Diamond Platnumz should be very afraid of Harmonize

Diamond Platnumz has been the face of Tanzanian music for a long time and I feel that is about to change thanks to one Rajab Abdul Kahali, known to you and I as Harmonize.

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The two artists are cut from the same cloth and perhaps this explains why Diamond Platnumz devised all manner of tactics to frustrate Uno hitmaker’s efforts to exit WCB Records.

Harmonize enlists Morgan Heritage for 'Malaika'

They appeal to the same audience and it would have been much easier for Diamond Platnumz to have him under his nose where he can sort of control and monitor what he is putting out.

But now that Harmonize is a free man having paid a Tsh 600 million – approximately Ksh 26.2 million – fine that was imposed on him for exiting WCB Records, Diamond Platnumz should be very afraid.

The truth is that Harmonize is a hard worker just like Diamond Platnumz and the fact that he had been working with the latter for so many years even before we got to know about him means that he has learned the ropes.

Diamond Platnumz

He knows what it takes to be at the top and he’s going for it. This is evidenced by his recently released 18-track album titled Afro East which features the likes of; Morgan Heritage, Khaligraph Jones, Phyno, Yemi Alade, Burna Boy etc.

The album is doing very well and it’s what everyone is talking about, including Diamond Platnumz himself as he took to Instagram to congratulate Harmonize for the huge milestone.

If you ask me, this album would not have been delayed if Harmonize was still at WCB Records because you are sort of not allowed to outshine the boss.

There was a time when the likes of Mr Nice, Matonya and Ali Kiba were the faces of Tanzanian music and I feel that a similar coup is happening at the moment and before you know it, Diamond Platnumz will be long forgotten.


Sio Fresh; Matonya is back this time with Naiboi

Sio Fresh; Matonya is back this time with Naiboi. The Tanzanian bongo flava musician has been quiet for sometime. His teamed up with Kenyas Naiboi for sio Freshi. This video has been shot in Kenya. Matonya relocated to Kenya a while ago. Sio Fresh jam is an indication that he is still up for the industry.


For a very long time, Matonya is known for his good work and this song is not an exception. His fans say that he has a vanilla flavor voice. The video was directed and shot by super talented East African video Director Tonee Blaze. Audio production was done by  Iconic from Vanila Records Kenya.  In addition to the good team work the whole production in sync.

Believe it or not, Naiboi is getting bigger day by day. He is being sort out by those who were in the industry long ago and this is doing justice for him.

Lyrics Delivery by Matonya and Naiboi

Also we look at how the lyrics are and the style used. The duo has done great work before in their separate ways. Coming together is a great deal since we see different talent and voices explored.

Sio Fresh’is a new tune in town that tells how someone feels when his love feelings and emotion are hijacked by a super dope woman when together fall in love but suddenly it the love goes ends unexpectedly hence the lady minds her business leaving the guy uncomfortable to bear with the situation.

This line is my favourite; Nihurumie, njoo unikinge kwa baridi sina mbawa. This shows that the guy needs the lady to feel warm. Who wouldn’t want this?

Further, the chorus brings out the title of the song ‘sio Freshi’. It simply means that it is not good.  All factors put into consideration the song gets a rating of 6/10.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.

“Diamond Platnumz ameniibia” Veteran Bongo singer Matonya cries foul

Popular Tanzanian singer Matonya who is famous for his mega hit ‘Vaileti’, has blasted Diamond Platnumz whom he accuses of stealing from him.

Matonya put Diamond on the spot after the superstar featured all artistes under his Wasafi record label to drop a new song ‘Zilipendwa’ which has been trending since its release on August 25th.

The ‘Vaileti’ singer claims he has legal right over the name ‘Zilipendwa’ since he once dropped a song by the same title. He took to social media to rant about Diamond stealing from him and urged Tanzania’s music governing body – Baraza la Sanaa la Taifa(BASATA) to take action against Diamond.

“Nduguzangu wasafi / Nawapongeza sana kwa kazi mzuri mnazo zifanya / Nilifurahi Sana mlichokifanya kwa saida karoli dadaetu/ mlimuita mkamshirikisha akawapa Baraka zake/ kwangu mlishindwa nini? Sina shida Ya Pesa nina shida Ya heshima cose najua dunia ni mapito/ kama mimi naibiwa haki yangu vipi wasanii wachanga? Basata mkowapi? Wadau Wa muziki mkowapi? Usipo ziba ufa tajenga kuta!! Khaaa tena Bila woga???? lakini haki itafata mkondo wake,” Matonya wrote on Instagram.

Watch Diamond’s ‘Zilipendwa’ in the video below: