Did Mama Dangote, Diamond’s mother, break up with her “Ben 10” partner?

Diamond Platnumz’s mother, Mama Dangote, addressed and dismissed rumors of a separation from her husband, businessman Uncle Shamte, in an interview with Wasafi Media.

Uncle Shamte, speaking to the media outlet, refuted speculations about relying on Mama Dangote’s financial support. He emphasized his dedication to work and expressed frustration at the unfounded rumors.

“I am always at work, but you guys say you don’t see me. People have said I’m being kept. A kept man does not work. I then start showing my work, and you start saying I’ve been dumped. What do you want?” he explained.

Shamte clarified that Mama Diamond has not left him, emphasizing their marital status as husband and wife.

“Being left is normal, but it’s not typical for a woman to leave a man. Perhaps you can say she has rejected me, but how can someone reject me when we are in a marriage, when she is my wife?” he questioned.

He went further to provide evidence, including their chat messages and proof of recent financial transactions, to counter the rumors of their separation.

Meanwhile, Mama Diamond recently denied being aware of Diamond’s relationship with Zuchu. In an interview, she stated, “Do not plan for him. He has never introduced me to a wife or fiancée. If he has not made it official, they are just playing with each other. She is just a woman. He has never introduced Zuchu to me as someone he wants to marry. We have not given dowry or a letter to Zuchu’s family to make such intentions.”

Harmonize explains why Mama Diamond Platnumz contributed to his exit from WCB

Harmonize recently landed back home, 3 months after he travelled to the US for his music tour. His trip back home however came with a lot of drama that pushed him to open up about his exit from WCB, while speaking to journalists at the airport.

Well unlike what we all thought (they parted ways because of a lady) turns out that there are several factors that forced him to quit the famous WCB. According to Harmonize, his determination and hard work became a threat to Diamond Platnumz family; to a point that they started accusing his farther (Harmonize’s) of being a Wizard.

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Speaking to journalist, Harmonize went on to reveal how his father was banned from visiting him at the WCB residence; as Diamond Platnumz mum and sister feared the old man would bewitch Diamond Platnumz. He said;

When he would visit me at home, they used to claim that he had come to bewitch Diamond. I asked them, ‘So my dad should not visit?

Mama Dangote – the mastermind

Well apart from the Dangote family being against his dad, Harmonize says that Mama Dangote is the main reason he decided to leave WCB.

From what Harmonize says is that his plan to exit WCB was to make Diamond Platnumz proud as a mentor; like how a bird leaves a nest to fend for itself…however his exit became an issue to a point that WCB management started sidelining him.

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Seeing how badly he was getting treated, Harmonize says he decided to talk to Mama Dangote hoping to find a solution; not knowing that she was the mastermind behind the silent treatment he was receiving.

Speaking about her, Harmonize says the old lady was so afraid of his talent; that she poisoned everyone (including Diamond Platnumz) as she thought he would overtake her son in the music scene. He said;

All I wanted was peace. So I followed Mama Dangote and told her Diamond and I were like brothers, and we had come from far and helped each other in many ways. I just wanted to make him proud that he helped make me succeed.


While I was confiding in her, she was scheming on me. Her mentality was that my aim was to be bigger than her son.

To prove his point, Harmonize gave a list of the successful artists he doesn’t get along with i.e Benpol, Alikiba, Shetta among others. Harmonize went on to say;

Whenever a musician starts shining, they usually fallout with Diamond. For example, Shetta and Ommy Dimpoz were close to him, but once they started shining, they became enemies.

Baby number 3? Mama Diamond Platnumz hints about possible pregnancy (Photos)

Okay okay, I know we have said it a number of times – but this time around it’s Esma and her mum – hinting about a possible pregnancy as seen on social media.

Well, after coming out clean about Diamond Platnumz biological dad after years of lying to Mzee Juma Abdul; let’s just say there is nothing that mama Diamond Platnumz cannot do to get her way.

Mama Dangote with hubby

With her revealing that she lied about her pregnancy back then –  mama Diamond Platnumz is back with another tale where she claims to be pregnant for her Ben 10, Uncle Shamte.

This comes after almost 4 years of their marriage and after getting a baby with another woman; rumor has it that Mama Dangote also made it her mission to have a baby with the young man. And it may have worked.

Menopause is for the broke

After trying out several treatments here and there – mama Diamond Platnumz is said to be pregnant with her 3rd baby.

Although the rumor did not spread like wild fire…I guess fans assumed that it’s the same old games she plays; but hey…the new photos shared on Mama Dangote’s have now fueled the rumor since it looks like she is confirming the news.

If you doubt this then check out the photos below.

Mama Diamond flaunts baby bump
Diamond Platnumz mum pregnant?

