Mejja Takes On Fake Facebook Impersonator, Vows To Hold Perpetrator Accountable

Popular Kenyan artist Mejja is taking a firm stance against a social media impersonator who has been spreading harmful content on Facebook under his name. In a strongly worded video message posted on Instagram, Mejja alerted his fans and followers to be wary of the fake account, which has been engaging in malicious behavior including posting offensive content about him and his daughter.

Frustrated and angered by the impersonator’s actions, Mejja revealed that the fake account has been:

  • Spreading explicit sexual content falsely attributed to him.
  • Sharing inappropriate and malicious content about his daughter.
  • Targeting other artists, including Ssaru, Kendi, Khaligraph, and those Mejja has collaborated with.

Emphasizing the seriousness of the matter, Mejja declared, “I want people to know it’s not me.” He has taken decisive action, seeking the assistance of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to track down the individual responsible for the fake account.

Mejja also encouraged his fans to report the fake page to Facebook, urging them to play a role in holding the impersonator accountable. He conveyed his unwavering resolve to pursue legal action against the perpetrator, stating that there would be no room for leniency.

“If caught, even if it’s someone I know, there will be no discussions. I want them to face the consequences because insulting me and my child is beyond unacceptable. If they are trying to create conflict between me and other artists, it won’t work,” Mejja asserted with conviction.

Mejja’s experience unfortunately showcases the real-world dangers and impact of online impersonation, highlighting the ongoing challenges faced by celebrities and public figures in the digital age. His swift action and public address serve as a reminder of the importance of vigilance and taking decisive steps to combat fraudulent online activity.

Mejja files a lawsuit to stop scammer impersonating him and cyberbullying

Rapper Mejja has taken a strong stance against cyberbullying and impersonation.

The artist revealed that he has reported a fake Facebook account bearing his name, which has been used to insult and bully his colleagues in the music industry.

Mejja disclosed that he has been collaborating with detectives for the past two weeks in an attempt to unveil the individual responsible for the troubling Facebook page.

Expressing his concern, Mejja stated, “What’s up, guys. Let me get straight to the point. There are people on Facebook using my name and saying sexual things.”

The imposter’s actions have escalated, with troubling posts suggesting a romantic relationship, even involving Mejja’s daughter.

“This person has crossed the line. They have posted sexual things about Ssaru over there and mentioned Kendi, Khaligraph, and everyone I have ever worked with. They are taking my pictures and using them on that profile,” shared a dismayed Mejja.

Mejja clarified in a public announcement that the Facebook profile is currently under investigation, emphasizing that the content shared does not represent him.

“I want you guys to be aware of this,” he urged.

Expressing his distress, Mejja pleaded with Kenyans, particularly addressing the intrusion into his personal life involving his daughter.

“I just want this person found because even using my daughter’s name to abuse me, that is below the belt, and again they are trying to create a rift between me and people I have worked with.”

The Kanairo hitmaker provided a link on his Instagram account to his only official Facebook page, Mejja Official Account, urging fans to be cautious.

He expressed gratitude to those who have supported him through this ordeal, acknowledging the assistance from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and the Parklands Police Station.

Mejja concluded by revealing that there are numerous profiles mimicking him, and he is committed to addressing each one systematically.

He has also shared an OB number he used in reporting the incident.

Mejja’s tumber lands him lucrative deal with alcohol beverage

Kenyan genge artist Mejja has partnered with rum brand Captain Morgan as the lead influencer for the brand. The partnership will see Mejja actively engage in Captain Morgan events and communicate the brand’s essence through his social channels for eight months.

Marketing Manager Spirits East Africa Breweries, Kennedy Mutula, said that the partnership was a way to appeal to more people to unapologetically express themselves. “We know he has what it takes to take the brand to the next level as he is relatable and connects to our target consumers,” Mutula said.

Mejja said that he was excited to be partnering with Captain Morgan and that he was looking forward to redefining what it means to add spice to life. “Together with Captain Morgan, we will bring the party to you,” Mejja said.

A source privy to the endorsement deal said that Mejja was chosen as the lead influencer because his music genre appeals to the target audience that Captain Morgan is going after. “Mejja is an accessible champion of fun, and he brings his own spice to occasions,” the source said.

The partnership between Mejja and Captain Morgan is a sign of the growing popularity of Kenyan genge music. Genge music is a genre of music that originated in the slums of Nairobi and is characterized by its catchy beats and lyrics that often deal with social issues.

The partnership is also a sign of the growing popularity of rum in Kenya. Rum is a popular drink in Kenya, and Captain Morgan is one of the most popular rum brands in the country.

The partnership between Mejja and Captain Morgan is a win-win for both parties. Mejja will be able to reach a wider audience with his music, and Captain Morgan will be able to reach a younger demographic. The partnership is sure to be a success.

Mejja Recalls Major Near Fatal Health Scare

Mejja, a Kenyan singer, has recalled a major health scare that he experienced in 2017. He suffered a ruptured appendix, which could have been fatal.

Mejja was working on the song “Bablas” with his band Kansoul at the time. He started having a recurring stitch, which he ignored. However, the pain eventually became too much, and he was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.

