Former Nairobi Diaries actress claps back at haters claiming Mzungu husband is broke

Michell Yola is fed up with how Kenyabs on social media keep on following up with her life on social media. In fact if things could be any different; the young mum of two would never share her social media handles.

This past weekend the lady was once again angered by a bunch of women claiming her Caucasian husband has no Money. This is after the fella took Yola to the woods for camping; and since most Africans are not used to such things, they began firing shots.

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According to most, this was a clear indication that Yola’s French husband is broke; but little did they know how good life has been for the young mum.

Savage clap back

Having gotten used to the petty trolls from Chitchat women on Facebook; Miss Yola did not waste her time arguing with these women. She however issued a savage clap back that left most looking for places to hide their faces.

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According to Yola, she has no problem being married to a broke man; but what she was worried about is fans taking panadol for her headache. Through her IG stories the young mum went on to respond saying;

Sasa mimi na hii maisha yangu mbovu bado nawasumbua? Mtangoja sana nihangaike. Mungu alishaniandikia story yangu. So mimi na huyu mzungu hawezi nipeleka out tuko tu sawa. Bora uhai!

Prezzo’s ex Michelle Yola shows off her youngest ‘pointee’ daughter giving many baby fever!

There is no doubt that Prezzo lost a beautiful woman and a responsible one. However, from what I hear is that breaking up with Prezzo was the best decision Ms Yola had made in a long time.

Also looking at Huddah, she also become a wise woman after her relationship with Prezzo; and thanks to her family who stood by her and ensured she got back to herself – Huddah is not just a name but a brand. If you know, you know!

Anyway after keeing her husband and children off social media for years; Michelle Yola recently decided to unveil her youngest daughter’s ‘Kanyanya’ face. The lass shared a short video showing how her youngest daughter cleans up and we love it!

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Mummy’s girl

Although the now deleted video was blurry , it’s easy to spot the baby girl who we believe got her looks from her daddy. At almost two years, Yola’s daughter has proven to be quite a busy body always out to help her mama.

Yola’s daughter

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If this is not the coolest thing we are witnessing on social media then I don’t know what is. Clearly Michelle Yola has turned her life around after years of partying and fighting as seen on Nairobi Diaries; but thanks to the right man, she is now a submissive wife and mother.



Michelle Yola introduces handsome French man she moved on with after dumping veteran rapper, Prezzo (Photo)

It has been almost 3 years since Michelle Yola walked out on Prezzo. From what we understand is that the two outgrew each other after Michelle Yola cut off the alleged drugs she had been introduced to by her ex, Prezzo.

For a minute their breakup seemed more of a stunt than an actual separation since they were quite known for their on and off relationship.

Yola however seem to have discovered herself and the potential she held in her hands; hence the drastic change that has seen her live as a wife and mother of 2 almost 3 years later.

Tbt; Yola with husband

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Of course there are no regrets for this move she made and since time waits for no man; the former socialite has been accomplishing her dreams I.e her beautiful girls and husband – and the few businesses she owns in Nairobi.

Introduces husband

After 3 years of keeping him on the low, Michelle Yola has finally unveiled her husband’s handsome face!

From the photo shared by the lady, we have every reason to believe that she may have settled down with an older man; who clearly understands and treats her better than Prezzo did in the past!

Exes, Prezzo and Yola

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The couple so far has 2 daughters and might just be planning to add another one soon; since Yola is still quite young and energetic to handle motherhood. Anyway check the middle aged man below.

Good genes! Michelle Yola unveils her beautiful daughter’s face unknowingly (Photos)

Michelle Yola who was part of Nairobi Diaries has been keeping a low profile. This is after she got married to her French husband about 3 years ago abandoning her a party animal and socialite lifestyle; which she traded for a simple life of a mother and wife!

Judging from how happy Michelle appears; it’s obvious to see that she made the right decision by changing for the better. Just a while ago the lady went on a live session while carrying her second born daughter.

