Miguna Miguna Celebrates 23 Years Of Love With Rare Glimpse Into Private Life

Kenyan lawyer and renowned activist Miguna Miguna stepped away from the usual political commentary and legal battles to celebrate a personal milestone: his 23rd wedding anniversary. In a rare public display of affection, Miguna shared a tender moment with his wife, offering a glimpse into a side of him rarely seen.

Instead of his customary bold statements and passionate arguments, Miguna’s anniversary post radiated love and appreciation. He shared a photograph from a romantic dinner date with his wife, capturing a heartfelt embrace that spoke volumes about their enduring bond. The image presented a softer side of the often outspoken lawyer, revealing a depth of tenderness rarely associated with his public persona.

While Miguna fiercely guards his family’s privacy, this anniversary post provided a brief window into their life together. The elegance of his wife, adorned in a black top and pink blazer, contrasted beautifully with Miguna’s signature hat and white shirt. In the accompanying caption, Miguna described his wife as his “solid rock,” praising her quiet strength, focus, and revolutionary spirit.

Their love story, spanning over two decades, began with a chance meeting and blossomed into a committed partnership. Miguna and Jane, as they are known, exchanged vows in a traditional ceremony on August 6, 2000, solidifying their union.

It’s important to note that Miguna was previously married to Tracey Wynter Miguna from 1994 to 1998, and they have two children together. However, the anniversary post focused solely on his current marriage and the deep love he shares with his wife.

Will Kenyans Forget Ruto’s Charm by 2027? Miguna Miguna Predicts Hunger and Discontent

Renowned lawyer Miguna Miguna predicts Kenyans will remember little of President William Ruto’s eloquence or flashy suits in 2027. Instead, he believes their focus will be on the harsh realities of hunger, poverty, unemployment, and rampant corruption.

“Mark my words,” Miguna wrote on X, “Kenyans won’t be impressed by @WilliamsRuto’s smooth talk, globetrotting, or fancy Kaunda suits come 2027 and beyond. They’ll only remember their empty stomachs, depleted wallets, and the ever-growing shadow of corruption. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

His words resonate with Kenyans already groaning under increased taxes and frequent, taxpayer-funded foreign trips by the president.

While Miguna has been a vocal supporter of Ruto’s administration, he hasn’t hesitated to criticize it when needed. He doubts Kenya Kwanza’s ability to improve lives without breaking free from the shackles of World Bank and IMF loans.

“Unless they do,” he wrote, “the TRILLIONS collected through taxes and shady borrowing will continue to be siphoned off for PERSONAL GAIN by these mentally colonized public officials, both elected and appointed.”

Similarly, Miguna slammed the government’s decision to import genetically modified organisms (GMOs), calling it “reckless and irresponsible.” He believes such significant policy shifts should only come after nationwide consultations and debates.

Miguna returned to Kenya in October 2022 after years of exile in Canada, brought back by the promise of a new era under President Ruto. The outspoken lawyer-turned-politician was initially forced into exile for his involvement in the mock swearing-in of Raila Odinga during the tumultuous 2017 election.

Miguna Miguna advises Riggy G to get help communicating

Miguna Miguna, a controversial lawyer and activist, has implored Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua to undertake lessons in communication and messaging. Miguna’s comments come after Gachagua likened his hard-working nature to that of a hyena.

Miguna schooled the second in command, explaining that hyenas are not known for hard work. Rather, they symbolize gluttony and wanton stupidity. In a post on the X platform, Miguna wrote, “African allegories have hyenas as characters who symbolize glutton and wanton stupidity. The things that symbolize hard work and teamwork are bees and ants. My friend, Riggy G needs comprehensive lessons in communication.”

Kileleshwa MCA, Robert Alai also schooled the DP saying, “Hyena? The animals that don’t hunt but steal the hunt of others? We now understand why there’s so much looting. Hyenas in charge!”

