Photos of Baba Diamond Platnumz getting cozy with young Tanzanian actress

After Diamond Platnumz mum shared amazing photos with her husband, Shamte; Her ex husband Baba D has also decided to unleash cozy photos with a Tanzanian actress baby Madaha.

Mama Dangote with hubby

Apparently the two have been working on a project in Tanga where they are educating people on the importance of keeping their environments clean.

However, what caught people’s attention is how cozy the two appeared in their photos. It is still unclear as to ether the two are romantically involved or are doing this for ‘kiki’ but Baba D appears quite happy.

Mama D and her husband

So far Mama D is married to the ‘love of her life’ and even went ahead to share a copy of their marriage certificate on social media.

With Mama D and Baba D showing off photos of their lovers on Instagram; could it mean that they are competing to see who is happier than the other?

Rally Jones shares a copy of his marriage certificate to prove he legally married Diamond Platnumz mum

If you thought Mama Dangote’s Ben 10 was just joy riding with his old lady because of fame and money; then you better think twice!

A copy of their marriage certificate is currently making rounds on social media proving that the two got married back in 2017.

Mama Dangote with hubby

Being Muslim the two held a low key wedding that only saw close friends and relatives attend. For this reason, many now understand that Rally Jones is a married man and the head of the family at the Dangote’s home.

Mama Dangote’s marriage certificate

The legal wife

However, this also comes as a big shock to many since Rally Jones is said to have a 1 month old baby with a lady he was toying around with.

Diamond Platnumz mum on the other hand remains unbothered since she is his legal wife at the end of the day.