Masauti leaves tongues wagging after sharing hot thirst trap photos vacationing with curvy mzungu lady

Singer Masauti is one of those artists we rarely find in controversial situations, right? Well, unlike most celebrities, this one (Masauti) prefers keeping his life on the down-low; until just recently when he gave fans a reason to talk thanks to a few vacation photos.


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Judging from the new photos added on his instagram, it’s obvious that Masauti not only wanted to parade the white lady he is seen with; but the good life he has been living since the festive season.

Okay, okay – these photo definitely brought traffic on his page that is looking at the number of thirsty comments left by fans on this specific post.

Music video?

Anyway what’s confusing many is whether Masauti is single or taken for now; I mean didn’t he just celebrate his baby mama’s birthday the other day with a special message saying:

Happybirthday My one n Only Mama Rahma I appreciate you and Love you so much ❤️???? Happy birthday to you Mungu akuzidishie miaka mingi ????????

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Masauti’s baby mama

And now he is all cuddled up with a Caucasian lady? Or again, could this be a music video considering that he hasn’t released a new project in a while?

Checkout the photos below.

Masauti vacationing with mzungu bae?

Singer Masauti

Masauti Shares His Side Of The Story On Being Chased Off Stage While Performing

Talented musician Mohammed Ali Said; better known as Masauti has been roped in to share his side of the story on the alleged mis-treatment of both himself & Nadia Mukami while at a concert in Mombasa. According to recent reports; the duo was thrown off stage in the middle of their performance in order for Tanzanian musician Mbosso, to perform.

”Sijataka kuongelea issue ya show ya Mombasa lakini pia nimeona nivunje ukimya ili kuepuka unafki”, part of his message read.

Masauti has now red pilled netizens on what exactly transpired at the concert. In his long Instagram message, the musician explains it was only one woman; whom she didn’t want to mention her moniker, that caused all the drama off stage.


Masauti performing -Instagram (Courtesy)

”Nataka niwaombe tu kwanza tukio hili lilitokea lisitumike kumharibia rafiki yangu @mbosso_ jina wakati siye aliyeandaa show hii. Makosa yatupiwe waandalizi wa show hio mchwara tena sio wote ni dada mmoja tu ambaye singependa nimtaje jina.????Yeye ndo hakutaka kuheshimu kazi yangu na kunionyesha thamani kama msanii wa nyumbani… ”

He added that after sometime during his performance, he saw commotion back stage; and it was his management trying to stop the lady from disrupting his performance.

”Nilifika kwenye location nikasubiri hadi mda wangu wa kupanda stage kuperform. Baada ya kama nusu saa hivi; nikiendelea kuperfoem nikaona nyuma kuna mvutano unaendelea kati ya management yangu na watu kwenye stage. Yuleyule dada alitaka kunikatiza show katikati????Vita hivo viliendelea kati yao na uongozi wangu ambao ulipinga hilo wazo lao la kusmamisha show katikati. ”

Masauti stated that despite all this, he was able to finish his performance; and dismisses the claims that he was chased off stage in the middle of it.

Singer Masauti Flaunts House He Is Building For His Mother (Video)

Mohammed Ali Said, better known by his stage name Masauti is giving thanks to his parents in style. Unlike most young people who forget about their parents when they become successful, the singer has showed how important parents are.

He has flaunted the house he’s currently building for his mother. He also opened a shop for her. On his Instagram, he posted a video to show the progress of the house, and captioned it;


Considering Masauti dropped out from school because of financial constraints, this is such a huge achievement; a true inspiration to other artists. Watch his video below.

Singer Masauti Reveals Joho Gave Him A Bentley To Floss With

Mohammed Ali Said, better known by his stage name Masauti, has made a name for himself through his music. His unique kind of music blends with Tanzanian genre ‘bongo’, which makes him fit in the industry well. Starting out his musical career in Mombasa, Masauti got recognized by producer Tedd Josiah, shortly after moving to the capital.

Turns out that Mombasa’s governor Joho loves his music too. Last year, rumors spread that Joho bought the singer a Bentley. To clear up the rumors, Masauti said that Joho told him to take the car anytime he wants. He doesn’t own the car fully.

Masauti Gifted Bentley

In an interview on Radio Maisha, Masauti said;

”Gari lipo. Hilo gari nililopewa nalo sio gari la kawaida. Inaitwa Bentley. Mimi niliambiwa tu, cheki, hii gari bwana ni yako kwanzia leo… Wakati wowote ukiitaka, ukitaka ku floss nayo, hii ni yako. Iko pale English point kwa parking. Ukienda ukizunguka zunguka pale utaiona.”