Gachagua downplays reports of divisions within Mt Kenya

On Friday, in an interview on Inooro FM, DP Gachagua appealed to public servants to lead by example and work hard saying he ‘works like a hyena.’ He said, “I beg everyone in this government to work hard. Up our game and not shame ourselves as a community. I lead by example. I work like a hyena. Let Mt Kenya people in public service work like hyenas.”

Moreover, the DP downplayed reports suggesting divisions within Mt Kenya, emphasizing that the region remains as harmonious, peaceful, and stable as ever. He argued that it’s the media creating a narrative of a growing divide among the leaders of Mt Kenya. “I will lead from the front in ensuring that the leadership of the mountain continues holding together and will bring on board every leader from the region,” he said.

Then added, “As Mt Kenya leaders we have agreed not to be fighting retired president Uhuru Kenyatta. I am planning to hold talks with him. I have ordered everyone to respect him and he is also doing good to keep his peace.”


Miguna Miguna and Kileleshwa MCA Robert Alai have schooled DP Gachagua on the symbolism of the hyena, explaining that it is not a positive image to invoke. Gachagua has also downplayed reports of divisions within Mt Kenya, saying that the region is still united.

Miguna Miguna advises Eliud Kipchoge to Retire

Lawyer Miguna Miguna has urged World Marathon Champion Eliud Kipchoge to retire from active athletics while he is still at the top of his career.

Miguna made the remarks in a post on Twitter while congratulating Kipchoge for his win at the Berlin marathon on Sunday.

“Congratulations, Eliud Kipchoge. You have made history. Now, retire when you are on top! Viva!,” Miguna said.

Miguna said a good example of an athlete who retired at the right time was Jamaican Sprinter Usain Bolt who exited the stage in 2017. Bolt was considered the greatest sprinter of all time.

“It’s imperative that human beings appreciate that no matter how gifted one is, his/her energy, skills and performance depreciate with time. The way Usain Bolt did,” Miguna said.

He said an example of an athlete who failed to retire at the right time is golf champion Tiger Woods. Miguna said no one has ever dominated the golf course and sports better than Woods in recent history.

“But he did not know when to retire from competitive professional sports. Nowadays, Tiger Woods has become a spectacle of pity- and those with no memory no longer remember how great he was on the golf courses of the world,” Miguna said.

Kipchoge won the Berlin Marathon for the fifth time on Sunday, clocking 2:02:42. He is the current holder of the marathon world record, which he set with a finish time of 2:01:09.

Ahead of the race, Kipchoge stated that his main goal is to win three consecutive Olympic gold medals and that he believes running in Berlin is the best way to prepare for this.

Miguna’s advice to Kipchoge to retire while he is on top is understandable. Kipchoge is one of the greatest marathon runners of all time, and there is a risk that his performances will decline as he gets older. However, the decision of when to retire is ultimately up to Kipchoge himself.

Miguna Miguna Warns Moses Kuria Against Using Mother Tongue on Twitter

Lawyer Miguna Miguna has warned Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria against using his mother tongue on Twitter, saying that it is inappropriate for a public official to do so.

Miguna said that Kuria, who is the Cabinet Secretary for Industrialization, Trade and Investment, should only speak in his mother tongue at home, not on his official social media pages.

“You are a Cabinet Secretary for the Republic of Kenya. You occupy a public office on behalf of 50 million Kenyans. Not only for the Agikuyu! Therefore, all your public communication including on your Twitter handle must be in English or Swahili. But you are free to communicate in your mother tongue in your household,” Miguna said in a tweet.

Miguna’s warning comes after Kuria made remarks in his native language on Twitter that were deemed to be offensive by some Kenyans.

Kuria is known for his controversial remarks, and his social media posts have often been the subject of national debate.

In 2020, Kuria was banned from Twitter for violating the platform’s policies on hate speech. He was later reinstated, but his account has been suspended several times since then.

It is unclear whether Kuria will heed Miguna’s warning. However, the lawyer’s comments have drawn attention to the issue of public officials using their mother tongues on social media.

Some people believe that it is perfectly acceptable for public officials to use their mother tongues on social media, as long as their comments are not offensive. Others believe that public officials should only use English or Swahili on social media, as these are the languages that are most widely understood in Kenya.

