DJ Pierra Makena narrates how a gunman approached her while she was taking selfies at a popular club

DJ Pierra Makena has opened up on an incident that left her scared to death while at a popular club in Nairobi.

According to the DJ, she was busy talking selfies with fans when a man carrying a gun crushed their party and ordered her to follow him. She ran away to the bouncer for help.

“I pretended that I had not understood him and looked away. I knew that if I acknowledged him or tried to decode his signal he would do something dangerous. I quickly made my way to the club bouncer who was nearest to me and stuck by him until I was safe. That is the day I learnt the importance of having tight security,” she said in an interview with Parents Magazine.


The mother of one also confessed that she always attends club gigs with her own security just to be on the safe side regardless whether the club are providing security for her.

“I always have two security guys in every gig I go to, whether provided by the club or myself. My small brother and personal assistant are always in every show to ensure I am safe,” she added.

Pierra Makena attacked for celebrating herself on Father’s Day 

As almost everyone celebrated their dads yesterday on social media marking Father’s Day, celebrated DJ Pierra Makena found herself in some rather ugly situation with no man to celebrate for her baby.

Why not?

The DJ was attacked by Kenyans for celebrating herself instead of her dad or her baby daddy who they ditched her. While some ladies where impressed with the post, some saw it as a feminist move, aimed at putting men down.

“Big shout out to all Super mothers….who take up the role of a Father when the man can’t be one…. HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL GREAT DADS !!!” said Makena. 


DJ Pierra lost a multi-million deal from Hollywood company after her account was hacked 

Popular DJ, DJ Pierra Makena, has opened up on losing her Instagram account after it was hacked by fraudsters early this year. Makena lost her account, which had almost 300,000 fans by then.

Wanted cash


She has now come out to share that losing her account was more than devastating since she happened to lose a deal from a Hollywood company which was interested in her services but wanted to see her IG account first.

One morning I was called by an agency in Hollywood because they wanted to see my profile on my Instagram page but they could not because it had been hacked, and that is how I lost it,” said Makena in an interview with Nairobi News.

She went on to add that she has since sought the services of a cyber security firm to have her Instagram account back but it seems things haven’t worked out yet since she’s using a new account.