Why Diamond Platnumz sisters cannot seem to remain married

Diamond Platnumz and his sister have been unable to sustain any relationship they have gotten involved in for longer than 18 months. Usually, in Mondi’s case, he sticks around only long enough for the child to be scarred by the end of its parent’s union.

Haraka aje? Diamond Platnumz sister dumped by husband after reuniting with 1st wife

The exception to that scenario was with Tiffah, his eldest child by Zari Hassan. As for his sisters, Queen Darleen and Esma Platnumz, they managed to get married only for their marriages to implode because they had walked into polygamous settings without properly preparing for the role of the second wife.

Sandra Sanura Kassim

Ideally, this piece should be a celebration of the fact that I have been proven right yet again following a piece I did foretelling the end of all these marriages and the fact that these people are suffering the brunt of what their mother and father socialized into them:

Diamond Platnumz’ relationship problems are all his mother’s fault

At the end of the day, given the fact that Diamond’s father was nowhere to be seen as he grew up, we cannot put any blame on him for the faulty manner in which Diamond Platnumz learnt to love. That is to say, outside of the abandonment issues he saddled his son with. The other issues Diamond Platnumz displays in his relationships are down to what he learnt from his mother.

Bongo Flava king, Diamond Platnumz

The fact that he sees no reason to be upfront with his lasses, instead of sneaking around behind their backs and then surprising them with a love-child is something that we can only assume he picked up from mummy dearest. That is why even his sisters have issues that see them compete for and then marry men already married. They then go ahead to insult their co-wives rather than try to create a harmonious familial background for themselves and their children.

From Zari to Tanasha, all of Diamond Platnumz’ exes are competing for his mother

And make no mistake about it, I am not going to blame Abdul Naseeb for anything because he is not the father of Diamond Platnumz. He was sensationally humiliated when this was blasted across social media by Kendra Michaels aka Sanura Kaseem aka Sanura Michaels.

Esma Platnumz engagement party

And that was something that her children learnt too. her daughters, Mondi’s sisters also learnt to be fickle with their love. they were taught to be cantankerous. So when they enter marriage as a second wife, they immediately start to rock the bought.


Not only were they socialized this way, but Mama Diamond Platnumz doesn’t later try to step in and ask them to calm down and let cooler heads prevail. You see, they are Muslims. And in Islam, a man is allowed up to four wives and Muslim women grow up with this truth being a possible reality for them.

Queen Darleen delightedly weds the love of her life

So why is it Sanura did not teach Queen Darleen or Esma about this being a possibility and how to deal with it? This is entirely her fault.

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All jokes aside, Baba Diamond Platnumz needs help and support

Diamond Platnumz’ world has been rocked after it was made public knowledge that Baba Diamond isn’t his biological father. According to Kendra Michaels Sanura, Salim Nyange is actually Diamond’s father and not Abdul Naseeb Snr.

Harmonize savagely attacks Diamond for neglecting his father

This has elicited mixed relations from all over East Africa as everyone rushes to weigh in on the matter. On the one hand, Baba Diamond (Abdul Naseeb Snr) is receiving a lot of sympathies and on the other hand, people are falling over themselves calling out Mama Diamond for the callous manner in which she revealed this news and the fact that she hid it for so long. Yep, she hasn’t won herself any friends or fans.

Baba Diamond
Baba Diamond Platnumz

But the one thing no one seems to be realizing is the fact that Baba Diamond Platnumz has suffered trauma. The revelation that the child, Abdul Naseeb Jnr wasn’t his was humiliating enough. But the sadistic manner in which she released the information is something we should be concerned about.

Wueh women! Mama Dangote unveils Diamond Platnumz biological dad (Photos)

What do I mean? Well, Baba Diamond has been mentally tortured and publicly humiliated to the point he actually needs to get some counselling done. I get it that it is all fun and games when it comes to the drama Mama Diamond has created, it is all celebrity gossip when it comes to Diamond’s personal life but at some point, this drama takes a toll on real lives.

Baba Diamond
Baba Diamond trying to live his life

Given African culture, humiliation is going to not only debase Baba Diamond but has called into question and cast a shadow on his dignity and self-worth because he is a man. And the main concern I have is that while he is smiling during these interviews he is doing, he is not addressing the toll this negative attention has had on his emotions and mental wellbeing.

“Msitumie jina langu!” Mzee Abdul strongly warns Diamond Platnumz and family! (Video)

I saw Harmonize talking about the entire matter and in truth, what Kenda Sanura has done is make Baba Diamond fodder for the canons her son’s enemies have trained at him. It now becomes easy for Diamond’s rivals to make it a charitable mission to help or associate with Diamond Platnumz’ father and then subsequently make him a circus monkey, performing for the gallery. Why Baba Diamond was thrust into this mess is really a matter that only Diamond Platnumz’ mother can address.

Baba Diamond
Baba Diamond

This is actually quite an oppressive method of abuse because it has taken away Baba Diamond’s father’s capacity to remain far removed from Mama Diamond’s machinations. He cannot simply go about his life because whenever this woman needs to nurse her sadism, she can easily drag him into more garbage. This level of powerlessness is something only a counsellor can help him address.

No DNA needed: Meet Diamond Platnumz youngest sister who looks exactly like him (Photo)

At the end of the day, we know the problem is Sanura Michaels Kendra or whatever the hell Diamond’s mother calls herself these days. We know the solution; getting Baba Diamond some professional help. But who is going to actually step forth and help this man?

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From Zari to Tanasha, all of Diamond Platnumz’ exes are competing for his mother

Zari, Hamisa Mobetto and Tanasha are the three women who have sired Diamond’s children. And they all ended up getting left in his past, with their current connection being more of a parenting arrangement. And that is a very loose interpretation of parenting.

Diamond Platnumz’ relationship problems are all his mother’s fault

Zari, Hamisa and Tanasha have one huge looming presence in their lives who they are well aware is the real power in Diamond Platnumz’ life and that is his mother, Sandra Sanura, Sandra Michaels, Sandra Kassim or whatever she decides to go by on whichever particular day you choose to address her.

diamond, tanasha and his mother and sister
(from left) Tanasha Donna, Diamond Platnumz, Mama Dangote, Esma Khan

Diamond Platnumz is a man who is high value but he never fully let go of his mother’s apron strings. She is a very influential opinion when it comes to his social and love life. If she likes you, you have a huge possibility of lasting long by Diamond Platnumz side but if she is not into you or your mess, you already know you’ll only last along as the novelty of your garden of Eden.

From Diamond Platnumz to Atwoli: Polygamy the natural state of African marriage

That is why you see Zari sending photos and videos of her children by Mondi to Mama Diamond. That is why Tanasha sent a video of her son by Mondi to Mama Diamond. And the one woman who bears testimony to this fact is none other than Hamisa.

zari hassa, tanasha donna, hamisa mobetto
Diamond’s baby mamas: Zari Hassan (left), Hamisa Mobetto (center) and Tanasha Donna (right)

The Tanzanian sweetheart bore the brunt of Mama Diamond’s disdain even while she was heavily pregnant with Chibu Dee’s son Dylan. One of the reasons why is probably because Mama Diamond saw her as the reason Diamond had lost his focus on Zari but whatever the case may be, she even did a song about the experience she had to endure.

Mama Diamond Platnumz explains why she refers to Tanasha Donna’s son as “Kichwa Kubwa”

And while at this point in time this isn’t an important factor, it will once Diamond’s money begins to slow down. Why? Because that is when he will begin to have to prioritize things in his life. He won’t just be able to throw money at a problem.

diamond platnumz henched

When his will and testament becomes a focus after he has slowed down and began to focus on running his various businesses, the affection his mother has towards any of his baby mamas or their children will matter. And when Diamond does decide to settle down, you have got to be crazy to believe his mother’s opinion will not weigh heavily on the decision.

“Mwanaume atulizwi na mtoto!” Mama Diamond Platnumz claps back after Tanasha’s interview

Take for instance the fact that diamond Platnumz helped Zari Hassan buy the latest Bentley. Meanwhile, when he was taken to court by Hamisa Mobetto, he bought her a Rav 4… This is rather telling especially when you realize Zari is reportedly (by her own admission) a multimillionaire. She is currently running her dead ex-husband Ivan Ssemwanga’s empire in South Africa so she didn’t need the assist.
And on the flipside, Hamisa Mobetto doesn’t really have a steady source of income.

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Diamond Platnumz will never get married as long as his mother lives

Diamond Platnumz has an issue that most men who are mummy’s boys can relate with -he might not be able to settle down with a woman while his mother still draws breath. And this is an issue that both parties are to blame for. Diamond Platnumz for never setting boundaries for his mother and family and Mama Dangote for not respecting her son’s independence and privacy.

I regretted leaving my man for Diamond – Wema Sepetu opens up

Simply put, any woman diamond Platnumz decides to settle down with must not only successfully woo him but also Mama Diamond who is infamously known to be a right, royal cunt when she decides she doesn’t like a woman. One could actually be forgiven for drawing Oedipal conclusions really.

Diamond Platnumz moving about

You see, Hamisa Mobetto was the one lass who so famously catalogued her maltreatment at the hands of Diamond Platnumz’ mother, Mama Dangote, Kendra Michaels, Sanura Michaels or whatever the hell she decides to go by on any given day. Hamisa Mobetto even famously put her ordeal in a song about dealing with them and the lack of protection from Diamond Platnumz who is too much of a coward to protect his unborn child from his mother’s savagery.

The same story reportedly played out with Tanasha Donna who was on top of the world while she and Sanura Michaels were on the same page. It was akin to having the sunshine on you but once Sanura had made up her mind that she didn’t want her son to marry a Kenyan, instead preferring a Tanzanian, Tanasha’s goose was cooked.

Photos of the multimillion hotel Diamond Platnumz owns!

Meanwhile, this also gives Diamond Playtnumz permission to be a deadbeat father -his mother doesn’t hold him up to any standard when it comes to how he relates with the children he has sired with women she doesn’t approve of. And with the way Diamond has been conducting himself, not using protection, this trend will continue resulting in more neglected children.

Diamond Platnumz
The argument can be made that even the women who attempt to trap Mondi with a child are just as culpable for the situation as he is but the fact still remains that the overarching spectre of Sanura limits the growth of their relationship. So no marriage is on the cards as long as she is alive.

Picture if you will, that diamond meets the next woman and he wants to marry her as he did with Zari, Hamisa and Tanasha (proof of the fact is that he sings about his intent). It isn’t too hard to imagine that his mother wouldn’t approve of that union too and diamond is stuck with more bastards than Ol’ Dirty.

Finally! Diamond fulfills his promise to 500 afflicted families (Video)

So what are his options?

Well, Diamond Platnumz could always grow a spine and learn to set boundaries for his mother to respect. But that doesn’t seem like it will happen. Diamond is about as spineless as a slug in a Java lettuce salad, happily munching away, oblivious of the fact some random fool is about to make it trend on Twitter.

Diamond Platnumz, Tanasha and Sanura

Which leave Diamond Platnumz with the only option he has the stomach to implementing: outliving his mother. And given his penchant for unprotected sex, this course of action isn’t entirely guaranteed.

Diamond Platnumz, Dylan his son and Sanura his mother

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