The doctors told Mejja that he had suffered a ruptured appendix, which is a serious condition that can lead to sepsis and death if not treated promptly. They recommended immediate surgery, which Mejja underwent.

The surgery was successful, but Mejja was left in a lot of pain. He also had to deal with the emotional trauma of the experience.

Mejja is grateful to the doctors who saved his life, and he is also grateful for the support of his family and friends. He is now back to his normal routine, and he is determined to live his life to the fullest.

Mejja’s story is a reminder of the importance of taking care of our health. If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort, it is important to see a doctor right away. Early diagnosis and treatment can save your life.

Mejja Explains Why His Relationship Is At Risk

Genge artist Mejja has hinted that his relationship of close to two years might be in trouble. In an interview with various online media outlets, the artist implied that his partner might be unfaithful.

When asked how the relationship was fairing, Mejja responded, “Heeh! Uhm hiyo sector, ndio nataka kuenda therapy…” (Translation: “That sector, I need to go to therapy…”)

The digital content creators were caught by surprise and asked Mejja to clarify his words. “Is it that she’s not around?” they asked.

Mejja responded by quoting the famous Nairobi slogan, “Your girlfriend is only yours when you are with her.” This suggests that he believes his partner might be cheating on him when he is not around.

Mejja’s comments have sparked speculation about the state of his relationship. Some fans have expressed concern for the artist, while others have speculated that the relationship is over.

It is unclear what the future holds for Mejja’s relationship. However, his comments have certainly raised eyebrows and have left fans wondering what is going on.


Genge artist Mejja hints at relationship troubles

Genge artist Mejja has hinted that his relationship of close to 2 years might be in trouble. Speaking with various online media, the artist implied that his partner might be unfaithful when asked how the relationship was fairing on.

When asked about his relationship, Mejja responded with a chuckle and a sigh, saying that he “needs to go to therapy” about it. When asked if his partner was still around, he replied that she was, but that things were “complicated.”

He went on to say that he believes that a woman is only yours when you are with her, and that you can’t really know if she’s yours until you’ve been together for 5 or 10 years. He compared this to Uhuru Park, which is technically public property but is still considered to be “owned” by the people who use it regularly.

“Heh! Uhm hiyo sector, ndio nataka kuenda therapy… Your girlfriend is only yours when you are with her.
Mimi husema hivi, mpaka ukae na dame miaka tano au kumi hivi ndio unaweza kuja hapa usema ni wako. Lakini manzi ni wako akiwa kwako, akitoka nje ni mali ya uma.Sasa ni kama kuniuliza kama Uhuru Park ni yangu, si ni ya uma?
Hadi upate title deed ndio unaweza sema Uhuru Park ni yako but until then ni mali ya uma. Lazima ukumbuke manzi ni wako akiwa kwako, akitoka nje tu hivi ni mali ya uma, lazima mpige na yeye miaka kadhaa hivi ndio ujue ni wako.”


In a different interview 7 months ago, Mejja said that he wasn’t sure if he would end up marrying his current girlfriend, saying that “Kanairo Dating” is not easy and that you can’t know what will happen. However, he also said that he loved her very much.

It is unclear what the future holds for Mejja’s relationship, but his comments suggest that things are not as rosy as they once were.

Mejja reveals he nolonger smokes bhangi, he boils and drinks it

Genge rapper Mejja has come clean about whether or not he utilizes marijuana and it is no shock to anyone that he does or should we say that he did because he has now revealed he can no longer smoke it.

Toxic Relationships Are Very Addictive’- Mejja

This new development came about after he realised it was messing up with his voice: He went for a concert and was unable to perform because his voice was compromised after smoking copious amounts of bhangi.

Illest Genge rapper Mejja

And as a result you would think that he has decided to stop smoking the herb but who is Mejja if not persevering man because he came up with a new idea of how he can continue to consume the herb.

Mejja is smarter than 80% of Kenyan celebs

That’s right rather than smoke it these days Mejja prefers to boil it and drink it and eat the residue that’s left over no doubt this has the same effect and could even be more potent. Some of the benefits of marijuana are:

  • Lowering blood pressure. …
  • Reducing inflammation. …
  • Preventing relapse in drug and alcohol addiction. …
  • Treating anxiety disorders. …
  • Treating gastrointestinal (GI) disorders. …
  • Preventing seizures. …
  • Fighting cancer.
  • Mejja’s story and what other musicians can learn about self-reinvention

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    Toxic Relationships Are Very Addictive’- Mejja

    Legendary singer Mejja has already moved on after finding new love. The singer recently introduced his new girl to the public through a video where he was celebrating her on her birthday. Reportedly, the name of Mejja’s new catch is Zuri Ray.

    The two danced together shared a cake and even took the affection further by sharing a kiss. This comes as good news going by his past relationship which did not end well.

    Mejja, speaking on relationship issues in a recent interview, claimed it has become so hard for him to trust women again after his wife left him suddenly.

    “Toxic relationships are very addictive.

    You think you have gotten over it only for you to relapse.

