Alaar! KRG the Don reacts to photos of ex wife hanging out with alleged bae, Mbogi Genje’s manager

My colleague recently wrote a detailed article talking about why KRG should stop airing his family business on social media. This is after he insulted the now ex wife, together with her sisters and even dragged his two boys in the mess….like Ozymandias said, what kind of man pulls such stunt…and at this point I am so tempted to say kwani sisi ni wanawake. No offense.

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Barely two months after the article, KRG is back to discussing his ex wife Linah and we can blame it on Mbogi Genje. Well a few days ago netizens had a field day trolling KRG, after his ex wife was linked to Elvis – Mbogi Genje’s manager; and judging from the video and photos shared – it was only fair to conclude hawa wawili (Linah and Elvis) wanajuana kwa vilemba. Or in short, they’re involved.

With the story out, of course several tabloids tried reaching out to the dancehall artiste hoping to hear what he had to say. At first, he played hard to get until this past weekend when he finally addressed the issue.

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KRG’s ex wife with Mbogi Genje’s manager

I don’t care – KRG

Well unlike other exes who would be bitter over their baby mama jumping in the hands of an ‘archenemy’ turns out KRG doesn’t even care. Okay, wait….that is what he alleges but judging from what he says – it’s obvious to tell there’s some bitterness in his words; like woman why would you embarrass me like that?

Anyway in his own words, KRG said:

I don’t care cause one, she is out of my house and is no longer my wife so whatever she does outside there is none of my business. She’s a citizen of the country even if she wants to live with a hundred men, it’s her business. Life will catch up with her later.

Then again, he goes to add that she has no kids (the two boys) insisting that she only played the part of a surrogate…ouch KRG…and that then adds an important point of asking whether anyone had ever seen her with the kids since she walked out on him.

No, we don’t have kids together. She just produced kids for me. She has no kids. Have you ever seen her with kids? The kids are mine.

Cool down tiger…it’s just the anger, right? Anyway at this point it’s either they take up the drama to a family court, Wazee in the village or something cause clearly these two can’t handle this on their own.

“Are your parents proud of you?” Ezekiel Mutua calls out Gengetone group ‘Mbogi Genje’

Barely days after Mwalimu King’ang’i strongly censured Gengetone artistes, KFCB Boss Dr Ezekiel Mutua is on their case as well.

In a heated discussion during their Classic 105 morning show, Churchill believed Gengetone artistes are the individuals misleading the youths into believing that ratchetness is the route to take.

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“Parents are fighting another pandemic and it’s this Gengetone generation! Hii ni generation ya watoto huwezi ambia kitu” Mr Ndambuki publicly addressed.

Well, it now looks like his school of thought is one many agree with after media ethics cop, Ezekiel Mutua came out to bash the current trends youths have embraced today, because of the influence of the media.

Ezekiel Mutua speaks

“What has become of us as a society? And people are treating all these as normal and this only shows the sinking of this nation,” he stated.

Dr Ezekiel Mutua

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Before questioning parents to the likes of Gengetone groups like ‘Bogi Genje’ who have clearly deviated into the kind of behavior and content parents would easily condemn.

“Are their parents proud of them? Those kids who sing dirty things or post their nudes on social media, whose kids are they? Don’t they have parents?” he questioned.

Adding that artistes and the media should realize the kind of power they hold to influence and shape societal norms, values and character.

A power they must uphold responsibly and professionally.

“Life has no meaning if we lose it at this point. Everything boils down to creating a future from the present. Let’s protect our future by protecting children from harmful content,” he advised the public.

A series of tweets by the moral cop that have received a mix of reactions from the Kenyan public.

“Mtoto wa abortion wewe!” Mbogi Genje fire unprintable insults at reporter (Video)

Gengetone group Mbogi Genje, who are famed for hits such as Kidungi, Kuja Mbaya, Ngumi Mbwegze etc, have come under sharp crircitism after one of their members insulted a reporter or rather a YouTuber.

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A few weeks ago, the reporter identified as Mungai Eve had visited Mbogi Genje’s hood in Umoja, Eastlands to find out what their peers and those who have seen them rise think of them.

