Mbosso from Wasafi proves he is the king of Swahili ballad in new jam “Tamba”

Tanzanian superstar Mbosso has dropped another love ballad dubbed “Tamba”. A song that is clearly a hit already considering the number of views for the audio on YouTube that stands at 230k just a day after release.

For a guy that had given up on music after the dissolution of the 2015 to 2017 Yamoto Band. Mbosso has proven that his talent is impeccable.

Since he joined the Diamond Platinumz own  Wasafi records Mbosso has done well so far and has even been rumored to be the latest favorite of his boss Simba.


Tamba is Swahili that loosely translates to being proud of who you are and have fun. Basically letting the world know who you are.

In the song Mbosso is singing too the woman he loves. He promises her all that life could offer. Trust Mbosso when it comes to using metaphors in his expressions of love.

The “Ate” hitmaker gives you reason to always hope in love in every situation rich or poor. How?He starts of by what seems like a call to his love asking her to prepare hot water for his shower as he is on his way home with a surprise.

He even goes ahead to tell her that she should also be ready to receive him in a special way.This that he even asks her to where her best clothes.


He gets all poetics in the second verse saying,“…Nguru usimtoe chumvi ndio ladha yake, muunge tu nipe na chuzi na nyama yake, eeeh kula ya mbuzi ni kamba yake, ye kingamuzi ni dishi lake….”

Yes I am also trying to get the deeper meaning of that but whatever it means I’d fall in love with him too. Furthermore “Tamba” is descriptive that I hope many men chose for a wedding reception for their brides.

As we wait for the video I believe this going to top the charts for a while. The Lizer Classic mixed track also has a tune of few sampled beats of previous songs and that just shows how he is the genius of music.

Listen and tell us what you think.

Why Tanzanian artist are slowly warming up to Kenya

For a while now Kenyans have enjoyed music both from Kenya and Tanzania thanks to the partnership between the two countries, musicians such as Susumila, Gabu, Bahati, Willy Paul, Akothee to name but a few.

In what seems like a wave, Tanzanian artist seems to be warming up to Kenya and they’ll seem to love the music that we do in Kenya while you can say the same thing to Kenyan music lovers.

Recently, we have seen musicians like Susumila warmed up to Tanzania’s Mbosso and Lavalava together they did big good songs that clearly have gathered good numbers on YouTube and given them the views that they deserve.

One would ask why the Tanzanian boys and girls seem to be warming up to Kenya. Well, if you ask me I believe that because of the Swahili dialect they use and the poetic nature is why Kenyans love is their music.

Mbosso and Susumila

Tanzania the crown takers of new-age R&B?

I’m in for the longest time we have not had the 90s r&b that would create the mood in all what seems like the love renditions of music. However, the Tanzanian boys seem to have mastered the art of doing RnB music using Swahili.

A good example is “La vie” a song done by Kenya’s Tanasha Donna and Wasafi’s Mbosso. Barely a week and the song was able to get over 1 million views on YouTube.

Well yes, some would say it’s because she is close to Diamond Platinumz but again whether she is or not, Tanasha can sing.

Furthermore, when you listen to the songs it gives you a reason to fall in love again and again with your heart or not it does give you a reason to love.

But anyway whether they just coming to Kenya just for the numbers or not it is clear that Bongo artists have seen good potential in Kenyan-Tanzanian collaborations.

Kenyan artistes only look for collaborations with Tanzanian’s whose names are almost extinct in the game

Kenyan artistes are the laziest lot in East Africa. Forgive me if you feel offended. To start with, they rarely ask for collaborations form East Africa. It is a good thing to have local collaborations.

One thing that is a fact is that they are too lazy to cross borders. Sometimes one might think it financial but come to think of it.

Only two or three of Kenyan artistes have sought collaborations with big Tanzanian artistes. The rest are so comfortable in their own zone.

Kenyan artistes only look for collaborations with Tanzanian's whose names are almost extinct in the game

Also, the problem is not that they cannot get these people to work with them but just lazy people who want things to come easy.

I am saddened by the fact that they go to look for Tanzania artistes who are already dead in the music scene. Look at Nameless and Darassa. He ought to have collaborated with the guy when he was still selling in Tanzania.

In music, one should flow with the wave and what is hot. Apart from Akothee, I am yet to see any other Kenyan artiste who has collaborated with Diamond Platinumz.

Kenyan artistes only look for collaborations with Tanzanian's whose names are almost extinct in the game

Also, it is the only way that they will make a name in Tanzania. Look at the example of Willy Paul, he has made use of Rayvanny, Tanasha has made use of Mbosso.

I feel sad that Kenyan artistes want to rush to these people when they can barely hit in their village. It takes hard work and determination to make it.

Imagine the things the Tanzanian big names are doing. Who bewitched our very own? Why is it so hard to get collaborations in East Africa?

Kenyan artistes only look for collaborations with Tanzanian's whose names are almost extinct in the game

Kenyan artistes should feel challenged considering that this artistes who are making are even taking major events in our country. I doubt there is anyone who will go for a lazy artiste.

In addition, it is time that they took the opportunity and emulated their counterparts. Look for Harmonize, Diamond, Mbosso, Alikiba, Rayvanny and the others.

Stop going for people like Mr Bleu, they can barely make it on their own.

Tanasha’s collaboration with Bongo’s finest is a boost for her music

Tanasha has for the first time proved that she is on a mission to better in the music scene. The mother of one has taken the internet by surprise after releasing a hit in which she has collaborated with Wasafi’s finest, Mbosso.

One thing we must look at in Tanasha’s music, it is evident that she has always struggled to hit the numbers. I know most will say that it is because she is not talented, but again, where did the talent come from this time around?

Tanasha's collaboration with Bongo's finest is a boost for her music

In a game of wits, Tanasha has done a great job to use the Wasafi crew to her advantage. First, her dating Diamond is one great step to win in her music career.

In addition, Diamond is a big name in the region and most people knowing that he has a thing with Tanasha they will definitely rush to listen to her work.

Sometime back we talked of her being an armature and this time she seems to have mastered the game and polished her work.

Also, I am sure Tanasha has a couple of collaborations expected to drop within the week. It will not be a wonder that they will come from Tanzania.

Tanasha's collaboration with Bongo's finest is a boost for her music

In addition, Tanasha has proved that to sell one needs to be smart. Don’t just go to a foreign land and be dumb. This young mama is already benefiting from Tanzania and the bongo world at large.

Seems like, in 2020, this will be her breakthrough in the music world. I know you have all had the opportunity to listen to her previous work.  It is nothing close to what she has under producer Lizer.

Actually, Tanasha will be the biggest name in Kenya and in East Africa. If she keeps on collaborating with the Tanzanian singers. For this reason, you’ll notice that her name is at the top and on the trending list. We need to promote our own and more so Tanasha.

The lass is already selling the Kenyan name in Tanzania and in places, Diamond Platinumz steps foot.

Mbosso treats us to a new tune ‘ATE’

Favourite Wasafi artiste is back with a new tune Ate after Shillingi. In this new jam, he has not disappointed and just like always the voice is still there.

It is a love song and it is just amazing to listen to. What does this dude use when writing his lyrics? Mbosso is a name that is worth the effort and time for sure.

To start with, In Ate, the singer is describing the activities he will undertake with this sensual lover. The beats first before we look at the lyrics are just dope. Whoever says that Mbosso is not a brand is just wrong.

Whether in Wasafi or not, Mbosso is a great name and his jams are just a confirmation of who he is. He is worth the time and effort.

Mbosso treats us to a new tune 'ATE'

Mbosso is going all about love in ‘ATE’

Nataka longa na wewe Nikufunze mapenzi Mwenzako nayajua. This verse itself is enough to tell you that Mbosso is in love.  To add on, he is asking the girl to come so that he can teach him more on love.

