it’s mine, so I am not sorry that I don’t met your standard of beautiful.” she said. 

Keep hating

She went to add that she has money regardless of what haters might say about her. People can hate as much as they want but she’s living the best of her life.

“So as you wait to talk about my waist let me take a hot shower in my beautiful house that my job pays. for, feed my potti with food my job pays for. Watch Netfllix that my job pays for then sleep and wake up at 10am as you wait for my next ugly picture for you yo hate on,” wrote Terry Muikamba.

King Kaka takes shots at Maina Kageni for playing too much of Wasafi record’s songs

King Kaka confronted Classic FM presenter Maina Kageni over his obsession with Wasafi Record’s songs. The rapper says Maina prefers Wasafi music over others.

Maina and King Kaka met at Acacia Premier Hotel in Kisumu and they made jokes about music industry. King Kaka however teased Maina for giving Wasafi’s songs too much airplay.

The rapper said Maina loves Wasafi songs so much that he even starts his own show on Classic FM with Wasafi music tag line ‘ayo lizer’ (The tag line is usually used by Wasafi musicians in praise of Lizer Classic who is a producer at WCB).

Signed by Wasafi

King Kaka also joked that Maina has been signed by Wasafi Record, he revealed that the Classic 106 presenter goes by the stage names of Kagens or Kagengs.



Bob Collymore: Maina Kageni promised to visit me in hospital but never showed up 

“Safaricom are eating my bundles” jokes aside.  Bob Collymore, the CEO of Safaricom, on Wednesday jokingly taunted Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni for failing to visit him while in hospital abroad.

Collymore, who recently revealed on Citizen TV that he had cancer, joked that Maina never showed for support.

“Tell Maina if he is watching this, thanks for not visiting me. In December Maina said I am going to come and visit you, bro. He never turned up,” Bob told Jeff Koinange when Maina sent a tweet during the show.

He went on to say that even after coming back to the country, Maina was supposed to call him but never did.

“He told me that he was going to call me tomorrow morning that is yesterday. So I  skipped the gym but the guy never did. So when you call, Maina, I am not answering so do not bother,” Collymore said.

Six months

During the interview, Collymore opened on being diagnosed with cancer.

“I was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors told me at the time that I had probably had it for about six months. He said I was fine but noted that the treatment would he harsh and would take six to nine months.

“Being diagnosed with cancer was not a big deal. I thought this was going to be tough I called my team and told them to put systems in place for when I would be away,” he said.


Maina the sharpshooter! Maina Kageni undergoes weapons training (Photos)

Classic FM’s Maina Kageni is on a mission to become highly proficient at firing firearms. But who does he want to shoot, is he even a licensed firearm holder?

To be a licensed gun holder in Kenya, one must be 21 years and above, have a clear criminal and mental record and also must be well trained in handling firearms.

Maina Kageni was seen undergoing weapons training over the weekend. The Classic FM presenter shared photos of him being taught how to fire heavy assault riffles including G3 and HK assault rifles.

“Assault Weapons training….. kweli I’m a natural…… that was a fantastic weekend….” Maina Kageni captioned the photos.

Not cheap

Owning a gun is an expensive undertaking, handguns in Kenya are legally sold between Kes 100,000 – 300,000 while shotguns can cost you from Kes 160,000 – 350,000.

Gun holders also pay a fee and renew their license annually.  A few celebrities in Kenya own guns, several other just love flaunting other people’s guns.

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“You leave a wonderful son and a mom who doted on you” Maina Kageni eulogizes his late cousin John Macharia

SK Macharia’s late son John Macharia was finally laid to rest on Thursday May 3rd. The burial in Ndakaini village. Murang’a county was attended by president Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga, DP William Ruto and several other politicians.

Classic FM presenter Maina Kageni eulogized his late cousin John Macharia in a heartfelt tribute on radio. Maina reveals the deceased was a tough disciplinarian.

“R.I.P John Macharia…You were a tough authority to us growing up!!! You demanded discipline, you demanded that we – especially Karanja and I take responsibility for our daring actions like stealing Mum’s car to go clubbing. You made it clear that you were The Don, and, my goodness, woe unto us any time we disobeyed you. But you taught us some life lessons that remain with me today… And when we were all done with the teenage rampage, you were the first person to show us the way to growing up mentally,” said Maina.