Masauti’s music has come a long way. He’s now a big deal in the music industry, having done several collabos with artists such as Khaligraph Jones. Below is one of Masauti’s latest songs;

8 Kenyan celebrities who have heavily invested in luxury rides

After battling tough struggles in their early years of life, majority of Kenyan celebrities have come out to flaunt the fruits of their hard work.

A good number of them have proven this is through purchases of plush homes in high-end residential areas, others taking pride in the cars they ride. However, not all of them had a rough childhood per se. Let’s have a look:

1. Jalang’o

The renowned comedian, digital content creator and media personality recently crowned his successes with a grand purchase of a KSh15M all-black Range Rover Velar that he tripped to Kisumu with over the weekend. This is just one of his long fleet of luxury fuel guzzlers among them a BMW X6, Toyota Land Cruiser V8 and a convertible Mercedes Benz.

Jalang’o with his new luxury ride

2. Betty Kyallo

The celebrated journalist took many by surprise after reportedly making a purchase of a KSh7.1M Porsche Cayenne soon as she resigned at K24 TV. Additionally owning of a sleek black Mercedes Benz which she is more often than not spotted in.

Betty Kyallo flaunts new ride

3. Masauti

The Swahili recording artist became a proud owner of a supposed KSh23.3M Bentley Continental GT V8 2020 First edition after his first debut single Liar featuring Tanasha off his ‘Masauti 001 EP’ album. A luxury SUV he was gifted by manager, Kea Boy.

4. Akothee

The President of single mothers whose presence and power in the country has been felt of late, recently showed up at a Government meeting in a heavy fleet of black Toyota LandCruiser Prados, one platted ‘Madam Boss’ and the rest ferrying her bodyguards. That’s enough said.

Madam Boss Akothee makes grand entrance at Government meeting

5. Maina Kageni

As Kenyans were busy feeling the harsh effects of COVID-19 in May, a dear Maina Kageni took to the show room to welcome home his KSh6.9M brand new BMW X6 xdrive 40i 2020 edition reportedly the first of its kind in the East and Central African region.

Maina Kageni purchases new ride

6. Anerlisa Muigai

Born out of royalty, the Keroche Breweries heiress seems to have some good taste in what she rides in, spotted on numerous occasions in a sleek KSh12M dark grey Range Rover Velar.

Anerlisa Muigai

7. Khaligraph Jones

Soon as April 2020 kicked in, the influential rapper splashed several millions on his luxury 2014 Porsche Cayenne. A four-wheel drive fuel guzzler of German Technology. This is not his one and only, possessing at least a white pimped Toyota Crown Royal Saloon, black Mercedes Benz as well as a pimped white Range Rover among his fleet of cars.


8. DJ Mo

The gospel disk jockey married to singer, Size 8 takes bride in his sleek silver Range Rover that had always been his dream car and runs into millions. Meanwhile, his wife reportedly owns a KSh7M Jaguar XF.


There you have it!

Motif Di Don talks about his journey to success, working with Khaligraph and sampling beats (Interview)

Morris Kobia, better known as Motif Di Don, needs no introduction. If you like Kenyan music, chances are high that  you’ve listened to a song that he has produced.

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We called him up a few days ago because wanted to know about his journey to success, thoughts on Gengetone, how he started working with Khaligraph Jones, future plans and whatnot.

Motif Di Don and Khaligraph Jones
Motif Di Don and Khaligraph Jones

Motif explained that he was just making beats and giving them to his friends when it hit him that he should send one to Khaligraph because he was really popping at the time.

The Juu Ya Ngori hitmaker really liked the beat and they ended up being friends and that explains why he has been producing his songs since 2015.

Motif did not go to school to learn how to make beats. He told Ghafla that he learnt most of the things that he knows on YouTube.

Asked whether he can sustain himself whether the can sustain himself with the money that he gets from producing songs, he answered in the affirmative and explained that it was hard when he was starting but things got better.

Motif Di Don with Ethic's Mtoto wa Eunice
Motif Di Don with Ethic’s Mtoto wa Eunice

He also shared his thoughts on Gengetone and explained that most Kenyans are vulgar and that is the main reason why genre went viral.

I also asked him about sampling jams seeing as he was in the center of the drama that led to Figa by Ethic being and he explained that the group’s management could not reach an agreement with the owners on how to split revenues.

Lastly, I’m sure all the ladies who are reading this article are wondering whether he has a partner and apparently he does. Sorry I had to be the bearer of this news.

Listen to the full interview below.

Masauti teams up with City Boy and Jegede on ‘Fine Body’ (Video)

Mombasa-based singer Mohammed Ali Said, popularly known as Masauti, has released a new jam with City Boy and Jegede and it’s getting so much love from their fans, even their fiercest critics.