Nikupe michezo hatari Uzitidi takata Tuwe ng’aring’ari Dangote Tanasha. Our girl Tanasha is not missing out this time on Wasafi hits. Dangote in this case is the boss and it seems the song is also dedicated to them.

Mbosso treats us to a new tune 'ATE'

Mimi dakitari Dakitari wa mapenzi Dozi yangu temethali Inatibu na kuenzi. Mbosso in ATE describes himself as a lover doctor and for sure he might be one as his songs are getting all the love.

Twende Zanzibari Comoro Mombasa Tucheze Somali Ndombolo chakacha. Also, it is love that will involve a lot of touring the world. Like in this case, they will tour even Kenyan coast Mombasa and enjoy the Chakacha dances.

There is a lot of sexual content though coded and this is good.  In conclusion, it is a nice song that can be played even at weddings and on the radio.

Finally, Mbosso gets a rating of  7/10 in ATE.

Audio below.

Mbosso explains why he couldn’t work with Sauti Sol in his new song ‘Shilingi’ 

Tanzanian singer Mbosso has come out to reveal why he didn’t feature Sauti Sol in his new jam “Shilling” which was recently released.

Speaking in an interview, the singer revealed why he went for Nigerian artiste Reekado Banks instead of the Kenyan band.

“Before the collabo, I spoke to four artistes. I remember I even texted Rudeboy but Reekadoh told me how he loved my music,” he said.

“I sent him the song that I was supposed to do with Sauti Sol. They were busy, so when I went to Kenya to shoot the video, I told them that Reekado  had already done his verse.”


Mbosso added that though that opportunity passed, he’s still pushing for another collabo with them.

“Sauti Sol understood and we have another project with them, so expect something big,” he said.

“It is my first collabo to feature someone since I started working with WCB. Most of the time, I have been featured instead.”

Mbosso in new tune ‘Shilingi’ features Reekado Banks

Mbosso has a new tune dubbed Shilingi. He has featured Reekado Banks in this jam. The artist who is signed under Wasafi is back after his last release Maajab. Maajab has been hitting the airwaves since release. Mbosso is very talented and whatever he does gets to amaze his fans.

His style of art in writing lyrics is out of this world. Listening to Shilingi audio you will see that dude is one to watch. This collaboration with Reekado Banks is just write. The voices compliment each other. Mbosso who known to do his music in Swahili does not disappoint.

Mbosso has a new tune dubbed 'Shilingi' featuring Reekado Banks

Although Reekado Banks performs his lines in English, they still are a great duo.

Shilingi is all about what?

The duo compares love a coin. What do they really mean here? We all know that a coin has two sides. First he likens love the two sides of the coin which in this case he refers to Shilingi in Swahili. There is the happy side and the tough side in a relationship. He talks of how you cannot evade the two sides.

They keep saying Shilingi ya ng’ara ng’ara. This is just dope. This guy is full of hidden meaning. Penzi sarafu ina pande mbili. There is a head and the body in the relationship. Reekado Banks says that he will always be there when the lover wants her.

Mbosso has a new tune dubbed 'Shilingi' featuring Reekado Banks

Actually the love I have for Mbosso’s music is out of this world. I do not know how one man’s work keeps getting better day by day.

The duos work was produced by Abbah and mixed by Lizer. You know this guys audio work does not disappoint. Listening to the audio you will notice how perfect it is. Can’t wait for the video.

In conclusion, Shilingi by Mbosso and Reekado Banks gets a rating of 8/10.

Below is a link to the video.

Tanzanian singer Mbosso forced to explain why he did not perform in Malindi 

Kenyans during the long Easter weekend were pissed off by Tanzanian singer Mbosso after he failed to show up in a highly anticipated concert in Malindi.

Mbosso was to perform over the Easter weekend but cancelled his scheduled show at the Malindi festival leaving many complaining and demanding a refund.

On social media, the singer shared that he had to skip performing because of a disagreement with the organisers.

“Early this morning I posted a video of me traveling from Dar Es Salaam heading to Malindi. I was so excited to come and entertain my fans from Malindi but things did not go as planned.. the event planners did not fulfill their end of the bargain in terms of payments. They went against what they had agreed with my management and so they did not allow me to perform,” he said on social media.


The WCB artiste becomes the second to fail to perform after Harominze alleged that he wasn’t paid the full agreed amount in Eldoret. He apologized for not taking stage and asked the organisers to be professional.

“To my fans, I am very sorry especially to those that came from so far to enjoy a good night with me. I feel bad but I had no otherwise. the truth is the planners did not want nor show any form of interest in paying the balance as per the agreement with my management team. To the organizers, always try and pay artistes, as you’re affecting our relationship with our fans,” he said. 

Revealed: Mbosso wanted Ksh 1.5 million for Malindi performance but was giving only Ksh 1.3 million therefore didn’t perform 

Wasafi superstar Mbosso didn’t perform at Malindi Festival because of  a Ksh 200,000 disagreement with the organisers.

According to reports Mbosso’s contract stated that he was to be paid Ksh 1.3 million first and then the final 200K before taking stage. The organisers however, paid only Ksh 1.3 and promised to send the rest later. He refused to perform.


The event organisers said they did not have the money, but promised to top up the balance once the festival was over, a pledge Mbosso refused to entertain.

“Najiskia Vibaya Sana kutojumuika nanyi wakazi wa Malindi leo, najua Mmetoka Mbali kwa Ajili yangu, Ila Kukipambazuka nitaelezea Kila Kitu Juu ya Waandaji wa Show hii Siwezi kukaa Kimya.” he posted. 

He later added a full explanation on why fans shouldn’t be angry over his decision not to perform.


Mbosso’s ex-manager rants following Mbosso’s new mansion from Diamond

Singer Mbosso recently had to come clean following a recent post that he has bought a mega mansion worth millions.

In his post, Mbosso failed to mention that his boss Diamond Platnumz actually paid for the house. Several statements later, his management made it clear that Diamond Platnumz gave him the house.

Fans started trolling Mbosso’s ex-manager, Mkubwa Fella TMK later saying he was a fake manager. Mbosso used to be in an all-boy-group called Yamoto Band and fans wanted to know why he never bought him a house a house.


The manager, took to his social media defending himself saying that when Mbosso and the tree other members of the band were under his management, he bought them a house.

“There are foolish people asking where is the house Yamoto band members. I repeat, they have homes in Mbande, Kisewe. I have been there for them when they started out, when they were mere kids. Mbosso’s brother lives in that house and his fellow ex-band-mate, Beka is paying the guard,” he said.


“I’m not a fake manager ever since the days when I was managing Juma Nature. You can call him, he owns a home, even Mh Temba and Chege Chigunda. I was the one who invested heavily to ensure they have homes.”

After that rant, Mbosso responded saying:

“Mkubwa Sisi watoto wako tunajua maisha na msingi uliotupatia hadi kufika hapa .., …Midomo hii tumeumbiwa kuongea acha waongee tu… (“Sir, we as your  protege’s we saw the life and foundation you have given us to this point in our career. These lips have been created to speak and talk, let them talk…)” he said.

P unit’s Gabu collabo’s with Wasafi Record’s signee Mbosso for new hit ‘Mastory’

Singer Gabu has gone across the borders for his new song ‘Ma Story’.

The singer has featured Wasafi Records signee Mbosso and has been shot by the renowned super video producer Kenny in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Gabu and his P unit crew have been really working hard since the beginning of this year and have already released a song. P unit has not been doing much these days since members decided to peruse solo projects.

Kenyan production

Ma story was recorded at Kompakt records in Nairobi and produced by Kashkeed and executive producer SamK.

Watch the video below: