Why is the Kenyan gospel industry such a mess?

Although I’m not a staunch Christian, I must admit that sometimes I get bothered when I see some of the things that are going on in the Kenyan gospel industry.  I’m sure many of you who are reading this are perturbed s well.

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In the past few months, a new genre of music that many people refer to as gospel gengetone has gained traction and to be honest, it is one of the things that really worries me.

Size 8

I knew things had gotten out of hand when Linet Munyali, alias Size 8, released a song with Masterpiece titled High Bila Ndom. For a woman who is a role model to hundreds of thousands, that was a new low.

The gospel industry is also riddled with many scandals. From Bahati’s dramatic fall outs with artists who are singed to his label to the sex scandal involving DK Kwenye Beat and Hopekid to the countless pregnancy scandals.

I don’t really know what happened but it seems somewhere along the way, gospel artists forgot that their main role is to spread God’s word. It like the fame and money got into their tiny heads.

Alice Kimanzi and Paul Clement treat us to Yuko Mungu
Alice Kimanzi

I wish that the gospel industry could be as it was in the early 2010s. Every secular artists wanted to become a gospel musician because they were good examples to others and the industry was very vibrant.

Outrageous scandals involving gospel musicians – something that has become the norm today – were almost unheard of back then and neither were did they have to pull stunts before releasing new music. It was just good vibes.

I think it is time for the players in the gospel industry re-evaluate themselves.They should go back and see where the rain started beating them before it’s too late.

And no, I did not say that all the gospel artists have lost their ways, the likes of; Mercy Masika, Alice Kimanzi, Pitson, Guardian Angel and Gloria Muliro still make good music and it’s my hope that they will be steadfast in the faith.

Watch Kererembe by Bahati, Mejja and Madtraxx below.

Masterpiece brings Size 8 on board for new jam ‘High Bila Ndom’ (Video)

Gospel singer Emmanuel King, popularly known as Masterpiece and famed for his Kofi Yoo mega hit, has released a new track with Size 8 and it is eliciting mixed reactions.

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The jam titled High Bila Ndom, which means getting high without weed, talks about being filled with the Holy Spirit as opposed to, wait for it, getting high using drugs.

Size 8

The song was inspired by Ephesians 5:18. I honestly don’t know what to make of this collabo, part of me feels it’s just whack and at the same time I feel it will grow on me with time.

There is no doubt that both Masterpiece and Size 8 are very talented artists. However, if you ask me, this song could have been executed differently and in a decent manner instead of trying to ride on the Gengetone wave.

Anyway, now that we are here, I’ll say that the only reason that people will listen to High Bila Ndom is because Size 8 is in it. In my opinion, she kind of saved this jam.

Mama Wambo, as she is popularly known, has a melodic voice. She is arguably one of the best female vocalists in the country and she proved that once again in this jam.


To be fair, Masterpiece’s verse wasn’t that bad. He has a dope flow. My only problem with him is that his rhymes are so basic which means you can almost predict what he is going to say next.

As expected, Jegede did a good job on the beat. It’s so catchy and if you are the kind of person that loves to dance you won’t be able to resist the urge to shake a leg to this one.

The video was also awesome. I loved the choreography, styling, props, concept and general execution. Kudos to Steve Mugo for the good job.

Watch High Bila Ndom below and tell us what you think about the new jam by Masterpiece and Size 8.

Masterpiece, Mash Mwana, Ndume and Desito have teamed up on ‘Enjoyment’ and we love it (Video)

Talented gospel singer Emmanuel King, better known as Masterpiece, has a new jam with Mash Mwana, Ndume and Desito and we really love it.

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The song titled Enjoyment talks about how life is easier once you accept Jesus as your personal saviour. According to them, people who see the light have so much fun.


I really love this song, not only because it has a good message but also for the reason that all the artists who featured in in did a good job.

Although it was my first time listening to Ndume and Desito singing, I must say that I wasn’t disappointed. Actually, I was more impressed by the latter. He totally nailed it, I know you’ll agree with me after listening to the song.

As expected Masterpiece also had a dope verse but I was not expecting anything less from him. From the days of Kofi Yoo, he has continued to wow his fans with his subsequent releases.

Mash Mwana also did a good job. Apart from the hook, which will stick in your mind the first time you listen to this jam, his verse was also awesome because his style leans towards Bongo Flava.

Mash Mwana
Mash Mwana

The beat was also tight. This  is one song that you won’t resist the urge to dance to. You’ll find yourself busting moves and you won’t remember how you got up from your seat. Trust me!

Watch Enjoyment below and tell us what you think.

‘Kofi Yoo’ hitmaker Masterpiece has a new jam ‘Cheki Juu’ and it’s totally fire (Video)

Gospel singer Emmanuel King, popularly known as Masterpiece and famed for his Kofi Yoo mega hit has dropped a new jam and we absolutely love it.

The song titled Cheki Juu talks about turning to God i.e. looking up, when things seem difficult. The message is that He will never leave your side in your moment of need.

Just like his previous songs, the 21-year-old singer really impressed in his latest release. He has yet again proven that he is worth his salt.

Although the lyrics for Cheki Juu are very simple, the message is impactful, especially to people who are on the verge of giving up.


The beat, which was produced by the one and only Motif Di Don, is also very decent. Chances are you’ll have this jam on replay for a long time.

I also loved the video concept. It was shot in Sinai slums and in my opinion there’s no better place to sell the message of hope than in such an informal settlement.

Generally, this song is great. Well, I would not compare it to Kofi Yoo but I think it’s going to be a massive hit.

Watch Cheki Juu below and tell us what you think.

Huddah Monroe´s gospel crush, Masterpiece reveals his intentions for the socialite

Gospel kid, Masterpiece has been trolled over his love confessions to socialite, Huddah Monroe but sheds light on the need to urge her to serve God instead.


He admits that yes, he does want to get close to the petite ´blonde´ but states that people judged it and took it a bit too far:

I think people blew that out of proportion.

But honestly, I would want to be close to her and by the end of the day, help her see the light so she can serve God.

She is a woman I feel can do a lot if she turns to Gospel.

To top it up, her shared the news barely a week, revealing his intentions for the entrepreneur.


Speaking to Ahadi, the gospel artist however revealed:

I will confess that I am a very, very, picky person.

However, I would want someone who is caring, loyal to me alone and someone honest too.


Masterpiece leaves the entire ¨Huddah saga¨ aside giving his ´wife material´ expectations as he humorously adds:

Physical beauty is an added bonus.


It ought to be recalled that the gospel kid lusted over the socialite on live TV hardly a month ago.

For him, Huddah was basically hot unlike most women as he confessed:

There is this lady I like a lot, her name is Huddah Monroe.


According to the young talent, praising her that whichever man she chose for her life, would definitely be a lucky man who has success come his way.

The news came as a blow to many, considering fact that he is a Gospel artist but finally got the dust to settle.

However, fans still remain doubtful.

Vibrant Kenyan Gospel artist confesses having a crush on Socialite Huddah Monroe

During an interview, Kenyan Gospel artist, Masterpiece, expressed his feelings for Kenyan socialite, Huddah Monroe.

Vibrant Kenyan Gospel Artist, Masterpiece

Kuna dada mmoja pale mimi namlike sana anaitwa Huddah.

Namlike kama crush kwa sababu wanawake wachache sana wako kama yeye.

Masterpiece confessed he indeed had a crush on the socialite because she is smart and doesn´t compare to other ladies out here.

Socialite, Huddah Monroe

She is a very smart woman na mwanaume kuwa na mwanamke smart kama yeye basi maisha yako iko sawa.

The Gospel kid further assured that he will keep her in his prayers and that he is always on the look out observing Huddah´s steps.

Gospel kid, Masterpiece

Huddah mahalipopote ulipo mimi ni msanii wa kizazi kipya wa injili na nakufuatilia sana nitakuombea sana na nitakupeleka kanisani utaokoka.

Masterpiece boldly pointed out that he desires to take Huddah to church, and get her converted.

Singer, Kagwe Mungai had also earlier on taken this route, expressing his feelings for the Kenyan socialite.

We let her decide.