    Toxic babes are very good cooks, Unajaribu kumuacha hawachiki.” He joked

    He further added that he’s currently keen on red flags & toxic women who try to ruin his career. Mejja probably meant that his previous relationship was toxic but he took time to get over it.

    Kanairo Dating Blunder!- Will Mejja’s New Relationship Last?

    Legendary musician Mejja is back to dating again; and this time, we have finally seen the face of his new girlfriend as she celebrated her birthday recently.

    A short clip posted by Nairobi Gossip shows Mejja receiving a piece of cake from his girlfriend as the crowd cheers them on.

    Mejja had previously stated that he was dating although he wasn’t ready to publicize his new woman on social media.

    “I’m not dating a celebrity since I want to have a different experience of how their day was,” he said.

    “I have learnt a lesson sana in my past relationships. These days, no posting yet. We have been together for a while now. No pictures, no videos, nothing.

    He continued to justify his reason for keeping his relationship surreptitious;

    “Once you announce your woman online, that relationship won’t last.”

    “Now I decided never to post again, tuskume maisha.”

    Mejja’s Struggle

    Mejja was in love with Milly Wairimu and the two love birds were head over heels for each other. On February 14, 2021, Valentine’s Day, Milly, who parted ways with Mejja in December 2020 after dating for one and a half years claimed the artiste wasn’t a great family man.

    She further trolled the musician on his birthday and claimed she wished she never met the singer. Mejja eschewed response and shortly after, we came to learn that he had actually moved on. The name of his new catch is still under wraps. But you can watch their clip here

    Singer Mejja opens up about his little brother’s struggle with alcoholism

    Singer Mejja jas always kept his family affairs off special media for almost a decade now….and unlike your other favorite celebrities – who enjoy parading everything on their social media pages to survive, Mejja has always said his family shouldn’t be dragged online for whatever reason even it means his career depends on it.

    Genge rapper Mejja

    However times are changing and for some reason Mejja is also sharing unknown details about his family and to our surprise – turns put he has other two younger brother who he helped back in the day when living in Majengo with his grandma, Khadija Rehema. Speaking on his background, Mejja said;

    Mejja with mum

    I lived with my mum, my grandmother helped take care of my two brothers before my mum became stable.”

    Supporting brother through healing process

    Well, speaking of his siblibgs…Mejja for the first time disclosed unknown details about a brother of his – who has been battling alcohol addiction and from what he says….thanks to his small bro, he now knows better than to judge or laught at someone battling an addiction.

    Speaking about his brother, Mejja said;

    Pressure came in and he started drinking so much I was husting and taking care of him to make sure he is ok. It was a lot

    Adding that;

    Amepunguza but through him, I have learnt not to judge people struggling with alcoholism. He is now able to control his drinking. He can hold a steady job but there are relapses.

    And having learnt more about alcoholism through his brother’s experience Mejja says that;

    Alcoholism is a disease. If you say you will cut them off you are endangering them. Be patient.

    And now he couldnt be any more proud of the small steps his brother has been making through his healing process. However….it is no walk in the park.

    Mejja’s story and what other musicians can learn about self-reinvention

    A lot has been said about Major Nameye Khadija, popularly known as Mejja and it’s the truth is that we’ve not seen the end of it.

    Also read: We want the old Mejja back and we are not joking

    Many people, including myself, often criticize him for getting worse as a musician after he joined The Kansoul but I think other musicians can learn a thing or two from him about self re-invention.


    You see, the Mejja that many of us grew up listening to was a great story teller. His jams were not only infectious but you could also laugh while listening to them because he had a good sense of humor.

    He later teamed up with Kid Kora and Madtraxx to form The Kansoul and many people often say that he lost taste after that since his lyrics were not as catchy as they used to be. Notably, he had also lost his sense of wit.

    You know, I don’t blame Mejja for joining the group. I feel like if he had tried to go it alone, we would have forgotten about him by now. He would be just another Jimwat.

    The truth is that people, especially Kenyans, get tired of things very fast. Also there’s the fact that times change, what people loved in the early 2000s can’t be relevant right now. That’s the plain truth.

    The Kansoul
    The Kansoul

    In my opinion, time and time again Mejja has had to change tack time and time again because the Kenyan industry is fast-paced, it’s either you shape up or shape out.

    Sometimes an artist might take a direction that does not sit well with their fans and it’s okay but as they say, the end justifies the means.

    Self-reinvention is critical for musicians if they want to remain relevant. There are no two ways about it. Sometimes an artist has to make hard decisions – for instance when Mejja jumped on the Gengetone wave.

    As fans we might not understand some of this things but they just have to be done or else we will have artists who are relevant for two years or less before they disappear into oblivion.

    Why you will never see Mejja flaunting his wealth & personal life on social media

    Gengetone king, Mejja has come from far that is judging from his recent interview with presenter Ali. The guy not only talked about his humble background but his journey throughout the 10 plus years he has been representing Genge music.


    Just like most, the beginning was tough but after sometime his music started to pay off. However you have to remember that although he was getting major air play – behind closed doors his bank account was still suffocating.

    Years later, the artist has a testimony of how his career picked up – making him one of the most recognized singers in East Africa.

