God’s favor! Mama Baha shares adorable photo of newborn son and announces his unique name

Wanjiku Mburu popularly known as Mama Baha is finally a mother after years of praying and fasting hoping God would bless her with her own child.

This prayer was finally answered 9 months ago after she conceived her first child at the age of 38 Years, and finally met her baby in person just recently.

Introducing her newborn to social media fans, Wanjiku Mburu went on to caption her baby’s post;

Mama Baha finally holds a child of her own

Burning spear.
Cc @davidkinyast #jr

Judging from the caption, we have reason to believe that the actress named her son after Jamaican musician, Burning Spear. Unique right?

Living testimony

Having struggled to conceive for years, Mama Baha has become a living testimony for women struggling to conceive.

Just like most women desperately looking for a baby, Mama Baha says she too struggled for years to a point that even when her miracle happened, she still had doubts that finally she’d conceived.

And today, Mama Baha gets to change her name to Mama Burnig Spear or better Mama Kinyast jnr!

“I have been looking for a child” 39 year old Pregnant ‘Mama Baha’ opens up about struggle with infertility

There is nothing more painful than a woman trying all means to get pregnant – but everytime her pregnancy results comes out negative. It’s heartbreaking and most of the time leaves the woman on her knees begging and praying if not on IVF treatment – just to get a child…. even if it means just one.

Actress Mama Baha aka Wanjiku Mburu

Well, this is something one Wanjiku Mburu knows very well. After years of acting with kids  and even playing the role of Mama Baha on Machachari – Ms Mburu often secretly wished that one day she would have children of her own to call her mama.

The actress revealed this during a candid interview with popular news outlet, where she opened up about her struggle with infertility and how she finally conceived after dedicating her life to prayers and fasting.

Walk of Faith

According to Wanjiku Mburu her life changed in 2018 after she took time to pray and fast – hoping God would finally let a seed grow in her womb.

Mama Baha pregnant with first child at 39 years

Being a spiritual person – Wanjiku says God spoke back to her promising children and although the miracle happen there and then – she chose to wait by hanging on to her faith.

2 years later at the age of 38, a new heart started beating inside her – and this only meant there was life growing in her. Wanjiku says at first she couldn’t believe that finally a baby is growing inside her and was only convinced after the bump started growing. She said;

To tell you the truth, I was not convinced. It was a good surprise, I told God sorry for doubting. I have been looking and I love children, I was dealing with children all along but not my own. I started acting with my young Milly at the age of 6 months. I have also been brought up in a family set up and children is something I wanted to have, but I said, in case I don’t have, it is still okay.

Mama Baha pregnant

And just like that, 39 year old Wanjiku Mburu has began her journey into motherhood and having waited for so long – I bet she’ll make a perfect mum!

Credits: Mpasho

Stunning: Mama Baha from TV show Machachari looking hot in bikini (Photo)

Wanjiku Mburu who is a TV producer and an actress who plays the role of a patient humble mum on TV show Machachari has shared her first photo where she is seen wearing a blue bikini.

This being the first time she is showing off her curves in a bikini, the members of team mafisi following her on Instagram could not help but thirst over her petite body.

Mama Baha aka Wanjiku Mburu

The photo is however a throwback from a few years when she was still a young girl. From the photo, it is clear to see that she has not changed much apart from the weight she has gained over the years – but allow me to say that she still looks hotter than ever.

If you have never seen her in a swimming suit, then checkout the tbt photo below:

Mama Baha aka Wanjiku Mburu