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The song titled Fine Body has been ruling the airwaves since it was released a few hours ago and to be honest, we are also feeling it.

City Boy
City Boy

Fine Body is club banger. Though I must say that I didn’t really feel it the first time I heard it but it grew on me with time.

The artists who were featured on this jam were well thought out since they are all strong in the different genres that they do.

For instance, City Boy really did a good job on the hook which was inspired by reggae. Interestingly, his verses have the Coastal vibe and if there is anything I really appreciate about an artist then it’s diversity.


Masauti also nailed it. If you are a huge fan of the Ipepete hitmaker, like myself, then I don’t need to tell you that he has an amazing voice which he put to good use on this track.

Jegede did not disappoint either. This lad, who dabbles as a producer, has a unique voice and flow that really spiced up this jam. Notably, the beat which he produced is also catchy and blends well with the flow of the artists.

Watch Fine Body below and tell us what you think.

Georgy ‘The street boy’ lands new gig with the CS for sports, culture and Heritage, Amina Mohammed!

Georgy with the heavenly voice has teamed up with Masauti to help pass a very sensitive and important message from the CS for sports, culture and Heritage ministry!

Georgy The Justin Beiber streetboy

The young man who has been living on the streets for about 9 years made headlines about a week ago; thanks to a video shared by comedian MCA Tricky.

Judging from the response Kenyans showed on MCA Tricky’s post; it was evident that Georgy’s gift was unique and one that needed to be nurtured by the best!

Masauti and Georgy

Well thanks to Amina Mohammed the CS for sports, culture and Heritage, Georgy landed a gig featuring Masauti; where they have released a song creating awareness for the coronavirus pandemic that has left most countries around the world on lockdown!


From the song Georgy aka Ray G, Masauti and an unknown lady share the importance of quarantine; and sanitizing avoid exposing each other from the deadly virus!

The song has already started receiving love from the public as they continue to encourage Ray G to continue releasing more projects that’s to his heavenly voice. Check out the song below.

Masauti teams up with Ex Ray on ‘Pepo’ (Video)

The much-anticipated collaboration between Masauti, real name Mohammed Ali, and Ex Ray who is one of the three members of Rieng’ hitmakers Boondocks Gang is finally out and it’s a big tune.

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The song dubbed Pepo, which is a Swahili word that means evil spirits or a demon, is all about a certain girl who has made the singers go crazy because of her affection.

Ex Ray

This jam is really incredible. At first, I was afraid of what the collabo would sound like but now I am happy that they decided to release a song together.

Masauti totally nailed his verse with his incredible voice. This guy can really sing and the way he does it, you can tell that it’s coming from his heart, what I mean is that there is a lot of sincerity in his voice.

The other thing that you’ll of course notice as you listen to this track is that the Mombasa-bred singer who is famed for hits such as; Ipepete, Sokote and Nurulain has a good vocal range.

As you would expect, Ex Ray also did a good job in Pepo. However, I noticed that he was doing more of singing than flowing here. I’m not saying that it is whack, I actually love it. Like really!


The beat and instrumentation on this song are impeccable. It has a feel of Gengetone and Coastal music at the same time and I guess that is why I can’t get enough of it. It also blends well with the vocals of both Masauti and Ex Ray.

About the video, I really love it. It is a masterpiece and you get to appreciate the crisp visuals as you listen to the jam because of it’s quality and general execution.

Watch Pepo below and tell us what you think. Enjoy.

Masauti pairs up with Ally B on new banger ‘Genye Genye’ (Video)

Mombasa-bred singer Masauti, real name Mohammed Ali Said, has dropped a new jam with Ally B, who is famed for songs such as Hamisa, Nisamehe, Bembea and it’s getting so much love from their fans.

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Titled Genye Genye the track serves as the official comeback of Ally B after being away from the game for more than for more than two years and it will definitely make you wish that he never took a break.

Genye Genye is a love ballad. In the jam, the musicians profess their love for a certain lass and list all the things they love about her in an attempt to explain why she is giving them sleepless nights.

Ally B

There are two main reasons why I love this jam. Firstly, is because it sounds so pleasant to the ears, it is those kind of songs that will get you dancing at any given time, even when you are seated.

Secondly, if you grew up listening to Ally B, like yours truly, then you know how much we have all missed him. Genye Genye evokes feelings of nostalgia and takes you back to the good old days.

This jam is a beautiful composition. The lyrics by both Masauti and Ally B are sick and easy to master. To add to that, it is also well arranged.


The beat and instrumentation on Genye Genye is on point. This is one of those jams that will definitely cheer you up if you are in a bad mood. I’m not kidding. Of course, I also can’t wait to see the dance challenges.

