Willis Raburu hints about possible reunion with wife, Marya Prude

Willis Raburu who is currently investing wisely in music recently got to open about his relationship with wife, Marya Prude!

Speaking about their relationship while on an interview with Mzazi Willy M Tuva; Willis Raburu for the first time went on to make it known that he loves and respects Marya Prude but regrets publicizing his relationship with the lass.

According to Willis Raburu, he cannot judge what people said after rumor had it that his relationship with the lass was over. According to Willis Raburu he has no one but himself to blame now that everyone wants to get involved in his personal life. He went on to say;

Marya Prude and Willis Raburu

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One, I love and respect Marya. Two, I don’t blame anybody who said anything bad or good because mimi ndo niliwaonyesha in the beginning. Si poa kusema kwamba ,mbona watu wananiongelelea sana yet mimi ndo nilikuwa nampeleka pale kwa Watu pale social media, nafanya kumpost. Napost picha zetu together.

I wish I knew

Now that everything about his life has become public; both Marya Prude and Willis Raburu seem to have mastered the art of keeping their private lives off social media.

Judging from how Willis talked about his wife, we now have a feeling that the two might be together; but after the miscarriage and a misunderstanding the two prefer keeping their lives on the low.

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Speaking about lack of privacy in his life, Raburu said;

Ningechoose kuwa Private kama vile tumejua mtoto wa Nameless the other day akiwa 13, so I don’t blame them for that, but that’s not an excuse for wale watu waliongea vibaya sana. After that kitu nimeleearn ni kuwa private na nilijimbia ya kwamba the only time nitaongea in details about the matter ni kama huyo Mary Mwenyewe ako hapo ndo kukuwe na ile right of reply.