Adorable! Meet Mbosso’s youngest son, Mbosso Khan Junior

Mbosso and his latest girlfriend Rukia finally unveiled their son’s face during his 40 days party that went down on 18th September.

The couple who have been on the spotlight for a while now threw a glamorous party at their home inviting only close friends and relatives.

From the videos making rounds on social media it’s obvious to see that Mbosso Khan Junior took after his mother in terms of his skin tone.

Mbosso with his youngest son

Hamisa Mobetto stuns at Mbosso Junior’s party

Among the invited guests was Hamisa Mobetto who showed up looking like a bag of money.

Most of the fans commenting on the event claim that Hamisa indeed outshined most of the guests.  Others went on to criticize her for not showering Mbosso Junior with money like the rest of the rich guests who availed themselves for the ceremony.

Anyway check out the adorable baby boy below.

Mbosso Khan Junior