The video for this jam is sick. I honestly love everything about it, from the aerial shots, the choreography, the styling, the scene transitioning. Put simply, it’s a masterpiece. Kudos to Totti.

Watch Genye Genye below and tell us what you think.

Masauti gives fans special treat with infectious jam ‘Mahabuba’ (Video)

Mombasa-bred singer Mohammed Ali Said, better known as Masauti or Kenyan Boy, has released a new single and it is getting a lot of love from his fans. Well, to be honest this jam is not so new because it was first released in 2015.

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Anyway, the song titled Mahabuha, which means my lover, is proof that Masauti has always been a good singer, even when most people had no idea that he existed. It also epitomizes his growth over the years.

This jam is infectious and on top of that it also has a soothing effect. It is the kind of songs that you hear on the radio and suddenly, you are in a good mood.


The rhythm on Mahabuba is something else. The first time I listened to this track was 3 years ago and when I heard it recently, it sounded different yet it’s exactly the same and that’s how you know a song is a big tune.

I know you will agree with me that Masauti’s on this song are dope and so is his lyricism. If you needed a reason why you should be proud to be Kenyan then he is certainly one.

One of the things that struck me about Mahabuba, other than the catchy hook of course, is the instrumentation. It is so dope so much so that you would think it’s a live performance.

Tedd Josiah did a good job, especially on the guitar. It sounds pleasant to the ears and makes you wish that the song was a bit longer.

Listen to Mahabuba below and tell us what you think. Enjoy!

Masauti pours his heart out in new single ‘Niwe Nawe’ (Video)

Talented Kenyan singer Mohammed Ali Said, better known as Masauti, is back with a new track and it is getting a lot of love from his fans.

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The song dubbed Niwe Nawe, which is a Swahili word that means ‘be with you’, has been ruling the airwaves since it was released a few days ago and to be honest, we are also feeling it or else we wouldn’t be reviewing it, would we?


Basically, jam is about a beautiful lass who is driving the musician crazy and he is ready to go to any length to get her and keep her. Sounds cliche? If I was you, I would not jump to a conclusion just yet.

Niwe Nawe is a beautiful composition. Apart from the fact that it is well-arranged – which is evidenced by its smooth flow – I know you’ll agree with me that Masauti has a Melodious voice.

The Nurulain hitmaker has the kind of voice that will get you thinking of your special person or that ex that you have never really gotten over.

To add to that, there’s a lot of sincerity in Masauti’s voice so much so that you’d assume that this was a dedication to a specific person.


The beat, which was produced Robert Kamanzi, alias R Kay, is also very different from the kind of beats that Masauti normally uses.

Actually, the first time I listened to this song I thought the beat and instrumentation were ‘too gospel’ but with time I came to love it and this proves that Masauti can pull through any sound or beat.

Listen to Niwe Nawe below and tell us what you think.

Magix Enga has dropped a collabo with Masauti and Zikki titled ‘Mr. Deejay’ it’s getting mad love (Video)

Celebrated producer-cum singer Magix Enga has released a new song with Masauti and Zikki and it is getting a lot of love from their fans.

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The jam dubbed Mr. Deejay is dedicated to all the mix masters around the country and outside since they are the life of the party. I don’t know what we would be going to do in clubs or parties without them.

I love this song because it brought the best of different worlds together and the outcome was absolutely amazing that you will have this track on replay for a while.


You see, Kenyan Bongo was well represented by Masauti, Zikki brought a bit of a Ragga vibe while Magix Enga did a hook and verse that lean more towards R&B and a bit of Gengetone and this why Mr Deejay is such a big tune.

To add to that, their verses on this jam were so catchy and you want to keep listening to them as they flow. It’s such a beautiful time to be alive.

As you would expect, the beat on this track is also on point because what good is Magix Enga’s talent if he cant make a dope beat for himself?

Watch Deejay below and tell us what you think.

Masauti has teamed up with Nigeria’s Elgizie on ‘Rombosa’ and we can’t get enough of it (Video)

Celebrated Kenyan singer Mohammed Ali Said, alias Masauti, has dropped a song with Nigeria’s Elgize and we absolutely love it.

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The song titled Rombosa is about having a good time and shaking what your mama gave you i.e. dancing until you drop dead. Okay, I’m pushing it.

Some may say that this is just an ordinary song but let’s be honest, when was last time you heard Pidgin and Swahili on one track? I bet you’ve never.

As expected, Masauti really came through on this jam. There’s just something unique about how he sings that will keep you hooked. He’s very convincing with words.


Although I could not understand a thing Elgize was saying, I think he did great. His coarse voice and the different language spiced up the song in my opinion.

To add to that, they picked some well-endowed vixens for the video, if you’re a Team Mafisi member like me you’ll notice that they are shaking their derrieres like they mean business.

I was not really impressed by the beat. It was too simple. However, I still feel that it in as much as it can’t make a lady shake it, it still works for this song.

The video was directed by Johnson Kyallo and he did a commendable job. I was particularly impressed by the indoor shots.

Watch Rombosa below and tell us what you think.

Madini Classic is just a cheap attention seeker

I have been trying to follow the drama between Eric Omondi and one John Philip Ouma, alias Madini Classic, and I came to the realization that it’s just hogwash and a waste of everyone’s precious time.

In my opinion, Madini Classic is just a cheap seeker attention who using the Eric for clout but he is going about the wrong way because it’s working to his detriment.

You see, what this chap currently doing has been done by many artists before him. Every once in a while you’ll hear someone disparaging a more established figure in society just to get some attention.

Madini Classic

The way I see it, he acting from a point of desperation because let’s be honest, unlike most of his peers, the likes of Masauti, Otile Brown, Arrow Bwoy, Sudi Boy Madini Calassic barely gets any attention.

You’ll never hear someone saying that he/she thinks of the Nilivyo hitmaker as a great artist never mind the fact that has some really good songs out there.

He’s following the footsteps of Otile Brown, who used Vera to become a household name, but he is going about it the wrong way like I mentioned earlier.

Many people would not want to associate themselves with drama and once they see that you are full of that and are willing to go around tainting the image of others, they tend to avoid you.

Madini Classic
Madini Classic

I’d rather he gets to be known for dating a socialite rather than apparently exposing someone else or painting them in bad light, whether the allegations are true or not. It just doesn’t work that way.

If you are keen, I’m  sure you’ve noticed that he has been pushing his new collabo with Vivian dubbed Energy while using Eric’s name to land interviews in  media houses which tell you what his goal was from the very beginning .

Someone should tell him that he needs to re-evaluate his strategy before it’s too late.

Why Coastal music barely gets any nationwide attention

Very few people cared about Coastal music until recently when Masauti, Otile Brown, Dogo Richie, Sudi Boy, Susumila, Chikuzee and the likes emerged on the music scene.

Artists from the Coast operated in a cocoon for a long time so much so that very few people in the other parts of the country had a clue who they were but have you ever wondered why?

Have you ever asked yourself why the artists and their songs barely get any nationwide attention? Well, I have some pointers as to why.



Firstly, there’s the obvious fact that almost all top media houses are based in Nairobi. This means that if an artist from the Coast has a new song, then he or she has to travel to the capital city to promote it.

You could argue that artists don’t need the mainstream media because we are in the digital age but that’s a wrong perception. We live in a third world country, TV and radio will always be relevant.

Secondly, artists from the Coast are not as aggressive as their counterparts in Nairobi. I’m sure you have also heard that people from Mombasa take things slowly, the same applies to the artists.

They take so long to release a song and when they release it they don’t even bother to promote it because they are not  agile. That’s just it.

The last reason is claims of sorcery. This might sound funny but it is real in the Coast. Artists are always blaming their counterparts of bewitching them and curtailing their growth.

Sometime last year, Dogo Richie released a song dubbed Mziki Majanga in which he claimed that fellow musicians used juju on him so that he does not grow.

Dogo Richie
Dogo Richie

Among those mentioned in the song were; Fat S, Susumila, Nyota Ndogo, Chikuzee, Bizzy K, Ally B and Bawazir.

Interestingly, a few months later, during a radio interview, Dogo Richie revealed that his voice vanishes when he is in studio but he sounds heavenly when he’s at home.

According to him, the aforementioned artists had revenged on him for calling them out.

The bottom line is that Coastal music is a circus, I have no apologies for saying this. Knowing all this, I’m even surprised that some of the are making it big in the national stage.

Magix Enga Vs Motif Di Don: Who is the baddest producer?

These days, almost every song begins with the words, “Motif Di Don” or “Magix Enga on the beat”. You would be tempted to think that the two are the only music producers in the country which is not the case.

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While the are are countless music producers in Kenya, the work of Magix Enga and Motif Di Don really stands out. They have a distinct approach and this explains why they are a cut above the rest and the most-sought after beat makers.

Motif Di Don
Motif Di Don

Each of them has worked with the biggest names in the entertainment industry and in a way they have helped propel the new Kenyan sound that made many people realize that they can actually enjoy local music.

Magix Enga has worked with the likes of Otile Brown, Timmy Tdat, Arrow Bwoy, KRG The Don, P-Unit, Zzero Sufuri, Ethic, Alvindo, King Kaka, Kristoff, Khaligraph Jones, Prezzo, Naiboi, Mejja, Rankaddah. The list is endless.

On the other hand, Motif Di Don has produced songs for Masauti, Ethic, Otile Brown, Khaligraph Jones, Masterpiece, Nadia Mukami, Qritical, Pro & Lava Lava and Rayvanny who are both Tanzanian singers.

If you are a fan of Kenyan music, like yours truly, then I’m sure you’ve seen your favourite local musician in the aforementioned names. What’s even more is that most of them are big acts which also means that Magix Enga and Motif Di Don are the baddest producers around.

Magix Enga
Magix Enga

In as much as they are both incredible and doing their very best to grow the local industry, at the end of the day, one of them has to be better than the other and that’s what I want to find out from you. I’d like to know your perspective of them.

So tell me, who do you think is the baddest producers between Magix Enga and Motif Di Don? Leave a comment below.

Arrow Bwoy needs to be very careful

To date, I’m yet to come across a song by Arrow Bwoy that I didn’t think was a hit or that I didn’t vibe to at all. It almost as if everything he touches turns into gold. I’m sure you agree, don’t you?

The singer whose real name is Ali Yusuf this rare gift of infusing English, Swahili and Luganda lyrics and ends up with a very unique and beautiful sound. The beat justs complements his style.

Arrow Bwoy
Arrow Bwoy

Unlike what most people think, Arrow Bwoy is not a newbie. He has been in the game since 2012 when he was part of a group called QBIC. He ventured out on his on in 2015 and got his first hit Digi Digi in 2017.

Since then, his star has continued to shine so much so that he even landed collabos with Jamaican heavyweights Demarco and Cecile. This is not a small feat but I’m sure you already knew that.

Locally, he has worked with the likes of Gabu, Masauti, Otile Brown, Timmy Tdat, Nadia Mukami, Sudi Boy, King Kaka, Krg The Don, Voltage Music, Jovial just to name a few.

As you listen to all his songs, you can’t fail to appreciate his ingenuity. However, you’ll also notice that he sounds pretty much the same in all of them which to be honest, I feel like it’s something that might curtail his success.

Arrow Bwoy
Arrow Bwoy

You see, in as much as all songs are done by the same person, hence they will have the same voice, music fans expect you to vary your songs so that you don’t bore them the way Jaguar did. It’s just what it is.

In my opinion, Arrow Bwoy needs to be careful or he will lose relevance in no time. He should look for ways of varying his sound so that his fans don’t feel like they are listening to the same song over and over

Listen to his latest release dubbed Ngeta below.

Masauti’s new jam dubbed ‘Leo Ni Leo’ is probably his best work yet (Video)

Kenyan singer Masauti, also known as Kenyan Boy, is back with a new banger that I can’t get enough of! Maybe you’ll also feel the same way, maybe not.

The song dubbed Leo ni Leo is probably his best work yet and it’s because he’s singing along to Kwaito beat and acing it.

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We never thought we’d see this day but it’s finally here ladies  and gentlemen! Who in their wildest dreams would have thought that?

The song was released barely a fortnight ago and it has already clocked 80,000 views. Anyone will tell you that this is a good performance for a song that does not even have a video.


The beat was produced by the one and only Motif Di Don and if you listen carefully, you will realize that he sampled some polular hits and the result was a superb South African beat.

From the look of things, nothing will stand in the way of Masauti in his pursuit to become a housheold name. He is really proving to be a force to be reckoned with. It’s only a matter of time, trust me ont this.

Watch Leo ni Leo below and tell us what you think.

Otile Brown’s collabo with Arrow Bwoy and Masauti dubbed ‘Lucy’ is totally fire (Video)

Kenyan singer Jacob Otieno Obunga, alias Otile Brown, has really been on a roll this year. He has released 7 songs since 2019 begun which translates to a new song every month.

Otile Brown

While all the songs are receiving massive airplay on local radio and TV stations, in my opinion none of them comes close to his latest collabo with Otile Brown and Arrow Bwoy dubbed Lucy.

The song was released about 4 days ago and it has already clocked 140,000 views on YouTube never mind the fact that it doesn’t even have a video. I don’t want to imagine what would happen if they decided to shoot a video for it.


Honestly, I never thought Otile and Masauti would ever do a song together. Most people think that they are sworn enemies but as it turns out, nothing could be further from the truth. They even did us one better by featuring Arrow Bwoy.

Lucy is such a beautiful composition. It is the kind of songs that you want to listen to over and over. Put simply it’s really infectious. Where is the lie?

All the three artists really come through on this song with soulful lyrics that speak directly to the heart. And no, I’m not about to start a debate about who outshone the others. Listen to the song and decide for yourself.

Arrow Bwoy
Arrow Bwoy

Interestingly, Lucy was conceptualised and released in two days. Although it was hurried, the end result was still awesome.

