Maureen Waititu Shares Weight Loss Journey After Surgery (Photo)

Content creator Maureen Waititu has flaunted her new physique after she underwent the balloon insertion. Taking to her social media, the mother of two shared before and after photos of herself to show the tremendous change she has undergone.

She captioned;

”A little update on my weightloss journey-video is up on my YouTube channel (link in bio)with my initial balloon insertion.

Slide one( 5 months and 22kgs apart-94kgs to 72kgs).
Slide 2 (9 months pregnant with both boys weighing 73 (Lexi) and 83 kgs respectfully )

She continued to calibrate her reason for undergoing the surgery to be keeping fit;

”The goal is to stay healthy and fit for me and my loved ones especially the boys long term-they need a healthy mummy and I’ll give them just that.
Thank you @nairobibariatric for the lovely journey you put me through 🙏🏾”


Maureen Waititu hints she tried to reconcile with Frankie Just Gym It

Maureen Waititu and Frankie Just Gym It had the type of relationship that most people envied. Well, at least on paper. The two set social media standards for a very long time until the facade came crashing down.

Maureen Waititu is back to advertising her availability

Turns out, the couple were dealing with demons that they weren’t honest about. One thing led to another and we soon got treated to a public implosion of the relationship with the lad being accused of infidelity and she was accused of being a very manipulative woman.

Tbt: Maureen Waititu with baby daddy

The manipulation was soon put on public display as we found out Maureen Waititu had been lying about her grievances with Frankie Just Gym It and his family. She claimed he had abandoned his sons and it turns out she had deleted pieces of the WhatsApp messages she had shared with us, her internet in-laws.

Now she is back to her usual ways; blaming Frankie for not trying to meet her halfway. She recently shared a screengrab of a tweet made by some random Kenyan on Twitter which amounted to saying it is her baby daddy who has refused to sit down and talk to her…

Maureen Waititu’s sudden weight gain

About what is not known especially when you remember Maureen Waititu hasn’t owned up to her role in the mess she took part in creating. Yet whenever she revisits the relationship, she always places the blame at her exes feet. It’s rather convenient isn’t it?

Weeeuh! Maureen Waititu reacts to Frankie Just Gym It’s interview about her having daddy issues

I wonder what her sons will do when they grow up and learn more about the situation, especially their father’s account of things.

And make no mistakes about it, she has made a habit of taking shots at her ex. It’s a rather immature way of dealing with the heartbreak she clearly suffered.

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Maureen Waititu flaunts her post-surgery body in new photoshoot 🥵

 Maureen Waititu recently admitted to having undergone cosmetic surgery in order to lose weight.

The results have been drastic as fans noticed that she had a brand new figure within less than 6 months.

Initially there was speculation that maybe she was just exercising and dieting,  but she came out a few days ago to clear the air and admit that she had undergone a gastric balloon surgery in order to achieve her weight loss.

Seems like Maureen Waititu is not ashamed of her new post-surgery body and she’s flaunting it in this new photoshoot. Observe: 




Maureen Waititu gifts sons, Tai & Lexi plot of land (Photo)

Maureen Waititu has gifted her two sons a piece of land that js judging from her latest Instagram post where she shared a photo of the boys holding the title deed and judging from her smile – she’s one happy mother.

Maureen Waititu’s sudden weight gain

Well this doesn’t come as a surprise now that we know her ex, Frankie Just Gym It isn’t involved with their sons anymore. You see the ex couple (Maureen and Frankie) parted ways in a dramatic way and from how the breakup went – they’ve both been hostile towards each other since then.

However during 2022’s Father’s Day Maureen Waititu somehow tried mending fences with baby daddy as she celebrated him for being the perfect dad her sons would have ever asked for.

Barely 2 weeks after the sweet emotional post, Frankie had an interview where spilled details on both his baby mamas; painting them as women struggling with daddy issues…and judging from Maureen Waititu’s reaction – coparenting with Frankie might take some time.

Frankie Just Gym It with his two sons from Maureen Waititu

Steps up for her boys

Well, I guess this is why Maureen Waititu recently purchased a piece of land in her sons names. The excited mum shared the news through her gram saying;

You’re looking at the newest landowners in town

But all in all, hopefully one day she’ll find it in her heart to let her baby daddy be a father to their sons.


Weeeuh! Maureen Waititu reacts to Frankie Just Gym It’s interview about her having daddy issues

You see in Kenya character developments is one of those things you get to learn about after an ugly breakup. These days, people are jumping in to relationships for their selfish reasons – making true love a rare ‘commodity’ in these streets.

