Battle of the sexes: Maryaprude transgender crisis

Willis Raburu’s ex wife, Maryaprude this past weekend left many on social media talking after revealing that she grew up as a Tomboy and at some point in her life – she really wanted to have her sex changed from female to male.

Ex couple; Willis and Maryaprude

According to the lady, she started feeling this way from back when she was still a young girl and from what she says is that having to dress up in women outfits made her uncomfortable hence the boyish behavior.

Speaking about this to her followers on social media, Maryaprude for the first time came out to say;

I remember growing up, especially in my teenage adolescent years I always felt like I didn’t fit in as a girl or a woman.Girls dressed a certain way, talked, or expressed themselves in a particular way that I felt like I didn’t. So I thought maybe, I was supposed to be a boy because I preferred boyish clothes, hung out and was more comfortable with boys than girls, expressed myself in a boyish manner…


I started reading a lot and I found out that you can get sex reassignment surgery and change your gender. So that was my goal when “I grow up

Sex change

Well having also revealed that she had wanted or rather thought of a sex change, this leaves me wondering whether her behavior matches that of a man; and if yes – how is it that she fell or rather got married to Willis Raburu who we all know is a man and if I am right – was looking for a woman to settle down with when he came across Maryaprude.

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Okay – because if Maryaprude now says she has always felt like she was born in the wrong body….does that make her a man or wo’manish? Because now I am starting to suspect that her marriage to Willis Raburu did not end because of obvious reasons…since clearly.. the man’ish character still stays even when grown up, right?

But again – with how senstive trandsgender topics are….I guess all we can say is hopefully Maryaprude will one day accept herself for who she is.

“Marriage is not an achievement” Maryaprude expresses regret for marrying ex husband at age 23 years

Is it just me or Willis Raburu’s ex wife, Maryaprude is still not yet over the Citizen TV news anchor? Okay….before anything else i would like you to note that its been almost 3 years since they parted ways and Maryaprude still hangs on to her pain or memories making it hard to get past her life with Raburu.

Maryaprude and Willis Raburu exchanging vows

Well, since you can’t teach the heart to unlove someoene – Maryaprude is making her feelings for Raburu so obvious thanks to her posts where she throws shade or shares her regrets. So far all i know is that she could be battling mixed feelings towards her ex and him also being the father of their late daughter – it must really pain her.

The lass proved this once again in a post shared on her Instagram but deteled after a while…and i am thinking – she must have really been botter about something hence her shaddy post. Incase you missed out on it, Maryaprude wrote;

Maryaprude weightloss after divorce

I woke up this morning with so much to do in my mind and I just remembered I got married at 23, yes yes! Mind-blowing ???? 23! Idk what the fuck i was thinking.


Judging from her tone, seems like Maryaprude is blaming ex husband for dragging her life behind; as she says if not for the marriage she would have achieved so much by now.

Okay….maybe, maybe not. I mean many women have been in her position, others worse and still managed to pull through the difficulties because earth is hard. You either pull yourself out or drown yourself in a pity party.

Anyway expressing her regret, Prude went on to add;

I would be so far rn if I wasn’t busy serving society and other humans their expectations of me as a married woman coz I would be doing most of what I’m doing rn to catch up.

And lastly….

Alafu pia marriage isn’t an achievement ok bye…

Another bun in the oven? Maryaprude finally responds to pregnancy rumors

Maryaprude was having fun just the other day after her divorce to Willis Raburu but after Ivy Namu came to the picture and then came baby Mali….it all changed everything.

Ex couple; Willis and Maryaprude

For starters we believe she was forced to take a short social media break to help with the healing and maybe even try dating now that her ex husband Willis Raburu had found happiness elsewhere and even had, had a son with his new lady.

Well, having lost her first and only child with Willis Raburu at birth, of course the memory remains fresh in her mind; and having her ex move on so fast didnt make it any less helpful.

However life has to move on and this is why many kept encouraging her to move on and let go. Others even suggested she should consider having a rainbow baby since it helps with the healing process….but again, do you know how expensive those Little humans are?

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Maryaprude on pregnancy rumors

Anyway with her back on social media, her followers have noticed something new about her and yea….Maryaprude physical appearance has definitely changed over the past few months.

Well apart from the obvious glow on her face, the lass has also put on some extra weight which leaves many convinced she is pregnant. Also, with how her ex man is having back to back babies…im pretty sure the pressure isn’t helping either.