The song was produced by the one and only Motif Di Don and as expected, he didn’t disappoint. The beat is perfect, it has this vibe of a party anthem and a feel good song at the same time.

Listen to Lucy below and tell us what you think.

Otile Brown is becoming less popular every day

Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you haven’t but talented Kenyan singer Jacob Otieno Obunga is becoming less popular as days fly by. But then again maybe it’s just me.

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Gone are the days when he would garner millions of views a few days after releasing a song. These days, his songs take so many months before hitting the one million mark.

For instance, Japo Kidogo – a song he released with Khaligraph in March has 900,000 views. Anyone can tell you that this number is definitely good for many Kenyan artists but not for Otile Brown. It’s just what it is.

The Samantha hit maker had not done any interview with local media houses in the last two years. When contacted, he often told people that not doing interviews was part of his strategy.

About a fortnight ago I was astounded when I saw him on Citizen TV’s 10 over 10 promoting one of his latest releases dubbed Zichune. He was also on Milele FM and a couple of other radio stations. This really got me thinking.

Otile Brown
Otile Brown

Perhaps Otile Brown has come to the realization that he is not as popular as he was in 2018. He knew too well that doing media tours would get him back on people’s lips and as a result they would check out his music.

I have two analogies that could explain Otile Brown’s dwindling fame. One is the obvious fact that he’s no longer dating popular socialite Vera Sidika. The fact is this lass made him popular and now no one cares because they are no longer together.

Two is the emergence of Masauti, Madini Classic, Brown Mauzo, Sudi Boy and the likes. Otile Brown brought Coastal music to the national stage and when he did, he opened the doors for others who perhaps are better than him.

Watch Otile Brown’s release with Jovial dubbed Amor.

Masauti, SudiBoy, Kigoto & Chapatizzo on ‘Niko Nawe’

Masauti brings his gang on board for Niko Nawe. I even think it is a coastal artist deal. Niko nawe has a good vibe. The collabo between Masauti and Sudiboy is worth and now the additional voices. Niko nawe is all about love.

This jam has adopted the Lingala vibe which gives them an edge considering they sing mostly in pure  Swahili. Great work here.

Honestly, this is the best collaboration I have heard from the coastal region.  Kenyans need to appreciate this but only if they go out of Mombasa.


This video is just the best. Creativity at it’s best. Look at how the video looks, you’ll definately agree with me on this one. It was directed X Antonio. I must say that Antonio is proving to be a super director.

The production also involved Tk2 Art Nation company and the super producer Hitmaker Tk2. Sure to it that Number Records are truly number one. The video is shot in the coastal region, yes it is Kenyan.

Delivery of ‘Niko Nawe’

In Niko Nawe, just confirms how team work works. Also,the song has  been presented in a very orderly manner. Also, you’ll realize that there is much artwok with the words. Further, into the song, you feel that the mood of the song is one that one can relate too. It is filled with love and the voices brings out the emotions.

In addition, Masauti, SudiBoy, Kigoto & Chapatizzo are the real lyrics masters. There are lines that you will not miss; Nakupenda mih, siku zote  mih niko nawe, ulinipenda mih, nami nikakupenda weh. This is all about love. Also, the feelings are well expressed even in the video.

Why do I feel that Kenyans are just mean to this guys? Like how do they get only 2 comments and 1002 views online. Who will directed people to learn and appreciate our own.

In addition, I’d suggest that they market this song. There is a lot of positive energy and talent that should not be wasted.

Otile Brown Vs Masauti: Who’s really the king?

Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you haven’t but the truth is that Masauti’s prominence in the music industry is increasing each new day. He’s finally enjoying the fruits after 5 years (or so) of nothing but hard work.

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Since the year began, the singer, whose real name is Mohammed Ali Said, has released 5 songs which have all done extremely well in Kenya as well as outside the country.

The 5 songs are; Kiboko, Sare, Kiboko (Remix)  featuring Khaligraph Jones, Ipepete and Lola – a song that he did with Nadia Mukami.

Masauti’s sheer consistency is a clear sign that he didn’t come play. As such, it doesn’t come as a surprise that his star is shining so much so that it seems like he’s out to settle a score with Otile Brown.

Truth is, very few people gave a hoot about Coastal music a.k.a Kenyan Bongo until Otile Brown ‘used’ Vera Sidika to gain fame. He not only grew his name and following by dating the socialite, he also turned people’s attention on his music.


As such, you would not be wrong if you gave Otile credit for popularizing Coastal music. In one way or the other, he opened the way for the likes of Masauti, Brown Mauzo, Madini Classic, just to name a few.

The first rule from Robert Greene’s book The 48  Laws of Power states that you should never outshine the master. However, it seems the people whom Otile Brown opened the way for are out to do just that, especially Masauti.