“I approve” Mama Diamond Platnumz ready to take in Tanasha Donna as a daughter-in-law

It is no secret that Mama Diamond Platnumz favors Tanasha Donna who is rumored to be her favorite daughter in law.

For some reason, Mama Diamond has always found her to be a keeper; and so far word making rounds  is that she approves of the two settling down as man and wife.

Tanasha Donna with the Dangote´s

This is because the singer’s mum feels that Tanasha is the only lady who dated Diamond Platnumz and never showed any interest in his properties.

Tanasha Donna leaving her brand new Prado is Tanzania and walking out with her belongings challenged Diamond; and his family hence the new approach towards the Kenyan baby mama.

Diamond and Tanasha follow each other

Well, as seen this past weekend Miss Donna jetted into Bongo land in the company of her son and cousin.

Thinking that she brought her young man to see her daddy; fans ended up learning that she was actually there for her own sake too.

Rumor has it that Tanasha travelled to Tanzania to help mend her relationship with Diamond; and now that they follow each other on Instagram – chances are that things are back to normal.

Tanasha and Diamond Platnumz back together?

But question is, what if they used her to kill the Nyange story, what next?

Tanasha Donna’s son’s new look proving that both his parents’ genes are strong

Naseeb Junior always took after Diamond Platnumz especially going by his facial looks soon after his birth, but from the look of things, he might now be taking after Tanasha Donna more.

Even though many doubted Naseeb Juniors paternity, it was indisputable the fact that he was nearly a complete replica of Diamond.

The baby boy turned 1 year old on October 2, in a lowkey, colorful birthday event courtesy of his mom, Tanasha Donna, down in Mombasa.

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Naseeb Juniors new look

Just weeks later, a new photo of the fast-growing baby boy has taken many by surprise.

In a series of photos as seen by Ghafla, a baby Naseeb cutely stares into the camera, a photo that brings out the maternal bit of him more conspicuously than that of his paternal side.

Naseeb Junior

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His chubby, charming baby looks are ones to die for and it is easy to conclude that spending more time around his mom for the last 9 months, might have seen him take after her looks.

However, his new hairstyle grabbed the attention of fans, closely resembling that of his dad and the fact that the kid has inherited his moms strong genes of long, soft hair makes it even more adorable.

Baby Naseeb

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The little one was out enjoying the warm, afternoon sun, now standing on his two feet and slowly gaining an understanding of his environment.

“Sunny days. ????☀️,” the caption beautifully reads.

Naseeb Junior

The photo caught the attention of his grandma, Mama Dangote who reposted her grandson’s photo, admitting that Naseeb Junior is a kid of few words;

“HANAGA SWALI ????????”

Naseeb Junior

The chats left fans excited and enviable of the family bond despite the distance.

Heartwarming video of Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz’ mother locked in tight embrace in public excites fans

Zari Hassan has turned out to be Diamond Platnumz mothers favorite and it is all clear during her stay in Tanzania before flying back to South Africa.

The two would occasionally sweetly embrace each other, laugh together, have good conversations, make memories together and even engage in a dance battle.

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According to Esma Platnumz, Zari is an exceptional kind of woman who won the heart of the Dangote family with wifey duties including getting her hands dirty preparing a meal for the whole family.

Something that stood out about her unlike the Bongo stars other baby mamas.

The heartwarming video

Well, to prove how tight Mama Dangote and Zari Hassan are, a recent video of the two tightly embraced in what looks like the airport before their evening flight, has surfaced.

Zari Hassan and the kids grand homecoming

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Zari is dressed in sleeping pajamas, with her designer bag in hand and a sweater while her mum-in-law is simply dressed in a long floral dress.

A dear Zari is seen comforting Sandra, as they part ways to return to South Africa and a sad Mama Dangote wishes them well.

They slowly walk through the airport, locked in a warm embrace, seemingly unable to let go of each other.

Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz and their children

“We will miss you more but we shall be back,” Zari Hassan comforts her mum-in-law.

You would easily mistake these two for mum and daughter with a bond too tight to break. Sandra’s husband, Rally Jones shared the adorable video of the two on Thursday as they parted ways.

Have a look;


Zari Hassan’s exceptional cooking and dancing skills that have won the heart of her mother-in-law (Videos)

It is now clear just how much the Dangotes missed their in-law, Zari Hassan whose return to Tanzania, after 2 years apart has completely changed the mood in their home in Dar es Salaam.

Zari, Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan set foot in Tanzania on Friday, November 6. Thereafter getting picked up by Diamond Platnumz and headed for his palatial mansion in Dar es Salaam, where the family has been spending their days.

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It has been just 2 days and the pomp, color, liveliness, cheer and beauty exhibited in the full-house, is one to admire.