Mbogi Genje, the Gengetone group that has everyone talking
Mbogi Genje

Those who were interviewed did not have kind words for the group, with some even accusing them of stealing their songs. Others claimed they had even forgotten where they came from because they are now at the top.

As expected, these sentiments did not sit well with Mbogi Genje and in particular Guzman Teddy who hurled insults at the said reporter.

He called her names and told her to mind her own business saying, “Wewe tafuta content, achana na Mbogi Genje, enda ukule jaba na hizo mbogi za river blogga wewe.”

But he didn’t stop there. Continuing, Guzman said, “Kuma ya mama yako, mtoto wa abortion wewe.” This has left many of their diehard fans wondering whether they let fame go into their tiny heads.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think.

Work hard, play smart! Mbogi Genje shows off their newly acquired mansion in Nairobi’s suburb area

Mbogi Genje is a group that changed the Gengetone vibe. For some reason, Kenyans remains impressed with their hardcore vibe seen as seen in their music.

We also can’t forget deep sheng their spit in their bars and although many of us continue to struggle in understanding; truth  is they took over the entertainment industry.

So far they have worked with the likes of Bahati Mejja, Xray among others but still nothing matches their solo projects.

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Working with other celebrities has however brought in good money as they group is said to have bought a mansion located in one of Nairobi suburb area. Although we cannot confirm this without a papers proving the house belongs to the boys; lets just assume that they could be renting it for now.

Mbogi Genje, the Gengetone group that has everyone talking
Mbogi Genje

From Umoja to the suburbs

The news shared by a popular Instagram news outlet has left most of their fans congratulating the boys for new money moves as announced on social media.

According to the tabloid the boys will soon be moving into the new mansion; but right before that, they have decided to give fans a tour of their home.

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Judging from the contents in the video, it’s only right to say their new home cost them a couple if millions to purchase; and if renting, then they must be paying hundreds of thousands for rent. It has a few master bedrooms and a jacuzzi in one of the bedrooms.

Well if you doubt this, then checkout the videos shared below courtesy of Nairobi gossip club.

The second wave of Gengetone is here and it’s unstoppable

I don’t know about you but I strongly feel like Gengetone is making a comeback and to be honest the second wave is perhaps stronger than the first one.

I know you think I’m saying this because pubs and bars, which largely propelled the first wave, are now open after President Uhuru’s announcement on September 28 but that is not it.

Mbogi Genje

Although to be honest, it has something to do with it because COVID-19 almost killed Gengetone but there are many other reasons.

I feel at the moment Kenyans are vibing to a different kind of Gengetone and that is why referred to it as the second wave.

Initially, most Gengetone artists were just glorifying sex and talking about women’s genitals but if you are keen I am sure you have noticed that it has changed so much.

For instance, Mbogi Genje – the group that is made up of Guzman Teddy, Smady Tings and Miltan – chose a different path from the very beginning.

They chose not to talk about risque things but use difficult Sheng words that most of us did not understand and that is what set them apart.

They are perhaps the biggest beneficiaries of the COVID-19 period because as their counterparts received a lot of backlash and suffered the effects of the pandemic, they grew in popularity.

Mbogi Genje, the Gengetone group that has everyone talking
Mbogi Genje

So now, they are the face of the second face of the Gengetone wave so much so that other artists are trying to use the unique style of using hard Sheng words to impress Kenyans but they can’t.

The Gengetone artists who ruled the airwaves like Boondocks Gang, Rico Gang, Ethic, Ochunglo Family, Wakali Wao etc. have also had to move away from dirty songs which is what gave them fans.

Although everyone else looks overshadowed by Mbogi Genje I am sure it’s only a matter of time before they figure it out. Anyway, Ill leave you with this, guslin tispu ni ya kibla, kanairo govana ni mjamo.

Mejja finally drops highly-anticipated track ‘Wamocho’ alongside Mbogi Genje and Richy Haniel (Video)

Kenyan musician, digital content creator and executive producer Richard Haniel Mashua, popularly known as Richy Haniel, has dropped his much-anticipated track that features Mbogi Genje and Mejja.

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The song titled Wamocho, which means drinking and partying or hustling hard, has already garnered 80,000 views on YouTube yet it’s only 15 hours since it was release. It’s likely to cross 100K when the day ends.

