Reasons why Butita and Mammito’s love boat is finally drowning after years of dating

Okay….before i even say anything – Butita says he never attended Mammito’s event…yet there are those who claim they saw him at the venue and infant in the company of Mammito. So who do we believe?

Or wait…could they teaching us how to mind our business? Because one minute iko ivi and the next...mara oh ni uongo…but can’t say we’re not learning, right?

Eddie Butita with Mammito

Anyway whether together or not, below are a few reasons I feel may have led to the facing challenges in their romantic relationship; which then led to the alleged breakup.

No growth

From what we know is that Butita and Mammito have been dating for years, their relationship remains at the same position. No growth in terms of engagement, marriage or even a baby – and this is an obvious red flag since you just can’t be a boyfriend or a girlfriend for more than 5 years – and you dont know where its headed.

Celebrity status

Can you imagine the kind of pressure these two have been putting up in their DM’s. Well, looking at how fine Butita is, i am pretty sure he has a few ladies in the DMs giving him sleepless nights lol….and Mammito – well, shes a beautiful woman – so imagine the tycoons who have been eyeing her. Another major reason as to why celebrities avoid dating fellow celebs.

Butita with wife, Mammito


Just like other relationships, chances are that these two eventually outgrew each other after years of dating; and now that they have evolved and mingled with many other people – chances are that they’re no longer compatible as lovers.


With Butita having 30 and Mammito having clocked 29 years…..mmmmh, I can say they are agemates and as you already know….this type of relationships never end up in marriage and as you can see…these two might have ended a beautiful relationship after years of dating.

Mammito explains how boyfriend, Eddie Butita contributes to her success

Mammito who is a popular and celebrated female comedian recently held a candid interview with YAZA; where she opened up about her journey in the entertainment industry and of course her back ground.

Since we all know that she came up from nothing – growing up in Kibera – moving in with her grandmother; Mammito says that these are some of the things that helped build the person she has since become.

Comedienne Mammito

Apart from that – the lady also confirmed that being a female in a male dominated industry can also be very challenging; however, in her case, she opted to turn this energy into a positive thing – hence being named as the top female comedian in Africa.

But, Mammito does not take all the credit as she revealed how the love of her life, comedian Eddie Butita contributed to her success.

Showers Eddie Butita with praises

unlike most people who date for looks or money; Mammito revealed new information about her man, Eddie Butita who has also contributed to her success.

Eddie Butita and Eunice Mammito

For those wondering how their relationship has managed to last for so long; turns out that Mammito picked right! Yes, she was attracted to his smart brain. How he thinks and how he has managed to keep her grounded for the many years they’ve been together.

Apart from being lovers, these two are friends and business partners; that is according to the interview where she went on to say;


He’s always had this big dream. We make a good team. I’m the one that gets excited and carried away by good ideas while he is the grounded one, the one who sits me down and tells me that we need a plan first,”

Speaking about their SPM company, the lady went on to add;

We are working with other artists teaching them to sell their art without relying on the bigger brands and making sure they know how to spend their money wisely. We’ve had enough of artists making it big and then being broke just months later because they couldn’t handle their finances.

Credits: YAZA

Mammito’s priceless reaction after socialite Shakilla slides into Eddie Butita’s DM

Shakilla has found her way into Eddie Butita’s DM and Mammito is not ready to entertain such nonsense. This comes shortly after the socialite confirmed that not even a TV remote is safe around her!

I mean if she can work with that which is plastic; imagine what she would do to Mammito’s man who is human?

Anyway, Butita who will continue entertaining fans with his jokes went on to share a screenshot from Shakilla who reached out looking to work with him; or work him depending on what her plans are. She went on to text him,

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Heey my name is shakilla and I would like to feature you in one of my skits

Butita and Shakilla

But having come across her live session with Xtiandela, all Butita could do is jokingly ask for prayers. He went on to caption the screenshot saying;

Woooi niwekeni Kwa maombi

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Mammito not ready to lose Butita

Judging from how scarce good men are, Mammito could not let this young socialite near her man. Responding to the post shared by Eddie; Mammito went on to drop a hilarious comment where she wrote;


Pepo mbaya riswa…

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Of course this came as a joke – but on a serious note! I’m quite confident that no lady would feel safe with a woman who can ‘swallow’ a remote; and still act like this is a normal activity!

However, welcome to Nairobi where money is more important than image!

‘Adui wa mwanamke ni mwanamke’ Mammito asked to shave her privates after bikini fail (Photo)

Mammito recently blessed fans with a bikini photo leaving the male species looking for ways to slide in her DM.

Well, judging from how fine the lady looks on the photo; it’s only fair to say we now understand why Butita has never been caught in cheating scandals – I mean who would even dare?

Not that we were not aware that Mammito has fine curves; but truth is no one ever thought she would one day release a thirst trap – especially with how private she is.


With the new photo making rounds on social media team mafisi did what they best – taking screenshots; while the ladies praised her and others mocked her in the comment section.

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Mammito making many jealous

One lady identified as Esther Kanyoro however seems to have taken the trolling too far by asking Mammito to shave her privates.

The comment left under the photo sparked mixed reactions from fans who stepped in to defend Mammito while others were quick to throw shade!

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Not quite sure where the pubic hair was visible; but hey, social media always has its ups and down – but hey truth is, She definitely slayed in her bikini wear.



Mammito tired of hiding her relationship with Butita (Photos)

Mammito and Eddie Butita have been dating for years; but unlike couples who enjoy parading their relationships on social media – these two have always preferred to stay low key.

Although their they hint about their romantic relationship, the two have never publicly admitted to be involved with each other! Well if anyone missed the signs Mammito was throwing this past weekend; then just know I got you!

Mammito unveils new photos

While Lokole and Tanasha were busy exchanging bitter words on social media, Mammito was sharing photos from her mini vacation with her bae, Eddie Butita.

The Butita’s

As seen on the photos these two comedian compliment each other in ways many can’t explain; and the fact that they met at work leaves many wondering whether they crack up each other while chilling together.

The Butita’s

With the new photos taken from their getaway we can confirm that indeed Butita and Mammito are officially on a lifetime journey together!

For this reason I bet it wouldn’t hurt if they at least dropped a child or two to show us whose genes are stronger in terms of looks and of course the funny character!

As they say, a couple that hustles together – stays together then I guess this is true since these two are always out trying to get creative on social media.

Although they rarely work together, I can promise you that they help each other in the background; whether in recording, editing or sharing their videos on social media.

Congratulatory messages

Anyway thanks to Mammito’s new photos, fans on social media have congratulated Butita for bagging himself a fine lady who is not only beautiful; but has a money making mind and probably one that hustles more than him.

Below are the photos of the couple thanks to Mammito who by the way – must be proud to finally cuddle her man in front of people without hiding.

The Butita’s