It’s a baby boy! Size 8’s small sister finally unveils newborn’s face for the first time (Photo)

Size 8’s small sister Mary is kind famous through her singer sister; and of course baby daddy, Ezra who was part of FBI dance group and well – he is also known for his clout chasing stunts on social media.

Tbt: Mary with Ezra

However Mary Munyali and Ezra broke up a few years ago after an on; and off relationship that saw the two bring out the worst in each other.

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Word has it that Ezra moved on with a certain ‘Somali’ lady; while Mary Munyali also bagged a serious man young man who settled down with her; and now the two have a baby together – making Ms Mary a mother of 2.

Flaunts newborn

Anyway judging from the recent posts shared by Mary herself; we have reason to believe that she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy a few weeks ago.

She confirmed this with a few adorable videos shared on her page parading cute baby boy. This was during a QnA session where a fan asked about the newborn saying;

How is baby

To which Munyali responded with the adorable clip flaunting her baby.

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The fact that this is the first time we are seeing Munyali’s second born left fans excited and happy that she finally moved on from Ezra; who had apparently been cheating on her way before their nasty break up.

Mary Munyali and FBI Ezra

From what we’ve heard, Ezra was quite toxic for Mary Munyali, the mother of his 7 year old son; but having Size 8 on the lime light forced Munyali to stay quite about the guy… as they avoided scandals which would affect the singer’s image.

Ezra falls in love with slay queen

But with time, Munyali and Ezra had to part ways for obvious reasons; and since then, Size 8’s sister found a new man while Ezra continues to seek media attention with new girlfriend.

Wait… didn’t he just dedicate his life to Christ the other day…but is still active about his club life?

Meet Size 8’s hot sister, Mary Munyali who was dumped and played by ‘model’ Ezra (Photo)

A lot has been said about Mary Munyali aka DJ Seven who is Size 8’s sister. Apparently after years of dating dancer cum Instagram model, Ezra who doubles up as the father of their son the two parted ways.

According to reports Munyali chose to walk away following her exes cheating ways; and the lady he apparently moved on was the same one he was cheating with. However, it appears that Karma finally did it’s thing as Ezra is currently facing a huge cheating scandal.

Exes, Ezra and Mary Munyali

With ex Isha exposing his stories on social media; fellow ladies who had been heart broken by the serial cheater have also come out to tell their side of the story.

Meet Size 8’s sister

Away from that, we have gathered a few photos of DJ Seven who was once in love with baby daddy; and although she appears to have moved on with her life, more than ever fans now want to hear her side of the story.

As we await, check out a few of the lovely lady’s photos turning heads on social media.

DJ Seven aka Mary Munyali
Mary Munyali aka Ezra’s ex
Size 8’s sister looking all dolled up
Size 8’s small sister

Size 8’s former brother-in-law exposed for beating and cheating on ex girlfriend (photos)

FBI dancer who is also Size 8’s former brother in law and father to Mary Munyali’s son has been exposed for cheating and beating his Somali girlfriend, Isha as seen online.

Turns out that behind the couple goal photos shared online; there were tears and sleepless nights from the crazy beating and abuse Isha was receiving from slay king boyfriend.

Tbt: Ezra with Size 8’s sister

This comes about a year-plus after the slay king allegedly dumped his family; that is Size 8’s sister (Deejay Seven) and son for the petite Instagram model he was dating and living with.

However months down the line it now appears that Karma may have caught up with the dancer; as he is currently making news for the wrong reasons!

Violent man

As seen on the posts shared by Isha (the ex) she goes on to confirm break up with the screenshots of people exposing Ezra for cheating on her. One of the screenshots

While in another, a neighbor talks about how she pitied Isha for being beaten by Ezra a while back…

In yet another screenshot, a mutual friend went on to mention how Ezra would boast about Isha paying his bills;

Anyway, I guess the only person reading this tea making rounds on social media with a smile on her face is MMunyali; who was allegedly left overnight by the baby daddy despite having started a family with the guy.

Dancer Ezra’s Somali ex

But hey….do these Instagram relationships with slay queens and kings really last?