The debate over whether or not public officials should use their mother tongues on social media is likely to continue.

Miguna Miguna Challenges Interior CS Kithure Kindiki over Maandamano

Lawyer Miguna Miguna has challenged Interior CS Kithure Kindiki to fulfill his threats to punish those involved in the destruction of property and looting that accompanied Wednesday’s countrywide protests.

Miguna said that Kindiki should not make threats that he is unable or unwilling to carry out, as this would make him a laughingstock.

“If you fail to carry out your latest threat, you will become the butt of Kenya’s national jokes,” Miguna said.

Kindiki had blamed planners of Azimio protests for the wanton destruction of property and looting that accompanied Wednesday’s protests. He said that the government had mobilized all law enforcement agencies to investigate and prosecute those involved.

Azimio leader Raila Odinga called for the protests to mount pressure on the Kenya Kwanza government over what he termed as its deliberate adoption of policies that are aimed at punishing Kenyans.

The ODM leader later called off a rally he had planned to hold at the Kamukunji grounds citing intelligence reports that police planned to use live ammunition on protesters.

At least nine people were killed during the protests.

Miguna said that Kindiki’s threats were a clear attempt to intimidate and silence those who are opposed to the government. He urged Kenyans to stand up to the government and demand their rights.

“We will not be intimidated by the government’s threats,” Miguna said. “We will continue to fight for our rights, no matter what.”

It remains to be seen whether Kindiki will be able to fulfill his threats. However, Miguna’s challenge has put the CS on the spot and made it clear that the government’s actions will be closely scrutinized.

Miguna Miguna Joins the Race to Become Kenya’s Next DPP

Attorney Miguna Miguna has announced that he has submitted an application to become the next Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) of Kenya.

Miguna’s announcement comes after the position became vacant following the appointment of Noordin Haji as the Director General of the National Intelligence Service.

A seven-person selection committee has been formed to find the next DPP, and applications are due on Wednesday, July 12.

In addition to Miguna, other lawyers who have expressed interest in the position include Cliff Ombeta, Kioko Kilokumi Katwa Kigen, and Danstan Omari.

The DPP is responsible for prosecuting criminal cases in Kenya, and the position is seen as one of the most important in the country’s legal system.

Miguna is a controversial figure, and his candidacy is likely to be met with mixed reactions. However, he is a highly qualified lawyer with a wealth of experience, and he could be a strong contender for the position.

The selection committee will be looking for a candidate who has the integrity, experience, and skills necessary to lead the DPP’s office. Miguna will need to convince the committee that he is the best person for the job.

The appointment of the next DPP is a critical decision, and it will be interesting to see who is chosen for the position.

Miguna Miguna responds to getting chased from funeral

Miguna Miguna responds to getting chased from a funeral and trust that he did so in his fiery way. The firebrand politician took to his Twitter account to address a viral video that featured youth in Oyugi becoming restless and eventually ousting him from the sombre event.

Miguna Miguna roasts foreign journalist

According to him the media is misleading its audience and Kenyans at large as they have misrepresented what actually happened.

Miguna clarified that at the funeral he had been given the opportunity to speak first, had finished addressing the crowd and was being cheered as he made his exit. Check out what he had to say about the entire spectacle:

The Githeri Media is desperate. The MC announced that I had to speak first because I had another engagement in Kisumu. I spoke and left for that engagement. Just like the Homa Bay Women Rep. also had done. Your cheap lies didn’t make conman ⁦@RailaOdingaa ⁩ president.


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Miguna Miguna roasts foreign journalist

Miguna Miguna is one tough cookie! He is one of the last of a dying breed of firebrand politicians and he is currently in Canada where he resides but at one point he wasn’t allowed to return to Kenya because the powers that be were deathly frightened that he could form and crystalize not just dissent but an insurrection against the corrupt government of the day that had gotten into bed with the political opposition.