    Why Mejja never boasts

    Speaking to presenter Ali, Mejja also got to reveal why he has never shared photos of his wealth or private life on social media; and turns out it’s not something new since he learnt the importance of privacy when still very young.

    Mejja trolled by ex online

    According to Mejja, his grandma is the reason he does not boast about his achievements or why you’ll never see him posting things like food online.

    Apparently back in the day, he was once punished by his grandma for eating outside while others watched and her reason for this was; hujui nani amelala njaa na unamringishia chakula. More of like kuonesha mungu tumbo yako.

    Although he was young, Mejja says he held on to these words till date; and most importantly has learnt not to parade his life for other peoples entertainment.

    Well, I guess also seeing how his ex girlfriend acted after their breakup months after he’d introduced her online; chances are that Mejja finally understands why his grandma was harsh on him back then.


    Mama’s boy! Mejja unveils adorable photo with his mummy leaving fans talking about uncanny resemblance

    They say mothers and their sons share a special bond that cannot be broken. It’s true because even your own girlfriends and wives can’t come before your mums, right?

    Anyway with that said, singer Mejja has given his fans another reason to talk after sharing a new photo in the company of his mummy dearest. Although he did not say much in his caption, all Mejja wrote is;

    Khadija Na Mtoto Wake #BARAKA

    Mejja with his mum

    Well at least we got to know that his mother is called Khadija and and other thing is that Mejja looks everything like his mum; which leaves us wondering what other role his dad played apart from being a sperm donor. Mejja’s words.

    Mejja’s absentee dad

    A while back Mejja revealed that he was raised by a single mum, Khadija adding that he also took her last name since his dad dodged them while young.


    Sharing new information from his childhood, Mejja once opened up in an interview saying;

      I call myself Khadija because my father was a sperm donor. As a child, I didn’t understand the sacrifices she made for us. Sometimes, I would find her crying in the house and she would act like nothing was wrong.


    When I grew up and had my family, I realized she went through a lot to raise three boys. After coming to Nairobi, people would always comment about the name saying it’s a woman’s so I started insisting mtoto wa Khadija. She’s my inspiration.

    “I wish you nothing but a bad life, Idiot!” Ex Wife to Mejja as he celebrates birthday

    Mejja’s ex wife Milly Wairimu is one bitter woman and at this point, I believe fans really want to know what led to their breakup cause damn – this lady is just too bitter!

    Okay, I don’t know if you still check on your exes after a breakup but what I know is that ukisonga unasonga ukiendanga (you move on and never look back.)

    However I feel that it’s not everybody who gets to enjoy a peaceful breakup. But the again why? If you’re dumped, shouldn’t you move on…let it go…why hang on to something that pains you? Where else…unaeza rudi soko (lakini Si pande ya vitunguu ama Viatu) and still enjoy life?

    Mejja’s ex jilted lover

    Anyway if you ever wondered what a jilted lover carries herself then allow me to explain what Mejja’s ex wife did on his birthday.

    Well, as fans celebrate Mejja who turns a year older today (May 23rd) his ex wife has joined the bandwagon – but unlike the rest wishing his favor and blessing as he turns older; Ex Milly wishes him the opposite and is not afraid of putting it out there for people to see.

    Milly Wairimu made this public in a new post where she shared an old photo with the genge artist to which she captioned;

    Happy birthday idiot i wish you nothing but bad life i mean you have to pay for your wicked ways jibambe

    Mejja with ex, Milly Wairimu

    Is it just me or is Milly Wairimu taking things abit too far especially since she seems to be the one shading Mejja all the time – yet he still ignores and moves on like nothing happened?

    Mmmh….clearly Milly Wairimu hawachiki anytime soon.

    Mejja trashed by ex girlfriend following bitter breakup

    Don’t you just hate it when a happy relationship ends in tears? It hurts, I know and I’m guessing this is why most females take it upon themselves to expose their exes for the bitter part of the relationship – now that things are over and of course hakuna kurudiana tena, right?

    Genge rapper Mejja

    Also read: “My father was a sperm donor” Mejja opens up

    Well it’s true and thanks to Mejja’s ex girlfriend I’ll get to help you understand what I’m saying. So, Milly Wairimu who was Mejja’s ex has come out to expose the singer for putting her through a tough experience in their relationship that she now regrets ever meeting him.

    As seen on a post shared on Instagram, Ms Wairimu wrote;


    Manze najua mnapenda uyu msee but manze kenye alinipitishia????????????????! Idon’t think any human deserves it! But maybe one day ill talk about my story.For now
    Napendwa vizuri call me mrs B????

    Also read: The advice Mejja gave is great but it is too old fashioned to work

    Mejja’s ex cries foul

    Although Milly Wairimu doesn’t regret that they’ve separated she goes to trash him for not being man enough yaani hatoshi mboga. Alaar.

    #uyubazuu wenyu hatoshi y’all can judge me i know him better Hawezi????????????
    Bazuu wa uduu???????????? But kama celeb ako tu sawa100% But ikikam ni familia Chorea???????? Still will always be his biggest fun though musically otherwise i wish i never met him.but i want to be better not bitter????

    Well chances are that Mejja may have hurt her in the worst possible way…but imagine if every woman was to trash their exes on social media? Wouldn’t this be one bitter world?

