Mbosso speaks up after his late baby mama’s family publicly disowns him

The past few days have been tough for WCB’s singer Mbosso who lost one of his baby mamas, Martha to a short illness.

According to reports Mbosso and the late comedian had a daughter together but decided to keep the news off social media for personal reasons.

Mbosso’s baby mama, The late Martha

In a long detailed post shared by Mbosso, the singer went on to mourn after Martha’s death but what surprised many is when he revealed about the child they had together.

However, Martha’s family have since denied news about the alleged baby girl their daughter had with the singer. The family claims that Martha did not have any children while alive nor was she involved with Mbosso.

Mbosso and the late Martha

Mbosso responds

Speaking with Mwananch during an interview on Saturday, 14 Sep 2019, Mboso revealed that this is not the first time the family of the deceased is disowning him. He went on to open up saying;

Nimeshiriki mazishi (ya Martha) familia yake isingeweza kunizuia kwa sababu inafahamu nini kinaendelea kati yangu nay eye. Kitendo ch kunikana si kipya na nilitarajia watafanya hiyo kwa sababu walishanikana siku nyingi.

Below is a video taken at the funeral where the family denied Mbosso having a child with their late daughter.