Miguna gives Akothee shocking warning about her husband

And if you thought now that Raila Odinga (his political opponent) is on the outs politically he would have slowed down, you’d be entirely wrong. That is what a TRT journalist found out during an interview they conducted with Miguna.

Akothee blasts Miguna Miguna after prenup and will advice

The poor guy was completely eviscerated once the lawyer cum politician decided that the journalist had stepped on his toes and he’d had enough. Watch the crazy interview below:

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Akothee blasts Miguna Miguna after prenup and will advice

Akothee has finally responded to Miguna Miguna after he had previously advised her to get a prenup and even possibly a will because he was alarmed by the fact that her new mzungu, the Ben 10 husband does not seem to have a single digital footprint and seems to have appeared out of nowhere.

Meet the man bedding Akothee’s 3rd daughter

At the time, what Miguna had advised Akothee was:

And her response to him was:


Someone tell Miguna Miguna this is not politics
And he should tell me his networth before he attacks my husband,
” inclusivity deficiency “

Miguna gives Akothee shocking warning about her husband

Miguna Miguna took to Twitter to share his concerns over Akothee’s new husband whom no one seems to know or seems to be able to find a trace of information about online and in today’s world no one can ever get away scott-free from forming a digital footprint unless they are born, bred, live and die in the heart of Congo’s rainforests.

“Please do not add me to groups” Miguna Miguna tells Kenyans hours after sharing phone number

The internets were lit up following the wedding which was the talk of the nation and was jam-packed with stars and politicians as Kenyans sought information regarding just who the mzungu Ben10 was and we were all stumped to realise that he either didn’t exist or his records had been wiped clean.

And responding to Kenyans asking these questions online, Miguna Miguna told Akothee to get a prenup (well, now it should be a postnup) and also prepare a will. The postnup would protect her wealth in the event she gets a divorce and a will would ideally be meant to protect the same in the event she dies “before her time”.

Akothee Set To Have Another Wedding In Switzerland

Miguna Miguna isn’t the type to mince his words. He chooses the same carefully so one has to wonder whether he is implying Akothee might meet her end at her new Ben 10’s hands. Time will tell whether he was overthinking things or whether or not he was prophesying.

Akothee with lover

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“Please do not add me to groups” Miguna Miguna tells Kenyans hours after sharing phone number

Miguna Miguna who is an advocate of the High Court of kenya arrived back home a day ago from Canada, after months of living in exile – following his deportation by the former government.

If you remember these words…I will not board then I’m assuming you can also recall the whole drama that came with Miguna Miguan’s deportation but guess who is back like he never left….yes him, call him Miguna Miguna.

Shorlty after his arrival, the lawyer could not hold back his joy seeing how kenyans and media turned to receive him and in his speech, Miguna Miguna went on to express gratitude saying;

The return to my MOTHERLAND yesterday was HISTORIC. I had a FANTASTIC first day and night. THANK YOU to all Kenyans who embraced and welcomed me back home.

Well, he must have been really excited to be back hence sharing his phone number saying;

My new number is 075-707-7930. Apologies in advance if I don’t respond to, or answer everyone’s call/text. Viva!’

Stop adding me in groups

Well, barely 24 hours later and Miguna Miguna is already complaining about the number people adding him to WhatsApp groups.

Photo: Courtesy

Well, with most doing it for fun – the lawyer now says he has no problem getting added to these groups but first – they should first ask for his permission. Through his Twitter account, Miguna Miguna wrote;

Please do not add me to Whats App groups without permission. I thank everyone sincerely for the overwhelming support. There is nothing sweeter than home!

Samantha the sex doll, Jackie Maribe, Sharon Otieno top trending list of 2018 (full list)

The 2018 top trending Google search in Kenya is finally out.

It’s has been one of the most controversial year Kenyans have witnessed in a long time. Murdered Rongo University student Sharon Otieno, Jackie Maribe and World Cup 2018 dominated the lists of trending searches and the most searched local personalities in 2018 as Kenyans followed the unfolding updates.

KCPE 2018

Other trending searches include Miguna Miguna, during the deportation incident at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in March 2018. Kenyans also went online to search for results of the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams for 2018.

State House spokeswoman Kanze Dena also made to the list after her appointed while singer Kamaru barely made to the list after passing on.

Here’s the full list:

Top Trending Searches- Kenya

World Cup 2018
Sharon Otieno
Miguna Miguna
KCPE 2018 results
Alexis Sanchez
Jackie Maribe
Black Panther
Rose Muhando

Top Trending Events 2018
World Cup 2018
Raila swearing-in
Lunar Eclipse
Lecturers’ strike
Royal Wedding
KDF recruitment 2018
Winter Olympics
Migori by-election
Zimbabwe elections
Ali Kiba wedding

Top Trending Global Personalities
Alexis Sanchez
Rose Muhando
Meghan Markle
Bobi Wine
Kofi Annan
Pierre-Emerick Emiliano François Aubameyang
Croatia President
Prince Harry
Billy Graham

Top Trending Local Personalities
Sharon Otieno
Miguna Miguna
Jackie Maribe
Babu Owino
Kanze Dena
Okoth Obado
Kenneth Matiba

Miguna Miguna insults Kenyans who poked fun at him after Raila Odinga blocked him

Controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna has been blocked by Raila Odinga on Twitter just a year after deputy president William Ruto also blocked him.

Miguna didn’t take it lightly when Ruto blocked him in September 2017;

“Mr. @WilliamsRuto has blocked me for criticizing him. He is not a private citizen,” Miguna tweeted after Ruto blocked him.

He also ranted when Raila recently blocked him on Twitter, he claims Baba blocked him because of the details in his soon to be released book; Treason: The Case Against Tyrants and Renegades.

“Mr. Hand-Chequer, @RailaOdinga, the chief cowardly hypocrite, blocks me on @Twitter as “TREASON: The Case Against Tyrants and Renegades” nears release. It’s going to be an EXPLOSIVE REVOLUTIONARY engagement ahead. Cheers! #SayNoToUjinga,” Miguna tweeted after Raila blocked him.

Illiterates on social media

Miguna Miguna lost his cool when section of Kenyans on social media poked fun at him after Raila blocked him. The controversial lawyer referred those who laughed at him as illiterates.

“For illiterates on social media, I didn’t complain that Mr. Hand-Cheque @RailaOdinga blocked me: I CELEBRATED IT. It is proof that he read what I wrote and that TRUTH HURTS liars, hypocrites and cowardly dinosaurs like him. The revolution is coming! #SayNoToUjinga,” Miguna tweeted.



“I regret dining with you when I knew very well you had three rape cases” Moses Kuria shreds Miguna Miguna

Drama unfolded on Twitter when self declared NRM general Miguna Miguna picked a fight with Gatundu South legislator Moses Kuria.

Miguna took to Twitter to blast ODM lawmakers for condemning the brutal death of Sharon Otieno yet they were dining and wining with Chris Musando’s murderers.

“Those who tortured and murdered Sharon Otieno are as inhuman as those who tortured and murdered Chris Msando. Yet, those now loudly mourning Sharon Otieno, especially @TheODMparty members, are dining with Chris Msando’s killers such as @HonMoses_Kuria and @UKenyatta,” Miguna Miguna tweeted.

You’ve three rape cases

Moses Kuria hit back at the NRM general saying that he also regrets dining and wining with Miguna Miguna when he knew very well that he had three rape cases.

“The same way I regret dining with you when I knew very well you had, not one, not two but three rape cases in Ontario,” Moses Kuria tweeted.

Miguna went on to dismiss Moses Kuria’s claim as a fictitious cases;





Boniface Mwangi comes out to advise Miguna Miguna after he loses Twitter war to Edwin Sifuna

Miguna Miguna and ODM secretary general Edwin Sifuna were embroiled in a fierce tweef following Raila Odinga’s interview with Citizen TV’s Hussein Mohammed.

Raila said he didn’t want to talk about Miguna Miguna when Hussein asked him about the self-declared NRM general. Baba said Miguna savagely insulted him when he tried to help him.