    But now that she got the ball rolling about her past…let’s see what else she will end up sharing cause clearly, she pulled an audience.

    Mejja comes under attack after dropping a whack verse in Bensoul’s ‘Nairobi’ (Video)

    Celebrated Kenyan singer Major Nameye Khadija, known to you and I as Mejja, found himself on the receiving end after netizens claimed that his verse on Bensoul’s latest jam Nairobi featuring Sauti Sol and Nviiri is below par.

    Also read: Mejja has become too much, perhaps it’s time for him to restrategize

    Okwonkwo, as he is popularly known, was the man behind the biggest hits in 2020. As such, we would not blame Bensoul for asking him to drop a verse on the track.


    However, many Kenyans were not really impressed with his lyrics in Nairobi – which basically talks about how girls are sleeping with every Tom, Dick and Harry.

    While some opined that him featuring in every song that comes out has become monotonous, others claimed that he ruined Nairobi, which according to them is a good song, and that his verse should be deleted.



    Watch the video below and tell us what you think.


    “My father was a sperm donor” Mejja opens up

    Genge singer Mejja is not only known for his tumbler but is an artist who allegedly carried the whole Kenyan music industry on his back in 2020.

    Well, looking at how successful his career was in the pandemic year; there is no doubt that Mejja indeed kept the industry alive for a minute.

    However despite his fame and money, not many know much about his personal life. This is because for years he has chosen to keep his life private but just recently Mejja went on an interview where he opened up about his life; and why he chose to use his mums surname instead of his dads.


    Well, turns out that Mejja and his siblings were raised by single mum; who struggled but sacrificed her life to give her kids the life they deserved.

    Mejja opens up his mum

    Speaking for the first time about his surname, Mejja went on to reveal that his dad walked on him and his siblings; forcing their poor mum to struggle on her own with no one else to help her. He said,

    “I call myself Khadija because my father was a sperm donor. As a child, I didn’t understand the sacrifices she made for us. Sometimes, I would find her crying in the house and she would act like nothing was wrong.”

    He went on to add;

    “When I grew up and had my family, I realized she went through a lot to raise three boys. After coming to Nairobi, people would always comment about the name saying it’s a woman’s so I started insisting mtoto wa Khadija. She’s my inspiration,”

    History repeating itself?

    Although history seems to be repeating itself now that he also has children with a baby mama; Mejja says he will not put his children in any position that they will ever look at him as a sperm donor. He went on to add;

    Mejja’s adorable daughter

    I have faced so many challenges that in an ideal situation, my father’s advice would have come in handy- but I had to deal with a lot on my own. There are some things you can’t tell your mother as it would give her more stress.

    He went on to add;

    People don’t realize that I have children- I promised myself to never be away from them. I didn’t want to raise my kids outside the family unit but circumstances forced me to. It doesn’t matter if we are not together with baby mama- the child did nothing wrong.

    Mejja has become too much, perhaps it’s time for him to restrategize

    I’m a huge fan of Major Nameye Khadija alias Mejja or Okwonkwo but I am starting to feel like he is becoming too much and as you are all aware, too much of something is bad.

    Also read: Mejja is undeniably Kenya’s king of collabos

    No one is denying the fact that he is really talented. Actually, some people, myself included, even refer to him as the king of collabos. But the fact is that he is in too much supply.



    Since the year began, Mejja has featured in a number of jams and to be honest if you asked me to mention all of them I am sure I can’t.

    I’m not saying it is wrong to feature in many tracks but I just feel that if an artist is a good as Mejja is, then he or she should not just jump on any song that comes their way and increase their demand in turn.

    The Niko Poa hitmaker is probably one of the best lyricists in Kenya at the moment. People often wonder how he has been able to maintain relevance for about two decades and the reason is that he has a rare gift.


    And this explains why every artist wants to do a collabo with him. Since Utawezana went viral, local musicians feel like he the person you go to when you want to have a hit and that is indeed true.

    To be honest, I feel it’s about time he started turning down artists because he has now become too much and I don’t mean that in a bad way.

    Mejja has gotten to a point where you can almost predict what he is going to say in a song while holding his signature tumbler. As such, I feel it’s time for him to punch his brakes.

    I feel that if he continues at the same pace i.e. jumping on every song that comes his way, it won’t take long before we get fed up/bored with him.

    Anyway, listen to Cheza Kama Wewe Remix below where he was featured by Trio Mio.


    Big man Bazuu! Genge artist Mejja makes surprising revelation about his collaborations

    Singer Mejja has had a successful year and after years of many underrating his music; the Genge artist finally got his breakthrough and like never before we now appreciate the type of content he gives his fans through his music.

    So far Kenyans and the East African region continue to celebrate Mejja; but a few characters here and there have decided to ruin his image by conning fans on social media.

    As seen on a new post shared by Mejja, he goes on to distance himself from a post claiming he took Ksh 12,ooo for an interview. As seen on the post shared by Mejja, a guy identified as Kevin Anyango who hosts a podcast claims to have paid Mejja for an interview; but unfortunately he never showed up.