Maryaprude weightloss after divorce

However turns out that Maryaprude isn’t expecting a baby anytime soon. Actually she blames her beer belly on food and nothing else. Responding to whether she is pregnant or not, Prude through her tiktok responded saying;

Heh I’m not pregnant. I just love my food.

Maryaprude on pregnancy rumors

“I was like, why is the baby not crying” Maryaprude opens up about her late daughter

It’s been almost 2 years since Maryaprude and ex husband Willis Raburu list their child during birth. However, the memory of baby Adana remains alive in both her parents who continue to remember her every single day.

Well, we can say Willis Raburu is slowly learning to let go of the pain now that he has a son with Ivy Namu; but again, it’s never that to forget something like losing a child.

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Tbt: Pregnant Maryaprude before stillbirth

Maryaprude on the other hand says the memory of how her baby girl was born still remains new each day; as she still can’t understand the events in which Adana just passed on – when everything seemed smooth and doctors had assured them of a healthy baby girl.

Maryaprude recounts daughter’s death

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Speaking about her struggle to conceive during an interview with Frontline , Maryaprude says things were not so easy since she kept bleeding; of which it’s not a good sign especially when trying to have a baby.  About the bleeding she said;

It had begun in 2018, my spouse and I at the time we was trying to conceive.I missed my period and I found out I was pregnant. I called the doctor and he told me the body was rejecting what was growing, they started checking my vitals. They checked the baby’s heartbeat and it was not there.


MaryaPrude flaunting baby bump

Having the baby’s heartbeat miss during her Checkup came as a surprise since they had just heard it previously; so why is not showing now? She went on to say;

I was from the clinic and we had heard the baby’s heartbeat, so they changed the machines. The baby came and I was here looking at her fingers, her back, and her nails and I was like ‘The baby is fine, why is she not crying? I literally have never gone back to that hospital.

2 years later and Maryaprude still struggles with accepting that her baby’s death which btw also affected her faith. But at least, she is slowly learning to accept the reality.

Willis Raburu’s beautiful letter to late daughter, Adana will leave you in tears

Willis Raburu must be one of the best dads out here and I think he knows it. Despite having been blessed with a bouncing baby boy 2 years after losing his daughter with ex wife, Maryaprude – the father of two still says he remembers his angel.

Well, just a few hours ago the BAZU entertainment CEO happened to share a new message we all believe was dedicated to his late daughter, Adana. Judging from what he wrote, looks like Willis Raburu still holds his daughter memory close to his heart and has not forgotten her.

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Willis Raburu’s tribute to his late daughter

In remembrance of her memory, the new daddy through his Instagram page wrote;

I love you Adana, forever in my heart. Daddy is always thinking of you. Make sure you make the laugh in heaven and make so much noise so they know who your daddy is.

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Willis Raburu – Father of two!

His post comes days after he introduced his 4 month old son to his family back in the village. Seeing how everyone reacted to photos of his son and granddad – of course Willis (maybe) didn’t want his ex wife to feel that he didn’t appreciate the child they had – but lost.

Willis Raburu with son

Speaking about his kids a while back – Willis Raburu made it know that he considers himself as a father of two – and that’s a fact no one or any situation would change.

It has however come to my attention while reading some of them that I am constantly referred to as a “Father of One” This however is not the case. As many of you know I lost my daughter Adana. For those who have gone through such loss, you know that it Never leaves You.

Why Maryaprude regrets getting married

If I’m not wrong, Maryaprude really got hurt after partying ways with Willis Raburu; who clearly moved on so fast that fans suspect he had been seeing Ivy Namu behind his ex wife’s back.

Ex couple; Willis and Maryaprude

But again, si tulisema hii ni Nairobi…wouldn’t be such a big surprise; but at the same time it would explain why Maryaprude has so much bitterness towards ex husband.

For months Maryaprude has hinted that getting married to Raburu was one of her biggest mistakes; but again, these feelings seem to have developed recently after their breakup which is clearly understandable.

Why the regrets

Anyway thanks to one of her latest posts, Maryaprude explains why she regrets having settled down with ex, Raburu.

Maryaprude and Willis Raburu exchanging vows

Although the lady did not put it down in black and white, she shared a new post that read;

  Introduce yourself with what almost killed you. Hi, I’m swimming pool.

To which Maryaprude wrote;

“Hi, I’m marriage.”


And just like that fans can’t help but wonder what kind of twisted relationship these two had; because at this point – seems like it was abit too toxic and all they keep doing is throwing hints around.

But it’s been a year plus….if you ask me, moving on and letting go at this point sounds like the best idea for Maryaprude.