Sifuna came out defend Raila saying he tried his best to help Miguna but the NRM general frustrated everyone who tried to help him. Miguna fired back and the tweef gained momentum, Sifuna however beat Miguna into submission.


You’ve a way of making everyone your enemy

Boniface Mwangi came out to advise Miguna Miguna after the tweef with Sifuna. The Rights Activists calls on Miguna to take a break on social media to reflect on his life.

“Comrade @MigunaMiguna you have a way of making everyone your enemy by abusing them, sometimes even when you’re right, silence can be the best response. You can’t win alone. Take a break from social media and reflect. Aluta Continua!” Boniface Mwangi tweeted.

But Miguna Miguna just couldn’t keep quiet;

“You are worse than a prostitute” Donald Kipkorir savagely responds to Miguna Miguna

Miguna Miguna was not spared by flamboyant lawyer Donald Kipkorir when he attacked him. Most people usually choose to ignore Miguna but Kipkorir went HAM on him.

The whole drama started after Kipkorir met Raila Odinga. A jealous Miguna described the meeting as a gathering of a traitor (Raila Odinga) and unscrupulous Jubilee chauvinist (Donald Kipkorir).

Raila Odinga and Donald Kipkorir
Raila Odinga and Donald Kipkorir

You have no soul

Donald Kipkorir responded to Miguna Miguna’s gibe in an open letter. The flamboyant lawyer said Miguna is a soulless person who doesn’t deserve to return to Kenya.

“When you were deported, i stood up for you. But you are a person with no soul, no gratitude. It seems, abusing others gives you a testosterone rush. Unlike you, I don’t betray confidences. You break the very basic rule of the legal profession. You betray all secrets, real and imagined. You are worse than a Harlot. Prostitutes don’t even betray their customers. You don’t deserve to return to Kenya. Kenya is better off without you,” wrote Kipkorir in part.

“You poke fun at human rights abuses because tyrants have you on their payroll” Miguna fires at Jeff Koinange over Miguna Challenge

Miguna Miguna challenge has been trending ever since a video of police trying to force the NRM general into a plane emerged. Kenyans have been re-enacting the scene at JKIA just to make fun.

Jeff Koinange, Jalang’o, Willis Rabura and Sauti Sol also joined the bandwagon making fun of Miguna’s chaotic deportation. They were trying ‘force’ Jeff to work against his will.

Shame on all of you!

Miguna Miguna, Babu Owino and KOT reacted angrily to the video posted on Twitter by Willis Raburu. The NRM general cautioned Jeff and his colleagues against poking fun at egregious human rights abuses.

“@WillisRaburu, @KoinangeJeff and Company: You are part of Kenya’s main problem. You enjoy, joke at, mock and poke fun at egregious human rights abuses, torture and tyranny because the tyrants have you on their payroll. Shame on all of you!” Miguna tweeted.




More Kisumu residents join hunger strike to protest Miguna’s illegal deportation (Photos)

The government forcefully deported Miguna Miguna despite a court order requiring that he be released and produced in court.

The NRM general was deported to Dubai where he boarded another flight to Canada after being treated. Miguna claims he was injected with unknown substances before being bundled into a plane at JKIA.

Miguna Miguna while he was still locked in a toilet at JKIA
Hunger strike

Boniface Akumu Ogutu started hunger strike to protest Miguna’s illegal deportation. He camped at Kondele roundabout demanding that NRM general be brought back by the government. (Miguna hails from Nyando, Kisumu county).

Several other Kisumu residents since started the hunger strike in solidarity with Boniface.

“There are a lot of injustices in our country and this is not just about Miguna Miguna. The people who killed an innocent Kenyan like lawyer Willy Kimani, the Meru University student leader among other Kenyans, have never been brought to book. What happened to Miguna Miguna can happen to anyone of us and that is why we must fight it now before it spirals out of control,” said Boniface Akumu while addressing the press.



“I’m sick. My ribs and body is hurting” Miguna strips to show injuries he suffered after being beaten at the airport

Miguna Miguna was on Wednesday night deported to Dubai despite a court order requiring that he be released and produced in court on Thursday.

