Mercy Kyallo describes her intense 24-hour interaction with DCI personnel

Businesswoman Mercy Kyallo has revealed an incident where she was almost on the wrong side of the law, having been arrested by the Flying Squad. The reality TV star explained that the misunderstanding occurred when she received money from someone who was wanted by the detectives. Mercy clarified that the money was for something innocent, and she was unaware of the person’s status as a fugitive.

Speaking with movie director and scriptwriter Phil Director, Mercy recalled the intense interrogation that lasted 24 hours. The Flying Squad confined her in a car, demanding answers about the whereabouts of the fugitive associated with the money she received.

“They sent me the money so innocently, it was for something super innocent. The Flying Squad got to know where the money was going, and they came for me. For 24 hours, I did not leave that car until I gave some answers. That’s the craziest story of my life,” Mercy shared.

During the interrogation, detectives played mind games and used different approaches to extract information. Mercy emphasized that she had to stand up for herself during the intense questioning.

“I was in the investigation room. I was asked questions like, ‘where are they?’ And you know these guys, they change their temperaments. Sometimes, he’s doing good cop bad cop, the same guy. Never want to enter into those investigations. I didn’t know anything, but I left there as if I had given all the information. It’s a strange story for me,” she added.

Mercy Kyallo Opens Up About Dating ‘Wababa’

In a recent interview with Massawe Japanni, Betty Kyallo’s younger sister Mercy Kyallo opened up about her dating history. She revealed that she has dated elderly men in the past, but is now in a relationship with someone who is not “from the stone age.”

The conversation about dating aged men came when Massawe asked Gloria Kyallo if she had ever dated an older man. Gloria quickly denied it, but Mercy admitted that she had.

“I have dated older men,” Mercy said. “But now I’m with someone who is not from the stone age.”

Betty Kyallo then chimed in, saying that she remembered when Mercy’s ex-boyfriend looked like an ancestor.

“I remember that time you called Mercy’s guy Babaa,” Betty said. “And he did look like an ancestor.”

Mercy laughed and said that she was young and foolish at the time. She said that she is now more mature and knows what she wants in a relationship.

“I’m not going to date someone just because he’s older,” Mercy said. “I want someone who is kind, respectful, and has a good heart.”

Mercy’s revelation has sparked a conversation about age gaps in relationships. Some people believe that age is just a number, while others believe that there should be a certain age range when it comes to dating.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide what they are comfortable with. However, it is important to remember that age is not the only factor that matters in a relationship. There are many other qualities that are more important, such as kindness, respect, and a good heart.

Mercy Kyallo Introduces Boyfriend

Mercy Kyallo, one of Kenya’s most popular media personalities, has finally introduced her boyfriend to the world. The reality TV star and businesswoman took to social media on Tuesday to share a photo of herself and her new man, Robert.

“Meet my boo,” Kyallo captioned the photo, which quickly went viral. Fans and followers were quick to congratulate the couple, with many expressing their excitement for Kyallo’s new chapter.

Kyallo has been notoriously private about her personal life, so the revelation that she is in a relationship came as a surprise to many. However, the star has hinted at her relationship in recent months, sharing cryptic posts on social media.

In April, Kyallo posted a photo of herself with a mystery man, but she did not reveal his identity. She later shared a video of herself kissing the same man, but she still did not reveal his name.

It was not until Tuesday that Kyallo finally put an end to the speculation by sharing a photo of herself and Robert. The couple looked happy and in love in the photo, which was taken at a beachside location.

Kyallo’s fans and followers were thrilled to finally learn the identity of her boyfriend. Many took to social media to congratulate the couple and wish them all the best.

“So happy for you,” one fan wrote. “You deserve all the happiness in the world.”

“Finally! We’ve all been waiting for this moment,” another fan said. “You two look so happy together.”

Kyallo has not yet shared any details about how she met Robert or how long they have been dating. However, it is clear that the couple is very much in love. We wish them all the best in their new relationship.

