Born this way! Makena Njeri recounts growing up different, says she always knew she was special

LGBTQ activist Makena Njeri says she grew up knowing she was different. Maybe unlike other girls, she never felt the need of playing with dolls or having tea parties with her friends nor did she want the girliest dress for christmas….and this is because she wasn’t born wired like that.

As you can see she is a proud dyke who has dated a few celebrities here and there making her a proper LGBTQ member. Well, fortunately for her – she realized she was different while growing up and thanks to a tbt photo from when she was like 7 or 8 years…we can clearly see how different she dressed from other girls her age.

From the photo, Makena Njeri is seen wearing a baggy Tshirt which she paired with white baggy jean pants and accessorized her look with a black buckle belt and the shoes….well she chose Safari’s…a complete look for a small boy.

To caption the post, Makena wrote;

Currently loving my truth and working for my community to make sure other kids have it easy.BOLD????

Still wants kids of her own

Although she already knows she was born different, the lady says one day she hopes to have a family of her own and when time is right, she can opt to partake in the pregnancy experience.

Makena Njeri

I know it sounds unrealistic especially with how manly she behaves but again….it’s a new time and age –  where everything is possible.

Makena Njeri reveals why she likes it when he lovers call her Dzaddy

Makena Njeri this past weekend gave us a lot of information about herself we knew nothing about. For once, we learnt she has plans of starting her own family and if I’m not wrong she’s not afraid to carry the pregnancy to term.

With this information, some none supporters of the gay community started pointing out some of the reasons why LGBT doesn’t make sense; ie Makena Njeri would still need a male (sperm) to conceive – yet in her girlfriend’s eyes, she’s the man.

Well – at least that’s what most said in the comment section while reacting to the fact she said she (Makena) wants to be a mum.

Makena Njeri on being a man

Although Makena Njeri says she does not consider herself as a man – she says she likes and is made of the male energy. To her – it’s natural to a point that she even shops at the men section and looking at her outfits – we can confirm this.

Anywya despite having feminine genes, body and parts – the LGBT activist went on to reveal that she likes it when her girlfriend’s come up with male pet names for her.

Responding to a fan who asked;

What pet names do y’all prefer? Feminine or Masc?

To which she responded with;

Dzadddy Energy

And with that kind of vibe, you’re still wondering why Michelle Ntalami still can’t stop talking about Makena Njeri? Well now you know…it’s define the Dzaddy energy.