The Dangote family and Zari weekend spend

Starting with an exclusive house tour around the well-lit, multi-roomed mansion.

Before Mama Dangote and her beloved, Uncle Shamte arrive, turning the meet into a noisy, fun-filled affair, exchanging emotional hugs, greetings and a brief catching up of the last 2 years.

Sandra who had clearly missed Zari and the kids, gushed over her, her looks and just how much it had been since their last encounter. The two were pretty comfortable around each other, with an enviable mother-daughter relationship.

Thereafter, the kids had an evening swim at the pool with their parents, which turned out a bliss.

They call it a night but following morning, after Zari who could not find anything substantial that her kids can have in the fridge, sent out for ingredients so that she can prepare a meal by herself for the whole family.


A character that has apparently made her stand out from all other baby mamas, with her sister-in-law, Esma Platnumz admitting that she cannot love Zari enough because she is a full package.

This is unlike her brother’s other baby mamas who would ever order for food deliveries instead of making a meal for the family or even just the singer.

Esma Platnumz praising Zari

Telling them to keep off grounds.

Zari takes to the dance floor

Plus, who knew Zari had such mastery when it comes to dance moves? Well, she proved it after dancing it off with her mother-in-law, Sandra Kassim under the warm, Sunday sun.

No lie, she knows her moves.


Traits of the mother of 5 and South Africa-based CEO that have been cited as the reasons why Zari Hassan might be the favorite daughter-in-law to Diamonds mother.

What do you think?

Emotional moments as Diamond Platnumz welcomes Zari and their kids into Tanzania (Video)

Thursday, November 5, Zari Hassan and the kids landed in Tanzania ahead of their grand homecoming, 2 years since the couple part ways.

2018, is an year that lives to be remembered in the Dangote family, as the music star and his then-first wife, Zari Hassan part ways on Valentine’s day, news that blew up the Internet.

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Well, 2 years later, the family gets a chance to re-unite as Zari and the kids fly into Tanzania to spend time with their daddy, Chibu.

In videos that have since gone viral, Zari and the kids landed at Julius Nyerere International airport, with paparazzi  ambushing them soon as they got to the exterior.

Zari Hassan and the kids grand homecoming

According to Zari, she is not here to patch things up with her ex-lover, rather to have her kids spend quality time with their dad, having been 2 years since they last set their eyes on each other.

Admitting that Diamond was the one who so badly wanted to see the kids and she could only answer to his call.

The Dangote first family reunion

She however clarifies that it does not matter whether she spends the next couple of days in a hotel or in her baby daddys house, all she is here for is the kids.

The emotional embraces

But the gist of it all comes when Diamond comes to pick up his family, with the kids running up to him in excitement and zeal, which completely melts his heart.

Then came Zari’s moment with Diamond, both getting locked in a warm, tight embrace and it was indeed a sight to behold.

Zari Hassan and the kids grand homecoming

Like the man he is, Diamond opted to carry both his kids in his arms, with the paparazzis giving the family zero time to breathe or even jell together.

Meanwhile, Zari clinched on her designer leather handbag, walking side-by-side with the kids and her baby daddy as they left for his mansion in Dar es Salaam.

Have a close watch as it all went down.

“Don’t force a relationship with me” Mama Dangote publicly mocks Hamisa Mobetto 

Hamisa Mobetto has been trying to mend her relationship with Mama Dangote but all her efforts keep hitting a hard wall. For years or rather months the young lass has not only hoped to fix her relationship with the old woman; but keeps hoping that she will accept her baby Dyllan as a grandson.

However speaking for the first time about her relationship with Mama Dangote; Hamisa Mobetto went on to reveal that she has nothing against the lady – but admitted that all is not well between them.

Tanzanian model, actress and singer Hamisa Mobetto

The two fell out just a few months after Dyllan was born. As reported, Mama Dangote did not expect Hamisa Mobetto to expose Diamond Platnumz son to the publicly; as they had already discussed this. Not quite sure where the truth is but chances are, there is more to this.

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Mama Dangote responds

However, responding to Hamisa Mobetto’s latest interview where she mentioned how hard she has been working to win over Mama Dangote; the grandmother as usual hit back with a new post.

Through her IG stories, Mama Dangote wrote;

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Ukoo wetu unatutosha jamani! Mtu analazimisha ukoo vipi??? Ebu nisaidieni kisheria ukoo unalazimishwa?

Mama Dangote’s post

From the post above post it’s evident that this beef will not ending anytime soon; but the good thing is that Dyllan will always remain as Diamond Platnumz son.

Never before seen romantic photos of Tanasha and Diamond in hospital on her delivery date emerge as son turns 1 year old

Today, Diamond Platnumz turns 31 years old as his son with Tanasha Donna, Naseeb Junior marks his first year on earth.