Richy Haniel

Richy Haniel revealed that, this the jam, which is the first release from his forthcoming album Rich Secrets was first recorded in July 2020 after meeting Mbogi Genje . He then brought Mejja on board.

This jam is a fusion of Kapuka and dancehall. Believe you me, I’ve been listening to this jam on repeat since it came out and I still love it.

Mbogi Genje

As expected, Mbogi Genje really came through on Wamocho. Their style of using Sheng words that are unknown to many of us have made the group that is made up of Miltan, Smady Tings and Guzman Teddy really stand out.

I know most people always look forward to listening to Miltan’s verse because of the new Sheng words that they will learn and he didn’t disappoint in this track.

Mejja, who has been on a roll since the year began, really spiced up Wamocho with his catchy and witty rhymes that will definitely make you scratch your head as you try to make sense of them.


The beat for this jam was produced by Solinga and SQ Byron and Mastered by Sadafa and they honestly deserve a pat on the back because they outdid themselves.

Notably, the video for Wamocho is also dope. The Raww Film Maker never disappoint. He really brought the house party theme of the video to life. I also love the smooth transitioning.

Watch Wamocho below and tell us what you think.

10 Kenyan artists whose concerts you must attend when lockdown is finally lifted

With the significant reduction of positive COVID-19 cases over the last two weeks, it seems things will soon go back to normal and the restrictions that had been put in place to curb the spread of the deadly virus will be lifted.

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Measures such as banning large public gatherings and ordering the closure of clubs and have denied many Kenyans a chance to socialize and see their favourite artists performing live for a whole 6 months.

As such, I decided to write down a list of Kenyan artist who I feel many people, including yours truly, are eager to see performing on stage. Here are their names in no particular order and to be honest I don’t mind if someone can get all of them to do one show.

1. Mejja – Okwonkwo as he is popularly known has been on a roll since the year began. He has dropped fire collabos and I believe many people are yearning to see him on stage because he’s a showstopper.


2. Sauti Sol – If you watched Sauti Sol’s virtual concert last month then I’m sure you can’t wait to see them on stage soon because nothing beats a Sauti Sol live experience.

Sauti Sol

3. Nadia Mukami – She is arguably the biggest female artist in Kenya at the moment and to add to that, Nadia has also released many jams during the social distancing period that many people would want to see her performing live.

Nadia Mukami

4. Otile Brown – The mellow-voiced singer whose real name is Jacob Otieno Obunga dropped a fire album during the social distancing period and watching him perform those songs live will be an unforgettable experience.

Otile Brown
Otile Brown

5. Khaligraph Jones – The OG or Papa Jones has also been working really hard and if you have ever attended his show then you know that he means business when he gets on stage.

Khaligraph Jones and Ice Prince featured by Kofi Jamar in 'In The City'
Khaligraph Jones

6. Ssaru – I know many of you can not wait to see this lass performing because she literally blew up when we were in lockdown. To add to that, she has some dope wordplay and rhymes.


7. Timmy Tdat – I had to include the Dus Nyau hitmaker because his energy when he is on stage is unmatched. If you attend his concert, you go home feeling like you got value for your money.

Timmy Tdat enlists G Nako and Dogo Janja for 'I Don't Care'

8. Willy Paul – During the lockdown, Pozze has dropped collabos with Mejja, Nadia Mukami, Bien Aime, Ruby and done many successful single projects. Therefore, you just have to see him performing live.

Willy Paul pours his heart out in 'Magnetic'

9. Moji Short Babaa – If you are a promoter and you want an urban gospel artist who will pull huge crowds to your event then look no further than this chap.

Moji Short Babaa
Moji Short Babaa

10. Mbogi Genje – Many of us have gotten to see Gengetone groups like 34 GVNG, Sailors, Ochunglo Family, Ethic, etc. performing but we are yet to see Mbogi Genje and that would be an awesome experience because they are unique and so taleneted.

Mbogi Genje, the Gengetone group that has everyone talking
Mbogi Genje

Mbogi Genje, the Gengetone group Kenyans can’t stop talking about

Unless you have been living under a rock, I am sure you’ve heard of Mbogi Genje. It’s the Gengetone group that many Kenyans can’t stop talking about.

