“I can’t wait to walk down the aisle again” says Maureen Waititu 2 years after ugly split from baby daddy

Social media influencer Maureen Waititu May have had the worst 2020 following breakup with baby daddy, Frankie Just Gym It but she remains hopeful and open that one day – she’ll bag a good man who will love her for who she is.

Tbt: Maureen Waititu with baby daddy

For a while now, rumor has had it that Ms Waititu is involved with a certain wealthy foreign man: however unlike her old self – this time around Maureen Waititu hasn’t introduced her man yet.

However thanks to a new post, fans believe this new man could actually be the one – that is because Maureen Waititu is already talking marriage. As seen on her post, mama boys captioned her latest photos saying;

I can’t wait to walk down the aisle again someday soon….

Hint hint?

Well, from the rest post you get to understand this caption was aimed at cracking a joke – but then again, how can this be a joke when all her age mates are already settled down and raising a family?

Ms Waititu

And hear those magical words… “This is your captain speaking “….????

I am not one to judge on how the lady should live her life but truth is – having been brought up by a single mum; I am pretty sure one of things she dreads is having to share the same fate as her mum.

But who said single parents can’t also be awesome guardians?

Finally! Maureen Waititu reunites with dad, years after his absence in her life

Kenyan media sensation, Maureen Waititu has seemingly patched things up with her father, whom she revealed had been absent her entire childhood.

Sharing a short clip of them, the social media influencer was busy hosting her show at The Vineyard, Kiambu road, before her father walked in, to her surprise.

Maureen gasped at the sight of her father, thanking him for being there for her.


Maureen Waititu bonds with her absent father

Their reunion was at a club where she does her weekly gig during the Sunday brunch.

Absent father

Previously, the TV girl attested her broken marriage to the absence of a father-figure in her life. She partly blamed herself for the split and couldn´t seem to forgive herself.

This created a fear of keeping a man, in her.

Unfortunately, I have been raised alone. Just me and my mum. My father has never been in my life. It has affected me and my marriage and I realized this after the break down of my marriage. And I started blaming myself saying maybe it is because of how I have been raised without a father which makes me not know how to keep a man.

I was raised by a single mum and this affected my marriage – Maureen Waititu

The beauty confessed she had tried all means possible, for a rebound with her absent father, with zero success.

No father, no siblings, it was a hard puzzle for her to crack because she lacked a support system for the sustenance of her marriage.


Being raised without a father made me not know how to keep a man – Maureen Waititu

However, looks like issues have been ironed out.

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