October 2, remains a special date for the Dangote family as father and son mark the day they breathed their first on earth.

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Mere coincidence saw a dear Tanasha Donna give birth to her bouncing baby boy with the Tanzanian superstar on October 2, 2019, the very same day the WCB President was turning 30 years old.

Diamond Platnumz welcomes baby boy Naseeb Junior

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Mama Dangote spills the beans

And today, dear Sandra Kassim aka Mama Dangote penned a special heartwarming message to her daughter-in-law, Tanasha and her child, Naseeb humbled by the opportunity to be called grandmother a 4th time.

Happy birthday tom kaka @naseeb.junior ????. Bibi anakupenda sana sana ❤❤,” adorably captioned Mama Dangote.

Mama Dangote with her grandson, Naseeb Junior

Sharing never seen before adorable photos of Tanasha and Diamond Platnumz just before she delivered in hospital.

Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna

A gorgeous-looking heavily pregnant Tanasha and her baby daddy were on their way to hospital on her due date and the kind of vibe and warmth these two shared on that day is breathtaking.

Diamond Platnumz with Tanasha in hospital on her delivery date

In hospital, Tanasha seemed to be in so much pain and Chibu who was sitted by her side romantically leaned in to comfort his soon-to-be baby mama.

Diamond Platnumz sweetly comforts Tanasha in hospital on her delivery date

Probably why the ex-lovebirds will forever remain one in their hearts. Happy 1st Birthday to little one!

Nani kama mama! Diamond Platnumz gifts mum brand new sleek ride estimated to cost KSh2.2 million (Photos)

Singer Diamond Platnumz has lately been keeping a low profile and for some reason; fans believe that he may be planning to join politics very soon – but when it comes to Simba, it’s quite hard to predict!

Away from his busy schedule, Diamond Platnumz has been making sure that his mummy love is well taken care of. After gifting her a V8 on her birthday back in 2019; Diamond Platnumz has once again proven to be loving son as he just added a new Harrier to the list of expensive rides his mum owns.

The excited mother shared the good news through her page informing fans about the new car. She went on to thank her loving son in a post where she wrote;

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Mama Dangote´s intent is to have her son marry in future

Shukran ???? Simba

Controlling mum

With the love Diamond Platnumz and his mum share, there has not been a single woman who could come between them.

So far Zari, Hamisa and Tanasha including ex lover, Wema Sepetu have accused Mama Dangote of getting involved with their relationship when dating Diamond Platnumz.

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But being the mother, it’s quite hard for the ladies to win arguments with a man who listens to his mum a bit too much. Anyway, now that he is a single man – his mum continues to get nothing but the best from her baby boy!

New ride alert! Mama Diamond’s Harrier
Diamond gifts mum a new ride
Singer Diamond buys mum new car


8 times Mama Dangote has proven Princess Tiffah is her favorite grandchild

Diamond Platnumz’ only daughter, Princess Tiffah has sure won a soft spot in her grandmother’s heart, everyday singing the melody of how proud she is of the little baby girl.

If you have come across any of Tiffah’s recent videos, you know that girl spits venom and commands her space, pretty bossy just like her mum, Zari Hassan.

Zari Hassan with daughter, Tiffah Dangote

Either way, Mama Dangote does not seem to be letting her go, ever excited to parade her young granddaughter all over social media, serenading Tiffah with charming words.

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Let’s go through a number of Tiffah’s videos that have bewitched Sandra with love for her.


Well, for those that didn’t know, Tiffah can cook and not just basic food, this little girl can make chapati. This has left Diamond’s mum tripping over her young cooking skills. Have a look:


Coming next is Tiffah’s video wishing her bibi a happy birthday and this has since melted Sandra’s heart, gushing:

sijui niandike nini jamani..Maana sikwa mapenzi haiya ya Mke mwenza…Duuuh maana kila mwaka lazima aniimbie mapenzi kama yote ❤ shkurani @princess_tiffah

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One occasion was a cute video of Tiffah bragging about her wealthy dad, smitten by her father’s untamed love for her.



No lie, these two are best of friends, with Tiffah coming out on several occasions with tailored messages specifically for her bibi Mama Dangote.


During Tiffah’s birthday last year, August 2019, Bi Sandra shared a series of adorable videos since she started making her fast kicks, mumbling words and with only two front teeth.

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To when she could now sit on her own. Sweetly adoring:




We wrap up with baby photos of Princess Tiffah by Mama Dangote, showering her with status, love, respect and admiration, while labeling her “Bi…SANDRAH ????????”.





Mama Diamond Platnumz explains why she refers to Tanasha Donna’s son as “Kichwa Kubwa”

Mama Diamond Platnumz and her entire family including Juma Lokole have been referring to Naseeb Junior as Kichwa Kubwa; a name that has left most of her followers feeling offended.

Recently Mama Dangote left yet another comment calling baby NJ ‘Kichwa Kubwa’ and for the first time; one of her fans decided to ask why the family enjoys picking on the small boy.

He went on to ask whether they did this intentionally since they had not been in speaking terms with Tanasha Donna. He went on to write saying;

Tanasha with son, Naseeb Junior

@mama_dangote Jamani mbona umtusi kichwa kubwa ata kama umekosa na mamake.????????????????Dunia Ina maneno dah ata kama nikumfurahisha Zari hii sio vizuri;????Mungu amlinde huyu Malaika jamani.

Big head

Responding to this question, mama Diamond Platnumz first made it known that she has no issue with her grandson. In fact it turns out that Naseeb Junior inherited almost everything from his daddy and this is why they refer to him as Kichwa Kubwa.

Mama D went on to add, when Diamond Platnumz was Naseeb’s age they also referred to him as Tom Kaka Kichwa Kubwa; and looking at his popular baby photo it’s clear to see Diamond indeed had a huge head compared to his body size back then.

Naseeb fiinally meets his great grandmother from Tanasha’s side of the family

@khaltuma12 jamani mbona mnaumia kumwita kichwa kikubwa; ndio tushazowea kumwita hivyo toka udogo wake. Ndio maana tuna mwita Tom kaka mdogo; kwa sababu ya baba yake pia alivyokuwa mdogo tulikuwa tuna mwita hivyo. ndio nayy nimezowe kumwita kichwa kikubwa binadam hamuishi vyakujadili mm Bibi yake nishazowe kumwita hivyo,

Well, since Mama Dangote has always favoured Zari’s kids over Hamisa Mobetto’s son; it’s not surprising to see fans getting offended by the nickname she gave her grandson.

Mama Dangote’s adorable step son celebrates 1st birthday in style! (Photos)

Uncle Shamte who is married to Mama Dangote is proud to be referred to as Diamond and Esma Khan’s father.

Since getting married to the singer’s mum; Shamte’s life has undeniably changed in ways he also can’t explain nor is he ready to change the situation.

With money coming in through the several businesses owned by Diamond Platnumz; Uncle Shamte has been on the forefront pushing for profits. Word has it that his love for the finer life could not be stopped even if it meant him never seeing his son, Ehsan ever again.

Shamte’s son

About a year ago, Shamte welcomed his first child with his girlfriend Iffah before walking out on her. According to reports, Shamte chose Mama Dangote over the lady he had been with for years; and as seen on some of Iffah’s posts, he chose the money and not love.

Uncle Shamte’s son

Since then, Shamte has been quite absent in his son’s life and he continues to live like everything is fine.

Son celebrates birthday

Well, the young boy celebrated his first birthday on 14th May marking his first year on planet earth.

Unfortunately as the boy celebrated his birthday, his other family was in mourning following the death of Shamte’s father that occured on 14th May 2020.

Iffah who is Uncle Shamte’s baby mama went on to mark her son’s birthday with special birthday message where she wrote;

Iffah with son, Ehsan

 Happy 1st birthday my only son ????????u grow very fast so as u make me surprise ????always I pray for you and I really love u my little hansham boy????????

In yet another post Iffah confirmed the passing of Mzee Shamte saying;

Hbd doctor wangu na pole sana kwa kuondokewa na wajina wako mzee shamte mungu amlaze mahali pema peponi amin????RIP MZEE SHAMTE ????

Uncle Shamte who is currently in mourning did not acknowledge his son’s birthday not just because of his father’s death; but to avoid issues with mama Diamond Patnumz.

Baby Ehsan

Anyway, sooner or later Shamte might just settle for a blended family; to ensure in future he does not get treated like Mzee Juma who continues to suffer despite having a son like Diamond Platnumz.

Ehsan with his mum

“Kobe Mzee wewe” Uncle Shamte’s baby mama throws shade at Mama Dangote

There is drama on Instagram between Iffah and Mama Dangote who have been beefing for years now!

Apparently before Mama Dangote met with Uncle Shamte aka Rally Jones; he had been in a serious relationship with Iffah who also happens to be his baby mama!

Swahili shade

However Rally Jones who had been looking for a good life found it in Mama Dangote’s arms! The fella now lives a very expensive lifestyle and drives big cars that have been provided to him by mama D!

With this all over social media, both Rally and Mama Dangote have grown a thick skin that allows them to take insults from social media users without a care in the world.

Rally Jones with Baba Diamond Platnumz

Husband snatcher

About a year ago the two ladies exchanged bitter words that left Iffah revealing that Mama Dangote had refused to allow Rally Jones to even visit his son!

This definitely mama Diamond fighting for herself in a corner all alone. However seems that the issue was solved until just a few hours when the two sparked yet another fight!

Iffah insults mama Dangote

As seen on her Instagram page, Iffah has left no stone unturned as she insulted mama Dangote. What caused the online war is still unknown however chances are that the two are back to arguing about their husband. Iffah went on to write saying;

Rally Jones aka Uncle Shamte’s baby mama

????????????????jipange upya bibiee ndio mie mama shashaboy raha ya kuchambana uso kwa uso mjusi mweusi na simtumi mtu kuchamba nakuchamba mwenyewe kukuonyesha sikuogopi ????????????????????????????????kobe mzee


Mama Dangote maintains her silence

Looking through mama Dangote’s page, it’s clear that she has not engaged in the social media war – but fans claim that she is allegedly using a pseudo account for her dirty work.

Uncle Shamte

Apart from Iffah, Mama Dangote has been in bad terms with the likes of Mama Hamisa Mobetto; who was also linked to the guy. Anyway let’s see how the drama unfolds.



Mzee ni Wewe! Mama Dangote continues to romance her young husband on social media

Mama Dangote will not let anyone or anything take away the love she shared with her young and handsome husband, Rally Jones aka Uncle Shamte!

The two love birds have however had their good and bad days in their relationship; and the last fight left mama Dangote announcing that Shamte was now out of her life!

However just a few weeks later, the couple is back together and from the look of things the young husband definitely knows how to tune his wife!

Uncle Shamte

Shamte cheating

So far he has fathered a child with another woman while still married to mama Dangote; and the lady seems just fine despite knowing that her husband cheated with a younger lady.

Although the two are together, rumor has it that mama Dangote has ensured have all her properties registered under her name; and not that of her husband’s – a smart move indeed!

Young love

Just a few weeks after another of their nasty break ups; the couple has shared a new photo paraffin their love on social media.

Mr and Mrs Shamte

From the photo shared by mama Dangote it is evident to see that the two are in love and will not be ending this anytime soon! So far, Uncle Shamte has proven to be close to Esma Platnumz who is Diamond’s elder sister!

Family drama

Sadly rumor has it that Uncle Shamte’s sisters have been against his marriage for years now; and no longer see eye to eye with their brother.

Rally Jones baby boy, Ehsan

The ladies however continue to support their brother’s son who shares quite shocking resemblance with Uncle Shamte. It is however not clear as to whether Shamte is a dead beat dad or is active in his son’s life especially with Mama Dangote’s alleged dark heart.


Away this is not the first time the two are parading their love affair on social media and below is a copy of the latest romantic photo shared by mama Dangote!

Mama Dangote with hubby

“Mwanaume atulizwi na mtoto!” Mama Diamond Platnumz claps back after Tanasha’s interview

Mama Dangote is now a house hold name and might just add to the names of female celebrities from Tanzania thanks to her son, Diamond Platnumz.

So far she has been involved in several scandals involving her son’s women and rumor has it that the old lady is the main reason Diamond Platnumz has never settled down!

Mama Dangote

Well, according to rumors mama Dangote claims that most of these women are often after his sons money; something she refuses to entertain or be part of!

Mama Dangote and son’s baby mamas

It is publicly known that Diamond Platnumz has 3 baby mamas that is; Zari with 2 child, Hamisa Mobetto with one and Kenyan singer Tanasha who also welcomed a baby boy last year!

Mama Dangote tells Diamond to settle with Tanasha

All the named ladies above not only have brains but beauty – however when it comes to Diamond Platnumz these women were never enough!

It is alleged that Mama Dangote drove each one of them out of her son’s life as she feared them dimming his shine! The likes of Hamisa and official Lyyn were seen as ’golddiggers’ and never did mama Dangote ever let them get a chance to publicly date her son.

Mama D with Zari

Clap back

Well, even with the rumors Tanasha Donna still found her way into Diamond Platnumz home; however things did not end up so well for her!

Just recently while speaking to True Love magazine; Ms Donna indirectly confirmed that  the rumors we hear about mama Dangote are true. This is because she went through her drama, mistreatment; and probably worse that couldn’t be publicly exposed since the Dangote’s still remain family thanks to her son.


However even after the interview Mama Dangote and her family chose to maintain low profile; only for her to speak this past weekend. The superstars mother went on to share a video of Gigi money; talking about women who use children to make men settle down!

And this case, it seems that the video was aimed at Tanasha Donna who outed some of the secrets about mama Dangote! We cannot affirm the video was directed to Tanasha – but fans on social media seem convinced that this was meant for Donna whose interview seem to impressed many with her intelligence.