    The fella went on to describe Mejja as extremely arrogant, extortionist among other big names… the guy wrote;

    Also read: Meet Gengetone singer Mejja’s beautiful daughter

    Mejja responds

    Having come across the post Mejja decided to respond to this guy’s accusations; and boy did Mejja reveal shocking and unknown details.

    Also read: Mejja shares his side of story after ‘Lewa’ hitmakers accuse Kiss FM of favoritism

    Apparently he does not own a Facebook account nor does he charge for interviews. In his post for the very first time Mejja went on to reveal that he does not charge for collaborations too; which left us wondering how he then makes money at the end of the day.

    Turns out that generosity has highly contributed to his success; and the fact that his golden heart has kept him away from scandals – his die hard fans continue to push him to the top.

    Hii Ni UJinga GaNi TeNa, Whoever Is Doing This Should Stop; And Apologize Failure To Which I Will Go To The Authorities. I Don’t Know This Person Or The Money Said, Na Pliiiiiiiiz Wagenge I Am Only On IG SiNa Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok. So Any Number u Get From This Socia Media Accounts NI FAKE!!!! Mniwache NiKule Mimea Na Amani, I Do Collabos For Free Ni Interview Ntaenda Ku itisha Pesa Seriously Stop Clout Chasing With Peoples Careers Na Hii Imezidi Ntawacha KuToa Ngoma KuTuLie Juu Vile Naona NaPenda Peace Yangu Manze Shukran GODBLESS

    Meet Gengetone singer Mejja’s beautiful daughter 

    2020 has undeniably been a good year for singer Mejja. Almost all the songs he has managed to be featured on have become hit songs; and now that we are headed to December – hopefully he has one more project for his die hard fans.

    Anyway not many are aware that Mejja doubles up as an artist and a father. This is because he enjoys keeping his private life off social media; but during special events like birthdays, he has no option but to celebrate her.

    As she turns a year older in 2020 the singer has gone ahead to mark this new milestone with a beautiful message; where he went on to write;

    Also read; Mejja shares his side of story after ‘Lewa’ hitmakers accuse Kiss FM of favoritism

    Mejja’s adorable daughter

    Happy Born Day My Heart ♥ MAY YOU GROW TO BE A GOD FEARING WOMAN With Her Own Principles NAKUPENDA

    Mejja and baby mama

    Although Mejja and his daughter’s mum are no longer together; the two have made sure they avoid any online scandals that would affect their family now or in future.

    Also read: Jalang’o teams up with Mejja in groundbreaking movie-themed TV advert (Video)

    He however moved on and is currently living with his new found love. Judging from their social media posts, it’s clear to see that the two remain in love and since they have no child of their own; hopefully soon he will be welcoming his second born.

    Happy birthday to the little princess!

    Mejja shares his side of story after ‘Lewa’ hitmakers accuse Kiss FM of favoritism

    Earlier today singer Parroty Vunululu shared an interesting post accusing Kiss FM of favoring Mejja following an incident that went down at the kiss FM’s offices. According to Parroty Vunululu, the Kiss FM morning team refused to interview them since Mejja was not present.

    However Mejja has come with a different narrative saying that he had already informed Parroty, Kabagazi; and OneBoy and their management that he would be present for the interview. This is because he had another commitment that needed his attention.

    Also read:Jalang’o hits backs after ‘Lewa’ hitmaker publicly calls out Kiss FM for discriminating the Gengetone group

    Parroty and Jalang’o

    In his long post Mejja went on to add that he was not aware that they had already reached out Kiss FM confirming that the interview was still on. He wrote;

    NiMeingia Internet NaKuTa Kumewaka MoTo, My Side Of The Story Ni I Was Called By @parroty_vunulu And I Told Him I Am Not Available Juu NiLiKuwa Na Travel Na Mtoi Leo Na Hiyo Time Ndio AliKuwa AnaPanga INTERVIEW No One Told Me WaliKuwa Washa Call @kiss100kenya , To Me NiLiKuwa NiMe Explain Monday Hivo.

    Also read:Jalang’o teams up with Mejja in groundbreaking movie-themed TV advert (Video)


    Mejja who has been in the game for years intervened for the two parties saying that this was just a misunderstanding caused by miscommunication. He went on to however thank Kamene and Jalang’o for showing their support all through.

    The popular genge singer concluded by adding;

    Cheki Kitu Inaendelea Hapa Ni Break Down In Communication Na Emotions ZiKo High, To Be Fair To @kiss100kenya Walianza Kucheza Hiyo Ngoma Ikiwa Mpya Mpaka NiMe Post Kwa IG Yangu @jalangoo Na @kamenegoro WakiJam Na Ngoma You Can Check The Date, Cheki Mimi Ni Mse Wa MIMEA NDIO SIPENDI Ma Drama Mob NaTaKa Kuseti MoJa NiKiomba Watu Wa Calm Down TAFADHALI I Will Work On The Background KuTuLie Side Yote And I Respect Both Side And We Are All Humans Shukran Wagenge GODBLESS

    Jalang’o teams up with Mejja in groundbreaking movie-themed TV advert (Video)

    It is one thing to see an ad and already imagine what comes next but it is totally different when it turns out contrary to your expectations.