And to our surprise Michelle – fortunately ended up revealing her adorable face that has left many asking for more photos. Judging from the few screenshots we managed to get; Ghafla can confirm that Michelle Yola’s baby looks everything like her mother.

The little one may be mixed due to her father’s caucasian genes; but in terms of looks Michelle Yola’s genes played the bigger role.

Ex lovers, Yola and Prezzo

New happy life

For those who remember well, Michelle Yola had a wild life back when she was living in Kenya. Being a celebrity’s girlfriend may have put a lot of pressure on the lady who finally got her breakthrough after years of being in the limelight.

Unlike before, the mother of two seems to have dedicated her life to being a wife and mother to those that matter most in her life. Fans on the live session congratulated her for being an inspiration; and the best example to prove that anything is possible.

Michelle Yola and Risper Faith who former casts of Nairobi Diaries are the only ladies whose lives became better after quitting their controversial careers.

Rumor has it that Risper’s husband is a low key millionaire who has been investing well on his smart wife; who is also a hustler like him!

Anyway below are the photos of Yola’s adorable baby!

Yola with daughter
Yola’s baby


Prezzo’s ex Michelle Yola expecting baby number two!

Michelle Yola and her French husband are now expecting their second baby as seen on the lady’s latest photo.

The Former Nairobi Diaries who welcome her first child in March 2018 now joins the likes of Bahati’s wife who have decided to waste time in expanding their families.

However Michelle Yola’s first pregnancy was not so easy as she struggled with a swollen face which gave her a hard time when talking; and that she would wake up several times to go to the toilet during the pregnancy.

Baby number two

However, the mother of one has not said anything about her second pregnancy – which could mean that she is having it easy; except for the usual struggles all women face.

Yola has been receiving congratulatory messages from her Instagram fans and some couldn’t help but compliment her for maintaining a low profiled life unlike before when she was a socialite in Kenya.

Prezzo’s ex Michelle Yola goes out after losing 15 kilos, she’s hot AF (Photos)

Michelle Yola gave birth to her first child sometimes in March 2018. The former Nairobi Diaries actress was knocked up by a Caucasian man months after breaking up with Prezzo.

Yola put on a lot of weight quickly during her pregnancy. She was rarely seen online, she only shared a few photos of her big baby bump on social media.

Michelle Yola when she was pregnant with her daughter
Michelle Yola when she was pregnant with her daughter
Weight lose

Yole recently stepped out for the first time since she gave birth. The mother of one look hot AF, she proudly announced that she had shed off 15 kilos.

“First time to go out tonight ever since my daughter was born 01 feel strange in heels lol.For those asking about how much weight I’ve lost so far..I’m 60kgs at the moment.:15kilos out already. My goal is to be btwn 50 and 55kgs,” wrote Michel Yola.

Michelle Yola flaunting her flawless body after giving birth
Michelle Yola flaunting her flawless body after giving birth


Michelle Yola: “I am so sad but I had to do what’s best for my daughter” 

Prezzo’s ex-girlfriend Michelle Yola has been a mother for just one month now and she can tell you, it’s not easy.

She recently opened up on how tough her month has been and breastfeeding her new born baby is becoming one hell of a job.

In a lot of pain

Taking to Instagram, Michelle disclosed that she had resorted to the bottle after all attempts to make her baby latch failed.

“I am so sad but I had to do what’s best for my daughter. After trying and trying different positions and failing to properly breastfeed her today I had to pump and introduced her to the bottle, I was in a lot of pain and she couldn’t latch. I will take a break and give it another try in a few weeks,” she said in the post. 

Michelle Yola welcomes a healthy beautiful baby girl!

Michelle Yola has finally revealed that her baby is here. This comes a few months after the lady announced she was pregnant with her baby weeks after splitting with rapper Prezzo.

The former Nairobi Diaries actress shared an adorable photo of the baby girl through her Instagram page earlier today. Judging from the baby’s photo, seems like she gave birth about a week ago.

