Colonel Mustafa finally reveals why he and Marya broke up

Once regarded as a power couple in the Kenyan entertainment scene, Colonel Mustafa and Marya’s five-year relationship was a rollercoaster of emotions, marked by both highs and lows. Their journey was marred by accusations of abuse, infidelity, and the pressures of fame, ultimately leading to their separation.

In a candid interview on the Iko Nini Podcast, Colonel Mustafa delved into the complexities of their relationship, revealing an incident that left a lasting impact on him and contributed to his lingering aversion to phones.

Mustafa recalled a time when he discovered disturbing content on Marya’s phone while she was away for a show. This experience left an indelible mark on him.

“I waited for two weeks without seeing her, and we were living together,” he recounted. “When she returned, I believe she was preparing for a show and left her phone behind. So, when I checked her phone, it didn’t have a PIN code.”

“I saw things there that have left me with a fear of phones to this day,” he revealed. “There were things like ‘the entire house smells of your perfume since you left.’ Additionally, there were other things mentioned that messed with my mind at the time.”

Mustafa acknowledged that Marya might not have been fully prepared for the challenges that came with their newfound fame. As Marya’s popularity in the music industry grew, external influences, promises, and attention played a role in the deterioration of their once strong bond.

“I think I made a mistake by getting her involved in music,” he confessed. “Maybe she wasn’t ready for those things because she didn’t want that. She didn’t want anything to do with music. But we saw an opportunity; we could make money with her, and we thought she should do it.”

“So, I did it with good intentions,” he continued. “But now, as she entered the game, she became loved and in demand. There are many people outside, and they have many promises. So it came, and it fell apart. People came in and messed things up, and that’s how it ended.”

Mustafa clarified that the damage to their relationship extended beyond musical endeavors. Deep-rooted issues, including infidelity, played a more significant role in their separation.

“What ruined my relationship with Marya wasn’t religious matters,” he clarified. “It was something deep, in the midst of which cheating occurred. So, since she did that, she herself said she can’t be with me.

Following their split, both Mustafa and Marya faced significant challenges in their lives.

Singer Marya gets real about suicidal thoughts

They say depression goes hand in hand with suicidal thoughts and yet again – another celebrity just confirmed this is true following her experience with mental health.

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Singer Marya

Well, chokoza hit maker Marya who was popular back in the early 2010 to 2015 recently opened up about her past; in an emotional interview with Mungai Eve where she disclosed unknown details – including a time she got suicidal.

According to Marya, she couldn’t imagine life as a single mum now that her husband Kevo had opted to walk out on her. To her, this kind of life was nothing but a struggle that would hold her back; and being a mum – she also didn’t want her baby to live a life where he would watch his mum struggle.

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For this reason, her depression pushed her into thinking that ending both her life and that of her son would bring peace in their lives. She narrated this saying;

Marya with ex, Kevo

I wanted to commit suicide and kill my child. Where do I start from as a single mum?

No savings

From what I can tell is that Marya’s worry was mainly financial. I mean she confessed to having not saved from her glory days back when she did music and after her call center job in Dubai she still remained broke… but with a wealthy baby daddy.

Speaking about the money she had made from back in the day, Marya all of it went to waste and never got the chance to save…simply because she was young.

I had a lot of money when I was young so wanted to live the fast life. At only 22, I would get Sh 100,000 or Sh 200, 000 but would not save any of it. We never had the guidance on how to manage the finances,

“He was too controlling” Former Singer Marya blames Colonel Mustafa for their failed relationship 8 years later

Former singer Marya recently opened up about her relationship with Colonel Mustafa almost 6 years after their breakup. Back then, we never got to know what led to their untimely split despite being a power couple – that entertained many in the entertainment scene.

Tbt: Marya with Colonel Mustafa

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However thanks to a new interview on Chatspot, Marya opened up for the first time revealing the main reason as to why she walked out on Mustafa. According to the lady, their relationship was not as smooth as many thought; and in fact, it had a lot of verbal fights caused by Mustafa’s tactics to control her.

From what I can tell is that Marya blames Mustafa for the short term relationship as she went on to say;

Marya and Colonel Mustafa


I think that at the time I was with Mustafa I wasn’t ready for that. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I just met this guy, he likes me, I like him. We are doing the same thing at Ogopa. There was some controlling that I didn’t know how to react to.

He used to provoke me – Marya points fingers at Mustafa

Being a young fine lady with curves that turned heads (did I mention how hot Marya was back then?) of course Mustafa had some level of insecurity that ended up becoming toxic. I say this because – Marya accuses him of trying to control her back when she was just starting to become famous.

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Speaking about the toxic behavior, Ms Marya says;

Marya with baby daddy

At that point I think he used to provoke me and I didn’t know how to deal with my anger. Let me just say that that relationship made me know how to deal with men. I was very young, this guy amenikazia life. I have just started living. I am making money.

Anyway as the story goes – they broke up only for Marya to end up with Kevo – a man that completely changed her life with character development.

Weuh! Former singer Marya claps back at fan who body shamed her over this photo

Back in the day, let’s say around 2005 to 2010 some artists like Marya; the singer behind hit songs like Chokoza and were the real deal in the music industry.

Tbt: Marya with ex, Colonel Mustafa

Marya and the likes of Avril gave young girls sleepless nights; and back then, they were only spotted hanging out rich men with flashy lifestyles and nothing less.

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However things for Marya changed after she dumped long term boyfriend Mustafa for a rich man named, Kevo; who had just divorced one of Mike Sonko’s relatives – so you can imagine how excited Marya was to bag such a guy.

Marua’s baby daddy

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Marriage turns sour

Just like most new couples, Marya and Kevo spent most of their dating life touring Dubai; and then boom baby happened before marriage changing everything between these two.

From what we know is that they had a bitter separation; that saw the two get nasty (like insults and mockery) on social media…Aki mapenzi wewe and that is how we lost Marya from the industry.

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Apart from battling depression caused by her separation from baby daddy and motherhood; we also understand that Marya had to come into terms with her new body – that changed from a size 8 to almost size 16/18.

Singer Marya

Trust me, that was a major change.

Trolls over the years

Well having given birth 4 years ago, Marya is still battling body trolls from fans who can’t seem to believe how much weight she put on after her first child.

Some characters here and there have been commenting on her current body; and trust me – most have nothing good to say. However as seen on one of her photos, Marya a few weeks back tackled a fun for umenona comment. The fan wrote;

????????????yaani ulikuwa unone hii yote?

To which Marya hit back saying;

Kunona ni free

Although change is inevitable, Marya’s weight for sure did surprise many. I mean who would have ever thought the petite singer would one day be so curvaceous? I didn’t!

Below are a few photos of Marya before the weight gain.

Side chick linked to Marya’s ex husband unveils video showing bruises received after serious beating

If by any chance side chick Mpenzi Pat who is believed to have ruined Marya’s marriage with Kevo is out to look for social media sympathy; then I bet the award of the best actress goes to her!

For a few days now, Mpenzi Pat has been hinting about physical abuse caused by her partner….and in this we are assuming it’s Kevo following their lovey dovey affair on social media.

Mpenzi Pat with Marya’s husband, Kevo

If this is the case – then  Karma caught up really fast with her; and just like Marya – she now understands how it feels to be on the receiving end. According to miss Pat, life has been very tough for her all thanks to the abusive man she was living with.

Proof from fight

Just to prove how bad the recent fight was, the side chick (Ms Pat) recorded a video showing some of the bruises she got; but problem is, with all that filter we couldn’t really see much.

Apart from painting Kevo as the bad guy; we are not quite sure what her intentions were. But of course – this is Nairobi where relationships are just end as soon they begin.

Karma? Lady accused of snatching singer Marya’s husband already facing relationships issues

Former singer Marya a few weeks exposed her baby daddy, Kevo aka Voke for cheating on her; and allowing the women he was seeing on the side abuse the mother of his child. Low.

With all that pain, Marya ended up looking like the toxic one; especially with her hanging on to a marriage that had already ended. But good thing is that did herself a favor by moving on just like the rest – Maureen Waititu, Avril among others.

Marya with ex, Kevo

Problem is, when Marya met Kevo – the loaded guy was still legally married to his ex wife; and just like most women – Marya threw shade at the other woman; only for her to face the same fate 5 years later.

Marya gets the last laugh?

Well, Nairobi being one big bedroom like Bensol and Sauti Sol said; it appears that the woman (Ms Mpenzi Pat) who allegedly snatched Marya’s husband is now facing relationship issues with ‘Voke.’

Marya with baby daddy

She hinted about the possible breakup in two posts where she talked about ‘knowing your value’ and why women should not stay with violent men who enjoy picking fights with women. Ms Mpenzi Pat as known on social media wrote;

Mpenzi Pat

Last time a man did hit me… I broke up with him after 4 years of dating and he disappeared without a trace… even after having a baby together… like am done… done

Mpenzi Pat went on to add;

So we just know a Venzen…alive or dead, I don’t know. But never hit a woman…same reason me and my dad have no rshp…violence. If I can X my blood, who are you? And just know, when this gender starts hitting you – they will never stop. Don’t be a punching bag coz you love someone. F*ck that shit, go start from zero 0… I have done that before… trust me it’s not worth it. He will do it once, twice…next year u r in a ⚰️

Photos of a happy Marya and ex husband before bitter online breakup

Singer Marya recently confirmed that her relationship with wealthy husband, Kevo is over following his cheating ways. According to the lady, her husband had gotten to a point where he lets women call and abuse her; which is not only disrespectful but was affecting her psychologically.

However as seen on her post, Marya went on to end her marriage; adding that her main reason for walking out is to protect their son Kevin Jnr from her toxic relationship with Kevin. She wrote;

Team Chokoza since 2015

I am tired for the many DMs and calls… yes i was depressed in my marriage. I did things I am not proud of. Dating a narcissist led me to depression, Kazi ni kuparty not caring about me and your son. Sleeping with women making me ask for help from people inorder to feed us. Women calling me telling me you are sleeping pamoja. How you bad mouth me to them… it is well Kevin karma is a bitch

Before breakup

Well back in 2015 Marya and baby daddy were inseparable and the love between them could not be hidden. The two paraded their love on social media like their life depended on it; and even after Saumu Mbuvi came out to reveal that Marya had stolen the guy from her aunty… Marya back then laughed off adding that Saumu’s aunty should move on.

However it appears that the famous Karma finally hit and Marya is now in the same position she put Kevo’s ex. Anyway below are a few photos so of the happy couple before their relationship hit rock bottom.

Aren’t they cute?

Marya with ex, Kevo
Exes Kevo and Marya

“Marya was cheating on me with Tanzanian radio presenter, Reuben Ndenge” Mustafa Colonel finally reveals

It has been years since Marya and Mustafa Colonel called off their relationship.

However, back then they made their fans believe that religion was the main reason they broke up only for Mustafa to finally open up about unknown things about what led to the break up.

Marya and Colonel Mustafa

Speaking during a recent interview with Mzazi Willy M Tuva on Mambo Mseto, Colonel for the very first time revealed that Marya had been cheating on him with one popular radio presenter from Tanzania, Reuben Ndege.

Mustafa spills the beans

According to Mustafa, Marya had just travelled back to Kenya from Tanzania where she claims to have had a show.

However due to curiosity he decided to go through her phone where he bumped into s conversation between Marya and the presenter – only to realize that he was getting played.

Reuben Ndege

After this things started getting tough in their relationship and lastly Marya opted out. Not quite sure how true the story is but chances are that Mustafa could be telling the truth.

