Maureen Waititu gifts sons, Tai & Lexi plot of land (Photo)

Maureen Waititu has gifted her two sons a piece of land that js judging from her latest Instagram post where she shared a photo of the boys holding the title deed and judging from her smile – she’s one happy mother.

Maureen Waititu’s sudden weight gain

Well this doesn’t come as a surprise now that we know her ex, Frankie Just Gym It isn’t involved with their sons anymore. You see the ex couple (Maureen and Frankie) parted ways in a dramatic way and from how the breakup went – they’ve both been hostile towards each other since then.

However during 2022’s Father’s Day Maureen Waititu somehow tried mending fences with baby daddy as she celebrated him for being the perfect dad her sons would have ever asked for.

Barely 2 weeks after the sweet emotional post, Frankie had an interview where spilled details on both his baby mamas; painting them as women struggling with daddy issues…and judging from Maureen Waititu’s reaction – coparenting with Frankie might take some time.

Frankie Just Gym It with his two sons from Maureen Waititu

Steps up for her boys

Well, I guess this is why Maureen Waititu recently purchased a piece of land in her sons names. The excited mum shared the news through her gram saying;

You’re looking at the newest landowners in town

But all in all, hopefully one day she’ll find it in her heart to let her baby daddy be a father to their sons.

Rare photo of 2 year old Maureen Waititu confirms her sons took after their mummy (Photos)

Maureen Waititu has lately been proving how happy she has become ever since accepting that baby daddy, Frankie Just Gym It chose Corazon Kwamboka over her. I mean, it’s life – so why hang on when there is pain and rejection?

Away from that, lately Maureen Waititu has been proving to be quit happy with her new life; and unlike before the mother of two has been opening about her private life to a point of sharing her photos as a baby.

Well, a few days ago – we got to see a rare photo of 2 year old Maureen Waititu; and boy has this lady been hot since her childhood. From the photo we can tell that Maureen still looks the same and the surprising part is that she is a replica of her two boys. To caption these post the popular YouTuber wrote;

2 year old Maureen Waititu

I found this old picture of Little two year old Maureen (Edit -yes two years I was a tall girl and so are my sons ????????‍♀️), with the swag ????????a few months ago at my mom’s house. I’ve been staring at it and I’ve been so emotional realizing what she’s had to fight and endure to become the woman, daughter, friend, sister and mom that she is now.

Always Thankful

Since this photo reminds her of the past, Maureen Waititu says that more than ever she now appreciates her mother for being strong; mostly because she can now relate to the life she went through while trying to fix her relationship with daddy, Mr Waititu.

Through her gram, Maureen went on to add;

Maureen Waititu with her two boys

If I could tell her something today, I’d tell her that the journey wouldn’t be easy but she’d always have a guardian Angel who would give her grace to endure every difficult season and protect her from everything the enemy throws her way. I’d also tell her that it’s okay to fall, make mistakes, bend, crush, be unsure, be imperfect, but all in all, that she needs to keep her head head high as she’s meant for greatness and that she has a purpose and duty to her ministry and generations that would see her break every curse and bondage and that she’d carry the blessings meant for them.


I’d tell her that God knew her before she was woven in her mother’s womb, that He is her author and she is who God says she is. Periodt. What would you tell a younger you?

Son’s replica

Despite it all Maureen is happy to have found the light at the end of the tunnel; and the fact that her boys took after her also makes it a win on her side. In conclusion, the yummy mummy wrote;

(Right) Maureen Waititu (Left) Son

On a fun side, swipe left and let me know if that little boy looks anything like his mom at also age 2 ????????
Ps, I was hiding my moms photo inside my shirt!????????????

¨My Angel on Earth…¨ an emotional Maureen Waititu pens charming post to the first fruit of her womb

Kenyan social media influencer, Maureen Waititu took the day to pen a sweet, heartwarming message to her first son, Tau Alexander, and it´s deep.

In a long, sincere and moving post, the single mother of two boys showered her first fruit of the womb with praises, terming him as ´God’s reminder of how great His love is´.

Conversations with the first fruit of my womb????‍????????‍????‍????????.
Tau Alexander. This boy is God’s reminder of how great His love is. My four year old boy has been one of the greatest sources of my strength and healing in ways that I would have never imagined.

A four-year old boy who stepped up his role to make his mum feel ´secure and cherished´ by calling her ´a pretty girl and even a princess´.

At such a young age, he protects me fiercely, he tells me daily without fail that I am a pretty girl and sometimes he calls me a princess ????. He holds my hand EVERYWHERE, when we’re driving, in the house and in the malls.

The media sensation went ahead to describe him as a boy who ´carried her pain and single handedly SAVED HER LIFE´.

If anything, Tau´s big heart is the reason she constantly sticks by God´s side, regardless.

He’s wiped my tears, he has carried my pain due to the deep connection we share, he has single handedly SAVED MY LIFE and his big beautiful heart constantly drives me to drop on my knees and worship the Almighty God.

Her boys

´He is without a doubt my Angel on Earth´ Maureen adds, as she appreciates Tau´s presence in his little brother´s life as well.

He is without a doubt my Angel on Earth and he is the best brother his babe Kai as he fondly calls him ???? could ever ask for.

As she concludes, the TV host´s prayer is to bring up her two boys in God´s ways and in fear of him.

Tau (left) is the best brother his babe Kai (right) as he fondly calls him could ever ask for – Maureen Waititu´s shares

She admits that the love her boys have cuddled her with, is overwhelming.

I truly thank God for His greatest gift to me in form of my kids and I pray that I honour Him by bringing up them right and in fear and of Him.
Truly, boys love their mums and I am so spoilt!????????
Blessings to you all good, present mums and dads doing your best with your little ones. ????????????????????????
I celebrate you my sweet sweet boy!


Fans and followers hailed the mother for a job well done, her humility and her role as a mum to two young boys.

The caption ???????? You are such a great mum babe and your boys are a testimony to that!


I am so glad you are enveloped in the Lord’s loving arms… that you honour Him and acknowledge Him. Yes boys love their Mummies, and I pray now as I declare that you will certainly raise them well because you fall on your knees….❤️


This is such a beautiful note! You make a great mum ✅????Actually, a wonderful mum.


Bless you????????????????❤️