Maryaprude opens up her first miscarriage before losing baby Adana in 2019

Mary Irungu popularly known as Maryaprude or rather Willis Raburu’s ex wife is finally opening up about; the other side of her unknown life with the 10/10 host and TV personality.

Maryaprude and Willis Raburu exchanging vows

Having been married for close to 2 years (5th May 2017)  the duo unfortunately fell off in early 2020; whivh led to their untimely divorce and now – social media ‘failed marriage scandal.’

For months we waited we waited to hear about what led to the break up; but judging from the interviews Maryaprude’s is giving – let’s just say she is taking one day at a time!

Ex couple; Willis and Maryaprude

Opens up about two pregnancies

Speaking recently to Word Is; Maryaprude for the first time revealed that she actually got pregnant for the Willis Raburu twice.  However, the first pregnancy was in 2018 – was an an-embryonic pregnancy; which did not last for more than 3 months as it had to be terminated.

Tbt: Pregnant Maryaprude before stillbirth

The lady opened up saying;

What people don’t know is that I had lost another pregnancy in 2018 at nine weeks then. In 2019, I got pregnant with baby Adana,”

Trouble conceiving

From Marya says, one can assume (actually confirm;) that they were really putting in a lot  pressure to have children as she went on to add;

It was really tough for us since we were trying to get a child.

Maybe they both wanted to start a family asap hence the back to back pregnancies; but again, could it be that Willis Raburu really wanted a child of his own that bad?

I mean, didn’t he just have a baby barely a year after his divorce; which explains the ‘trying to have a child’ Marya is talking about.

Maryaprude reveals which of her parents introduced her to alcohol consumption

Lately life has been all about fun, drinking; and partying for Maryaprude and her fans wouldn’t want it any other way.

Young Maryaprude living life to the fullest

Well, mostly because 2020 was one hell of a ride for the influencer who doubles up as Willis Raburu’s ex. She not only lost a baby due to birth complications but Maryaprude got her divorce at 26 years…Could it get any worse?

Wait,  her ex moved on so quick and even started a family – tell me why she will not perfect her drinking game!

Life of the party: Maryaprude

Anyway, the good thing is that with time Maryaprude keeps getting better; that is judging from the photos shared on her Instagram page.

Maryaprude starts to open up

So far the lass seems to be the life of the party; and thanks to her friends, Maryaprude is also starting to open up about her past; and having waited for months – Maryaprude opens up about her family.

Maryaprude on Parte after parte

Speaking to popular news tabloid recently, we get to learn that Maryaprude not only got support from her parents; but a therapist after losing her baby and going through a divorce.

The young lass opened up saying;

My dad took me in when I was going through some hard times last year and told me ‘I just need you to exist and whatever you need I am here to give it to you.

Judging from Maryaprude’s interview, it’s evident that she is a daddy’s girl as she went on to add;

Maryaprude with friend

By that time all I needed was therapy and just taking care of my mental health. He took care of me and my mum made sure I ate and slept. She would cook everything for me and told me to stay with them.

Daddy’s favorite girl

Although Maryaprude says she took after her mum’s looks; the lady made it known that her character is that of her dad.

On the interview, she went on to disclose that her parents are not strict; adding that daddy is actually the one who introduced her to alcohol.

Willis Raburu’s ex wife

Like for example, my dad bought me the first alcoholic drink. He introduced me to that. He was like, ‘When you are out with your friends, take this and avoid this or that drink or else you will end up with a headache and so on.

Mlisema you don’t want ladies that drink like their father’s? Aya, sisi ndio tuko.

‘Waende Home Wote’- Maryaprude Speaks On Police Brutality While Re-enforcing Curfew

Maryaprude has thrown shade at police for their recent brutality on netizens while re-enforcing curfew hours. Six police officers have recently been linked to the murder of the Kianjokoma brothers and are still in custody.

Kianjokoma brothers-photo courtesy

The most recent killing has involved a man in Kayole, who is alleged to have been beaten to death by police during curfew hours.  Kayole residents have taken to the streets to protest over the same.

This has culminated to various celebrities such as Maryaprude expressing their rage towards the police for such behaviour. She wrote on her Instagram page;

”Clearly the police are using this curfew as their license to kill innocent people; who most of them are just out here trying to make ends meet because apparently the government decided COVID 19 shows up at 10pm and minds it’s business at 4am. Ama pia it disappears when politicians are out here in our streets .Yaani instead of figuring out how we can all get vaccinated; how people can get jobs back and industries moving, mnamurder tu wasee.