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Although the group, which comprises of Smadytingz, Guzman Teddy and Miltan, is relatively new in the Kenyan entertainment scene, they have managed to capture the hearts of so many fans because of their unique style.

If you listen to any of their songs, you’ll realize that they use deep Sheng. Truth is, most people can’t understand what they are saying but it sounds very pleasant to the ears. Some people even refer to them as Sheng masters.

Mbogi Genje

Other than the fact that you’ll need a Sheng dictionary as you listen to them, they also have some gangster vibes and this seems to go down well with many people.

To be honest, their rhymes and wordplay skills are also dope. Unlike most artists, you can not predict what they are going to say next because chances are you don’t even know what it is.

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After listening to any of the Mbogi Genje’s songs you will get the feeling that every other Gengetone jam is trash because their style really sets them apart.

As much as we are so pumped about the trio, I feel they should work on their image because they scare the living daylights out of some of their fans and that is not a good thing or is it?

Mbogi Genje also needs to invest in quality music videos but I am not really worried about that since most of the Gengetone videos that we’ve seen are also not so good.

Watch Kidungi below and tell us what you think.

Mbogi Genje comes through with ‘Ikijipa’ featuring Rix Roro and Dede Tarshian (Video)

Mbogi Genje, the latest Gengetone group in Kenya, has dropped a new track with Rix Roro and Dede Tarshian and it is getting a lot of love from their fans.

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The song titled Ikijipa has been ruling the airwaves since it was released a few hours ago and to be honest we are also feeling it. Like, really!

Denno Rix Roro

For many people – including myself, it will be hard to understand what these youngsters are singing about since they are using Sheng words that you’ve probably never heard in your life.

Anyway, like I always say, if you choose not to focus on the content of these songs but on the rhymes and wordplay I am sure you will agree with me that these guys are really talented.

This jam is really infectious. The three members of Mbogi Genje i.e. Smadytingz, Guzman Teddy and Miltan brought their A-game in this track. Their flow is impeccable and they have rhymes that will make you scratch your head.

Although all of them are dope, if I had to choose one who I think was really outstanding then I’d obviously go for the one who is known as Smadytingz, I don’t know about you but that is my choice.

Mbogi Genje

Notably, Rix Roro also had a sick verse and Dede Tarshian delivered a dope hook for Ikijipa and it it just me or does he sound like Odi Wa Murang’a? Anyway, that’s a story for another day.

The beat is also dope. It’s not only catchy but I’m sure you’ll find people busting moves to this jam the next time you are out and we have Jamie Rylo to thank for that.

About the video, I don’t really know. Not that I have any problem with it but I feel like the shaking of derrieres and low-quality visuals is becoming too cliche. Big up Mbogi Genje.

Watch Ikijipa below and tell us what you think.

Mbogi Genje enlists VDJ Jones for smashing hit ‘Kamkoba’ (Video)

Mbogi Genje, the latest Gengetone group in Kenya, has dropped a new track and it is getting a lot of love from their fans.

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The jam dubbed Kamkoba is a party anthem which features VDJ Jones. It also talks about hitting on girls and what follows after that.

Like I always say, if you chose to ignore the raunchiness of the lyrics and focus on the wordplay and rhymes, you will realize that some of these Gengetone are amazing lyricists. I am dead serious.

Mbogi Genje

Mbogi Genje is unique in the sense that they use deep Sheng in their song. In other words, it is very likely that you’ll not understand as single thing as you listen to their songs.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are whack. They are actually dope and the most amazing part is that they have an impeccable flow, the kind that makes you hit the replay button a couple of times.

So, the group has three members i.e Smadytings, Guzman and Miltan. If I was asked to choose who among the three really impressed me then I would go for the latter.

Mbogi Genje

He is really dope and if you are in doubt then you should watch the video and tell me. I am not saying that the others are bad, in my opinion he is just the sickest of the three.

The beat is also dope. It’s not only catchy but I’m sure you’ll find people busting moves to this jam the next time you are out and we have Mavo On The Beat to thank for that.

About the video, I don’t really know. Not that I have any problem with it but I feel like the shaking of derrieres and low-quality visuals is becoming too cliche. Anyway, big up Mbogi Genje.

Watch Kamkoba below and tell us what you think.