Mama Diamond Platnumz hospitalized days after Esma was discharged (Photo)

Mama Dangote may not be feeling well if the post shared on her IG stories is anything to go by. On Monday, 23 November the old lady shared a new post showing that she was getting some medical care from a certain hospital.

However since she appears to have been put on a normal drip; we can’t say that her condition was that serious compared to that of her daughter Esma Platnumz. As for now all we know is that Mama Dangote was hospitalized for a short while and the grandma of 5 is doing much better now.

This is because she has since been updating fans through her IG stories where she has been sharing photos and clips of grandson, Naseeb Junior. According to the rumor’s making rounds on social media; word has it that this particular grandma feels that Tiffah and Naseeb Junior are the only children Diamond Platnumz has fathered.

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Mama Diamond hospitalized

Picky grandmother

As for the rest; lets just say that their fate will be known the day Diamond Platnumz decides to share his inheritance amongst his children.

Naseeb Junior with grandma

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Hamisa Mobetto’s son, Dyllan is the only grandchild who has faced rejection and abuse from his fathers side of the family; and although others claim he might be Jaguar’s son, singer Diamond Platnumz has always made an effort to bring him close.

Dyllan’s grandmothers on the other hand continue to beef as they both have an eye on the same man ‘Uncle Shamte’ who seems quite comfortable with Mama Diamond.


“Mwanaume atulizwi na mtoto!” Mama Diamond Platnumz claps back after Tanasha’s interview

Mama Dangote is now a house hold name and might just add to the names of female celebrities from Tanzania thanks to her son, Diamond Platnumz.

So far she has been involved in several scandals involving her son’s women and rumor has it that the old lady is the main reason Diamond Platnumz has never settled down!

Mama Dangote

Well, according to rumors mama Dangote claims that most of these women are often after his sons money; something she refuses to entertain or be part of!

Mama Dangote and son’s baby mamas

It is publicly known that Diamond Platnumz has 3 baby mamas that is; Zari with 2 child, Hamisa Mobetto with one and Kenyan singer Tanasha who also welcomed a baby boy last year!

Mama Dangote tells Diamond to settle with Tanasha

All the named ladies above not only have brains but beauty – however when it comes to Diamond Platnumz these women were never enough!

It is alleged that Mama Dangote drove each one of them out of her son’s life as she feared them dimming his shine! The likes of Hamisa and official Lyyn were seen as ’golddiggers’ and never did mama Dangote ever let them get a chance to publicly date her son.

Mama D with Zari

Clap back

Well, even with the rumors Tanasha Donna still found her way into Diamond Platnumz home; however things did not end up so well for her!

Just recently while speaking to True Love magazine; Ms Donna indirectly confirmed that  the rumors we hear about mama Dangote are true. This is because she went through her drama, mistreatment; and probably worse that couldn’t be publicly exposed since the Dangote’s still remain family thanks to her son.

However even after the interview Mama Dangote and her family chose to maintain low profile; only for her to speak this past weekend. The superstars mother went on to share a video of Gigi money; talking about women who use children to make men settle down!

And this case, it seems that the video was aimed at Tanasha Donna who outed some of the secrets about mama Dangote! We cannot affirm the video was directed to Tanasha – but fans on social media seem convinced that this was meant for Donna whose interview seem to impressed many with her intelligence.

Mama Dangote unapologetically abuses fan’s mother on social media

Mama Dangote is not on social media to entertain nonsense! In fact she is on Instagram to help support her son’s projects if not flaunting her husband.

Mama Dangote with son, Diamond Platnumz

For weeks now Mama Dangote has been keeping a low profile until this past weekend when she decided to shade one of her fans on her Instagram; for being a busy body telling her what money can and can not do for mama D.

Well, it all started after the fan went on to claim that Mama Dangote has been acting like a small girl; now that her money can buy her some love from Uncle Shamte! The fan wrote;

Hela unaweza ukarudi utoto????????

Mama D hits back

Knowing very well that she is a woman who doesn’t care what people say about her; Mama Dangote went on to respond telling the fan to use his money wisely on his mum in order for her to act young.

Mama Dangote wrote;

mrudishe basi na MAMA YAKO

Mama D

This is not the first time Mama Dangote is abusing or rather calling out her male fans on social media; and truth be told, she seems to have developed thick skin when it comes to the  negative comments on her page.

Enjoying her old age

Having had a humble beginning, Mama Dangote now has the privilege of living the good life courtesy of her son.

Mama Dangote ushered on stage during Diamond´s 10-years celebrations

Just recently Diamond Platnumz went on to urge his mum to enjoy the fast life since she has earned it! The singer went on to add that all the pain and struggles Mama D had faced back in the day were now being rewarded.

Black don’t crack: Back when Young Mama Diamond Platnumz used to rock booty shorts!

Bi Sandra is one of the very known mums on social media since she actually is the mother of  East African superstar, Diamond Platnumz!

Mama Dangote ushered on stage during Diamond´s 10-years celebrations

For this reason mama Dangote has huge following on her social media pages where she likes to share videos and photos that the paparazzi cannot access especially in their home.