So many people have lost their lives to the police taking advantage of this curfew thing, which I even wonder what they profit from killing people. but hey, remember from 13 year old boy, Yasin Moyo who was in their house kwa balcony with his mom, was shot by a police to the #kianjokomabrothers to now a young man in Kayole who was on his way to his family.

And to all the ones their stories aren’t told. How many lives should be lost until this government gets that there are better ways to prevent the spread of COVID 19 than using such nonsensical ways.
Kila time 60more days za curfew? Yaani?? ni akina nani hukua kwa hizi rooms when such decisions are made? Nani? Waende home wote!”

Good girl gone bad? MaryaPrude opens up about ‘seeing’ other people

I know we have talked about it so many times and truth is; Maryaprude will never share any true information about her dating life especially judging from how her last ended.

However fans following her on social media will never stop asking whether she has finally found a person to love; while others continue to encourage her on the importance of not giving up on love.

Marya Prude Ngami slaying

Well, we are back again to the same question ‘who is Maryaprude dating’ thanks to a new QnA held on her IG. Judging from how Marya responds to questions related to her dating life; it’s obvious to tell that this is a topic she enjoys but again, doesn’t want to spill out too much attention.

Good girl gone bad?

Although some of the responses Maryaprude have in her latest QnA posts; it’s clear to see that she was being sarcastic and mean -ish but can we blame her though?

Responding to one of her fans who asked;

Are you ready to date? Or are you seeing someone?

Prude on the other hand sarcastically responded by saying;

I’m not seeing someone. I’m seeing people.

A statement that could be mean two things… like seeing people with her eyes; and the other one – of course the Kanairo style. So which is which?

But again, there’s no reason to give into society’s pressure; meaning there’s no reason to answer the dating questions — at least not seriously.

Willis Raburu’s ex wife gets rid of late daughter’s tattoo name, replaces it with with new tattoo design

Maryaprude has had her share of both happiness and sorrow at such a young age. From what we know is that she lost her first child at 25 years following a still birth; and all I know is it’s never easy.

Tbt: Pregnant Maryaprude before stillbirth

The grieving process is actually the hardest bit for any mum but through it all; Maryaprude has been making great process (from her posts) but another thing we know is that she continues to hurt – but hey one step at a time.

Anyway a few days ago the 26 year old shared a video getting another tattoo at popular parlor in Westlands; but what we didn’t know is that she was getting a cover up on daughter’s name Adana.

Maryaprude’s tattoo

Done with her past

Her decision to cover up her tattoo came weeks after Willis Raburu was linked to new lover, Ivy Namu; a lady who was said to be pregnant for the Citizen TV presenter.

Of course Maryaprude has her own reasons for getting rid of the name but in remembrance of her daughter, Adana; the lass chose a crown and roses to replace the old tattoo she got while with Willis Raburu.

Willis Raburu’s ex wife

Although it’s hard to tell what happened between the two exes and why they choose to hate dislike each other online; truth is, it might take time before they both get over the bitterness they hold against each other.

But as for now – let’s just say there’s no woman who would want to be in Maryaprude’s shoes.

Maryaprude unveils throwback baby bump photo to mark Mother’s Day a year after Stillbirth

The pain of losing a loved one cannot be explained; but what’s worse is a mother carrying a child to full term only to go back home empty handed.

The pain is unexplainable, it literally eats you up; and for some reason the bitterness changes a person and this is why we cannot really blame Ms Maryaprude for walking out on husband, Willis Raburu.

Exes: Raburu with Maryaprude

Although we cannot tell what happened to them; all we know is that Maryaprude’s grief overwhelmed her to a point of filing for a divorce and choosing to live life alone.

So far we understand that love is a card she is willing to play anything soon; and worse – the fear of having another child has consumed to a point of not wanting another child.

Happy Mother’s Day to all grieving mums

Anyway as she marks the first Mother’s Day a year after losing her child; the lovely Maryaprude unveiled a never seen before photo from the days she was pregnant.

This time around, she however chose to celebrate and remember all grieving mums in a post where she wrote;

Pregnant Maryaprude

Happy Mother’s Day to all Angel Moms. Moms to whom baby’s were still born. Moms who lost their baby in an ectopic pregnancy.
Moms who lost their baby through a miscarriage. Moms who had to end their pregnancy due to medical reasons. Moms who lost their ill child. Moms who lost their child
Happy Mother’s Day ????????????????

