Willis Raburu on breakup with first wife, Maryaprude & why he had to ask for a divorce

Willis Raburu says he does bot wish divorce on anyone, actually if he had a choice – maybe he would still be married to his ex wife, Maryaprude; but life happened and almost 2 years later he is actually happier than ever.

Marya Prude and Willis Raburu

As you already know, Willis Raburu’s marriage to Maryaprude crumbled after losing their first child together during birth. From what he says is that the loss hit him so hard to a point he lost himself grieving hence creating more problems in his marriage.

Speaking on his failed marriage to Maryaprude, Willis Raburu took all the blame saying he concentrated on himself forgetting that they were two; and above all – alcohol and long drives is what he wanted at the time…and kist like that everything came down crushing down on him;

It was extremely tough and painful, especially my show you need energy, so it became an acting gig. I would get into the show, do it then cry all the way home.

Tbt: Maryaprude and Willis Raburu exchanging vows


…you’ve lost your daughter then now you’re like I am losing my wife

Why the divorce

Both being first time parents with alot going on behind closed doors and still in mourning – Willis Raburu says it got to a point where he had no option but to initiate for a divorce.

I initiated the process of divorce and all respect to her.

Adding that although it was not his intentions to marry and divorce her – there was no alternative; and come to think of it – maybe everything happened for the best.

Unfortunately, it happened. Nobody goes into a marriage with hopes to come out. I am happy that sometimes we lost ourselves. We divorced officially and I moved on.

¨In the blink of an eye, the future was erased¨ Willis Raburu and Marya Prude grieve

Grieving power couple, Willis Raburu and Marya Prude decided to take a break from all the noise and instead replenish the wholesomeness, the death of their daughter cost.

The two might not be anywhere around town after status updates on foreign land, just sitting back and reflecting.

However, each of them shared an update putting it clear, that having lost a baby costs much more than anyone might have thought of.

First, they lost a toddler taking their first step. Second, they lost an infant starting to read. Third, they lost a teenager graduating from high school. And last, they lost a grown daughter ready for marriage.

´We are losing every magical moment…In the blink of an eye, the future was erased´ the post concluded.

We are losing every magical moment – Power couple, Willis Raburu and Marya Prude Raburu pen

The couple is going probably one of the hardest and roughest moments of their life and it does take time to heal and get back to normal state.