The NRM general had been locked at a toilet in JKIA ever since he touched down in Kenya. Attempts by Miguna’s lawyers to see him were thwarted by police who camped at the airport.

Assaulted, drugged and dragged

Miguna says that he was beaten and drugged before being bundled into the Dubai-bound plane. He further reveals that state officials who traveled with him to Dubai intend to force him to board a London-bound plane.

“I was dragged, assaulted, drugged and forcefully flown to Dubai. I woke up in Dubai and the despots are here insisting that I must travel on to London. I’m sick. I need medical treatment. A Mr. Njihia is threatening me. I need urgent help here. I want to take a flight only to Nairobi. Nowhere else!
I’m sick. My ribs and body is hurting all over. This is a travesty of justice!” Wrote Miguna Miguna.



Moses Kuria flies the same Emirates EK 722 flight that deported Miguna Miguna to Dubai (video)

Moses Kuria was in the same plane that Miguna Miguna was bundled into and deported to Dubai. The Gatundu South MP recorded Miguna as he clashed with U.A.E officials in Dubai.

Miguna Miguna was on Wednesday night deported to Dubai despite a court order requiring that he be released and produced in court on Thursday.

Miguna’s lawyer Otiende Amolo says his client was forcibly put on an Emirates EK 722 Dubai-bound flight at around 11pm.

Drugged and assaulted

Miguna revealed on social media that he was drugged and assaulted before being forced into the Dubai-bound flight. He says his ribs are hurting.

“I was dragged, assaulted, drugged and forcefully flown to Dubai. I woke up in Dubai and the despots are here insisting that I must travel on to London. I’m sick. I need medical treatment. A Mr. Njihia is threatening me. I need urgent help here. I want to take a flight only to Nairobi. Nowhere else!
I’m sick. My ribs and body is hurting all over. This is a travesty of justice!” wrote Miguna Miguna.


Moses Kuria was in the same flight that deported Miguna Miguna to Dubai. He shared videos of the NRA general at Dubai airport arguing with U.A.E officials.

“This morning at Dubai International Airport I bid farewell to the leader of the breakaway Eastern Suburbs of Toronto, NRM General Miguna Miguna who completed a succesful 4 day state visit to Kenya. We committed to continue working together to strengthen the relationship between the people of the two friendly nations,” wrote Moses Kuria.







Miguna Miguna honored with new praise song ahead of his return as Raila is labelled ‘traitor’

A new song praising Miguna Miguna has been released ahead of his return. This following the infighting in Nasa after Raila reconciled with Uhuru.

There is a feeling that Raila Odinga has betrayed his followers by aligning himself with Uhuru Kenyatta. Miguna Miguna himself dismissed the reconciliation.

“I understand that Mr Odinga has further stated that the “conflict is over” and called on the country to “reconcile and move on. Mr Odinga’s unilateral, irrational and erratic decision to betray the fight for electoral justice, the culture of impunity and the flagrant abuse of human rights that have become routine under the illegitimate regime of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto cannot be justified.

“Between July 2017 to the present, Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto have murdered more than 380 innocent civilians in cold blood. These martyrs were butchered by agents of the illegitimate Jubilee administration they were perceived to be “supporters” of Raila Odinga.

“In other words, the “reconciliation” between Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila is a fundamental betrayal of the hundreds of innocent Kenyans who have lost their lives fighting for democracy and in defense of Raila Odinga’s stolen electoral victories of 2007, 2013 and 2017,” a statement by Miguna read in part.

New kingpin?

A song praising Miguna Miguna has been released by singer Victor William Okoth. The musician praises Miguna saying the whole Luo nation is behind him vying for president come 2022.

Listen to the song below:

Miguna’s deportation declared illegal days after Uhuru’s lawyer advised him to mobilize his army and storm into the country by force

High Court has declared the deportation of Miguna Miguna to Canada illegal. Judge Luka Kimaru on Thursday gave the government 7 days to surrender Miguna Miguna’s revoked passport to facilitate his return to the country.