Mercy Kyallo and Robert Open Up About Their Relationship

Betty Kyallo’s younger sister, Mercy, is dating a bearded man named Robert. The couple has been together for over a year and a half, and they recently opened up about their relationship in an interview with Nairobi News.

Robert, who is also a businessman, said that he met Mercy through her sister, Betty. He said that he was immediately drawn to her kindness and intelligence.

“She is the woman I have been looking for,” he said. “I don’t care about the background noise, the hype or her fame. My only mission is to support her in any way I can.”

Mercy said that she is happy with Robert and that she is not afraid to show their relationship to the world.

“If the Obamas and the Beyonces don’t hide, who am I to hide him?” she said. “I see my relationship as something worth celebrating openly, regardless of the challenges that may arise.”

The couple said that they are not in a rush to get married, but they are both excited to see where their relationship takes them.

“We are taking things slow and enjoying each other’s company,” said Robert. “We are not putting any pressure on ourselves.”

Mercy said that she is grateful to have found someone who loves and supports her.

“I am so happy to have Robert in my life,” she said. “He is my best friend and my soulmate.”

The couple said that they are looking forward to building a life together.

“We are excited to see what the future holds,” said Robert. “We are a team and we are going to face whatever comes our way together.”

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Mercy Kyallo Explains Why She Stole Another Woman’s Boyfriend

Mercy Kyallo recently sat down with Mpasho to answer some quick-fire questions. In the interview, she revealed that she has stolen something in the past, but only to help someone who was being mistreated. She also said that she loves both of her sisters equally.

When asked if she had ever stolen anything, Kyallo said, “Yes, I have stolen something in the past. But it was not for myself. I stole something to help someone who was being mistreated.”

Kyallo did not say what she stole or who she stole it from, but she said that she felt justified in her actions because the person she was helping was in a bad situation.

Kyallo was also asked who her favorite sister is. She said, “I love both of my sisters equally. They are both amazing women and I am so lucky to have them in my life.”

Kyallo’s sisters are Jolene and Melissa. Jolene is a businesswoman and Melissa is a TV presenter. Kyallo has said that she is close to both of her sisters and that they are always there for each other.

In the interview, Kyallo also talked about her new show, Kyallo Kulture. The show is a reality TV show that follows Kyallo and her family as they go about their lives. Kyallo said that she is excited about the show and that she hopes it will give people a glimpse into her life.

Kyallo Kulture premiered on May 23, 2023. The show airs on KTN Home.

Betty Kyallo and Mercy Kyallo: Two Different Approaches to Love

Betty Kyallo and Mercy Kyallo are two sisters who have chosen different approaches to love. Betty has decided to keep her romantic life under wraps, while Mercy has been more open about hers.

Betty is a renowned media personality who is no stranger to media scrutiny. She has been in the public eye for many years and has experienced firsthand the negative impact that media attention can have on her personal life. As a result, she has decided to keep her romantic life private in an effort to protect herself and her relationships.

Mercy, on the other hand, has a different perspective on love. She believes that there is no need to hide her significant other from the public eye. She views her relationship as something worth celebrating openly, regardless of the challenges that might arise.

Mercy’s decision to be more open about her love life has been met with mixed reactions. Some people admire her for her courage and her willingness to live her life authentically. Others have criticized her for being too open and for sharing too much personal information on social media.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to share one’s romantic life with the public is a personal one. There is no right or wrong answer. Betty and Mercy have chosen different paths, and both of their choices are valid.

It is important to remember that everyone experiences love differently. What works for one person may not work for another. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to love. The most important thing is to be true to yourself and to do what feels right for you.

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Mercy Kyallo speaks on toxic relationship that ended up affecting her health

Betty Kyallo’s sister Mercy recently opened up about a past relationship that left her adding unnecessary weight.

Speaking to her big sister on their latest video aired on Betty Kyallo’s lately YouTube show; Mercy went on to disclose how exhausting her past was.

Well it all started after Betty Kyallo went on to ask her sister how she managed to shed off the unnecessary weight she had gained a while back. To which Mercy responded by saying;

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Chick let me tell you something, if you think you are fat and have done so many things to lose weight, start by losing the negativity around you.

Heart to heart with Mercy

When asked what negative people were around, the fun sis jokingly went on to point finger at Betty and Gloria; before finally speaking out her heart.

According to the curvaceous Mercy, she was stuck in an happy relationship that seem to have lasted longer than she expected. She went on to open up saying;

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 I was in a very long term relationship but I wasn’t happy and I think I tried to lose so much but I used to be so big. I used to run 4 times a month, like 10 kilometers. Watched what I was eating, I was on diet, salads always on this things

Just to prove that her point, Mercy says that her weight gain was caused by stress…something she couldn’t control at the time; but after being in peace for a few months, things then changed.

Mercy Kyallo puts on a very busty display as she steps out braless, leaving many with mixed reactions (Photos)

Mercy Kyallo turned 28 years just a few days ago and to celebrate this major milestone; the lass opted for a cleopatra like photoshoot!

As usual she went on to parade the photos through her Instagram page; showing off another bold side that many knew nothing about.

Looking at the photos it’s evident to see that the lass did not have a bra on; something that seems to have excited and upset some of her fans as seen on the photos.

Well being of age, I guess Mercy Kyallo did not see any harm in showing off her goodies; but little did she know that some would try to use the photos to bring her down.

Tbt;Mercy Kyallo’s nude photo shoot

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Mercy blasted

As seen on some of the comments, there are those who went on to blast the lass for allegedly being too desperate to get noticed by fans!

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One even went to an extent of talking about prostitution – but hey some of these comments   sometimes go too far which is not cool! However having been exposed to negativity ever since her sister Betty Kyallo became famous; Mercy Kyallo has been forced to grow some thick skin over the years.

So far we can all agree that Mercy has seen it all and although some of the words sting worse that wasp; composure always comes in handy! Anyway below are the amazing Cleopatra photos that seem to have rubbed fans the wrong way!

Mercy Kyallo turns 28 years

Celebrity trolled for bra less photos

Mercy bashed

Ms Kyallo

Mercy Kyallo gives detailed tour of her beautiful home leaving many speechless! (Video)

Mercy Kyallo has been making headlines in this entertainment industry thanks to her sister, Betty Kyallo! Well, when one is famous in the family, everyone gets a free pass too!

For a while now the 3 sisters including Gloria Kyallo have become quite popular on social media; and if anything they might be Kenya’s Kardashian-like sisters taking it her the entertainment industry.

Well, the most secretive sisters out of the three, Mercy Kyallo has blessed fans with a video showing inside her home.

From the video shared on her page, Ms Mercy has proven not only is she fashionable when it comes to her outfits; but a well gifted interior designer judging from the decor used in her home.

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Inside Mercy Kyallo’s home

Inside Mercy Kyallo’s home

From the video, Mercy starts off by showing off her ‘sunroom’ used to chill and hangout with friends during both sunny and rainy days.

Unlike your usual balcony, Mercy sunroom ancient like bulbs, African inspired Safari seats  which she paired with wooden tables for a complete vibe.

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Stunning home

Although the video is not as detailed as we hoped, at least Mercy gave a brief preview of the inside too. From the video it’s evident that the lady is old soul living in the new age and her home will prove this!

Unlike most ladies looking to modernize their home; Mercy Kyallo prefers wooden seats and for one of her tables, she chose to go for a stunning drum!

Mercy Kyallo ancient home decor leaves many dazzled!

Kyallo’s unique bulbs

MK’s home is a whole vibe!

Betty Kyallo’s sister flaunts beautiful home

Gloria and Mercy on phone during house tour


Revealed! Why Mercy Kyallo missed Betty’s salon relaunch and Ivanna’s birthday

Betty Kyallo’s younger sister, Mercy Kyallo raised eyebrows after failing to attend her niece Ivanna’s birthday as well as the star-studded Flair by Betty re-launch.

It struck the attention of many that the the second daughter, in the family of three girls and one boy conspicuously failed to appear in both major events that went down in June.

Speculations were that these two elder sisters were beefing, mostly pegged on their harsh encounter early this year regards Ivanna’s medical condition that Dennis Okari supposedly dodged.

Dennis Okari and Betty Kyallo with their daughter, Ivanna

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Mercy explains

Well, Mercy has finally come public about why she never stood to be counted at Betty’s major recent celebrations.

I was not able to come. But at the same time, support is given and support is shown in so many different ways especially in the family dynamic. I know our lives are very public and there is so much that goes on away from the public eye and people never know.

Sisters, Mercy and Betty Kyallo

Speaking regards her brawl with Betty’s baby daddy, Dennis Okari early this year, Mercy was keen to confess that it has been a while since she talked to him but clarifying that everything has since settled.

Well, I haven’t spoken to him in such a long time. But there is no bad blood. I’m happy to see him in our lives and the life of his child and it is obviously so encouraging and beautiful.

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Mercy Kyallo and Dennis Okari

Wrapping it up, the entrepreneur was quick to affirm that despite the rough times a family might face, they will always find common ground and move on.

The good thing with family is that you always find a way to hold each other’s hands. Forgive each other and cry with each other and encourage one another.

Betty Kyallo´s sister faces off Ken Mijungu and Dennis Okari

Seems it is time for close allies and family to come to Betty and Dennis Okari´s defense since both are the key subjects in this issue.

Dennis Okari´s best friend, Ken Mijungu decided to take on Betty Kyallo´s expose by calling her out for disrespecting the father of her daughter.

Ken went ahead to give details of the outstanding hospital bill that was yet to be made public. According to him, Betty was nothing but ungrateful and immoral.

Ken Mijungu calls out Betty Kyallo as ungrateful and immoral

Betty´s sister

Betty Kyallo´s sister, Mercy had just had enough of the public rants online for what she termed as ´immature´.

She decided to face off Ken Mijungu´s online bashing of her sister and ask him to be a bit more mature.

On Facebook, a disappointed Mercy started off:

This is disappointing, I would urge for all intended purposes everyone attacking, bullying and with no substance coming at my sister Betty to first read and digest what it is that she has posted on her platform. The message that has been lost.

Taking on  Ken´s case, Mercy termed the expose as disrespectful to her sister and pretty immature of Mijungu.

Ken, you cannot force a thank you, Maybe that is why the old Swahili Saying “ Tenda Wema nenda Zako” You wrote her a disrespectful message asking her why she hasn’t thanked Dennis & you in her post, really? Looks like you are still seriously “keeping up”

Mercy expressed deep gratitude for Dennis Okari´s hand in the enormous hospital bill but ever since he left Ivanna´s hospital bed, he never followed up on anything.

you & Naomi were both strangers to us but it was your right as a father, a kind gesture & we respected that. But after that you left, not a phone call or a message, yes you gave your contribution to our 9m+ ( yes correction 9m+) bill but never turned back to know if & how we left hospital. We were in hospital for 4months, you came around for 4 weeks then disappeared.

Betty´s sister called out Ken for going public on the hospital bill that was not even accurate. She dismissed the claims that Dennis and Ken actually contributed to the heavier chunk of money.

Betty´s sister, Mercy Kyallo exposes Dennis Okari for not being there during his daughter´s tragic illness

Tables turn

Sadly, Mercy reveals that Dennis remained a stranger to his daughter even while she was still in deep sleep and yet to regain her cognitive abilities.

Dennis you had not seen your daughter’s face in years. You left us at the ward, before she could even regain her cognitive abilities never to be seen & heard from again. If you would like to talk about it, do it on your platform. Respectfully.

Mercy Kyallo reveals Dennis Okari´s absence in his daughter´s life

A shocking revelation is fact that the police even got involved in the paternity issues, after Dennis and Ken claimed Betty had threatened them.

How dare you CALL THE POLICE , Saying Betty has threatened you TWO MEN.
after you wrote her such a disrespectful message. Wow.

Betty´s mystery man

Speaking of Betty´s alleged ¨Somali guy¨, Mercy clarified that his input in a daughter who was not even his, was just pretty too kind of him.

According to Mercy, Betty´s mystery man should actually be considered the ´father´ of Ivanna and not his biological dad, Okari.

Ken, the “somali guy” took the baby to hospital, made major decisions, while her mother was working. He was there daily, has continued to see her through her recovery in the absence of her biological father, I don’t know what you call father, that is a father to me.

Mercy Kyallo lauds Betty´s ¨Somali guy¨ and shames Dennis Okari

As she came to a close, Betty´s sister urged all interested parties with ill intentions, to keep off their family´s business and rethink their decisions as 2020 slides in.

Mercy thanked all who stood by them, early in the year and now as Betty opened up on her daughter´s illness.


Betty Kyallo invites men to date her sister Mercy Kyallo after scoring herself a new bae

Betty has now moved on with a new bae after the nasty breakup with Mombasa governor Hassan Joho. Betty and Joho started dating in May 2016, months after she separated with Dennis Okari.

“He (Joho) was going through the same thing – a separation, and we connected on that level. We tried to have something and it gave me comfort because we understood where we were with each other. He was easy to talk to, hang out and have fun with,” Betty Kyallo revealed in a 2017 interview with True Love magazine.

Weeks ago, the former KTN anchor took to social media to announce that she was dating again after the breakup with Joho. She shared photos of her happy moment texting with her new mystrious sweetheart.

“When that text from bae comes through,” wrote Betty Kyallo on one post.

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Mercy’s turn

Betty is now calling on potential suitors to date her younger sister Mercy Kyallo. She shared a photo of Mercy and her when they were goofing around before she invited bids from potential suitors who would wish date Mercy.

“TENDER NOTICE!!! The Kyallo govt. is inviting potential bidders for @mercykyallo Registration ongoing. All short listed candidates will be contacted ???. @mercykyallo,” wrote Betty Kyallo.


Betty and Mercy Kyalo respond to Standard Media’s tainting story

Betty Kyalo and Mercy Kyalo have reacted to a story published by Nairobian that gave an inside look of how her relationship with Governor Hassan Joho ended.

The newspaper claimed that Joho took back a BMW X6, a Porsche Cayenne and the house he had bought for Betty in Nairobi’s Kilimani area after their breakup leaving her homeless.

The Porsche Cayenne was repossessed while she was driving on Mombasa Road.

“Joho took his house and the BMW. The Porsche Cayenne was repossessed from Betty when she was behind the wheels on Mombasa Road. She was forced to park off the road near Nyayo Stadium and pick her stuff before Joho’s security detail seized it,” claimed the newspaper.


It seems Betty Kyalo and her sister Mercy Kyalo were not so much bothered by the story. Mercy Kyalo took to social media to claim that Betty was not shaken while Betty herself decided to laugh off the story.

“Nothing shakes us. Moving on,” said Mercy Kyalo on Instagram. 

“But at least they used a nice picture,” captioned Betty.

Mercy Kyallo shows her skills after winning brand new K150 motorbike (Photos)

Betty Kyallo’s young sister Mercy Kyallo is now a proud owner of a Kenyan-made motorbike Kibo. Mercy won the bike after entered a competition run by Kenyan motorcycle brand.

Kibo is a Kenyan brand that is involved in the production of the K150 motorcycles in the country. The motorbike brand was born from a belief that Kenya could create bikes that could genuinely handle the on-road as well as the off-road.

Kibo Motorcycles ran a competition with the aim of reward one Kenyan with a K150 motorbike. Participants were required to take a selfie with a Kibo bike and say what they would do with it.

Lucky winner

Mercy Kyallo entered the competition and did her best to win the bike. She took a selfie on Kibo bike and captioned it ‘i am officially done with traffic! Just need to change my shoes ?. Baby lets #godo some Yallo deliveries. Girls can ride too yeah?’

Mercy ultimately walked away with the grand prize of a brand new Kibo 150 motorcycle after her post garnered the most likes in the competition.

“Yeeeey i won this amazing babe! Any name suggestions? Thank you @kibomotorcycles it was a pleasure,” wrote Mercy Kyallo after winning the bike.