Watch the video below courtesy of Mseto East Africa.

Singer Marya opens up about her weight gain

Singer Marya who recently gave her life to Christ has joined the likes of Amani and Wahu; and expected she has new projects to be released soon.

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Anyway away from that, the lady welcomed her first born last year marking a new journey into womanhood.

However, unlike most mums Marya went into postpartum depression that saw her let go of herself. She gained a few pounds thanks to baby fat which always affects 90% of new mums.

Marya talks about her weight

In a question and answer session with her fans, Marya opened up about her weight saying that she is not proud of it. Now that her son is 1 year old she plans to shed it off as soon as possible.

Singer Marya reveals why she broke up with her baby daddy

Chokoza hitmaker Marya has finally revealed what led to her short break up with her baby daddy, Kevo.

She shared this through her Instagram page while having a question and answer session with her followers.

One or two people went ahead to ask what made her pack and leave her man a few months after they had started a family together.

In a short response, the popular singer explained that they had a small misunderstanding like most relationships but they managed to solve it.

Marya walking out on baby daddy

This happened a few weeks ago after the singer went on to reveal that she was ready to be a single mum.

In the heat of the moment she also went ahead to unveil her son’s face and judging from the picture, indeed he took after his daddy.

Anyway the two are back together and they might be just walking down the aisle soon.

Who mentioned divorce? Singer Marya crawls back to her baby daddy Kevin Mutisya after splitting for a month

Marya and Kevin Mutisya’s marriage temporarily hit a glitch sometimes in July this year. The news came as a shock to many but now the two lovebirds have resolved the issues that made them split.

Marya confirmed she was now a single mother in a post on Facebook (Kevin and Marya have a son who was born in January 2017).

“They wished and there wished was granted, being a single mum will not be easy but God will guide me through. #singlemum #Gold calm my hear,” wrote Marya.

3-year-old marriage saved

Just like she surprised many when she announced their breakup, Marya has once again taken many people by surprise when she announced that they are back together.

Marya took to social media to share a photo of Kevin and her, they had worn similar jackets with a message on the back written ‘together since 2015, team Chokoza’.

News about Marya’s reunion with Kevin will be a bitter pill to swallow for Colonel Mustafa who expressed desire to reignite romance with his ex Marya.

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Colonel Mustafa hints he wants his ex Marya back following the breakup with her baby daddy

Marya and her baby daddy Kevin Mutisya recently went their separate ways after close to four years of dating. The singer announced the breakup saying she was raising their son as a single mother.

“They wished and there wished was granted, being a single mum will not be easy but God will guide me through. #singlemum #Gold calm my hear,” wrote Marya.

Marya and her baby daddy Kevin Mutisya
Marya and her baby daddy Kevin Mutisya
You don’t have to be a single mother

Marya’s ex boyfriend Colonel Mustafa is offering her a shoulder to lean on, or at least he’s suggesting so indirectly. The rapper shared a photo of Marya and captioned it ‘IT’S TIME’.

Marya and Mustafa broke up some four years ago after their relationship was dogged by infidelity. Both parties accused each other of cheating.

“Everybody has been trying to find out actually about what happened between me and my ex and I have been silent over the matter. A lot of people said, ‘Man, he cheated.’ But our relationship had nothing to do with me cheating. She cheated and I couldn’t actually forgive her. As a man, you want to make decisions for your family, and sometimes the lady doesn’t see what you see the sacrifice and commitment you have in the relationship. I called the engagement off long before any cheating rumors came out. I was like, This wasn’t going to work,” wrote Colonel Mustafa two years ago.



Singer Marya wears brave face after the split with baby daddy (Photos)

Marya and her baby daddy Kevin Mutisya have gone their separate after more than three years of cohabiting. The singer announced the breakup on social media.

“They wished and there wished was granted, being a single mum will not be easy but God will guide me through. #singlemum #Gold calm my hear,” wrote Marya.