Justice Luka Kimaru said the order by Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi was illegal, hence making the deportation null and void.

The Nasa general was hasty deported on February 6th after spending five days behind bars. He was arrested in connection with the swearing in of Raila Odinga as the people’s president.

Forceful entry into Kenya from Kisumu

Uhuru’s lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi‏ had earlier advised Miguna Miguna to storm into the country. Ahmednasir said Miguna was a coward for going to court to seek re-entry into his country of birth.

He said Miguna should have stormed into the country from Kisumu since he is a general.

“Very surprised that Miguna Miguna has gone to court to be allowed to come back to his country of birth…what a cowardly act. I thought he said he was an NRA GENERAL. Why doesn’t he storm Kenya from Kisumu and go straight to his house at Runda… coward General Miguna!!!” Ahmednasir Abdullahi‏ tweeted.




Popular pastor reveals why Orengo could be behind the misfortunes of Miguna and Babu

Babu Owino has not been having an easy time. At the moment he would lose his Embakasi East seat after a recount of his votes was ordered by the court.

A few weeks ago he was also involved in an argument with nominated senator Millicent Omanga where he insulted her.

Babu Owino’s downfall

Well, city pastor Godfrey Migwi has come out to reveal that this is one of the reasons Babu Owino will never find peace. The pastor says that being disrespectful to women is the start of downfall for Owino. According to the Bible, women are sacred as they have the ability to bring life forth; and at the same time were created to complete a man by playing the role of a helper.

However, Babu Owino has been at the forefront disrespecting most and the results are now showing. Godfrey Migwi says that this is the main reason why he got played in the game of politics.

Miguna Miguna played by Orengo

For his greedy heart to take over Raila Odinga as the Luo leader; he got played by Orengo who had apparently been plotting all this from the very start. In a detailed post Pastor Migwi also says that Miguna Miguna was also tricked by Nasa and this is how he got deported. He wrote saying;

Miguna Miguna’s wife speaks after her husband’s arrest and deportation

Miguna Miguna’s wife, Jane Miguna recently opened up about her husband’s arrest.

Speaking to a popular Canadian Macleans Magazine, Jane revealed her fears especially after there were no reports about her husband after his arrest.

She told Macleans Magazine that for the few days she did not hear from her husband, she “was frantic with worry, since the police failed to produce him in court as ordered, after several Kenyan media reports emerged speculating that her husband had been killed.

She went on to add;

“From Sunday to yesterday, the case manager at the Canadian high commission in Nairobi could not even be able to tell me if Miguna was dead or alive.”

This is after Miguna Miguna was arrested on Friday last week; but his details where kept on the low until just when he was deported to Canada. Mrs Miguna went on to add;

“That really worried me, because the commissioner was not even able to get information from the Kenyan government to assure her that they are holding him and he’s alive. Really, although she may have information but she is not giving it to me. At least somebody should be able to tell me, yes, he’s alive. But no. I was not told anything. They just say they are aware of the case and they are working on it.”

Miguna’s children

The lady went on to reveal that she avoided revealing did not tell her 3 teenagers about their dad’s where they dad was.

“Miguna didn’t want them to worry, so I didn’t tell them about their father’s arrest, but I was afraid they would learn of it from social media. They are already asking why didn’t Daddy come, and I am just telling them he has an engagement,”

However the family is now satisfied to have their father home and safe.

Savage: Miguna Miguna deported wearing a pair of slippers, Kenyans react!

Miguna Miguna was deported yesterday in the wee hours of the night after refusing to take plea on the case filed against him.

His deportation however left many shocked as no one was expecting the government to pull such a stunt.

Word has it that Miguna Miguna he was sent away wearing the same clothes he had worn during his arrest.

Miguna deported with no luggage

Looking at the photos making rounds on social media, the fella is seen wearing the popular red bathroom slippers. This has left many on social media talking especially after the savage move.

Others where quick to assume that the fella had not showered for 5 days hence the memes.