Tbt: Maureen Waititu with baby daddy

Well so far, Maureen Waititu can tell you how it feels after realizing she’d been in love with a man that only cares for himself. Okay wait….let’s just be honest about Frankie adjust Ityea yea he has the looks, the vibe, the body and charm but damn – boy can he talk.

For a minute we all assumed Frankie maybe wasn’t the problem especially judging from how Maureen reacted after their breakup. Her bitter interviews maybe pushed him away but what we didn’t know is that he shared the same energy as his woman…or worse.

I mean, he lost both his baby mamas – then the next time we hear from him, boy is talking about his exes having daddy issues. Damn that was a low blow.

Maureen hits back

Unlike the old Maureen Waititu who would have probably hit back at her baby daddy – the mother of two this time around played it off as if nothing really happened.

Actually what Maureen Waititu did is share a new photo of herself to which she captioned;

Weeeeuh 🫣 what happens to a Kenyan between birth and death

And yea – looks like Mama Boys isn’t planning on getting involved with the current drama sparked by her ex. No, not this time.


Mother of boys Maureen Waititu on having a daughter in future, says she can’t wait

Mama boys Maureen Waititu has been talking about having a daughter for months now. A while ago she shared photos posing with 2 baby girls models and from her caption – it’s was evident Maureen wants a girl to take after her.

Of course having 2 boys in the house means stopping fights, always being on the look out since you know raising boys is tough. But imagine her having a daughter… it would mummy and daughter time, getting glammed up together like what Vera Sidika does with her daughter, Asian – so yea we can’t blame Maureen for wanting one.

Well thanks to a new post shared by mama boys, she once again reveals her interest in having a baby girl as she captioned one of her photos;

Maureen Waititu

Trying to Matchie match with my imaginary daughter or my future one 😜.

Maureen ready for baby number 3

Having broken up with her ex fiancé cum baby daddy Frankie Just Gym it 2 years ago, Maureen Waititu is said to have moved on with a certain fella we’re yet to meet.

Tbt: Maureen Waititu on vacation with new bae

The lady has so far introduced him twice during their trip to Colombia and West Africa where they travelled for some alone time.

With such a guy spoiling her every now and then – of course Maureen Waititu wouldn’t mind having a baby with…and hopefully it’s a girl!


Maureen Waititu & family in mourning

It is indeed a sad day for Maureen Waititu and her family following the passing of their dearest grandma. The influencer who is known to many shared the sad news through her social media pages where she mourned the passing of the woman she was named after.

Maureen Waititu

From the post, Maureen Waititu described her late grandma as a wonderful woman – who probably also helped in raising considering Maureen was raised back in the village.

Although death is one painful rite of passage to living beings, in Maureen’s post – looks like her Cûcû passing is more of a celebration. The woman had clearly lived long enough to see generations change from one to another. So now as she finally rests, Maureen celebrated the life her grandma had lived in a post saying;

Maureen Waititu mourns late grandma

My sweet grandma, The wonderful woman I was named after, Cûcû Njambi has rested.
Rejoice with the angels . Rest in peace grandma 😔

Maureen Waititu’s family

Well, so far all we know is that Maureen Waititu was raised by a single mum and despite trying to have a stable relationship with her dad back then – he never accepted her.

Maureen Waititu bonds with her absent father

This however brought about daddy issues (which explains the troubles in her previous relationship) but at the same time also helped shape the woman she has since become.


“I can’t wait to walk down the aisle again” says Maureen Waititu 2 years after ugly split from baby daddy

Social media influencer Maureen Waititu May have had the worst 2020 following breakup with baby daddy, Frankie Just Gym It but she remains hopeful and open that one day – she’ll bag a good man who will love her for who she is.

Tbt: Maureen Waititu with baby daddy

For a while now, rumor has had it that Ms Waititu is involved with a certain wealthy foreign man: however unlike her old self – this time around Maureen Waititu hasn’t introduced her man yet.

However thanks to a new post, fans believe this new man could actually be the one – that is because Maureen Waititu is already talking marriage. As seen on her post, mama boys captioned her latest photos saying;

I can’t wait to walk down the aisle again someday soon….

Hint hint?

Well, from the rest post you get to understand this caption was aimed at cracking a joke – but then again, how can this be a joke when all her age mates are already settled down and raising a family?

Ms Waititu

And hear those magical words… “This is your captain speaking “….🥹

I am not one to judge on how the lady should live her life but truth is – having been brought up by a single mum; I am pretty sure one of things she dreads is having to share the same fate as her mum.