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Marya has been sharing photos of her happy face on social media. The songbird says she is moving on because she has no time to cry over spilt milk.

“Life is too short to be miserable and un appreciated,” wrote Marya in one post.


“I am strong through God strengthens me. I can now afford to smile cause prayer works and God has given me peace,” wrote Marya.


Karma bites back? Marya’s relationship hits rock bottom 3 years after she was accused of taking someone’s husband

When Marya first introduced her boyfriend Kevin Mutisya, Saumu Mbuvi came out all guns blazing accusing her of taking her aunt’s husband.

Apparently Kevin was still married to Jane Musyoka when he was dating Marya. Jane even produced photos to prove Kevin married her.

Kevin Mutisya and Jane Musyoka during their wedding
Kevin Mutisya and Jane Musyoka during their wedding

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Kevin denied he was still a married man during an interview with Nation, he claimed that he had divorced Jane. Saumu’s aunt however went on to say she was never served with divorce papers.


Marya and Kevin’s relationship has since hit rock bottom. The sultry singer confirmed she was now a single mother in a post on Facebook (Kevin and Marya have a son who was born in January 2017).

“They wished and there wished was granted, being a single mum will not be easy but God will guide me through. #singlemum #Gold calm my hear,” wrote Marya.



What Avril’s friend Marya had to say after she announced her pregnancy 

They came together, they “Chokozad” men together and now both will be mothers.

Singer Marya had a lovely message for her friend Avril who will soon join her in mothers’ club: It’s a sweet journey.  After Avril succumbed to pressure and finally shared her baby bump photos, her friend Marya, who she started out with in the music industry after clearing campus, sent her a message publicly congratulating her.

Marya, who has two kids already, is popularly known for her collabo with Avril called “Chokoza” released in 2015 that became a national slogan for ladies looking to flirt with men but later leave alone, leaving them high and dry.

“Wow you know I’m still speechless Yaani my gal congrats sana sana gosh I’m so happy may God guide you in this journey sweetie. Many blessings,” she said. 

Avril’s bump

Who’s the father?

Avril is trying to take her fans one step at a time. We all now know she is pregnant but what many are waiting for is confirmation that Jblessing is the father, just as rumors have been pointing out for the last couple of months.


Jua Cali’s message to 7 female musicians who have ditched secular music to become gospel artists

The number of female secular musicians is plummeting as more and more are crossing over to gospel industry. At least 7 former female secular singers are now gospel artists.

The ‘revolution’ started years ago, former queen of chakacha Princess Faridah was the first known secular singer to  change her music genre from secular to gospel way back in 2001.

Princess Faridah

Bernice Mugo aka Lady Bee saw the light sometimes in 2012 and became a full-fledged gospel singer. She went on to release several gospel hits.

Lady Bee

A year later in April 2013 Linet Munyali aka Size 8 got saved to the surprise of everyone. She debuted as a gospel singer with ‘Mateke’.

Size 8

Four years later Cecilia Sagini Kemunto popularly known as Cece Sagini got saved. She gave her life to Christ in October 2017 and released her first gospel song ‘Come Down’ in December 2017.

Cece Sagini

The same 2017 in November Nameless’ wife Wahu Kagwi received salvation. She went on to drop her first gospel song dubbed ‘Sifa’.


In 2018 two more former secular singers gave their lives to Christ. Both Marya and Amani came out to reveal that they were no longer singing secular songs.

Jua Cali’s reaction

The king of genge asserts that he will support secular-turned-gospel musicians. Jua Cali says he will buy their albums.


“Being saved is something very personal. You can never know about what goes in the person’s mind. I can only say I wish them success. It’s another world, you have to understand it. It’s not like they’ll be doing gospel because of money. It’s also another industry and you know there are those who wouldn’t want you to get into the business of music itself. I’ll support them. If they release songs and albums, we will buy,” said Jua Cali during his performance at the Guinness fanzone event that took place in Meru last weekend.


‘Chokoza’ hit maker Marya follows into Wahu’s footsteps as she finally gives her life to Christ

Marya has now joined the likes of Size 8, Wahu and Amani as she is said to have gotten saved at a service led by Pastor Burale at Nazerene University.

This come a few days after Amani also revealed to have quit secular music and was now saved. Marya however gave her life to Christ in front of a huge congregation setting a great example for who never thought this was impossible.

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Though she is yet to announce this, there is a video making rounds on social media showing the lady giving her testimony where she opened up saying;

”I want to experience this more, have been experiencing these vibes from the likes of Big Ted .So I decided let me take this step,let me take this journey,and Thank you.”

Marya’s battles with postnatal problems

After welcoming her first baby, Marya went under the raider and just recently she revealed to have battled with postnatal depression for a while.

According to her post, this was one of the hardest times she faced in her life but she is now doing much better with her one year old son.

“I went into postpartum depression” Singer Marya reveals as she celebrates her son’s 1st birthday

Singer Marya has opened up about a few things that the public never knew. In a new post shared on her Instagram page, the mum of 1 revealed how she struggled with her pregnancy.

Mark, Marya’s son

Marya says that when she went into labor, it got to a point where she could not breathe. However she delivered safely but after 3 months she went into postpartum. This explains why she has been missing in the entertainment industry.

The chokoza hitmaker opened about her struggles as she celebrated her son’s 1st birthday on 26th January. She wrote saying;

Marya looking different

Well, playing the role of a mother might actually be harder than many think. Looking at the new Marya and the lady from 2 years ago it’s easy to notice the changes but all in all she is now planning her comeback.

We may also not understand her struggles but she is definitely doing a great job in raising her baby boy.

Bad camera or aging too fast? Singer Marya looking quite different in new photo

Singer Marya is no spring chicken! She has been in the industry since 2007 when she debuted her first single Mahaba.

After dating Mustafa for years, the two split up since they were headed bo where together. Their break up was however not an easy one as there was drama reported by most tabloids.


Anyway, Marya moved on and got married to the love of her life. The two were blessed with a baby boy who they are yet to show fans his face.

Marya disappears from the industry

After the baby arrived, the singer took time off her music career to focus more on her new man.

Since then she seems caught up with her family leaving many wondering whether she will be back.

Going through her Instagram page I happened to come across a photo where she looks quite different.  Not quite sure whether she is fatigued or is aging fast but truth is she is now changing. But all in all she looks good.

Singer Marya


Singer Marya weight gain after welcoming first child, she has really changed (Photos)

The joy of being a mother can never be compared to anything. I hear it is a special feeling that any mother would be willing to testify about however – motherhood brings a lot of changes in a woman especially when it comes to gaining weight from the baby fat.

Well, singer Marya popularly known for her hit song chokoza featuring Avril seems to have put on some weight after welcoming her first child a few months ago. From the photo I managed to get, the lass look totally different but still beautiful despite the sudden weight gain.

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Also, one can’t help but notice her absence from her social media pages but I bet this is because she has been busy talking care of her son who she is yet to introduce to her social media fans.

Anyway…I have also learnt that she turned a year older this past Sunday and to celebrate the special day, her baby daddy/hubby shared a stunning photo of Marya as he appreciated her for being the best thing in his life.

Below are just a few photos showing Marya’s new look.

Marya with baby daddy
Marya with baby daddy

Marya’s baby daddy flaunts wads of cash just to prove the curvaceous singer is well taken care of (Photos)

Marya made a smart decision to dump Colonel Mustafa for Kevo, her baby daddy is not only making lots of money but he’s also saving a lot.

Kevo and Marya became parent sometimes in January 2017, the curvaceous singer gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.

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The kid’s future is secured judging from his father’s flamboyance. Marya’s baby daddy is heavily loaded and he isn’t afraid to flash his hard earned money on social media.

“It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep,” Kevo captioned his photos which he showed off wads of cash and expensive wrist watch.