As we mark the first Thursday of the year, mama Diamond Platnumz has released a new photo from back in the day when she was a young fine mummy of two!

Black don’t crack!

Well, not that the lady has changed much but it’s evident that she was one fine lady back in the day and this could be the main reason why Diamond Platnumz father could not stop eyeing her.

Anyway, below is a never before seen photo of the lady from back in the day.

Mama Dangote

“Hatoachana kamwe!” Mama Dangote tells haters

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz mum is not one to joke around especially when it comes to her children and husband!

So far the mother of two who is also a grandmother of 6 has come out to let her haters know that her young energetic husband will not be leaving her for any other woman despite their age difference.

Sandra made the revelation through her Instagram page where she shared a new photo hanging out with her husband just a few hours ago.

Her caption however got many talking as she wrote;

Mama Dangote

CC @uncle_shamte ????

Married and sealed!

Well this is not the first time the lady is coming out to warn her haters about her man, Uncle Shamte.

A while back she went on to share a copy of her marriage certificate to prove that she was legally married to the young man and so far there is nothing or any woman who can take her husband away from her.

Rally jones and Mama Diamond’s marriage certificate

Anyway, let’s give it more time and see what happens next!

Never before seen photo of Mama Diamond Platnumz and her Ben 10 enjoying some private time at the pool

Uncle Shamte must really be enjoying his wife’s company and despite their age differences the two love birds continue to show their fans what love is really made of.

Rally Jones denies reports that he is dependent on mama Dangote for a living

This past weekend the couple stepped out for a swimming session leaving most of their fans shocked or rather surprised that even old couples find time to play around with each other.

Dr Love aka Uncle Shamte

Well, Mama Dangote definitely bagged herself a perfect man who is not afraid to show how much he adores his wife on social media.

Judging from their latest photo we can all agree that indeed love knows no boundaries nor does it care about age!

Anyway below is a new photo of the love birds that has left many admiring mama Dangote and her man.

Mama Dangote with hubby


Why Diamond Platnumz mum enjoys her son’s money with no single regret!

Mama Dangote aka Sandra is very thankful for the far she has come and if anything she has no regrets enjoying her son’s wealth

The mother of 2 revealed this in her latest post where she opened up about her past struggles before her son became a celebrity.

Mama Diamond Platnumz

From the stories shared on social media we understand that Bi Sandra struggled to raise her children Esma Khan and Diamond Platnumz due to poverty.

Proud mother

According to her post, things were never easy back then but so far God has made it possible for her to enjoy life after all the hard times and struggles she faced back in the day.

Thanks to a post share on her Instagram page mama Diamond Platnumz went on to write saying;


MUNGU NI MWEMA ????????????

Mama Diamond Platnumz

Now you know why she cares less when people troll her for being a ‘clingy’ mother!

Like father like son! Confirmed Mama Diamond Platnumz husband fathered a handsome baby boy with side chick (Photos)

For a while now many assumed that Rally Jones was being accused of cheating on his wife, Bi Sandra with an alleged ‘side chick’ Iffah who was said to be pregnant for him.

Well, this past weekend the lady by the name of Iffah unveiled her son’s face during his 40 days celebrations and judging from the photos making rounds on social media; there is no need for a DNA test to confirm that Uncle Shamte is the boy’s father.

Rally Jones aka Uncle Shamte’s baby mama

So far we understand that the fella finds it hard to share his child’s photo on social media because of Mama Diamond Platnumz.

Bi Sandra the Legal wife!

A while back Mama Diamond told one Tanzanian radio presenter that it did not matter whether her husband, Uncle Shamte had cheated on her with Iffah.

Rally Jones son with his mum

To her this was like smoke which easily disappears. She event on to add that the difference between her and the alleged baby mama is that she is legally Rally Jones wife!

Anyway check out the boys cute photos below!

Rally Jones baby boy, Ehsan
Rally Jones baby boy, Ehsan
Rally Jones baby boy, Ehsan
Rally Jones baby boy, Ehsan


Diamond Platnumz mum hits back after her son shared a video getting cozy with Hamisa

There is no doubt that Mama Diamond Platnumz dislikes Hamisa Mobetto. Her feelings towards the lady have made her not accept her other grandson, Dylan as seen through her actions on Instagram.

Anyway, the lady a few hours ago decided to throw shade towards Hamisa Mobetto through a photo shared on her gram. This came a few hours just after Diamond Platnumz uploaded several videos on his Instagram stories with Hamisa Mobetto.

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From the clips content, it’s clear to see that the two were out to mock Zari Hassan who by the way is yet to respond.

Mama Dangote defends Zari

The singer’s mum on the other hand felt the need to remind Hamisa Mobetto her place in her son’s life. She went on to upload a photo of her grandchildren Nillan and Tiffah captioning ‘Chibu’s family.’

Well, so far we have gotten used to the lady throwing shade towards Hamisa….but she seems to be involving herself in her son’s life abit too much..right?