    Popularly known for his signature in comedy, Jalang’o would more often than not be mistaken for a guy who jokes too much and is never serious with life but when he actually means business, trust you me, he does.

    MC Jalas aka Felix Odiwuor

    Most captivating was a Peptang ad he did in collabo with Genge rapper Mejja that you might at first mistake for a movie trailer.

    Almost exactly like most scenes especially in this Italian mafia movies complete with those intimidating bodyguards dressed in all-black sharp suits and a helicopter for the main act.

    Also read: Jalango’s new photo with Taita bae while on first vacation since cheating scandal sparks mixed reactions

    The Big Boss, this time round a no-nonsense lady alights the helicopter to meet face-to-face with a straight-faced Jalang’o in what seemed like a power deal.

    A bossy Jalas complete with his team of well-built bodyguards inspects the package which is but mangoes, bites a juicy one and immediately storms the place with one big laugh before signing the deal.

    Then it’s Mejja’s turn and he grabs his popular tumbler, pours in some fruit juice and into his mouth, praising the brand for its original blends. Less of what the business was all about and more about the entire mood, all at a different level. Be the judge;

    His fans flocked the comment section to laud the kid for a job exceptionally done beyond words.





    Amazing stuff!????


    Kali sana the advert imeweza

    10 Kenyan artists whose concerts you must attend when lockdown is finally lifted

    With the significant reduction of positive COVID-19 cases over the last two weeks, it seems things will soon go back to normal and the restrictions that had been put in place to curb the spread of the deadly virus will be lifted.

    Also read: What next for Kenyan entertainment after COVID-19?

    Measures such as banning large public gatherings and ordering the closure of clubs and have denied many Kenyans a chance to socialize and see their favourite artists performing live for a whole 6 months.

    As such, I decided to write down a list of Kenyan artist who I feel many people, including yours truly, are eager to see performing on stage. Here are their names in no particular order and to be honest I don’t mind if someone can get all of them to do one show.

    1. Mejja – Okwonkwo as he is popularly known has been on a roll since the year began. He has dropped fire collabos and I believe many people are yearning to see him on stage because he’s a showstopper.


    2. Sauti Sol – If you watched Sauti Sol’s virtual concert last month then I’m sure you can’t wait to see them on stage soon because nothing beats a Sauti Sol live experience.

    Sauti Sol

    3. Nadia Mukami – She is arguably the biggest female artist in Kenya at the moment and to add to that, Nadia has also released many jams during the social distancing period that many people would want to see her performing live.

    Nadia Mukami

    4. Otile Brown – The mellow-voiced singer whose real name is Jacob Otieno Obunga dropped a fire album during the social distancing period and watching him perform those songs live will be an unforgettable experience.

    Otile Brown
    Otile Brown

    5. Khaligraph Jones – The OG or Papa Jones has also been working really hard and if you have ever attended his show then you know that he means business when he gets on stage.

    Khaligraph Jones and Ice Prince featured by Kofi Jamar in 'In The City'
    Khaligraph Jones

    6. Ssaru – I know many of you can not wait to see this lass performing because she literally blew up when we were in lockdown. To add to that, she has some dope wordplay and rhymes.


    7. Timmy Tdat – I had to include the Dus Nyau hitmaker because his energy when he is on stage is unmatched. If you attend his concert, you go home feeling like you got value for your money.

    Timmy Tdat enlists G Nako and Dogo Janja for 'I Don't Care'

    8. Willy Paul – During the lockdown, Pozze has dropped collabos with Mejja, Nadia Mukami, Bien Aime, Ruby and done many successful single projects. Therefore, you just have to see him performing live.

    Willy Paul pours his heart out in 'Magnetic'

    9. Moji Short Babaa – If you are a promoter and you want an urban gospel artist who will pull huge crowds to your event then look no further than this chap.

    Moji Short Babaa
    Moji Short Babaa

    10. Mbogi Genje – Many of us have gotten to see Gengetone groups like 34 GVNG, Sailors, Ochunglo Family, Ethic, etc. performing but we are yet to see Mbogi Genje and that would be an awesome experience because they are unique and so taleneted.

    Mbogi Genje, the Gengetone group that has everyone talking
    Mbogi Genje

    Willis Raburu’s weeks-old ‘Kalale’ tune goes viral, hits 1M views on YouTube (Video)

    Willis Raburu meant his word after revealing he would be going into music for his love of Gengetone and trust you me, he just went Big with his debut hit!

    August 28, the kid paired up with Ethic’s Rekless, fast-rising rapper Breeder LW, Genge star Mejja and beauty queen, Ssaru for their jam Kalale.

    Also read: Wild reactions after Willis Raburu’s controversial post of ratchet Kenyan socialite (Photo)

    Barely a week since, the video directed by veteran Kenyan producer, J Blessing clocked a solid 1M views and over. Impressed that it actually worked to his advantage, the Citizen TV journalist aka ‘Bazu’ screamed at the top of his voice;


    Mr Raburu aka Bazu

    Also read: “It felt like a stab wound to the heart,” Willis Raburu’s ex, Marya Prude speaks for first time since nasty breakup

    It was not even about the massive reception but the fact that he dared to dream that he would one day find his place in the music industry and shocking enough, it blew right before his eyes. His first track had garnered so many views to his utter surprise.

