Mummy’s boy! Actress Mama Baha unveils newborn’s face for the first time (Photo)

Wanjiku Mburu is grateful for many things in life but nothing compares to how much she appreciates and remains thankful to her God now that she has a child of her own. One from her womb – something she’d always wanted.

Well I guess by now we all know that she struggled to conceive for years and in 2021 – she got pregnant welcome her first and only child in 2022.

So far she cannot keep calm and although she hasn’t been parading the baby boy on her Instagram like most new celebrity parents; it’s obvious to see that mama Burning Spear is giving him time to get a-bit older – maybe 6 months before she starts dropping photos.

First photo

Anyway as we wait for the professional photos, Mama Burning Spear has shared a new photo in the company of her son – and luckily for us –  the actress did not hide his face.

Although it’s hard to tell who baby looks like (mum or dad) – from the angle the photo was taken, it’s somehow obvious he might look like his mum. That’s from his chubby cheeks and hairline….

Showing him off to her fans, Wanjiku Mburu captioned her latest photo saying;

I love you to the moon and back.
#burningspear #phonephotography #goldenhour #sundowner #actor #art #artist #capture #moments #motherandson #wamine #foreverlovestory

Wanjiku Mburu with son, Burning Spear

Mama Baha reflects on her role as a mom on TV show Machachari

Being a new mum has now left actress Patricia Mburu popularly known as mama Baha reflecting back on the days she played the role of a mum to Baha and Govi.

Tbt: Baha, Govi and friend from Machachari

To her it was a blessing especially after years of trying for a baby and failing. In a way, the universe gave her two young boys who played the role of her sons – something like a miracle and at the same time – an opportunity to parade her acting skills.

Looking back at this she related with the boys on the show – it’s obvious to see that motherhood is something Patricia Mburu was born for. She not only knew how to handle the kids but was passionate towards them like her own little cubs – always stirring them away from trouble.

Machacharis Govi and Baha

Explains drive behind her role

Well this was only possible because of her love for character. Unlike many actresses who embark on acting careers looking for fame and money – Mama Baha says she did it for the love of acting.

The new mum revealed this in a caption used on her old photos with her two boys saying;

Patricia Mburu with Baha and Govi

Love of character, not pursuit of fame or money is what separates the great actor, the true artist….the kominsky method
#actor #tbt #setlife #tvseries
Cc @tyler_mbaya @malik_lemmy

Blessings on blessings! Mama Baha hints baby’s gender with adorable photo

Wanjiku Mburu popularly known as Mama Baha got her big miracle at 39 years. A pregnancy, a baby in her womb after years of trying to get pregnant just like most women struggling with infertility.

She opened up about her struggles with fertility public during an interview saying;

Wanjiku Mburu

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To tell you the truth, I was not convinced. It was a good surprise, I told God sorry for doubting. I have been looking and I love children, I was dealing with children all along but not my own. I started acting with my young Milly at the age of 6 months. I have also been brought up in a family set up and children is something I wanted to have, but I said, in case I don’t have, it is still okay.

And after 2 years of prayers, she finally conceived – something she describes as a miracle from God. According to her, she couldn’t believe it at first until the baby bump started showing.

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To tell you the truth, I was not convinced. It was a good surprise, I told God sorry for doubting.

Mama Baha expecting a boy?

Anyway just recently, the pregnant actress shared a new photo parading her grown bump accessorized using a blue ribbon, which I believe was used to announce her baby’s gender.

Mama Baha aka Wanjiku Mburu

She went on to caption the #40 which is equivalent to 9 months, meaning baby will be here soon or better yet – might already be here.

Wanjiku Mburu is married to bae David Kinyast, a man responsible for her every smile and happiness.

Meet handsome young man responsible for Mama Baha’s pregnancy

Mama Baha is pregnant with her first child all thanks to bae, David Kinyast the man behind her every smile and happiness. However being one who enjoys her privacy, Wanjiku Mburu popularly known as mama Baha has been keeping her man private until recently when she celebrated him on her page.

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As seen on the post, Ms Wanjiku Mburu describes her man as God’s answered prayers – her miracle – the man chosen just for her. Well, this is because she says she prayed and fasted for a God fearing man and just like that – she met Mr Kinyast.

Mama Baha aka Wanjiku Mburu

My answered prayer @davidkinyast

February of 2018 I went for a 5 day prayer and fasting and one of my prayer items was a husband ( we have to be intentional about this), I prayed for a God fearing man, a man from his own store house, the one he kept for me. By the end of the prayer and fasting, God spoke to me and said he would give me a partner and so I came back home expectant of the Lord.

Beautiful love story

Although her prayers weren’t answered right there and there – Wanjiku says her hearts desire was fulfilled in 2021 after meeting Mr Kinyast.

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Narrating how their love came to be, Wanjiku went on to conclude her post about bae saying;

Mama Baha’s husband, David Kinyast

Fast forward to February 2nd 2021 God answered my prayer on that ngong hill.
It has been one year already my love and all I can say is I bless the Lord for you!

And now – the happy couple is just a few months to welcoming their first child.

Actress Mama Baha announces 1st pregnancy as she celebrates 39th birthday (Photos)

Wanjiku Mburu popularly known as Mama Baha has finally disclosed news of her pregnancy – just a few months before she welcomes her bundle of joy.

Mama Baha aka Wanjiku Mburu

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As seen on social media, the lady made the announcement in a new post aimed at ushering her 39th birthday in style. And yes…after years of wanting a baby – her prayers were finally unanswered and Mama Baha is now able to have a child who she will call her own.