“I live to make you happy!” Mama Diamond Platnumz lover sends her this lovely message

Diamond Platnumz mum’s lover is proving to be one romantic man. He is often seen posting the lady on his social media pages to celebrate their love despite their age difference.

In his latest post, the young man praises his woman as the best thing that ever happened to him. Rally Jones went on to write saying;

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I love seeing you happy and my biggest reward is seeing you happy.

Rally Jones trolled for dating an older woman

Word has it that the two have an age difference of 20 years but this has not stopped the two from getting romantically involved.

Anyway even with the haters leaving negative comments, the two can’t stop showing each other love.

Meet the mother of mama Diamond Platnumz young lover

Another week of drama at the Dangote family. While Diamond Platnumz was having fun with his ex at the Wasafi records party last night; his mum who was present was also enjoying herself in the company of her boyfriend and his mum.

From a photo shared by Dizzim online, we now have  the chance of meeting Rally Jones mum. Judging from the photo it is evident to see that Bi Sandra and the lady said to be her mother in law look like agemates.

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Fans on the other hand could help but express their disgust moments after noticing that the ladies actually look like agemates.

Bi Sandra with her lover’s mum

Mama Diamond Platnumz still in love

Anyway, even with their age difference Bi Sandra still maintains that she is in love with her young man.

In other news, Rally Jones ex girlfriend also this weekend came to tell off Diamond Platnumz mum for having stolen her husband.

Meet the simple woman who makes Diamond Platnumz mum’s hair, slay queens should take notes!

One would think that Diamond Platnumz mother, Sandra or mama Dangote goes to posh saloons to get her hair done. However, this is not the case as revealed in her latest post where she introduced the young lady who braids her hair.

Unlike what we expected, Mama Dangote often gets her hair done in the comfort of her home by one simple looking lady who she shared a photo introducing her to her fans.

Mama Diamond Platnumz
Mama Diamond Platnumz

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As seen in previous photos the super star’s mum prefers to have simple cornrows which are easily maintained – however she gets to wear expensive wigs when invited to big events since she also needs to look classy to complete her son.

She captioned the photo;

Mama Diamond Platnumz

Na msusi wangu.. mwanangu…Suzane

This has left me feeling that Bi Sandra is among the most humble women we have seen come out of a humble beginning to a boss lady. With all the money in her account she still chooses to be simple while slay queens are busy spending huge amounts at Saloon’s when they have nothing!

Hot photo of Diamond Platnumz mum showing off her curves causes a stir online

Diamond Platnumz mum (Mama Dangote) is not one you will force to dress like most women her age. She has become stylish over the years thanks to the money her son brings in due to his music career.

Even as a grandmother of 5 kids, Mama Dangote still dresses like a young woman and if you think I am joking then checking out her Instagram photos will prove that this is true.

One of her new photos has left many drooling over her fine figure that she recently showed off in her lovely dress. With the good life and money coming in from all directions I bet this Is why she is now adding weight at the right places, right?

Below is the hot photo.

Mama Diamond Platnumz
Mama Diamond Platnumz

“Ni mjukuu wangu!” Diamond Platnumz mum acknowledges that Hamisa Mobetto’s son is her grandson

After welcoming a healthy baby boy, video vixen, socialite cum model Hamisa Mobetto has decided to keep her life on the low but social media users cannot stop asking for the new born’s photo to see if he looks like Diamond Platnumz.

Hamisa Mobetto’s son

This is because most people have been speculating that the lass had an affair with Diamond Platnumz and since she was not dating anyone at the time she announced her pregnancy – everyone assumed that Diamond Platnumz was responsible.

Hamisa Mobetto

Anyway speaking to one of Tanzanian gossip blog Mama Diamond Platnumz confidently said that Hamisa Mobetto’s baby is her grandson and went on to add that any child born by any person who is her son’s age is also considered her child and this cannot change because she treats every young person with the same respect she gives Chibu.

Talking to Soudy Brown on phone the lady said;

“Wewe unanitafuta nini Soudy? Naumwa kifua. Watoto wote ni wajukuu zangu. Hata wewe mtoto wako ukizaa mjukuu wangu. Wewe mwenyewe mwanangu mtoto ukizaa mjukuu wangu. Wewe ni shushushu mbona hujafika hospitali kumuona? Walioniona nimeenda hospitali waambie wakuhadithie vizuri. Mimi namuombea maisha mama alee mtoto wake vizuri kwa amani na furaha.”

Well, her statement was however ambiguous as she did not reveal whether Hamisa’s son is Diamond Platnumz.

Esma Platnumz (Chibu’s sister) was also among the first people to congratulate Hamisa Mobetto through her Instagram page but when asked why she did that, the lady confidently said that Hamisa Mobetto is her close friend but not her sister in law. She said;

”Hamisa rafiki yangu siyo wifi yangu lazima niwe na furaha kwa sababu kajifungua salama. Wewe ulikuwa unataka nifanyeje? Hizo habari za Diamond mimi sizijui. Niulize mambo yangu.”