But who said single parents can’t also be awesome guardians?


Maureen Waititu reacting to Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It’s breakup?

So word has it that Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It are no longer an item. This was actually announced by Corazon Kwamboka herself who shared a black rose on her Instagram page, captioning;

Also read: Pregnant Corazon Kwamboka complains about her living arrangement with Frankie, she feels neglected (Photos)

I’m single. I choose me. Life goes on.

Okay, okay…what I am thinking is that the breakup went down around 1pm on Sunday 20, Feb – meaning probably that’s the time Frankie Just Gym It walked into their home after a long Saturday night. Wink.

I mean it happens right? They go out, then come back smelling different perfumes the next day. This is then triggers heated argument – and before thinking the whole thing through – y’all end up announcing a breakup on social media out of hurt emotions.

Also read: ‘I Hate To Say I Told You So’- Andrew Kibe Reacts To Frankie And Corazon Kwamboka’s Break-Up

Trouble in paradise

Well judging from Frankie’s silence it’s clear to see that the breakup in one sided. probably because he knows he is on the wrong or is trying to get his woman back and of course talking about the breakup at this point will do him more harm than good…so yea silence is the way to go.

He who laughs last, laughs best!

With the breakup news spreading like a virus on social media, guess who got to learn about it too…. Maureen Waititu… yes mama boys heard about the rumors and judging from her latest posts looks like she couldn’t hold herself from publicly laughing it off.

As seen on her Instagram page, Maureen Waititu shared funny meme talking about how fast the weekend moves…but in all honesty, the post had nothing to do with her short weekend.

And just like that…poof



Maureen Waititu shares health update after being hospitalized

Media personality Maureen Waititu is on the mend after she recently fell ill and was rushed to hospital. The lass shared a photo of herself in a hospital bed with an IV in her hand and from the way she appears – mama boys wasn’t really her usual self.

Maureen Waititu

On one of the photos we noticed that Maureen Waititu had a bandage on her hand (just from the wrist to palm) which leaves us wondering what happened.

However on the second photo shared on her feed, Waititu explained her current situation saying that she has been well for the past few days. Being a celebrity – she just shared a short update however chose not to disclose her illness to fans. She wrote;

Maureen Waititu

Mama isn’t feeling too well- in very good hands and great care. Will be taking a little time off to recuperate and rest.🙏🏾

Maureen Waititu bedridden

This comes as a surprise to fans especially with how active she has been on social media for the past few days.

Maureen Waititu with their sons

On Valentines Day the lady shared a photo celebrating the lovers day in the company of her youngest son and today – she’s struggling to regain her strength after the short illness.

Well, with baby daddy busy with his new family can’t help but wonder who is looking after the boys now that their mum is not feeling well?


Maureen Waititu caught on camera flirting with alleged handsome ‘boyfriend’ and fans love it! (Video)

Things have been looking up for Maureen Waititu after her ugly split with fiance, Frankie  Just Gym It 2 years ago. Okay, we get it – she may dragged the matter into 2020 and part of 2021 but at least she finally got to move on from her past.

Tbt: Maureen Waititu on vacation with new bae

A few months ago rumor had it that she had bagged a wealthy man that took her to Colombia; before he surprised her with another trip to Morocco where they both spent some quality time away from the kids.

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Since then, Maureen Waititu has been keeping her private life on the low; but there is a certain guy who has everyone believing that he is currently warming ‘mama boys’ bed.

Is this Maureen Waititu’s man?

From the photos taken during their 254 home photoshoot, one can clearly see how fine the guy is and could be Maureen’s type; that is judging from his body structure.

Maureen Waititu with alleged bae

Also read: Frankie Just Gym It has exposed how immature his ex Maureen Waititu really was

However this work relationship of theirs have people raising eyebrows thanks to a new video shared by Ms Waititu; where the alleged boyfriend is seen whispering something in her ear and from Maureen’s reaction – well, he must have said something really nasty! Like nasty good.

Ms Waititu with bae

Not quite sure what kind of friends these two are, but all I know is that there is some benefit in this friendship. Watch the video below.


Maureen Waititu and new boyfriend share breathtaking photos from vacation in North Africa

Maureen Waititu certainly didn’t have a good 2019/2020 but from the look of things; the year 2021 seems to be one smooth ride of happiness and of course new added weight.

Well barely 3 months after her trip to South America with bae; the mother of two is already on her second vacation in Morocco accompanied by her new boyfriend.

Also read: Maureen Waititu explains why it is difficult for her to lose weight

Tbt: Maureen Waititu on vacation with new bae

We can confirm this through the several photos shared on Maureen’s page; flaunting the fun moments she was enjoying in North Africa.

From the smile and playful poses we can tell that the YouTuber is genuinely happy; with this new man that keeps spoiling her every now and then.


Well, being a full time mum and an entrepreneur; Maureen has definitely been taking these trips to enjoy some alone time with her new man.

This is probably because her career, kids and bills don’t create enough room for her to squeeze in sometime for bae. And like they say, work with no play – makes Jill a dull boy! Literally.

Also read: Awww! Photos of Maureen Waititu vacationing with new boyfriend love in Colombia

Maureen Waititu with her babies

However speaking during an interview a while back; Maureen not only praised her boyfriend for being an understanding man; but also mentioned that he is heaven sent. Whatever that means.

Anyway, just like her previous trip to Maureen Waititu is still holding back from unveiling her man’s face; but sooner or later – someone somewhere in her circle might just unveil his photos. I mean, have you met women?

Below are a few of the photos shared by Maureen.

Maureen Waititu in Morocco
Maureen Waititu glowing with happiness
YouTuber Visits Morocco with bae


Maureen Waititu reveals why she moved out of her mum’s house at 18 years

Maureen Waititu recently sat down with media personality Terryanne Chebet for a candid interview; allowing fans to learn one or more things about the popular vblogger.

Well for those who didn’t know, Maureen Waititu was born a hustler; and unlike most young women who depend on their parents for everything; Ms Mo says she started working at the age of 16 years – inorder to make a little extra something for herself.

Maureen Waititu and Terryanne Chebet

By the time she was 18 years; Maureen Waititu goes on to reveal that she had already started her first official job as a waitress. Which made her independent and I’m guessing at the time she wasn’t getting paid much; but despite the little she made – this enabled her to  stand on her two feet.

I started working when I was 16 and moved out of home at 18. At first, I would volunteer at our church office, you should have seen my CV back then.

Life as a waitress

Although Maureen Waititu didn’t get into details about her first job, the lass says this job opened an opportunity for her to own her first ‘apartment.’

Young Maureen Waititu

Speaking to Terryanne, Maureen opened up saying;

When I was moving I had saved some money working as I waitress. My first house was in Mathare North, it had a small sink, a bathroom and a restroom. I had a budget and I remember a friend referring me to Mathare North.

Well, just to prove how much of a hustler she has always been; Ms Waititu made it known that by the time she was 19 years – she had already bagged a new job as a PA.

And just like that, her story to success began overnight….


“Mambo ya Tbt achia Maumau, sisi tuko Colombia” Corazon trolled after unveiling photo from an old trip in NewYork

Corazon Kwamboka will not be having it easy with her followers now that; Maureen Waititu bagged a new man after the socialite ‘snatched’ Frankie from his first family.

At first it all seemed like a competition between the two ladies; but unfortunately or rather fortunately Maureen Waititu ended up losing the gym trainer to the former socialite.

Unloke most Nairobi couple, Corazon and Frankie rushes to bring a baby in the future; a permanent stamp to prove that the guy wanted a family with Ms Corazon.

Jusging from the various reactions from fans on social media; we can say that there are those that applauded Corazon and Frankie – while others gave the couple a shelf life of 1 year or 2; before things start getting boring.

Is Corazon missing her old life?

Well ever since Maureen Waititu introduced her alleged African American boyfriend; it appears that Corazon and Frankie have been having sleepless nights.

We wouldn’t have thought of this until the two decided to unveil photos from a private vacation; they took while Frankie was still involved with Maureen.

Somehow, this move proved that the two were mocking Maureen Waititu that’s according to fans; but unfortunately seems like the lass is too busy being happy to notice the shade.

Corazon jealous after Maureen finds new love?

Well, not quite sure what’s happening with Ms Corazon; but what’s  clear is that Maureen is giving her this particular lady a headache.

This was seen after Corazon decided to prove a point by sharing a photo from her trip to New York; but unfortunately fans were not having it! As seen on the photos comment section, most fans told off Corazon saying;


Alaar! Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka unveil never seen before photos from their vacation back in 2019

It’s been a minute since we saw Frankie and Corazon Kwamboka parade their love in social media; and just invade you thought they are over the honeymoon phase – then think again.

Just a few hours ago the love birds unveiled two adorable photos taken during their private vacation back in 2019.

The photos shared by the couple confirm that these two have been dating for close to 2 years or more; but since Frankie was seeing Maureen Waititu back then – he never got to share them.

Not quite sure why the two decided to share the photos with the captions

@Corazon Kwamboka 2019😋



@Frankie_justgymit 😍😍😍


Maureen Waititu in Colombia

Since the two new photos we not shared on a ‘Throwback Thursday’ nor ‘Flashback Friday;’ let’s just say the two decided to randomly share these photos – especially now that celebrities are taking trips and vacations in different countries.

Speaking of vacations, we also understand that Maureen Waititu who is Frankie Just Gym It’s baby mama; is currently in Colombia with her new black American man as revealed by her posts.

Maureen Waititu on vacation with new bae

The lady who was left high and dry by baby daddy seems to have finally bagged a man who makes her happy; and y’all – she is also living life to the fullest and from the left by fans on her page; clearly everyone is happy that she moved on from her pain.


Awww! Photos of Maureen Waititu vacationing with new boyfriend love in Colombia

Maureen Waititu has finally found herself a new man! Yes finally. The popular YouTuber revealed this in a new post shared on her Insta; where she is seen in the company of a male companion whose face we are yet to see.

Introducing the new man to her social media family, Ms Waititu went on to caption her post saying;

The King’s view = Glowing Queen 🥰🌷🍀🐆❤️ Loving this chapter of my life 🤗 💛

Maureen Waititu on vacation with new bae

From what she wrote it’s clear to see that the mother of two finally let go of her pain; and the bitterness she had after baby daddy, Frankie Just Gym It left her for Corazon Kwamboka.

Happy at last?

Maureen Waititu has however taken close to a year before she moved on; and at some point we all saw her fight for her past relationship; but sadly baby daddy had chosen to be with Corazon.

Maureen Waititu with baby daddy, Frankie

Of course this was an easy transition especially for Maureen who was in denial; but hey…looks like she also found love elsewhere and the young mum is now living life to the fullest.

From the photos, we understand that Maureen Waititu and new bae are on vacation in South America, Colombia; and boy does she look happy and contented with her new life.

Well, let’s just hope this new relationship will lead to marriage cause Maureen Waititu is definitely looking to settle down like her age mates!

Maureen Waititu finds new love

“I never stopped believing in love” Maureen Waititu opens up months after nasty breakup

We all know how Maureen Waititu’s and Frankie Just Gym It’s breakup went down; and  for a minute fans got to witness why these had separate from this toxic love.

Exes Maureen Waititu and Frankie

Turns that after years of showing a flawless love affair through their YouTube channel; behind closed doors things were different and quite difficult for the two parties.

And just like most relationships – there was infidelity which led to bitter word exchange; and just when we thought Frankie played dirty by getting involved with socialite Corazon; a newborn was added to the equation- forcing Maureen Waititu to concede defeat.

Corazon Kwamboka with Frankie during an outing with baby Taiyari

Finally moved on

Despite the nasty breakup, looks like Maureen Waititu has finally moved on from her ex; close to 1 year and 5 months after the guy walked out on her.

Maureen Waititu revealed this in a recent interview on NTV where she opened up about not giving up on love. According to the lass, she never stopped believing in love despite the heartache we went through after falling off with baby daddy. She said;

Kusema ukweli nipo pahali pa raha. Nimepumzika na kitu labda sijawai sema ata nini iwe sijawai kosa kuamini in love cause I have a lot to offer.  Niko na mapenzi mingi, Roho yangu ilivunjwa lakini….


Rare photo of 2 year old Maureen Waititu confirms her sons took after their mummy (Photos)

Maureen Waititu has lately been proving how happy she has become ever since accepting that baby daddy, Frankie Just Gym It chose Corazon Kwamboka over her. I mean, it’s life – so why hang on when there is pain and rejection?

Away from that, lately Maureen Waititu has been proving to be quit happy with her new life; and unlike before the mother of two has been opening about her private life to a point of sharing her photos as a baby.

Well, a few days ago – we got to see a rare photo of 2 year old Maureen Waititu; and boy has this lady been hot since her childhood. From the photo we can tell that Maureen still looks the same and the surprising part is that she is a replica of her two boys. To caption these post the popular YouTuber wrote;

2 year old Maureen Waititu

I found this old picture of Little two year old Maureen (Edit -yes two years I was a tall girl and so are my sons 🤦🏾‍♀️), with the swag 😂😂a few months ago at my mom’s house. I’ve been staring at it and I’ve been so emotional realizing what she’s had to fight and endure to become the woman, daughter, friend, sister and mom that she is now.

Always Thankful

Since this photo reminds her of the past, Maureen Waititu says that more than ever she now appreciates her mother for being strong; mostly because she can now relate to the life she went through while trying to fix her relationship with daddy, Mr Waititu.

Through her gram, Maureen went on to add;

Maureen Waititu with her two boys

If I could tell her something today, I’d tell her that the journey wouldn’t be easy but she’d always have a guardian Angel who would give her grace to endure every difficult season and protect her from everything the enemy throws her way. I’d also tell her that it’s okay to fall, make mistakes, bend, crush, be unsure, be imperfect, but all in all, that she needs to keep her head head high as she’s meant for greatness and that she has a purpose and duty to her ministry and generations that would see her break every curse and bondage and that she’d carry the blessings meant for them.


I’d tell her that God knew her before she was woven in her mother’s womb, that He is her author and she is who God says she is. Periodt. What would you tell a younger you?

Son’s replica

Despite it all Maureen is happy to have found the light at the end of the tunnel; and the fact that her boys took after her also makes it a win on her side. In conclusion, the yummy mummy wrote;

(Right) Maureen Waititu (Left) Son

On a fun side, swipe left and let me know if that little boy looks anything like his mom at also age 2 🤗🤗
Ps, I was hiding my moms photo inside my shirt!😂😂😂


Maureen Waititu talks reconnecting with her estranged dad after complicated past (Video)

Relationships between fathers and daughters are very important. And unlike with boys – girls always tend to get attached to their daddies and when absent; most end up with daddy issues when older.

It is no secret that media personality Maureen Waititu has always wanted a relationship with her dad; but for some reason – the guy did not feel the same. The vblogger however did not quit trying to have a relationship with her father; despite the ‘ugly’ past he may have put her through.

maureen waititu
Vblogger Maureen Waititu

Speaking during a recent interview with Pinky Ghelani, Maureen Waititu for the first time speaks about her new found relationship with Mr Waititu; and from the excitement on her face – one can clearly see that she is indeed at a good place with her father.

Daddy issues toned down

According to the lady, she recently reconnected with her old man; and so far, everything seems to be working out just fine. Maureen goes on to add that mending their relationship has not only changed her for the better; but has given her enough reason for her sons to continue seeing their daddy, Frankie Just Gym it.

Maureen Waititu with her two boys

If you remember well, Maureen and Frankie did not have a good ending; and for some reason their toxic relationship seemed to trigger Maureen the worst way hence the bitter break up.

Anyway, now that granddaddy is around – I guess Frankie’s boys will have a father figure in their lives.


Is this the handsome man playing ‘Zaddy’ in Maureen Waititu’s home (Photos)

Maureen Waititu keeps making headlines thanks to her latest money move; that saw her  bag a talk show on one popular media station. From a post shared on her IG page; we understand that the show aims at educating parents – especially the new ones on how to handle parenthood.

Maureen Waititu with their sons

Being a mother of a 4 and 2 year olds – I bet the young mum has learnt a thing or two she can educate new mums on. However others feel that Maureen Waititu is yet to get to a stage where she can educate other mums on how to raise kids; could be that they feel this way because hers are raised by 2 nannies. Not my words but fans.

Away from that we do understand that Maureen Waititu has been happy of late; and this is thanks to her new man that she has refused to publicize on social media.

Maureen’s new bae?

However thanks to popular blogger Edgar Obare – we have come across new posts showing Maureen in the company of one handsome man.

Maureen Waititu looking like fine wine

From her smile, we can assure you that Miss Maureen is oozing happiness and positivity and yes, this is what fans wanted for her. Although there are those who continue to see her as a toxic person; mostly because of her dramatic break up with Frankie.

Anyway, all that remains in the past for now but question remains; is the fella seen below the new man playing daddy in both Maureen and her sons life?


Blessings on blessings: Media personality Maureen Waititu lands new TV gig

Maureen Waititu is slowly getting back in her feet; but as usual fans on social media are not letting her have it easy. This is probably because of her scandalous breakup with Frankie Just Gym it who quickly moved on with Corazon Kwamboka.

Away from that, this Valentines Day – Ms Waititu was accused of sending herself flowers; but come on – can’t a girl fall in love with herself?

Maureen Waititu with her sons

Anyway – while her haters continue to hate Ms Waititu on the other hand keeps making money moves as seen on her page. Well, thanks to her YouTube show – Waititu has bagged yet another reality talk show based on parenthood.

According to Maureen The Nest will help many in terms of parenting by bringing answers to both new and old parents. Speaking in the video shared on her page, Maureen said;

Maureen Waititu claps back

Is there anything like perfect parenthood? How do you deal with struggles of becoming one? The nest is a reality, talk-show that brings you this answers and more by sharing really time solutions to parenthood as inspired by real stories of real parents. I will be your host Maureen Waititu, join me every Tuesday on Y254 TV as we discuss matters, parenthood, teenage pregnancy and more” said Maureen Waititu.

Single parent life

Having raised both her son ‘alone’ Maureen Waititu feels like she now understands the journey a parent faces in life. Probably the talk show will be more effective to young mums who continue to look up to her. In the detailed video, Maureen said;

maureen waititu

 Is there anything like perfect parenthood?Join me every Tuesday on @y254_channel at 8pm as we discuss these issues and more. If you are a parent who has an extraordinary experience in the journey of becoming one and you’d love to share your story in order to inspire others, please feel free to reach out to me and I’ll be happy to listen to your story and have you on board and host you on the show with our incredible specialists as we come up with solutions to the issues that arise with parenthood.

Congratulations to the lady for the money moves.


Maureen Waititu treated to an unforgettable Valentines Day by new boyfriend (Photos)

If not for Jalang’o asking Maureen Waititu to let go of her previous relationship with Frankie Just Gym and focus; I bet mama boys wouldn’t have moved on to find happiness like she did.

After parting ways with Frankie Just Gym it – Ms Waititu kept holding on hoping that her sons father would return; and all would go back to normal. However at times it’s better to let go and focus ahead like Jalang’o once told Ms Waititu on air.

Maureen Waititu with her two boys

Well, months after the whole ‘Corazon-Frankie’ scandal that left Ms Waititu looking desperate; turns out that this was a blessing in disguise as she also finally found a man to love her right.

Maureen Waititu brags about boyfriend

The mother of two disclosed this in a new post where she flaunted how her Valentines Day went down courtesy of new bae.

According to Ms Waititu, the Valentines surprise caught her off guard; but since she was learning to love her new man decided to outdo himself.

To prove how much she is currently loved by the new mysterious man; Ms Waititu went on to share a few photos from her special day as seen below.


Unbelievable! Never seen before photo of young Maureen Waititu before the fame and money!

Maureen Waititu hit the headlines thanks to her old YouTube videos with ex, Frankie Just Gym it. Back then, these two were the ultimate couple goals that everyone looked up to.

However what many didn’t know is that they also had issues like any other couple; but being celebrities, of course these are some of things they couldn’t show or talk about in public.

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Exes Maureen Waititu and Frankie

Unfortunately despite trying to keep their family affairs on the low; late last year fans got to learn about Frankie Just Gym it’s affair with Corazon Kwamboka. What we didn’t know is that the two had even already started a family as they had a son (Taiyari) on the way already.

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Maureen Waititu in denial

Now that Frankie had clearly moved on, his ex Muareen on the other hand struggled to move on before Frankie’s family decided to do away with her. Speaking about this, Maureen Waititu went on to reveal that she had been requested to vacate her home – now that Frankie wasn’t living under the same roof.

Of course Maureen had to learn the hard way just like every other single mum; and looking at her now – it’s evident that the last blow did wake her up from expecting Frankie to come back.

The young stunning Maureen

Anyway just to prove how much she has grown over the years; Miss Waititu recently unveiled a never seen before photo of herself from her modeling days.

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To caption the old photo, Mama boys went on to write;

Young Maureen Waititu

#tbt🔙📸 To one of my first runway gigs with Samantha bridal. Reflecting back, I was carefree, focused and honestly, life was so simple. The only thing I used to worry about the most was my grades in law school.

Fast forward, I am grateful for all the things that have taken place in my life, the good, the bad and most importantly, I look forward to the journey ahead of me and the woman I am becoming and to fulfil the purpose that God put me here on earth for 🙏🏾. #GraceForPurpose


‘Mtawezana?’ Maureen Waititu displays jaw dropping moves as she gyrates to Sanaipei’s ‘Mfalme wa mapenzi’ (Video)

They say if you’ve got it, flaunt it. And single mum Maureen Waititu certainly knows how to shake her stuff; despite claiming to have two left feet when it comes to dancing.

The curvaceous media personality recently pulled out some of her sexiest dance moves; as she slowly moved her hips and body to Sanaipei Tande’s Mfalme was mapenzi during her dance class recently.

Having struggled to coordinate her dance for years, Ms Waititu recently joined a dance class to get this right even for once; and judging from the video shared on her page, it appears that Maureen is learning quite fast.

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Maureen Waititu serving looks with her swimsuit

Maureen serving thirst trap moves

This not being the first video Maureen is sharing to parade her moves; fans in the comment section seem to have applauded her for the progress as they noticed some improvement.

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Although she was not dressed for the part (lingerie) the biker shorts came in handy in terms of watching the hips move slowly. At least for once Maureen Waititu will have a fun side to entertain that one person in her life; and at least won’t always be the stuck up mum portrayed by her ex.

Anyway, checkout the video below courtesy of Maureen Waititu’s IG.



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My happy place, one step a time 💃💃 @itsayomar🤗🤗

A post shared by 👑 🅜🅐🅤🅡🅔🅔🅝 🅦🅐🅘🅣🅘🅣🅤 👑 (@maureenwaititu) on Nov 11, 2020 at 12:51am PST


Meet Maureen Waititu’s fashionable, fabulous and classy sisters that will make your girlfriends feel insecure (Photos)

Maureen Waititu might not be a favorite to many who continue to side with ex, Frankie Justgym it; but minus the baby mama/daddy drama we honestly love this woman! Her presence on social media has been a big help to many; although fans can’t help but wish she soon moves on leaving the unnecessary drama behind.

Away from that we understand that Mama Boys bagged an award for the Most stylish female content creator of the year 2020 in the Couture Africa awards. Can’t say that we saw this coming but hey…a big congratulations to the lady!

To celebrate this milestone, Ms Waititu has been sharing behind the scenes photos showing fans the outfit she wore to the event. Judging from the comments and number of likes seen on her IG page, there is no doubt that many continue to support Maureen Waititu; despite her current parenting issue with ex and his baby mama.

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Among those who have been showing their full support is her day one girlfriends who ended up becoming sisters after 10 years of knowing each other.

Remember the friends who watch her kids when she has errands to run? Yes, those are the same sisters Maureen Waititu went on to celebrate and appreciate through her IG page just a few days ago.

The yummy mummy wrote:

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I hit a jackpot when I met these girls ten years ago.👑👑👑. We’ve grown together, we’ve become sisters and they’ve become my unpaid therapists. We annoy each other, a lot Lol! But we also correct each other with love and the bond we share is unbreakable. I don’t know what I would do without them. 💗💗💗 I appreciate you for never giving up on me, for being my rock, for always reminding me that you care about me and my babies, for standing by me when times get hard and for making me smile even when I didn’t want to. Thank you for everything you do and everything that you are. Until the wheels fall off, I love you!!!!!

Well, there you have it!


Kate Actress and Maureen Waititu among top female personalities who bagged the coveted Couture Africa Style Awards 2020

The list of the just concluded Couture Africa Style Awards 2020 finalists is finally out.

A coveted African award that saw a good number of Kenya’s A-list female celebrities work day and night just to be the ones to clinch awards for different categories but like they all say, there can only be one winner.

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That is exactly how it ended.

Couture Africa Style Awards 2020 finalists

Fortunately, there are still wins in the Kenyan celebrity space to applaud among them being curvy YouTuber Maureen Waititu and the stylish Catherine Kamau aka Kate actress.

The former Mother-in-Law actress has proven her unique taste and sense of style when it comes to fashion, ever going extra be it Monday, Friday or Sunday.

Kate Actress clinches two Awards at the coveted Couture Africa Awards 2020

Crowning it during the Couture Africa Awards 2020, where she made a stylish appearance in a classy, hot designer black dress, making her steps to the front as she bagged home, two Awards.

She got crowned Most Stylish Entertainer of the Year and Most Stylish Person of the Year during the fashion awards.

The beauty who did not take anything to chance, made a ground-breaking appearance at the event, teasing her loyal fans;

Imagine dressing up this much alafu nikose ku win 😭, aki you guys always come through 🙏 Asanteni Sana..

Kate Actress at the coveted Couture Africa Awards 2020

Ms Waititu on the other hand, sure did not disappoint. Stepping out looking like a million bucks, in a stylish, glittering off-shoulder long dress that let out a good part of her thighs as she scooped the Most Stylish Female Content Creator of the Year 2020 Award.

“Here to say that I am filled with gratitude to all who have not stopped believing in me, those who pray and cheer me on, those who encourage me and even those who have put me down,” she beautifully captioned.

Maureen Waititu at the coveted Couture Africa Awards 2020

Congratulations to them!