He seems keen on snatching the crown from Otile Brown’s head. Chances are, he already has. The more he gains prominence, the less popular the latter becomes. After all, there can only be one king.

According to you, who is the king between Otile Brown and Masauti?

Otile Brown

Nadia Mukami and Masauti have set the bar too high with their new collabo dubbed ‘Lola’ (Video)

The much-anticipated collabo between Nadia Mukami and Mohammed Ali Said, popularly known as Masauti, is finally out and believe you me it’s a classic!

The song dubbed Lola premiered a few hours ago on YouTube and it has already garnered 20,000 views. Chances are it will hit 100,000 views in 24 hours. Do you want to bet?

Lola is a Swahili word that loosely translates to “I see you”. The song is about a lady and a gentleman who fell in love when they were young. They saw each other through difficult times and acquired wealth together.

Nadia Mukami
Nadia Mukami

However, their love turns sour when the man gets involved with another woman. His partner only came to learn of the affair on social media. As such, she’s wondering why he didn’t tell her that he had fallen in love with another person.

As expected, Nadia and Masauti both showcased their lyrical prowess in the song with smooth lines that pleasant to the ear. I kept hitting the replay button and you can’t even blame me.

The song’s chorus is easy to remember. It goes like, “Lola, yamemwagika hayazoleki lola X 2, lola yamemwagika bass, lola sasa umeniacha na nani, lola rudi kwangu mimi, lola sasa umeniacha na nani mama yoh, lola rudi kwangu mimi.


I was particularly impressed by the video which was directed by Deska Torres of Platnumz Films. Not only are the shots are perfect, the scene transitions are also good.

The beat for Lola was made by Motif Di Don who is arguably one of the best producers in Kenya right now. He really came through with a decent beat for this song. I wasn’t disappointed.

Watch Lola here and tell us what you think.

Masauti is living proof that patience pays

Many people are just coming to know of Kenyan singer Mohammed Ali Said, alias Masauti, but the truth is that he has been around for sometime now.

The Mombasa born and bred singer has been making music for the since 2014 or thereabout. Put simply, it took him 5 years (or more) before he became a household name.


Despite being a super-talented singer, Masauti, who’s also known as Kenyan Boy, really struggled before Kenyans finally recognized him.

When he made his official debut in the local entertainment industry he referred to himself as Mswazzi Masauti and was singed to SwaRnB Records which is owned by legendary producer Tedd Josiah.

His first song under the stable dubbed Mahabuba didn’t do well. Very few people know it. Actually, I first heard it today as I was writing this article.

Listening to the song, anyone can tell why it didn’t do well. Although, it’s a very beautiful composition, it lacks the ‘party vibe’ that most Kenyans are used to. This song can make you sleep in a club!

It seems Masauti discovered this as he quickly re-invented himself (of course with the help of others). If you compare the Mahabuba with his latest single dubbed Ipepete, you’ll notice the sharp contrast.

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Not only did he change his music approach, he also worked on his image. He moved from being a singer with a hideous hairstyle to a semi-tough musician. For the umpteenth time, image is everything!

He also met comedian Jalang’o who has really pushed his music career and introduced him to industry big wigs such as Khaligraph Jones who featured on the remix of his single dubbed Kiboko.

Khaligraph, Masauti and Jalang’o

Today, Masauti is one of the most-sought after musicians in Kenya but the truth is that it did not come easy. It took him a whole 5 years and a lot of metamorphosis. He is living proof that patience pays!

Listen to Ipepete below and tell us what you think.

Masauti’s latest release ‘Ipepete’ is all about women shaking their thick rears (Video)

Fast-rising Kenyan singer Mohammed Ali Said, popularly known as Masauti, is back with another banger barely two months after he dropped Kiboko (Remix) featuring Khaligraph.

His new single dubbed Ipepete has been getting a lot of love on social media never mind the fact that it doesn’t have an official video yet.

Ipepete is a Swahili word that  translates to ‘blow it’. The deeper translation is ‘shake it’. It’s just what it is.

Anyway, Masauti’s latest release is a feel good song with a Coastal vibe. It’s about a woman shaking her derriere in different positions. If you were looking for a message, move on swiftly.

In the song he says, “We mama, ipepete ipepe ipepete ukiinama, ipepete ipepe ipepete ai we mama ipepete ipepe ipepete ukichutama.”

Of course, if you are keen, you’ll hear him singing about ‘mathwiti’ and ‘makeki’. That’s the highlight of this song.

The beat was produced by Motif Di Don who is arguably among the most-sought-after Kenyan music producers.

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Listen to Ipepete below and tell us what you think. Get some good earphones for this!