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Yola is however yet to unveil her baby’s face but all we know is that the baby is mixed.

Baby’s name

Unlike many celebrities Yola has chosen to keep her baby’s name a secret and fans on her Instagram page have been asking her to at least reveal this.

Anyway checkout the adorable photo below;

“My face is so swollen” Michelle Yola cries a few days before welcoming her baby girl!

Soon to be mum Michelle Yola says she is tired of carrying her pregnancy! Well having reached the last weeks of her pregnancy, the lady has revealed that she is giving up!

According to Michelle Yola she has been having body issues especially now that she is getting swollen. Through her Instagram story the former Nairobi Diaries actress revealed saying;

She went on to add that her weight is making it hard for her to move around. So far she finds it hard to get out of  car; something that she really wants to be done with.

In another post she added that at the moment she cannot hold pee as the baby’s weight is pressing her bladder.

Yola’s pregnancy

From what we know is that Michelle Yola got pregnant immediately after splitting with Prezzo. Her relationship with the Caucasian man was however a secret until she introduced her pregnancy.

The two are now expecting a baby girl who is dee anytime from now.

Michelle Yola continues to parade her soon to pop grown baby bump

Former Nairobi Diaries actress, pregnant Michelle Yola can’t wait to meet her daughter. And for this reason she continues to share beautiful photos of grown baby bump that is due early this year.

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In her recent photos, Michelle Yola is seen in a bikini which left her huge bump out in the open. Judging from her Instagram stories we also learn that she is currently vacationing with her baby daddy somewhere in Europe.

According to the lady he took her to meet his family, a clear indication that things between them are serious. She is however grateful to have met her new man since she had been struggling in  toxic relationship with Prezzo.

Michelle Yola’s baby arriving soon

Now that she is already in her last trimester, Yola’s baby might be arriving between January and February.

We however wish her all the best as she waits to meet her baby.

“She is her father’s twin!” Pregnant Michelle Yola reveals details about her unborn baby!

Former Nairobi Diaries actress Michelle Yola is enjoying her pregnancy. Now that she is in her last trimester the lady has been sharing a few details about her unborn baby.

Through one of her Instagram live sessions, Yola expressed how happy she is to have seen her baby. According to the lady, they had a 4D scan that enabled them to see how adorable the baby looks.

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She went on to reveal that the baby has a sharp nose like daddy. Adding that the baby girl has been ‘doing yoga’ in the womb which is enough proof that she is quite active.

Baby shower details


The mum to be revealed that she might not hold a baby shower since they are mainstream. However, with time she will be able to tell since she still have a few more weeks to go before the baby is here.

A pregnant Michelle Yola cozies up to her mzungu baby daddy in the bathroom

Michelle Yola and her Caucasian sweetheart are showing each other some love. The two lovebirds are expecting a baby soon.

Yola dumped Prezzo and hooked up with the mzungu lover. The lass was heartbroken by the playboy rapper whom she used to love dearly.

The former Nairobi Diaries actress quickly got pregnant when she got in the new relationship. She occasionally shares photos of her new sweetheart on social media but always covers his face as if she is embarrassed being seen with him.

Michelle Yola with her sweetheart whose face was deliberately concealed.
Notice how Yola always hides her baby daddy’s face

Yola’s baby daddy turns a year older

Yola shared a photo of her baby daddy and her cuddling amorously in the bathroom. She shared the photo as she wished her sweetheart a happy birthday.

“Happy Birthday My Emoji ..We Love You Soo Much ?????” Wrote Yola.




Pregnancy glow: Michelle Yola continues to parade her grown baby bump a few months to welcoming her first child

Former Nairobi Diaries actress Michelle Yola has lately been keeping a low profile after announcing that she was pregnant with her first child. She has also been missing from the reality show to avoid drama and fights especially now that she has a child growing inside her.

Her social media pages have also been inactive but once in a while she shares new pictures to remind her fans that she is still there – but due to the new change in her life she now has to rest and stay stress free until her baby is here.

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The lass has also not revealed how far she is but I am guessing she is now heading to the 3rd trimester and if I am not wrong…Michelle Yola will be welcoming her baby early next year and since she is expecting a mixed breed baby…let us say that she will have a beautiful child!

Anyway she has shared a new photo where she looks healthy meaning that pregnancy has been favoring her in many ways especially the healthy glowing skin that one cannot overlook. She also seems to have put on some weight and the baby bump keeps getting bigger in each new photo she shares.

Below are a few photos showing her baby bump development!

Pregnant and fabulous: Michelle Yola continues to club even with her growing baby bump

Michelle Yola who is Prezzo’s ex girlfriend must be excited now that she is expecting her first child with her new found mzungu boyfriend. The lady seems happier and if anything, she is rocking the pregnancy glow judging from her latest photos.

Michelle Yola pregnant

However, she seems to still love her fun life as she recently shared a new photo chilling at a popular club but looking at the photo her table had no drinks – meaning she could have taken a break from liquor now that she has a new life growing inside her.

Her sense of style has also not changed as she continues to rock the body hugging outfits like she did before. And though the her new photo is filtered in black and white, one cannot miss out on the stylish outfit she had worn to the club.

Anyway, the lass has however been keeping a low profile since announcing her pregnancy and word on the streets is that she might have also taken a break from reality show Nairobi Diaries to avoid the drama and stress from her fellow actresses.

Michelle Yola at the club

Is Michelle Yola expecting a baby girl? Checkout her latest photo

Michelle Yola who is popularly known from Nairobi Diaries and of course as rapper Prezzo’s ex girlfriend is pregnant with her first child as revealed on her gram.

A few hours ago, she shared photos showing off her growing baby bump to announce that she was expecting a child with her Caucasian boyfriend who she has been dating for the past 6 months.

Michelle Yola pregnant

Apart from that she also happened to share a photo of a small girl sleeping which has led many to assume that she could be expecting a baby girl or rather is craving for a baby girl.

Yola’ post

Before announcing she had kept her pregnancy on the low to reasons best known to herself but now that it is out – some social media users have been questioning why she did not conceive when she was with Prezzo since the two had dated for some years.

Anyway, these are just some of the questions she can alone answer but all in all we wish her all the best on this new journey that will see her become a mum in a few months.

Prezzo confirms that his ex girlfriend is pregnant, but the baby is not his!

Prezzo has finally come out to talk about his relationship with Yola and from how he spoke, let us just assume that Maji yashamwagika!

The Kenyan rapper who was engaged to his long term girlfriend, Michelle Yola before they both called off their relationship recently got to reveal a few things about his past with Michelle Yola while speaking to Adelle Onyango and Shaffie on Kiss 100’s morning show.

According to Prezzo all that they had is now in the past and life has moved on. About Yola’s pregnancy, he was quick to deny that the baby was not his as he always makes sure to play safe. He said,

That’s not my baby. You know; Am a responsible individual and my pull up game is so strong but congratulations to her I’m happy for her and life goes on.

He went on to deny threatening her and went on to say that she is the one who seems to be obsessed with him as she always tries to find him….(mmmmh really now?) anyway the good thing is that they have both moved on.

Is Michelle Yola pregnant with Prezzo’s child or is she expecting her first baby with her Caucasian boyfriend?

Word making rounds on social media is that Michelle Yola is heavy with her first child. And if there is any truth to these rumors then who could be responsible… Prezzo or the German man currently dating the lass?

Well, a close source to Michelle Yola says that the lady is indeed pregnant and goes on to add that this is the main reason Prezzo has been seen chasing her all over social media as he believes that the baby could be his!

However the problem is that Michelle Yola has been dating her new man for about 5 months making it hard to believe that Prezzo could be respond for the pregnancy.

Yola with her new man

On the other hand, Yola has not responded to the rumor but all we know is that she doesn’t want anything to do with the rapper as revealed by a reliable Kenyan entertainment blog.

Anyway…for now let us wait and see what Yola has to say about this!


“I was so broken, I didn’t think I had any purpose” Michelle Yola talks about her break up with Prezzo

A few months ago reality TV show star Michelle Yola called off her wedding with rapper Prezzo following some issues the two were facing in their relationship.

It however did not seem tough on Yola and this is because she choose to move on with her life. But, this is not the case! For the first time Michelle Yolao opened up to reveal that she went through a hard time to get over Prezzo – something very few people knew.

Speaking to Shaffie and Adelle this morning, the actress said that the 2 first months were the toughest and she not only distanced her self from her friends but also her family.

At that time I was so broken, I didn’t think I had any purpose I was just from the longest relationship I ever had…I didn’t feel like I connected with anyone so I disconnected with everyone from my producer,my family and people I worked with, my friends I didn’t want to hear from anybody…

But luckily she met someone knew who walked her through the process of healing and now she is dating him. Michelle Yola admits that moving on was not easy since her relationship with Prezzo was the longest she had ever been in.


Before and After; Prezzo unveils a new photo to prove that his ex girlfriend had a negative effect on his health

Prezzo and Michelle Yola have lately been taking their drama to social media, parading their dirty linen for everyone to see.

The two ex lovers are now accusing each other of things that have left many shocked, however most Kenyans following the two seem unbothered as they have better things to think of.

While Michelle Yola is accusing Prezzo of threatening her life, the rapper has released a new photo to show the effect Yola had on his health.

From the two photos shared on his Instagram…Prezzo says that his health kept getting worse due to the stress he was going through when dating Michelle – he however added that after dusting himself off her, he now feels like a new man and his latest photos can prove this.

He captioned his photo saying;

Before and After; Prezzo

Notice the difference? The first picture I was with Scholastica, full of stress, 2nd pic is when I dusted schola off my life…. so schola if you are drunk of love I suggest you get over it, cry me a river build a bridge and get over it.

Not quite sure where the drama is coming from but these two have picked a wrong time to seek attention on social media.

“If anything happens to me just know it’s Prezzo” Michelle Yola cries as she exposes her ex

Apparently Prezzo hasn’t gotten over his ex Michelle Yola even after he stated on media that he had accepted everything and moved on with his life.

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In a new twist of events, Yola and Prezzo traded accusations on Instagram with the latter accusing the former of cyber-stalking her. Yola took to her IG to claim Prezzo was threatening her after she gave him a cold shoulder.

“If anything happens to me just know it’s @prezzo254 who’s behind this.. from threatening texts talking about releasing our explicit pictures and videos to stealing all my documents and on top of that he even took my phone coz I told him our relationship won’t work! I left with nothing that has his name on it and we’ve been separated for months now so PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE AND MOVE ON!All this for what??I have moved on with my life kindly do the same. I suggest you get to a wellness center and get help!Try yoga or something dude!Stop stalking me and stop lying to the media.You pushed me to the edge and if you don’t stop I’m gonna go ahead and take legal actions coz I’m scared of my safety! I got receipts so don’t try me! For those trying to reach me kindly email me coz I’m off social media till everything cools down,” Michelle Yola wrote and shared her photo cozying up with her mzungu lover.

Michelle Yola with her new boyfriend

In another post, Yola shouted at Prezzo and claimed she had phone recordings and messages to prove the rapper was using all tricks in book in a bid to win her back.

“Jackson Ngechu Listen Very Carefully..Don’t let that smile?fool you coz I have phone recordings and messages to prove every single word you said to me! I have been quiet for so long and if I start to talk Lord knows!?I hate it that I’m even addressing you but enough is enough!You have blogs on speed dial cooking your stories and even telling me “I’M NOTHING WITHOUT YOU AND YOU’LL MAKE MY LIFE MISERABLE COZ YOU OWN THIS CITY” you remember that text right plus many others?? I can go on the whole night posting recordings and messages of you begging to get back together kisha when I refused you started with the threats.. I’m so over your dramatic life and threats coz I’m not playing to your tune anymore! Let’s meet in court Sir since you also own the government Mr “president”!Then the whole “world” that you’ve brainwashed telling them I’ve refused to be a past tense(a line that you’ve always used with all your exes) when I’m CLEARLY in another phase of my life will know the TRUTH! ME BITTER?COZ OF LEAVING YOU??OH MY DAYS YOU WISH?? Excuse me I gorra go you guy.. someone else needs my attention rynow,” a furious Yola wrote.

The lass also shared screenshots of phone call records to prove her jilted ex boyfriend was desperately trying to contact her by all means.

Prezzo however rubbished Michelle Yola’s allegations claiming his ex was brainwashing the masses with her selfish agenda. He said that he decided to address Yola’s allegations because he wanted to distance himself from whatever games or plans she had.

“The common saying “it’s never too late” is a misleading one for many since there are times when it is in fact too late. Sometimes, it is too late to change who you are, too late to do the right thing in telling the truth. I have decided to address this issue about me “allegedly” posing a threat to Michelle’s safety for the sake of clarity and because I want to distance myself from whatever games or plans she has.‎

“It is quite a sad thing to see an individual tell lies to have power over the masses so that she can control circumstances and dictate events. To brainwash the masses with your selfish agenda by feeding them lies and harnessing the outcome for yourself is a mean thing to do. ‎Misinforming the masses to believe in ur mythical notions that are conveniently and selfishly crafted in your own imagination might give you temporary comfort…. but genuine permanent inner peace and happiness ONLY stems from knowing that the truth is factual, pure and uncompromised. Instead of going to vote so we can bring change in this beautiful nation, someone is out there talking gibberish SMH,” wrote Prezzo.


Prezzo reveals why Michelle Yola’s name tattoo will remain on his skin even though she has moved on with another man

Prezzo was dumped by Michelle Yola who couldn’t stomach his unfaithfulness. The rapper maintains he has gotten over his ex but her memories still remain integral part of him.

Prezzo popped the big question to Yola and she said yes, and when everyone was waiting for their big wedding the unexpected split happened.

Prezzo and Michelle Yola

The controversial rapper tried multiple times to reconcile with Yola but the lass was adamant she didn’t want anything to do with Prezzo.

Speaking to Kiss about the failed relationship with Yola, Prezzo revealed that he had finally accepted his ex had moved on with her life.

“If God hasn’t written it, it won’t turn out the way you want it to.I believe that life is a learning curve and if one door closes, another one opens. Some things will happen and make you feel heartbroken but maybe it could turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Yes, I have gotten over her already. I keep myself very busy. I just hope and pray that she is good where she is,” Prezzo said.

The rapper also revealed that he wasn’t seeing anyone at the moment, he stated that he had no rush to jump into another relationship just yet.

“No, I’m not seeing anybody right now, and I’m not really in a rush.”

Yola is however rumored to be dating a white man, she shared photos of the lucky guy on Instagram even though she concealed his face.

Prezzo also made it clear that he won’t get rid of Michelle Yola’s name tattoo on his hand even though his ex has moved on to date another guy.

“The tattoo stays because you have to understand that when I was getting this tattoo she was a very big part of my life. We dated for like two and a half years and the problems that I came across she was the only one there for me. Me saying I’m gonna remove the tattoo because she has another man is petty and immature,” Prezzo explained.

Michelle Yola and Prezzo flaunt their names tattoos

“What was 37 year old Prezzo doing with this kid” Netizens shocked as Michelle Yola reveals her real age

Most people agreed in unison that Prezzo was a sponsor after his ex Michelle Yola shared a copy of her National Identity Card.

Prezzo and Michelle Yola dated for months before their relationship hit rock bottom. Apparently infidelity was the reason why the two split.

Yola accused Prezzo of sleeping around with other women, she exposed his WhatsApp conversations with other ladies before she dumped him.

The rapper didn’t move on after he was left, to date Prezzo hasn’t given up on reuniting with her sweetheart whom of late has won affection of Colonel Mustafa.

But why is Prezzo so into a lady who is so young? For those who didn’t know, Prezzo is 13 years older than Michelle Yola. Prezzo was born in 1980 while Yola was born in 1993.

Netizen were stunned when the 24 year old socialite shared a copy of her National Identity Card (ID), Yola’s real name is Mitchele Waithera Gaitho.

Netizens taunted Prezzo calling him a ‘sponsor’ after seeing the copy of Yola’s ID card.




After fighting over Huddah Monroe, Prezzo and Colonel Mustafa are on a collision path again because of Michelle Yola

Colonel Mustafa says he doesn’t mind eating Prezzo’s leftovers and he’s not about to back down just yet from his intentions. Knowing all too well what Prezzo is capable of doing, then you don’t be wrong to say the two rappers are on a collision course.

Both Prezzo and Colonel Mustafa have eaten from the same plate before – the two rappers had a fling with Huddah Monroe. Actually Huddah revealed Prezzo was the lucky man who popped her cherry.

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And there was also a time when Prezzo and Mustafa were beefing and Huddah Monroe was said to be the cause of their fight.

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Well, Mustafa has now joined Nairobi Diaries and he’s already causing drama. The controversial rapper caused a stir when he revealed that he won’t mind having a thing with Michelle Yola.

Michelle Yola and Prezzo

“I don’t have any beef with Prezzo, but if he has bile against me then that’s his problem. Kama hawezi chunga bibi then tutamchungia. Prezzo joined the show when his career was flat lining; I’m here and at the top of my game,” Mustafa told Showbuzz.

Michelle Yola and Colonel Mustafa

Prezzo hasn’t responded yet but be sure he won’t take Mustafa’s words lightly – remember Prezzo didn’t want to let go Michelle Yole at the first place.


Prezzo tells off men hitting on his ex-girlfriend Michelle Yola, says he is not done with her

Prezzo and Michelle Yola might have called off their relationship but so far we are used to their own and off game.

However, it has been a couple of months since Yola walked out on the Kenyan rapper and for a minute many thought that this time around these two were done for good but I guess we were all wrong.

Prezzo’s ex, Michelle Yola

Prezzo recently revealed that he has been working on getting Yola back in his life since she is the only woman who understands and genuinely loves him.

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Speaking to Bongo 5 Prezzo went on to warn the men trying to hit on Michelle Yola saying that she is his woman and they should keep off. According to the rapper, things between him and the Nairobi Diaries star have not ended and though he still needs time to mend his mistakes…that does not mean that he will let other men meddle with her.

He said,


“Mazungumzo yanaendelea kwa ajili ya kuweka sawa mgogoro wetu, na sipo tayari kuona mwanamume mwingine akijipeleka kutaka kuanzisha uhusiano na Michelle”


Michelle Yola takes shots at her ex moments before flaunting hundreds of dollars

Life must be good for Michelle Yola. I mean she is living the life, that’s judging from what she shares on her social media page.

Her relationship with Prezzo is done and she has moved on with her life. Though she could be bitter…she however has hundreds of dollars she wakes up next to.

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In a recent post the lass shared a photo which she captioned sarcastically leaving me wondering whether she was out to fire shots at her ex, rapper Prezzo. Through her gram account she wrote to say,

My reaction when your ex keeps saying “you’ll never find anyone like me” like THAT’S THE FUCKING POINT BOO!???

Well, we can’t be sure which ex boyfriend she was describing but something about her post has Prezzo’s name written all over it. Anyway, she also posted a photo flaunting her dollars and captioned to say,

Look at what I woke up to??…that’s the beauty and the beast thooo!I never get the drill of people posting money frontin and all…but I will just post it anyway..with this cold weather i might as well quit my job for today,roll some blunt n netflix tucked in the duvet ??Hizi si za google btw????anyhuuuu Gooodmorning Kings and Queens changamkeni n let’s go get our OWN?