    For a start, for a DREAM I HAD! FIRST TIME! Thank you for believing in a dream and a vision!

    Media personality, Willis Raburu

    Having gone viral, just like South Africa’s Jerusalema anthem, Kenyans have already stated a #kalalechallenge to mark the signature debut that was served hot!

    Fans took to the comment section to laud the Wabebe fanatic for a job ruthlessly done!

    _epic.ngaash_ Bazuu iendelee kuwaka???????? 4ever????????congrats men..mmefika place fiti


    ziro_jeremih This is Fiiire????????????



    Congratulations to the team! Watch:

    Mejja is undeniably Kenya’s king of collabos

    If you’re a Kenyan musician and you want your song to do extremely well, then you have no other option than to look for Major Nameye Khadija, known to you and I as Mejja. The rules are quite simple.

    Also read: We want the old Mejja back and we are not joking

    Mejja is proving to be the King of Kenyan collabos with every subsequent release. Interestingly, very little is heard of Kristoff who held that position for a very long time but that is a story for another day, isn’t it?

    Mejja with Femi One on Utawezana

    Since the year began, every song that he has been featured on has topped East African charts, including the latest one with Jovial dubbed Pakate. It was released barely 48 hours ago yet it has already crossed the 160,000 views.

    Of course, we have to mention Utawezana, where Mejja was featured by Femi One. It is literally the biggest song this year. We can argue until the cows come home but we both know that I’m right.

    Others are Prakata, that Mejja did with Willy Paul, Kalale – which he did with Willis Raburu, Ssaru, Breeder LW and Rekless, Watoto Na Pombe, where he was featured by Otile Brown.

    Mejja poses for a photo with Willy Paul

    There’s also Wanani Remix where Mejja outshone every other person and Mpenzi Mtazamaji, which he did with his longtime friend Madtraxx and Ochunglo Family.

    Clearly, this lad is on a roll because all the aforementioned songs are big hits. All of them. And to think that there was a time when people, including myself, said that he lost relevance after joining The Kansoul.

    What drove most of us to this conclusion was that he was no longer the comical story teller that most of us grew up to love. Somehow, lost this special skill that set him apart after teaming up with Madtraxx and Kid Kora.

    The Kansoul
    The Kansoul

    If you are keen, I am sure you’ve have noticed how has been re inventing himself, trying to get back to the Mejja who treated us to hit like Kuliendaje, Poa, Barua, just to name a few.

    That explains why every artist wants Mejja on their song. He has rediscovered himself, if that makes sense, so every jam that he is on just does well. He’s like that one ingredient that if you add to your food, it makes a big difference.

    There’s a lot that that artists who are trying to make a comeback on the local music scene can learn from Mejja and that is the power of patience and re-invention. He should probably do a masterclass.

    We have not seen the best of Mejja yet. Word is going around that he will soon drop another song dubbed Wamocho with Mbogi Genje and my good friend Richy Haniel. Even before I hear it, I know that it will be a big hit.

    Mejja with Richy Haniel and members of Mbogi Genje

    The Kansoul is irreplaceable!

    As I was listening to The Kansoul’s latest release with Sudi Boy dubbed Mapigo, I realized that I still enjoy their music 5 years down the line. Perhaps, I enjoy their music even more now.

    Truth be told, I’ve never come across a song by The Kansoul that I totally didn’t feel. Maybe I didn’t vibe to some songs when I first heard them but they grew in me with time.

    I have been a fan of the group since 2014 and it has been a beautiful journey. From the days of Dabo Tap, to Utamu Wa Life to No Woman No Party to Nyongwa to Bablas to their latest release Pikoko Lithim, the party has never stopped.

    Also read: We want the old Mejja back and we are not joking

    In my opinion, The Kansoul is here to stay because their style can’t be replicated. If you were thinking of copying Mejja, Madtraxx or Kid Kora don’t even try because you’ll fail terribly. Put simply, they are irreplaceable.

    You see, all the three members of  this group are creative geniuses. Each of them has a unique approach to music, their voices are also unique and they just merge well in a track that you will find yourself hitting the replay button a couple of times.

    The Kansoul
    The Kansoul

    To add to that, Madtraxx produces most of their songs so I don’t need to tell you that he puts his best foot forward when he’s in studio. The result is a beat that slaps really had and blends well with the lyrics. Like I said before, they are creative geniuses.

    I might have some concerns about how Mejja has transformed from a storyteller to having ratchet lyrics like geuka nikubeng but we’ll forget about that for a moment because he’s the main reason why we even listen to The Kansoul.

    The Kansoul
    The Kansoul

    Kid Kora is also a gifted musician. However, I have to admit that sometimes I forget that he’s part of The Kansoul but that’s just me.

    Side note: Can someone please tell The Kansoul that we eagerly await their next solo release? We really love the collabos but we’ve honestly had enough!

    Watch The Kansoul’s mega hit dubbed Bablas below.