Maureen Waititu caught on camera flirting with alleged handsome ‘boyfriend’ and fans love it! (Video)

Things have been looking up for Maureen Waititu after her ugly split with fiance, Frankie  Just Gym It 2 years ago. Okay, we get it – she may dragged the matter into 2020 and part of 2021 but at least she finally got to move on from her past.

Tbt: Maureen Waititu on vacation with new bae

A few months ago rumor had it that she had bagged a wealthy man that took her to Colombia; before he surprised her with another trip to Morocco where they both spent some quality time away from the kids.

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Since then, Maureen Waititu has been keeping her private life on the low; but there is a certain guy who has everyone believing that he is currently warming ‘mama boys’ bed.

Is this Maureen Waititu’s man?

From the photos taken during their 254 home photoshoot, one can clearly see how fine the guy is and could be Maureen’s type; that is judging from his body structure.

Maureen Waititu with alleged bae

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However this work relationship of theirs have people raising eyebrows thanks to a new video shared by Ms Waititu; where the alleged boyfriend is seen whispering something in her ear and from Maureen’s reaction – well, he must have said something really nasty! Like nasty good.

Ms Waititu with bae

Not quite sure what kind of friends these two are, but all I know is that there is some benefit in this friendship. Watch the video below.

“Mambo ya Tbt achia Maumau, sisi tuko Colombia” Corazon trolled after unveiling photo from an old trip in NewYork

Corazon Kwamboka will not be having it easy with her followers now that; Maureen Waititu bagged a new man after the socialite ‘snatched’ Frankie from his first family.

At first it all seemed like a competition between the two ladies; but unfortunately or rather fortunately Maureen Waititu ended up losing the gym trainer to the former socialite.

Unloke most Nairobi couple, Corazon and Frankie rushes to bring a baby in the future; a permanent stamp to prove that the guy wanted a family with Ms Corazon.

Jusging from the various reactions from fans on social media; we can say that there are those that applauded Corazon and Frankie – while others gave the couple a shelf life of 1 year or 2; before things start getting boring.

Is Corazon missing her old life?

Well ever since Maureen Waititu introduced her alleged African American boyfriend; it appears that Corazon and Frankie have been having sleepless nights.

We wouldn’t have thought of this until the two decided to unveil photos from a private vacation; they took while Frankie was still involved with Maureen.

Somehow, this move proved that the two were mocking Maureen Waititu that’s according to fans; but unfortunately seems like the lass is too busy being happy to notice the shade.

Corazon jealous after Maureen finds new love?

Well, not quite sure what’s happening with Ms Corazon; but what’s  clear is that Maureen is giving her this particular lady a headache.

This was seen after Corazon decided to prove a point by sharing a photo from her trip to New York; but unfortunately fans were not having it! As seen on the photos comment section, most fans told off Corazon saying;