Mama Dangote unapologetically abuses fan’s mother on social media

Mama Dangote is not on social media to entertain nonsense! In fact she is on Instagram to help support her son’s projects if not flaunting her husband.

Mama Dangote with son, Diamond Platnumz

For weeks now Mama Dangote has been keeping a low profile until this past weekend when she decided to shade one of her fans on her Instagram; for being a busy body telling her what money can and can not do for mama D.

Well, it all started after the fan went on to claim that Mama Dangote has been acting like a small girl; now that her money can buy her some love from Uncle Shamte! The fan wrote;

Hela unaweza ukarudi utoto????????

Mama D hits back

Knowing very well that she is a woman who doesn’t care what people say about her; Mama Dangote went on to respond telling the fan to use his money wisely on his mum in order for her to act young.

Mama Dangote wrote;

mrudishe basi na MAMA YAKO

Mama D

This is not the first time Mama Dangote is abusing or rather calling out her male fans on social media; and truth be told, she seems to have developed thick skin when it comes to the  negative comments on her page.

Enjoying her old age

Having had a humble beginning, Mama Dangote now has the privilege of living the good life courtesy of her son.

Mama Dangote ushered on stage during Diamond´s 10-years celebrations

Just recently Diamond Platnumz went on to urge his mum to enjoy the fast life since she has earned it! The singer went on to add that all the pain and struggles Mama D had faced back in the day were now being rewarded.

Mama Diamond Platnumz flaunts Tanasha’s car after repossessing it!

Word making rounds on social media is that Mama Dangote is currently using the same car Diamond Platnumz gifted his baby mama, Tanasha Donna on her birthday.

Well, we all can’t forget the great Gatsby party that went down in Tanzania attracting friends, family and fans of both Diamond and Tanasha Donna.

Mama Dangote ushered on stage during Diamond´s 10-years celebrations

However after all the smiles and joy; Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz parted ways leaving tongues wagging on social media. Word has it that Tanasha walked out on Diamond Platnumz after she found out he was cheating on her.

Mama Dangote repossesses car

Anyway, just a few hours ago Mama Dangote went on to flaunt the Toyota gifted to Tanasha Donna.

Mama D repossesses car

According to Juma Lokole the car had been registered under Mama Dangote’s name. Yes, the car never belonged to Tanasha but Mama Dangote who is the rightful owner.

Through her Instagram page mama Dangote went on to flaunt the car through her Instagram page leaving many talking.

Diamond Platnumz message to his mum

To make things worse, Diamond Platnumz went on to leave a comment that probably proved his relationship with his mum is stronger than many think.

Diamond Platnumz wrote saying;

Kila maisha mama angu, umepata tabu sana kunilea hadi leo kufika hapa….furaha yangu ni kuona unafurahi.

With the message above it is evident that Diamond Platnumz has no business with his baby mamas; but when it comes to his mum, things are definitely different.

“Kula maisha mama angu umepata shida mingi kunilea” Diamond Platnumz showers his mum with love

Diamond Platnumz is ready to spoil his mother in whatever way she wishes since he can now afford to give her nothing but the best!

The singer earlier today left many talking after leaving a special comment on his mum’s post encouraging her to enjoy the good life. Diamond Platnumz went on to write saying;

Mama D

Kila maisha mama angu, umepata tabu sana kunilea hadi leo kufika hapa….furaha yangu ni kuona unafurahi.

Mama Diamond

Diamond Platnumz relationship with his mum

So far Diamond Platnumz is known to have a special relationship with his mum; and word has it that she is the main person he runs to when he has his women handled!

Mama Dangote ushered on stage during Diamond´s 10-years celebrations

In an interview done a while back Mama Dangote made it know that she was not ready to watch women use her son for money; and I bet this is why the like of Hamisa Mobetto are still in the baby mama zone!

Heavy machines for his mum

While his baby mamas drive small and simple cars, Diamond Platnumz gifted his mum with a white v8 on her birthday last year leaving many talking.

The singer also bought his ex girlfriend and baby mama a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado V8 which is now said to have remained back in Tz; since it was registered under Mama Dangote’s name.

Well, I guess it’s not just Diamond Platnumz who is ready to spoil his mum with gifts but every man who has seen his mum struggle to raise him.

“You are the true definition of a wicked woman!” fans bash Mama Dangote

Mama Dangote is quite special in a way that many social media users cannot ignore!

Word making rounds on social media is that the lady has been influencing her son not to settle down! This is because she makes the decisions of which woman is good enough to date her son!

So far she mama Dangote has been said to be the main reason why both Zari and Hamisa Mobetto walked out on Diamond Platnumz; and now Tanasha Donna has joined the club as the 3rd baby mama to walk out on Simba!

Mama Dangote and Tanasha Donna

Rumor making rounds on social media is that Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna apparently started having issues thanks to Mama Dangote.

Mama Dangote

This is apparently after the Simba bought Tanasha Donna a silver chain that cost hundreds of dollars; but unfortunately mama D did not receive any fancy gift!

Being the selfish person we have come to know on Instagram, mama Dangote allegedly started bringing in issues which later resulted to her son and Tanasha breaking up!

Wicked mother in law?

Anyway just to prove how much Mama D is involved in her son’s love life; this past weekend she went on to share some thirsty behind the scene photos from Jeje video shoot.

Her latest move has however left her looking like the wicked step mum; but is she really one? Anyway check out the now deleted posts below.

Black don’t crack: Back when Young Mama Diamond Platnumz used to rock booty shorts!

Bi Sandra is one of the very known mums on social media since she actually is the mother of  East African superstar, Diamond Platnumz!

Mama Dangote ushered on stage during Diamond´s 10-years celebrations

For this reason mama Dangote has huge following on her social media pages where she likes to share videos and photos that the paparazzi cannot access especially in their home.

As we mark the first Thursday of the year, mama Diamond Platnumz has released a new photo from back in the day when she was a young fine mummy of two!

Black don’t crack!

Well, not that the lady has changed much but it’s evident that she was one fine lady back in the day and this could be the main reason why Diamond Platnumz father could not stop eyeing her.

Anyway, below is a never before seen photo of the lady from back in the day.

Mama Dangote

“Pia Wewe tafuta hela ndio arudi” Mama Dangote shares her husband’s baby mama

Bi Sandra aka Mama Dangote has been accused of using her money to bag her current husband Rally Jones aka Uncle Shamte.

Mama Dangote with hubby

From the stories making rounds on social media is that Mama Dangote has been showering her man with money, access to her cars and even houses making the fella fall even harder for the material things being offered to him for free.

Well, since many consider this an unfair game against Rally Jone’s baby mama who doesn’t have the kind of money Mama Dangote is using to spoil uncle Shamte.

Sandra responds

Well, with the stories spreading like a wild fire…Mama Diamond Platnumz has gone ahead to hit back with a new post where she is seen telling her husband’s baby mama to also use her money if she wants her man back.

Mama Diamond Platnumz

Not that she cares but mama Dangote seems to understand that she is in control when it comes to Uncle Shamte and if anything, she doesn’t mind if he cheats or leaves!

Goals! Check out the huge mansion Diamond Platnumz mum and her young husband are building themselves

Mama Dangote and her husband are now making long terms plans since they shall be spending their forever together!

Rally Jones checking out their up coming home

After so much has been said, the old lady finally shared several videos on her Instagram stories flaunting what appears to be an unfinished multi million mansion.

Mama Diamond Platnumz home

Well, being the mother of the richest East African Bongo artist, I bet Mama Dangote would never settle for less and since she is planning to head back to her home village where she will settle down for good with her husband.

The new huge mansion

Looking at the video shared by the grandmother of 6, we can confirm that indeed that the home being built in Tandale is quite big for just two people!

But since mama Dangote has a huge extended family, I can only assume that this is why she decided to have such a huge home. Anyway check out the videos below.


“Hatoachana kamwe!” Mama Dangote tells haters

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz mum is not one to joke around especially when it comes to her children and husband!

So far the mother of two who is also a grandmother of 6 has come out to let her haters know that her young energetic husband will not be leaving her for any other woman despite their age difference.

Sandra made the revelation through her Instagram page where she shared a new photo hanging out with her husband just a few hours ago.

Her caption however got many talking as she wrote;

Mama Dangote

CC @uncle_shamte ????

Married and sealed!

Well this is not the first time the lady is coming out to warn her haters about her man, Uncle Shamte.

A while back she went on to share a copy of her marriage certificate to prove that she was legally married to the young man and so far there is nothing or any woman who can take her husband away from her.

Rally jones and Mama Diamond’s marriage certificate

Anyway, let’s give it more time and see what happens next!

Fans call out Diamond Platnumz mum for sharing fake photo of Tanasha’s son

Diamond Platnumz mum seems to be giving online users something to talk about.

Tanasha’s son

A few hours she went on to share a post showing off her grandson’s hair only for fans to realize the photo belongs to an unknown Caucasian baby.

This has left many calling out the lady for the fake post making people believe that it was actually Diamond and Tanasha’s son.

Mama Dangote’s post

Mama Dangote responds

Anyway even after fans criticized her surprising move, Mama Dangote has now gone ahead to share a new post showing the real ‘young Simba.’

Well, the now grown baby boy seems to be taking after his daddy in terms of color but the hair definitely came from Tanasha Donna.

Check out the photos below.

Tanasha’s son
Tanasha’s son