“You made my life special” Maryaprude changes tune after months of bashing ex husband, Willis Raburu

Maryaprude was definitely bitter about Willis Raburu and although we cannot put a finger on what led to the breakup; all we know is that Maryaprude has been playing victim since the break up.

Mary Ngami known as Marya Prude

So far she has not only hinted that ex husband Willis Raburu cheated on her; but has asked fans to stop linking her to the Citizen TV news anchor. And with such stunts we can only conclude that Willis played the wrong card with his 27 year old – now ex wife.

Anyway, thanks to her Christian traits it seems that Maryaprude is finally learning to forgive everyone that wronged her in the past. This was seen in a new post shared on her page saying;

I’ll never regret someone that I had an amazing time and experience with. Even if we fall off. You made my life special at a certain time. We grew grew together, even if we grew apart. Thank you.


Finally Moving on?

This is a good sign coming from Maryaprude who was clearly bitter with ex husband, Willis Raburu; but now that she is letting go of the pain – means she is also moving on!

Willis Raburu flaunts new body after shedding off 16kgs

Anyway, let’s hope these two will make peace in due time; but at least Maryaprude will not protect her ex husband – by not spilling more details about their her breakup.



Sad: Willis Raburu’s 27 year old ex wife is not ready to have more Kids after stillbirth

Willis Raburu’s ex wife Marya Prude this past weekend revealed that she is only 27 years old in a QnA post shared on her page. Well, this surprised  many who couldn’t help but assume that she rushed into marriage while still quite young.

Anyway unfortunately the marriage did not last as she parted ways with the popular media personality a few months ago; and from the look of things – these two might never get back together. Not because this was a loveless marriage; but for some reason their marriage took a drastic turn after losing their baby during birth.

Since then Maryaprude refuses to be associated with Willis Raburu for some unknown reasons; and truth is – it appears that the love she had for the hot 96 radio presenter somehow turned into hatred.

About children

Despite her young age – it appears that Maryaprude is not planning on having more children in the future; a sad revelation that proves there is more to what we have learnt on social media about her nasty quiet breakup.

Responding to a fan who asked whether she is planning on having another child in future; Maryaprude responded by saying;

Maybe never….I don’t know

Well this not only shows that the still birth bruised Maryaprude’s soul; but truth is – there is nothing worse than losing a baby after a full term pregnancy. It leaves you empty.


MaryaPrude blaming Willis Raburu for their failed marriage?

It pains many to see that Willis Raburu and his beautiful wife are no longer together. Most of their fans admired the love the two shared and the positivity Maryaprude had brought into Willis Raburu’s life.

Back when he was married, the fella was not only active in church but something about his personality changed; bringing out a loving man, cheeky but with boundaries – something many women look for in a partner.

Exes: Raburu and ex wife, Maryaprude

However this disappeared as fast as he separated with Pride; and till date many still wonder what could have happened between these two.  Anyway sometimes they both share quotes mourning their late daughter; and times  other posts just speak for themselves.

Prude blaming Willis?

As seen on a new post shared by Maryaprude – one would easily assume that this was aimed at passing a certain message concerning her failed marriage.

The post read;

when you finally learn that a persons behavior has more to do with their own internal struggle than it ever did with you…you learn grace.

Prude’s post


Like I said, some of the posts need no explanations meaning that Willis Raburu and Prude’s marriage had already started facing issues even before losing their baby.

With Maryaprude throwing hints every now and then – is proof enough to show that whatever happened was too painful; for them to keep holding on to each other – hence the separation.

However, we still wait to see whether they will get back together or address the breakup rumors!


It is well! Willis Raburu’s ex wife unveils never seen before photo rocking her baby bump

On 31st Willis Raburu and ex wife, Maryaprude marked one year since they lost their daughter. And with such experience I can promise you that life has never been the same.

This is because the pain pushes the couple away from each other as they both mourn differently; and of course we can now see how things turned out between Willis Raburu and Prude.

Willis Raburu’s ex, Marya Prude looking brighter after nasty breakup

Although fans feel that there is more to the breakup; as for now all we do is assume that losing the baby affected their relationship forcing them to part ways.

Baby bump

Unlike most celebrities who like to parade their baby bumps on social media; Ms prude made sure to keep hers on the low until she was due.

Unfortunately for her and Willis things did not work out as planned since they had a still baby. Either way, this does not mean that Prude is not a mum…she is and so is her ex husband a dad.

Below is the beautiful photo shared by Prude as she marked one year since losing her baby girl.

Happy Birthday My Love ♥️

MaryaPrude flaunting baby bump