Well, being one who is quite secretive about her private life mama Baha also unveiled a new photo flaunting the grown baby bump to which she captioned;

Mama Baha pregnant with first child at 39 years

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My 39th year and 39 things I have learnt
1.God is my Alpha
2.through him I have my being thankful in the good & bad
4. Be slow to anger
5. Be quick to forgive to others as you would want them to do to you
7.when giving alms, let not the right hand know what the left has done
8. The same sun that melts the snow, hardens the clay
9.pride comes before a fall
10.respect is earned
11. Obey your father and mother
12.lead a quite life
13.mind your own business
14. Work with your own hands
15.nobody has ever died because of working
16.let your talent work for you
17.let no debt remain, other than the debt of love your life, not others
19.walk the talk
20.obey your elders
21.have time away to reflect
22.pray every day
23.prayers is the answer for everything cant please everyone
25.we are all connected
26.the boss is always right quick to listen
28. Be slow to answer
29.when you focus on you, you grow.when you focus on shit,shit grows
30.let your actions speak
31.what you can do today,do
32.everything can be solved through dialogue the sweat of your hands out
34.i am created in God’s image
35. Repent each time I pray
36.choose my battles
37. He has made everything beautiful in its time
38. God answers prayers
39. God gave me a love just for me
#blessed #birthday #newseason #aquarius #twentygreat #foreverlovestory #wamine

Baby bump Photos

Anyway, her reasons to start a family at 39 years remains unknown to the public but I’m pretty sure if she had it her way – baby would have probably been here sooner but hey – the good thing is that she finally got a seed growing inside her.

Below are a few photos showing the growing bump that will have to pop pretty much soon.

Mama Baha pregnant
Actress Wanjiku Mburu aka Mama Baha

“Ungetoa tu nguo zote!” Actress Mama Baha attacked after exposing her body in a tiny bikini

Mama Baha from TV show Machachari has lately been giving many male fans sleepless nights thanks to her steamy photos on social media.

Lately the lady has been sharing photos rocking her bikinis and from the look of things; this will not stop anytime soon.

Mama Baha

Her latest photo has undeniably left jaws dropping as she is seen exposing her thick legs and as expected the haters turned out in huge numbers.

Too much skin

According to most comments left by her followers, most fans felt that she shouldn’t have exposed herself like she did. In fact most went on to fat shame her claiming that her body looked fat.

Anyway, it’s not clear what the fans wanted her to wear as her beach attire but you can checked the comments in the quite post below;

Festive bread apologizes to Machachari’s actress Mama Baha after she found something bizarre in a loaf of bread she bought

Popular Machachari actress Wanjiku Mburu alias Mama Baha raised the alarm after she found something strange in a loaf of bread she bought.

Mama Baha shared a photo of something looking like a steel ball which she found in the bread she bought. The actress called out Festive bread after she found the ‘thing’.

“Festive bread not so festive…what the hell is that thing …looks like a bearing….shame, @festivebreadke you have been weighed, you have been measured and you have been found wanting…” Mama Baha ranted.

Netizens react

Most people think Mama Baha overreacted when she decided to expose Festive bread. The likes of Teacher Wanjiru told the Machachari actress that the incident was just a minor fault.

“Ni bahati mbaya usiwache mkate moja ikuhamishe ????,” Teacher Wanjiku commented on Mama Baha’s post.

Festive bread issued an apology to Mama Baha after she raised the alarm. The bread manufacturer said it was truly sorry for what Mama Baha found in her loaf of bread.

“We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. We always strive to give our customers the best and we are truly sorry for this,” Festive Bread commented on Mama Baha’s post.


“Mr President my brother was kidnapped and it’s now 3 years” Mama Baha of Machachari sends a plea to Uhuru Kenyatta

Machachari actress Wanjiku Mburu popularly known as Mama Baha is in pain. The Citizen TV actress is devastated by the disappearance of her brother.

Mama Baha highlighted her agony in an open letter she wrote to Uhuru Kenyatta. Wanjiru says she tried using proper avenue to reach out to the president but bureaucracy played its part and she was blocked from having a word with him.

Mama Baba’s open letter to Uhuru Kenyatta


“See Mr President my brother was kidnapped and it’s now 3 years since and nothing from you or your office…after everything has been said and done, it’s been said and NOTHING done.
So this is me hoping with everything going on, your re-election, Githeri man raising to fame you will get to read this and bring my brother home…3 years, I think he has done his “time”. His children need their father, his wife-a husband, his parents- a son and me- MY BROTHER.

“I am writing to you and this is me clutching at straws…i was told not to write to you, others said I should follow chain of command, which I did and after a few attempts to seek audience with the relevant people we had our 1st meeting and everyone was happy to see ‘us’..well that’s until we told them why we were really there and no sooner did they hear us, there were promises of immediate action…there was ” call me 1st thing in the morning….” which I did and this was the narrative…in hushed tones I was told..” I am in a meeting I’ll call you later..” this went on for a while until they no longer bothered to pick my calls…

“Wanjiku hopes her open letter to the president will get to the attention of the commander in chief.”


Stunning: Mama Baha from TV show Machachari looking hot in bikini (Photo)

Wanjiku Mburu who is a TV producer and an actress who plays the role of a patient humble mum on TV show Machachari has shared her first photo where she is seen wearing a blue bikini.

This being the first time she is showing off her curves in a bikini, the members of team mafisi following her on Instagram could not help but thirst over her petite body.

Mama Baha aka Wanjiku Mburu

The photo is however a throwback from a few years when she was still a young girl. From the photo, it is clear to see that she has not changed much apart from the weight she has gained over the years – but allow me to say that she still looks hotter than ever.

If you have never seen her in a swimming suit, then checkout the tbt photo below:

Mama Baha aka Wanjiku Mburu