Everyone misses you
John Macharia
John Macharia

The Classic FM presenter further reveals that John was such a lovable person. He says the deceased’s leaves a legacy of friendship and mentorship.

“You leave a wonderful son, a mother who doted on you, a father who respected you, a brother who obeyed and always looked up to you, two sisters who simply adored you and a wider family.

“Personally, mine is to thank you for the lessons, the craziness growing up, the advice, the mentorship, the friendship and for always looking out for us… Mum, Ciku, Muturi and I will miss you very much too….. but we’re grateful that you were in our lives… Rest well….. Shalom,” said Maina.



Discussion: Kenyan women can’t just stay silent after giving a man a few shillings 

Can you support your man financial? That was a wild topic on Twitter yesterday after a woman called  during his show to confess how she has supported her man and even gives her money now and them.

The caller initiated a flurry of calls from women who some confessed that they do give their spouse some money, ignoring that they should be the bread winners of the house.

Even after the show ended, the discussion continued on social media as many tried to justify why it shouldn’t happen — or should — whenever two people are in a relationship. Many women argued that a man should be independent financial and never ask any financial support from his woman unless it’s very necessary, while others insisted that you should help your man because he also helps you.


Some many also claimed that women can never shut their mouths once they assist their man and always tell it to whoever’s ready to listen.

“I can’t help a man financially, I will tell him to go get a job, even for mjengo,” said Purity.

Another one said “If it were not for me bwanangu hangekuwa popote saa hii. Mimi namsaidia kila siku Everyday I wake up in the morning namwmbea, Mamabo yote namshugulikia, ile siku nitawacha itakuwa mwisho wake.”

Some men also didn’t want to be helped by their women and would rather suffer before they ask for money from her.

Listen to the full conversation HERE

“I sold my mom’s gold ring to record a song and it didn’t even hit” Diamond narrates how he almost gave up on life before his breakthrough

Diamond did all sort of menial jobs before he became a full-fledged musician. The Tanzanian crooner opened up about his journey to the top during an interview with Maina Kageni.

The father of three reveals that his first stab at being a musician was a total failure as the song was completely a joke. He recorded the song with money he got from chama contributions.

The second time Diamond recorded a song was with money he got from selling his mother’s gold ring. Diamond says he told his mother that he lost the ring when he had sold it for Tsh 60,000.

Diamond during the interview with Maina Kageni at Classic FM

He further narrates that he got a sponsor who offered to pay for his recordings. The sponsor unfortunately got broke and left Diamond hanging.

He resorted to being a photographer before he started working at a factory that manufactures bags. Diamond says that the same factory later on employed him to distribute toilet papers, he however quit the job due to poor pay.

Diamond goes on to reveal that he gave up on life, he had a feeling that his mother thought he was a failure. He took up a job as a mtumba seller working at a friend’s shop.

The breakthrough

Baba Tiffah says his fate changed when he met Bob Junior (Bongo singer) who gave him an offer to record another song while he was still selling mtumba. He divulges that he recorded his first hit ‘Nenda Kamwambia’ out of real life experience.

Diamond explains he was inspired to write the song after his girlfriend dumped him because he was broke. The song went on to be the breakthrough in Diamond’s music career.

Listen to the interview Diamond had with Maina Kageni at Classic FM below:

Poll: Maina Kageni comes third in Nairobi Women Rep race

According to polls released yesterday by Trends and Insights For Africa (TIFA Research), Maina Kageni has an uphill task of defeating the two main rivals for Nairobi Women Rep seat.

The Classic FM presenter announced his candidature sometimes in early June, his announcement came as a shock to many given that the position he is vying for is thought to be a preserve of women.

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Well, Maina was included in the opinion poll conducted by TIFA research to assess the popularity of candidates vying for Nairobi Women Rep seat.

Nasa’s Esther Passaris emerged first with a staggering 57% followed by Jubilee’s Rachel Shebesh with 25%. Maina came a distant third with 1%.

Meanwhile the poll also indicated that Evans Kidero and Mike Sonko were locked in a neck and neck race with the incumbent governor having a slight lead of 44% against Sonko’s 43%.

In the Nairobi senatorial race, Jubilee’s Johnson Sakaja leads with 39% against ODM’s Edwin Sifuna who had 28% approval.